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  1. Hello! I had previously posted some questions about using the Leica SF20 flash with my M6 TTL. I've shot through a few rolls since first getting it and quite liked the results (and experimenting a bit!) However, on my latest roll when trying to use the flash I can't seem to get the flash unit to fire in any mode while on camera. I... - Turned off the body - Attached the flash to the hot-shoe - Turned on the body to flash sync speed (or slower) - Turned on the SF20 to "TTL" mode, and tap the soft shutter on the M6 and the LCD reads out "400 iso" When trying to take a photo and looking through the viewfinder I see the flash symbol (it's solid) on the right hand side, and when taking a photo it never flashes/blinks/etc. From the M6 manual I assume _something_ should occur with the indicator, and the flash should fire. I've checked the hot-shoe contacts and it all seems fine. I haven't tried swapping out M6 batteries yet, or flash batteries because it fires on tests just fine, and my meter workout without issue. Is there anything else I should check or try out? I was able to test the SF20 on a friend's Fujifilm and it fired without issue in "auto" mode. I tried manual/auto and it didn't do anything either. Very odd!
  2. I've recently purchased an SF20 flash to use with my M6 TTL. I'm trying to make sure I am understanding how to use the TTL setting for the flash properly. After checking the manual it's been pretty unclear, so I have a few questions. 1. As for usage is it as simple as setting the camera+flash to TTL, setting the ISO on the camera, and changing the exposure to your liking? My assumption is the flash will output enough to properly expose for any scene, so just ignore the in camera meter? 2. Setting any settings (aperture/etc) on the flash while in TTL mode only shows you the distance output on the back of the flash, but does it alter the functionality of the flash power output or is it just for reference if you so choose? 3. What other things are worth noting when using flash in TTL mode (or I suppose manual?) It seems that in TTL mode it's mostly just hands off and pretty simple, but I feel like I'm missing something in the process.
  3. Hello everybody, I recently purchased a godox X2T-N and Xpro-N to use with my Leica SL 601. The thing is, whenever I turn on the remote control units the display and viewfinder start to flicker between more light and less light view of the scene. Is it normal? Is it possible to avoid it? Thanks, Adam.
  4. Hey, everyone, Sorry that my first post to the forum is me asking for help, but I’ve just purchased a SF24D flash, and was planning on using it handheld off camera connected by a cord, a la Bruce Gilden. I know I need a cable with pc sync connecter for my M4. As for a hot shoe adapter that can be attached to the flash, connected to the cable, and can trigger the flash, I’m having difficulties finding an adapter that will work. the original adapter I was planning on using won’t work, if anybody knows of a solution, or something that they’ve used before. I’d be really grateful!
  5. When using remote controlled flash in dark environment, the viewfinder/screen remains dark (except for very brief second). Only focus mode "Tracking keeps the image visible in viewfinder, with any other focus mode, viewfinder remains dark (as the shutter, iso and f-stop settings would make a dark image ok, but the use of flash would render the scene fine). Wonder if there is a way to keep the scene visible?
  6. Hello, I'm trying to get my M11 and 24D to get along. I'm using a Nikon SC-17 cable, and while the flash will fire in TTL mode, I cannot seem to get a proper exposure so it seems to me that TTL is simply not working. I checked the batteries and they have plenty of power in them. I've told the flash what aperture setting I'm using, and set the ISO on the camera to 800. The shutter speed is set to the flash sync setting (lightning bolt). It simply does not appear to be working as a TTL flash. I'd appreciate any advice. I'm open to the possibility of needing to buy a more modern TTL flash but am hoping that won't be necessary. Thanks!
  7. Hi All SL-users! I have had my SL for some months and used mostly M-R lenses with the adapers and the 24-90 Zoom which covers most situations. The system is heavy, but once you get used to it, -you start wondering why not use lenses of your 645 cameras:)? I have the Contax 645 lenses and wonder if anyone has found suitable adapter to use these on the SL - even if the AF and some other functions might be lost? Some time back there were still companies which made tailor-made adapters, but I have learned that we are maybe past those times?;) However, there are individuals who are keen to solve problems and I remember someone making an AF-unit of Nikon's 16A-teleconverter, which was not that difficult after all... Even the Photokina exhibition might have revealed something on this front? So, -please, share any of your experience and of this topic? if there are any:)? br Hans
  8. Hi I just got a flash for my M6 classic (the sf24d). I got it from a friend, because he thought it was broken. I sent it to Leica and got a new one in return! But: I dont know how to use it with tri-x in semi-sunny daylight (sunny-16 dont work with 1/50th shutterspeed and f/8:)). Do any of you have a few tips to a novice in flash photography? Thank you. Regards Øystein
  9. I am considering in using the Q on some events and need advice for basic radio triggers (non TTL) to fire remote strobes. Similar to the pocket wizard radios. Anyone have any experience in doing so? When I was trying out one on an Olympus camera in the past (using my Nikon radios) somehow it messed up the camera. This is why I am asking for any experienced users that have had real use on the Q. Thanks for the help.
