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  1. Time Left: 11 days and 7 hours

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    I used this magnifier on my M 262 when the 75mm lens was mounted. It helped. The viewfinder isn't needed (and doesn't fit) the M11 which replaced my M 262. Viewfinder magnifier is in excellent condition and comes with case and tether in original packaging. Leica item number 12 004.


  2. Hi everyone! Do you think it is possible to clean the dust from this R5 viewfinder? Can it be done easily at home or should it be sent for assistance? Thanks in advance for your kind reply! 😊
  3. One the unique things about the M8 is that it has a built-in viewfinder for the 24mm lens. I've been using the 21mm with the 21-24-28 finder and find that to be frustrating. The 21 on the M8 is a 28mm crop so the 28 finder should work but it doesn't seem very accurate. I've been using the M system since forever and the 21mm on full frame since the same time so I'm familiar that there's a bit of - how should we say - give and take with framing and the external viewfinders. I might be happier with the 28mm brightline finder if I can figure out what I've done with it. Anyway, for those of you with M8 and 24mm how does that built in finder work for you? It seems a bit close to the very edge of the frame so even without glasses it's a challenge to see entire field. There's no external finder for the 24mm on the M8, unless you use a 35mm and figure you'll get more. If I get the 24mm I'll get the Summilux (speed rules). How about the 24mm finder? Work for you? Thanks.
  4. Hello, I wonder if anyone can explain or diagnose a behaviour that to me, anyway, as a new M9 user, is a bit strange and disconcerting? I just bought a used Zeiss Biogon 2.8/25 ZM on ebay. Seems in perfectly acceptable condition. But when I mount it on my M9 (bought new last October) and try to focus with it, the whole (internal) viewfinder seems to move around, from side to side and (slightly less) up and down. Is this normal or should I be worried? I see from this thread on the Rangefinder forum that there were two versions of the Biogon 25 ZM's bayonet mount - I don't know if that has anything to do with it: http://www.rangefinderforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=87222 The lens codes helpfully listed here mention a 'mount fix' for the Biogon 25: http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-news/leica-lens-codes/ The Biogon 25 shifts the viewfinder on my M8, too, though the movement seems slightly less. Any advice or reassurance will be gratefully received! Best wishes
  5. I noticed that with 35mm lens on, photos my M9 produced included more than what fell within the 35mm frame line in the viewfinder. I compared with my M2, interestingly, its 35mm frame line in the viewfinder was bigger (included more area) than the frame line in the M9. Has anybody seen this or is aware of this? Is this a flaw with M9s in general or should I have this looked at by Leica? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I've searched through the forum and can only find X1 or X2 threads referring to this viewfinder - does anyone have any experience using it on a D-Lux4? I appreciate that it's designed for the equivelant of a 35mm lens but that's not a problem for me as I usually set my zoom to that focal length anyway (old habits die hard).
  7. mddady


    Hello. I'm new. I've been looking at the Leica M9 for some weeks now and can't seem to sort out a concern I have regarding the viewfinder and focusing. Is someone able to tell me please, if I look through a viewfinder without my specs on and manage to focus correctly, will the picture be in focus? In other words, is there a optimal focusing point that exists whether I use my specs or not and will I find that using specs or not? Or does focusing depend on 100% perfect eyesight. Still struggling to understand this. Any help gratefully received.
