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  1. I'm looking for a small on-camera flash to use with my M10 for street shooting and snapshots by night. No need for TTL. I would use it in manual anyway, zone focus system, and voila. I have a few YongNuo and original Nikon speedlights, and all they work with the M10. But... First, some of them don't fit completely (until the end) in the hot shoe, and it looks like they are falling. And second, they are big. So I was looking for another more portable option, lighter. I saw that the TT350N (for Nikon) would also be a nice lighter add for my Nikon DSLR. Can you confirm it is compatible with Leica? Also, I found the new Light Pix Labs selling a tiny and intelligent flash (Q20II). I found small enough also the Nikon SB400, but it's TTL only. The Contax TLA 200 would be perfect, but I can't find it brand new. The Godox, I believe, can also be used for professional work. The Q20II is more kind of a pocket/travel flash. Not sure if they make vignettes w/ WA lenses. Any suggestions or recommendations for flashes? Ideally, two AA batteries or USB chargeable. Thank you!
  2. Hey , is there any other flash we can use when the camera is in Auto iso and you want/need to flash? any flash from metz , Nissan thanxs peter
  3. I'm a hobby shooter and have gone through Nikon, Canon, and Sony gear, and then got into Leica M a couple of years ago. Love my M10P and M3 and am building up a nice collection of M lenses. I have been shooting with just natural light but would now like to experiment more with portraits and controlled lighting and external flashes. I've been looking at the getting a couple of Godox AD200 Pros and would like to control them with a flash trigger from my M10P. I can't find anything official about Godox/Leica compatibility on the internet, although some say that a Godox X1T or X2T Nikon version will work with Leica M and I've also read somewhere that the Olympus version is the one to go for. Does anyone have any first hand experience or advice on this?
  4. Hello, new to the forum, new to leica! I own my black m-a for a month now and I absolutely love it. Just finished my 10th roll. Looking forward to taking part in the forum, but I am starting with a problem sorry. There is one little thing I can´t get to work (Spent at least 15 Exposures on it: I own a Flash Q Q20 from my digital days and i cant get it to work with the M-A. The strange thing: The flash fires when the film is not cocked and the shutter doesn't fire. When I cock the film and take an exposure the flash just wont fire. 1. Went to the leica shop and tried it with several new leica flashes. It fires when cocked and when not. 2. Checked some youtube videos - There are people successfully using the Q20 with their M6 or M-P, they even recommend it. 3 Checked the Q20 settings in falsh mode it should just work. 4. Tried it with the flash sync 1/50 setting and faster times And now the strangest thing - Occasionally, like every 3rd time I try it, it works. Am I studip or is the fals just not working with the m-a and I have to get an old leica flash? Any recommedation?
  5. I now found out, that my Leica X2 works great with my Canon Speedlite 430EX II. There is no TTL but it syncs up to 1/2000 Do you have any experiences with external (non-Leica) flashes?
  6. I am having trouble with using the flash unit on my V-Lux 4. In my latest "test" I set the flash to "Forced Flash On" and then rotated through all the program modes and the flash only works on "Snapshot" and "C2" mode. Seems very random and can't understand why it doesn't work in the modes I normally use (e.g. Program Mode". Suspect I'm missing something simple? Prue
  7. Hello everybody. This is my first post. I own a leica m6 ttl since 2011 and I want to shoot some night scenes. Any suggestion for a flash with a swivel head? I have a nikon sb 28 but i believe it is not the apropiate solution thanks, I need some input. Armando armandosalazar.weebly.com
  8. Any suggestion for a flash with a swivel head? I need some input. thanks Armando armandosalazar.weebly.com
  9. Hey, is the SF20 flash that I use with my (fully mechanical) M4-P safe to use with the Mamiya 7ii (with electronic shutter)? Any danger from trigger voltage of the SF20 (fried circuits)? I have no experience with this. Has anybody tried it or can give advice? Thank you very much.