  10. what is the best flash or M240 ? not too big SF 58 ? thanks
  11. Given the current sensitivities we reach in low light, I often find myself in situations where, out of the camera and myself, I find the one needing more light to aim in the dark is me, rather than the Q which will imperturbably shoot at night with zero blur. I have come to think, what I need rather than a bulky flash is just a lamp to look myself at what I'm composing (and, maybe more often, to compensate backlightings). And so I tried. I now have one of these nice frontal LED lamps, that indeed allows me to compose and, to some extent, cleanup some backlightings. My concern is, that lamp is a high-T white ('blue'), when the remaining low light is almost always low-T ('yellow'), which sometimes results in relatively bizarre dual-color shots. Thus my questions: - are some of you also using lamps instead of flashes? - which models would you suggest? - did you encounter the T color issue? - is there a way, alternate to lamp selection, to postprocess a high-T lighting, maybe selecting a given blue value and shifting it to warmer yellows? TIA! Hervé
  12. If I use my Canon Speedlite 270 EX II as a manual flash? With all the weirdness of the M 240, I don't want a smoking piece of metal if I fire off my flash Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi, I am still looking for compact size, bouncing capability and fully compatible TTL flash for my D109. I have a METZ 24 AF-1 which was working great with DLUX6 but it is not working with D109. I called to METZ, They replied that they don't have any compatible flash for D109 in their product range yet. I asked to Nissin what about i40, But they replied I have to check it in one of camera store to verify with my camera. I mean they don't know if it is compatible or not? Anyone have experience about this matter and help me? Regards
  14. This won't fit onto the hot shoe of my M-E. It fits snugly on my Canon 6D and will go on the hot shoe of my M6, requiring more force than the 6D. Anyone else have a problem getting this unit on their M9/M-E? Any alternatives?
  15. Question: I want to use an old flash a Vivitar 2800 (Trigger voltage: 40-180 volt.), but I want to make sure the trigger voltage won't damage my camera. What is the maximum for a digital M240? Thanks!
  16. It was wonderful meeting up and spending an hour or so with them in lower-midtown. Here is my first installment - of (mostly) just animals; people will be featured in the next installment MM/28 cron/SF-24D #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
  17. Here is my second and final installment from our 90 minutes yesterday morning. It was maximum fun with Stuart and Sharookh. Any and all criticisms are welcome. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9
  18. Mounted my SB24 on my new Q but it only fires when the flash is in Manual or Automatic. Does not work on TTL. Does anyone know if the SB24 is meant to work on TTL. If not then has anyone had experience with any other flashes.
  19. Sharing a few more from various areas of NYC (noted below) for your C&C... Thanks for looking and I'm looking forward to PART IV.... MM/28mm/SF-24D flash #1 Staten Island Ferry Station #2 Lower Broadway (just north of the Bull) #3 John Street in Lower Manhattan #4 The Path Train Station (where commuters arrive en mass from NJ) #5 The famed 42nd and 5th (yes, Stuart, this was the day we almost met up) #6 Times Square
  20. Okay I'm feeling very overwhelmed by the idea of flash on my m2. There so much to take into account but I feel that here is the best place to get a simple answer and a few suggestions. I have an M2 which obviously doesn't have a hotshoe, it has a cold shoe. So a flash sync lead is needed I assume. I like the way the Leica SF24D worked on an m8 I tried. On aperture priority it seemed very usable. I set the ISO and aperture and it determines the power based on subject distance!! Perfect! But I can't use that on my m2 due to lack of sync lead. So please help me out with a few suggestions of flashes similar to the sf24d's shape and size and function for my m2. Sorry if I haven't given enough information but I'm very confused and I just want some nice atmospherics shots for cold shoe mounted flash shooting! Thanks for you patience. Louis
  21. I am having trouble with using the flash unit on my V-Lux 4. In my latest "test" I set the flash to "Forced Flash On" and then rotated through all the program modes and the flash only works on "Snapshot" and "C2" mode. Seems very random and can't understand why it doesn't work in the modes I normally use (e.g. Program Mode". Suspect I'm missing something simple? Prue
  22. Hello, I have just bought an SF 20 flash for my M7. I'm still trying to figure it out, but do I have it right when I say that the range (throw) of the flash is in proportion to the size of the aperture "dialled" on the camera itself, that the larger the aperture, the further the range? Also, how far beyond the furthest target (subject) should the flash extend? Let's say one is taking a picture of a table of 6 people ... The person nearest the flash is 2 metres from the flash and the person furthest person is 4 metres away... How far should the range (throw) of the flash be? How far, if at all, beyond the furthest person should the range extend? Also is the width of flash produced controlled by the focal length of the lens? In other words is the flash from a 24mm lens wider than the flash from a 35mm lens? Is it so that that the wider the flash the less the range? Maybe I'm barking up the wrong trees?
  23. Does anyone have any info about using this old flash unit with an M9. Its a hot-shoe unit but without the cutout that allows it to be pushed fully into the hot-shoe receptacle. (probably just as well) Maybe someone has tested the polarity and size of Volts and Amps that go through the release contacts. It may blow the system and ££££s will flow. Maybe some advice about other flash units will surface with this question. Maybe I should leave it to use with my Spotmatic and SMC Takumars.
  24. Hi guys (and girls), Is there any way to use the M9 in ap mode and get the flash to fire above 180 th?? (use an orbis ring flash wireless for fill normally) Thanks Si
  25. Trying to run the Metz Flash Mecablitz model 54MZ-3 with SCA3502 on my M9. Flash does not fire. Have tried Metz in TTL and Auto modes, M9 in A and manual modes, no success so far. Any ideas appreciated.
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