  8. Hi, I looked around on the forum and did not find much info about this... My M6 VF is giving me a hard time focusing (sometimes). I recently got it and other than this problem it's mechanically and cosmetically perfect. So in general it's hard for me to focus when my subject is: 1. Heavily backlight (bright source of light); 2. Very contrasted; 3. In a very dark environment. From what I've heard this seems to be to a fairly common problem with M6's. I contacted Gerry Smith in Toronto at Kindermann (I live in Montreal) and he told me about a modification that could be done to the VF for approx. 180$. So my question is: Does it need to be modified? or is it just maybe dirty? Has anybody upgraded their M6 this way? Is it worth it? Any insight would be great! Thanks
  9. Hi Folks I have an M8 and the LEDS visible in the viewfinder display very blurry or doubled. I have tried testing this on several people and they all report its blurry when they look through the viewfinder. What is this problem ? How is it fixed? What caused it? How much does it cost? Does anyone know of a link where i can read about it? What does a general service of the camera cost? Kind regards A
  10. There could be wide, standard and telephoto settings. My Contax G2 had a magnifying viewfinder which worked very well. Wide with 21 and 24 and 28mm markings Standard with 35 and 50mm Telephoto with 75, 90 and 135mm
  11. I love my M7, but I have been noticing that i consistently miss the framing on my photos because i find the 50mm frame lines to be inaccurate on the vertical plane. My photos are consistently framed higher than I think they will be when I'm looking through the viewfinder and taking the photos. (The result is that i often cut off people's feet when I intended to capture their entire bodies.) This is most common when I'm in the 8 to 25 feet range. I thought it might result from my eye not being aligned, but moving my eye around doesn't really change my view of the framing enough to suggest that it's the problem. Does anyone else have this issue with the 50mm M7 frame lines? The most accurate frame lines I use, oddly, are the 35mm lines with my 40mm Summicron on my original M8.
  12. Sorry for, what I am sure, will be an elementary question. I have a 90mm ASPH/APO on order and am a bit worried that the focussing area in the viewfinder may be a bit small for accurate focussing. I am very new to the world of Leica and rangefinder photography and do not, currently, own anything past a 50mm. Do I need a magnifier or an additional viewfinder accessory to get the best of the 90mm and, if so, what should I get? I will be using the new lens with my M9P Thanks for any advice.
  13. Hi there, maybe interesting for some of you? YouTube - Leica X1 - Olympus View Finder VF-1
  14. Hi all, I bought a X1 3 days ago and I am liking it A LOT. The IQ is out of this world. I am using Leica's 36mm Viewfinder as I don't like composing on LCD and hope this will help me to save battery by not using the LCD at all. Yesterday it was my first day using this setup and I was able to get 330 shots (DNG+S.Fine Jpgs), 30% than the reported official battery life. Not bad. However, the only caveat that I had was focusing efficiently and accurately on on the subjects. I used the 1 AF Center point as I thought it would be easier to lock focusing and recomposing through the external viewfinder. When I got back home and check the pictures on my 24" screen, I noticed that several of my subjects where OOF to my surprise. Does any of you guys uses an external finder with your X1? If so, is there any best practice or tip regarding focusing precisely you could share with me? Thanks!
  15. Hello, I posted this question in the german forum also, but in german language. I use 50mm lenses nearly exclusively (sometimes 40mm also). But I'm always positively surprised, when I look through my Bessa R3A viewfinder. It has 1.0x magnification, is bright and clear. In any other aspects I really prefer Leica Ms. I always frame and shot with both eyes open, so a 1.0x viewfinder is essential for me. There are several ways to reach this and I hope some of you got some hints for me: - Has anyone a 0.72x Leica with an original 1.4x magnifier? Is the 50mm frame visible without moving the eye? - Has anyone a 0.72x Leica with a third party 1.35x magnifier? Is the 50mm frame visible without moving the eye? - Has anyone a 0.85x Leica with an original 1.25x magnifier? Is the 50mm frame visible without moving the eye? - Has anyone a 0.85x Leica with a third party 1.25x magnifier? Is the 50mm frame visible without moving the eye? I have a 0.85x Leica M6 with a third party 1.15x magnifier. Framing with both eyes open works great, but I'm not satisfied with the optical quality. But my dealer offered me an inspection and replacement. When I got the part back, I report you. Nevertheless I would be very pleased to get some hints and experiences Danke, Gottlieb
