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Found 21 results

  1. An der einen oder anderen Stelle (auch hier im Forum) ist schon die Frage erörtert worden, ob die Q3 als Kamera für Portraits verwendet werden kann. Mit ihren 28mm Brennweite ist sie dafür sicher nicht prädestiniert, ich habe mir daher die Frage gestellt, was ich a) schon beim Portraitshooting und b) bei der Nachbearbeitung beachten muss, um zu halbwegs vernünftigen Bildern zu kommen. Bei der Aufnahme scheint mir zunächst entscheidend, nicht zu nah ans Model heranzugehen, um zu starke Verzerrungen zu vermeiden. Der Abstand sollte nach meiner Erfahrung auf jeden Fall mehr als 50cm betragen, besser sind 100cm oder mehr: die Q3 bietet ausreichend Möglichkeiten, um auch bei solchen Abständen zu croppen. Interessanterweise war bei der Nachbearbeitung kaum etwas zu tun: ich habe in LR lediglich leicht mit Kontrasten gespielt, teilweise in schwarzweiß umgewandelt... Eine Verzerrungskorrektur war, wen überhaupt, nur minimal vonnöten. Ich hänge Euch mal ein paar der entstandenen Bilder an.
  2. Pelu2010

    Vanesa in Elx

    Shooting with Vanesa in Elx leica q3 godox V1 1/4 sec. Shutter unedited direct from camera
  3. Here is a portrait I made of Allie today by window light with my Leica M240.
  4. Morris dancing is a traditional folk dance from England and dates back hundreds of years. The dancers dance traditional jigs usually wearing bells and ribbons. It's thought the Morris comes from Moorish and they were imitating North Africa/Spanish dances. As you can see from the images, most of the dancers are older and it is thought that Morris dancing could die out. Though there has been a revival apparently with Neopagan Morris dancers and the 'Dark Morris' which comes from a Discworld novel! Morris Man of Manchester 2 IMG_20161218_200310 by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr m9 50mm Summarit, St Ann's Square Manchester (Just outside the Leica Store)
  5. An engineer fellow liked my Leica and is keen on upgrading his camera. He especially likes portraits with nice soft bokeh. He wants best possible IQ, including dynamic range and color fidelity, and also wants the camera to be relatively compact. At present he has an older Panasonic G1 plus various lenses including the Leica 25. What new body to recommend? I don't think a rangefinder would be right for him. I suggested the new Panasonic GX-8. Anything else from Leica? I think the XV lens would be too slow and the X too wide. Leica T? But he likes a traditional interface. A shame Leica doesn't make another interchangeable lens AF compact. Any other ideas?
  6. Hello All, I started this thread with the aim to collect the most exciting portraits in black & white taken on the streets. I will start with one taken this summer in Sardinia, Italy. Please comment and feel free to add yours. Cheers, Massimo Let me take a shot by Massimo Della Valle, su Flickr
  7. My first set of photos from a recent trip to Scotland. Thought I might share. I'll be posting landscapes and other stuff soon as I have the time. I took my M (240) and a 35 Summilux. Travelling light. =) Scotland – The People | Johann Kwan Oh yes. The last image is from Newark Airport, and not Scotland. I just happen to like it a lot.
  8. Hi everyone, here is a collection of Street Portraits of Interesting People in Sydney I took over the course: Interesting Portraits — JERRY BEI GALLERY
  9. Hi everyone, I've used my M7 for a very long time and my M9 for a little less. I am interested in buying an M10-P (or maybe M10 undecided on that), so I am looking forward to the local Leica shop opening up soon in the next few weeks. I shoot mainly portraits (raw) but sometimes I go for leica jpgs too. On my M9 I've set saturation to medium low and contrast to high. Would any M10 owners who've shot portraits (indoor or outdoor, natural light or artificial) share their M10/M10-P jpg portraits taken at exactly those settings? Saturation: medium low (I believe only "low" is an option - stand to be corrected Contrast: high Thank you and stay safe, Oliveir
  10. An available light portrait of Brianna, Sumner, Maine, made with a 50mm f2 Summicron lens and Leica ME camera. This is part of a ten year extended portrait project, we are now in the 6th year of the collaboration.
  11. Hello I am new here. I am contemplating on buying the X2. I mainly take family portraits. Is the X2 a good camera for portraits? Also thinking about the M8...
  12. Please feel free to post any portraits of the people you have met while traveling. Do give some back story of the person shown and why and where you took the picture. Looking forward to some interesting pictures and stories! I'll start it off with this one taken in Malaysia. This lovely lady is the eldest of three sisters and she has the ability to enter a trance-like state where she apparently can commune with the spirits in order to help people with whatever problems they may have. She does this only on a personal level, not commercial or advertised as a service of any kind. This is her home, nothing has been arranged for the shot, it is what it is. I'm not a believer, and make of it what you will, but she does bring much comfort to those that come to her and that's not a bad thing at all. M9 with 35mm Summicron mark IV
  13. Parkplatzmann


    Am Sonntag war ich mit Julia im Park unterwegs… Farbe gibts später… Alle M10R & APO 50
  14. We have a significant number of Leica photographers who bemoan the fact that the Q camera users are "stuck" with a 28mm lens. this video showcases the powerful and compelling capability of the Q camera's 28mm f/1.7 Summilux lens.
  15. Hey, if you are wondering what you can do with the q2 : just enjoy this talent and it’s art! thanxs for the inspiration Peter Lund
  16. A portrait of Efie made in late morning light at her apartment in Athens. Leica M240 and Voigtlander 75mm f1.8 lens at 2.8. Post processing in Lightroom.
  17. garysamson


    A portrait of Brianna on my birthday. Leica M240, 50mm Summicron lens at f2.8, window light.
  18. From the album: Lensocrat

    © Copyrights: Rajesh Gupta , the Lensocrat

  19. Hi All. Just a quick thank you to all who provided comments re. what scanner to get. As previous mentioned I went for the 5000ED and am over the moon with it! Here are a few photographs scanned using it. http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/members/schimmey-albums-people.html Paul PS. Does anyone know how I can get more image space - at the moment it is limited to 3 prints.
  20. epm

    Twins and Guitars

    Another series from our recent Montana trip. I asked my brothers to go out and play there guitars. It was a bit cold but having grown up in Michigan it was not a stretch for them. I wanted to get the fading sun and get them together to play it was pretty cool. They just started playing and I started shooting.
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