  10. Our local Botanical Garden is a fine after work recreation area. I tried out something when sun was very low and most flower beds were already veiled by summer's dusk. Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit R 60 mm macro plus Leica APO converter 2x, tripod, reflector and free external flash. It is a matter of patience and time to manipulate flash power and angle plus distance to reflector. flash bounced against reflector from slightly left flash bounced against reflector from above left without flash, only with reflector, longtime exposure approx. 1/2 - 1 sec.
  11. Hi I just got a flash for my M6 classic (the sf24d). I got it from a friend, because he thought it was broken. I sent it to Leica and got a new one in return! But: I dont know how to use it with tri-x in semi-sunny daylight (sunny-16 dont work with 1/50th shutterspeed and f/8:)). Do any of you have a few tips to a novice in flash photography? Thank you. Regards Øystein
  12. Does anyone use wireless flash system with the Leica M9 such as PocketWizard of other? If yes, what brand and type of flash do you use with it? Are there any limitations? For me, TTL is not so much a limitation as manual mode is ok (using light meter). Any other things to think about?
  13. I have my MP for 10 years and for the first time I am need to use flash. I don't even know where to start. :confused: What is the best recommended flash for LEICA MP? What other accessories I may need?
  14. I am interested in using my M9 in studio with some Novatron lights. Does anybody have a suggestion regarding a good hotshoe-to-PC adapter? Thanks:rolleyes:
  15. Dear All, I received as a gift a used SF Flash. Probably bought in the US or UK. I might have a problem with reading the instructions but I couldn't trace how to change the setting from feet to mtrs. Can anyone please help me? Thanks a lot for your attention.
  16. Hi I recently bought an M7. Up until I have been using Nikons, I have a couple of Nikon flash Units and I wanted to know if I can use these flash units with M7. Do I just connect these with a cable or are there issues with voltages. Thanks in advance.
  17. I own a m10 and a SL. The latter is used with both SL and M lenses. I picked up a SF 60 used and have enjoyed it. I would like to experience TTL with off-camera strobes, so I am considering the C1, but have questions: 1) will it provide TTL sync for both cameras, even the SL+M lenses? 2) Will the Nissin Air 10s controller do the job at half the price as the Leica C1? 3) Which Nissin strobes have you triggered successfully with the C1 (as fill or secondary strobes)? Thanks in advance!
  18. I love my Lux5 but my Paul C. Buff trigger for top of my Leica wont fire studio strobes. Anyone else know why or what setti9ng I need to do this? Thanks in advance. Major project coming up.
  19. I am looking for an off camera flash solution for my M10 (which would possibly also work for my M240) Is there any chance that my Nikon Flashes or Fuji Flashes (Nissin) would work? Otherwise I am looking for a good solution with a controller that may also manage more than one flash lights. Is there a Godox Solution that fits? Thank you for your advice
  20. I've notice the ISO has automatically set to 100 when the shutter dial on a red flash symbol or I think it's 1/200. My question is will the WB also automatcally dial-in to "flash" accordingly or stay at whatever before (auto or something else)? Thank you.
  21. I have a problem to get the SF 40 flash working on the CL camera. All the settings are as per the manual and the flash setting is on TTL but the flash icon on the display is crossed out meaning the flash will not fire although the camera flash setting is on. I have tried it on manual and auto but it still does not work. The flash tests good when I press the test fire, I have also changed the batteries but have had no success. I was hoping to get information from someone who may have experienced the same problem as I have.
  22. vedran

    HSS and SF40

    Does anyone know how to set M10 and SF40 for HSS. Does one just set shutter speed and e.g. 1/1000 and flash to TTL or something else needs to be done Thanks
  23. Hi Can anyone help please? I have recently bought a Leica D-Lux 109 with the CF D flash. I know the flash worked when I first opened the box but now I can't get it to work. In the menu the 'flash' option is greyed out. What am I doing wrong?
  24. Hello, I am a longtime Leica user and a new SL owner. With my various other mirrorless systems, I have been using a Godox lighting system with their camera specific remotes. I have note been able to find a Godox companion remote for the Leica SL and wonder if any other users have had a similar experience and if they've arrived at a workable solution? Thank you in advance
  25. Picked up a mint 24D flash but no manual, leica site has everything BUT that one! doh !...any quick link to the manual appreciated. cheers folks
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