  16. Hallo, ich nutze fast ausschließlich 50mm Objekitve (ganz selten 40mm) und bin leider immer mehr als positiv überrascht, wenn ich durch den riesigen hellen und extrem klaren Sucher meiner Voigtländer bessa R3A blicke. Alles andere sagt mir an den Leica Ms jedoch mehr zu. Vorallem aber das leise Auslösegeräusch des Tuchverschlusses. Da ich mit beiden Augen offen den Ausschnitt wähle und dazu einen nahezu 1,0x Sucher benötige meine Fragen: - Hat jemand eine 0.72x Leica mit 1.4x Sucherlupe? Sieht man den 50mm Leuchtrahmen, ohne mit dem Auge nach Links und Rechts zu luken? - Hat jemand eine 0.72x Leica mit 1.35x Sucherlupe? Sieht man den 50mm Leuchtrahmen, ohne mit dem Auge nach Links und Rechts zu luken? - Hat jemand eine 0.85x Leica mit original Leica 1.25x Sucherlupe? Sieht man den 50mm Leuchtrahmen, ohne mit dem Auge nach Links und Rechts zu luken? - Hat jemand eine 0.85x Leica mit nachgebauter 1.25x Sucherlupe? Sieht man den 50mm Leuchtrahmen, ohne mit dem Auge nach Links und Rechts zu luken? Ich selbst habe eine 0.85x Leica mit 1.15x Sucherlupe. Ist super, aber ich bin mit der Qualität der Lupe nicht zufrieden, vielleicht habe ich aber auch ein schlechtes Stück erwischt. Der Händler bietet mit jedenfalls an, es zu prüfen und tauschen. Wenn es wieder da ist berichte ich mehr, Trotzdem wäre ich dankbar, wenn mir ein paar Besitzer dieser Lupen hier ihre Erfahrung schildern könnten. Danke, Gottlieb
  17. I recently switched from using DSLRs back to M rangefinders and stumbled across an unlikely issue. The rounded and rather hard plastic edge of the M's viewfinder is visibly scratching off the material from my horn rimmed glasses, which is rather annoying since they are quite expensive. Reverting to external viewfinders such as the EVF2 is not really an option. Did anybody else come across this issue before? And are there any solutions (softer viewfinder rings...) that would not result in using different glasses? Best Till
  18. Hi, I have an earlier DS M3 it is working very good but I notice that the central "bright window" in the center of the viewfinder looks foggy, very low contrasted and is really difficult to focus with. it is not dark just looks like if the front glass is dirty, which I have cleaned... if subject is really contrasted you can use it to focus bu t in normal to low light is really impossible. I hope is not the "detaching", I see no signs of this , otherwise viewfinder visibility is really good, and the window is in no way dark,, just foggy. any thoughts? Thanks
  19. What are your thoughts on Leica rangefinder/viewfinders vs other cameras? I am currently using a Canon Canonet that I recently purchased. I am interested in purchasing a Leica, but am worried that the rangefinder/viewfinder might be too hard (squinty) for me to use? I do wear glasses. Mahalo!
  20. I just received my M9 from Ken Hansen (NYC) and I have a question I hope someone can answer. I use a 28mm as my "standard" lens, the Elmarit, and the framelines in the viewfinder are substantially off pretty much at all distances - you get a lot more than you think you've framed. Is this a case of Leica thinking it's better to give you more than less? I like to frame things really tight and it's disappointing to see all the extra stuff in the pictures. Is there any solution to this problem?
  21. Hi to all, I am looking for the optical schema of the Leica IIIF viewfinder. Can anyone point me to a source where I can find this info? Thank you in advance Ed Albesi
  22. Hello all I have switched to shooting wedding almost exclusively with film. I say almost, because there are times when I do use my D200. These are generally for the family shots at the ceremony and also times when I want a bit of fill flash. I am usually in the vicinity of about 28mm up to 50mm in my focal lengths on the D200 (equiv). I have not had the opportunity to handle the D-Lux 4, and viewing images on a screen is one thing, but the quality of prints is really my main concern. I find it a burden to carry a second camera system with lenses and a huge slr body, in addition to my 3x m's all with attached lenses. I am toying with the idea of switching out the d200 and going for the d-lux 4 with a viewfinder on top to compliment the m's. How will the image stack up against my D200? Has anyone had experience with the a similar type of dslr to compare to the d-lux? I am not looking to improve on iq, i find the d200 does a great job for what I want. Thanks in advance for any help. Tom
  23. Dear dlux 4 enthousiasts, I understand the d-lux 4 brilliant viewfinder has a 24mm view. What to do when you zoom to let's say 50 mm? And what to do if you switch to 16:9 ? regards,
  24. Dear dlux 4 enthousiasts, I prefer taking my pictures with aperture priority (control the depth of field). But I understand you have to set the aperture on the screen of the camera using the buttons. If you use the viewfinder with the screen turned off, can you only shoot in auto mode? Is there a way to set the aperture then? regards,
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