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  1. Will the Leica the CF 22 flash work with the D-Lux 7? The CF 22 instructions state: "All flash operating modes are also available when the Leica CF 22 is used with the Leica D-Lux 4." Several weeks ago I sent my question to Leica New Jersey technical support, but haven't received a response. I haven't put the CF 22 on my D-Lux 7, not wanting to break the camera in case the flash and camera are incompatible.
  2. Hey , which flash/strobe do you use if you need hss ? any strobes that I can rent or buy? thanxs peter
  3. From the album: Black & White impressions

    Young Girl in Low light

    © © peter lund

  4. From the album: Black & White impressions

    I did this pictures with a 3000 ws flash, because I didn't have any other flash. So It was very strong and I had to use a lot of ND Filters. But the way the Bowens renders the light is exceptional. This picture was taken with a canon. The camera that I worked with for over 7 years. Then I bought a Leica SL2s. And this camera is such a joy. I am having every day the nice event of hearing the shutter sound! It's very rewarding. thanxs

    © © Peter Lund

  5. I am looking for a lightweight compact TTL flash for use with my Q2, but am trying to understand which are compatible. I understand that the SF24D may be one option, but will the SF20 also work? Does anyone have any experience of either in use? The flash needs to be very compact and will only be for occasional use, primarily for fill-in basis so it needs to be TTL.
  6. Has anybody had intermittent TTL flash issues with the R8? I get random firing of the SF-58, particularly with movement of the camera, and sometimes no flash on shutter release. Inside, low light, and with program mode the viewfinder shows f/5.6 @ 1/250 as it should. Contacts are clean, wiggling the flash at the foot doesn't make it fire. Camera, flash or the coupling of the two? The phenomena does not seem to occur with a SF-24D, though i have no negatives to review yet. R8 serial # 243xxxx. I've had no other problems with this camera.
  7. I like to use my SL (&M) at events sometimes; They're less 'in your face' and back-breaking than lugging around a large Nikon with flash. Particularly at more intimate gigs. Always used to work fine, but I got caught out at a recent shoot with the SL. I've used various Nikon flashes and currently use an SB-910 (in manual mode). With firmware 2.2 and below, the only oddity I saw was when changing ISO or white bal - the reading would jump around as you turned the dial, however it would make the change ok. Not a deal breaker, just an inconvenience as you had to double check on the info sc
  8. Hey. What do you recommend flash to the M8? There is a nice variety of manual flash on the market, but I would like to buy something certain, proven. What do you recommend? Oh necessarily control the burner in different directions. Nissin, Metz, Sunpak?
  9. Hi guys, many of us are in need of a small flash for our Leica. Best with decent output and fully tiltable. You might know the Nissin i40, a very decent flash that is a very good fit for our cameras. No wait, that is not true: It does not fit! The i40 has a push-lock (not a thumbwheel) that secures the flash in the hotshoe. But it does not fit, so it locks not into place. It fires but it can easily fall off, both at the M240 and the M9. When you file down the front end of the hotshoe of the flash about 1-2 mm it fits perfectly and locks into place. You might hav
  10. Hi all, does anyone have an explanation, or better yet, a solution, for this: I a seeing some strange focus behavior with the Q in combination with a flash unit (Nikon SB-800). In short, with the flash switched on and using auto focus, the focus will not lock when keeping the shutter release half way pressed. To be more precise: Switch on the flash Auto focus on a subject and keep shutter release half pressed Change composition while keeping the shutter release halfway pressed Press shutter release all the way Unexpected: The Q now refocuses before taking the shot ! Leave the flash
  11. I've bought the SF-40 flash. Small and nice. Like it. I still have two Canon 'legacy' speedlites I haven't sold, and an infrared transmitter that can tigger them. I wonder if it would work on SL. I haven't tried it because I'm unsure if putting the Canon transmitter into the SL's hotshoe is a safe thing to do. Is there a chance it may short circuit it and damage the SL?
  12. Given the current sensitivities we reach in low light, I often find myself in situations where, out of the camera and myself, I find the one needing more light to aim in the dark is me, rather than the Q which will imperturbably shoot at night with zero blur. I have come to think, what I need rather than a bulky flash is just a lamp to look myself at what I'm composing (and, maybe more often, to compensate backlightings). And so I tried. I now have one of these nice frontal LED lamps, that indeed allows me to compose and, to some extent, cleanup some backlightings. My concern is, that la
  13. Does anybody used Nissin i40 Flash with Leica T? I'm wandering what Flash I should buy for my Leica T. Leica SF 26 is badly expensive, SF 40 looks better for parameters and price. Any suggestions?
  14. I recently bought an X Vario and I absolutely love it. Love the simplicity, love the images. I had a Digilux 2 many years ago, and this reminds me of that fine camera but it's even better. Then I bought a (used) SF 24D flash, the one Leica recommends in the X Vario manual. I cannot get the flash to operate when it's set to the TTL/GNC mode. The display (on the flash) shows a flashing "A", but the charge indicator doesn't light and the flash will not fire. In the A and M modes, it seems to work fine, i.e., it will fire and recharge. The exposures in the A mode don't seem quite right, but
  15. Hi, I have problems to fire my Contax TLA 200 on the hotshoe of a recently purchased Leica M6 classic. I fidnthat weird because from what I know the Leica M6 classic pretty much takes any flash you put on the hotshoe (without TTL at east). I haven't tried it off camera yet. I did some research on this topic but couldn't find any previous threads covering it. Therefore hereÄs my question: Has anyone of you encountered similar problems or has used this flash on the Leica M6 classic successfully? The Canonlite flash which came with the Canonet QL 17 III doesn't fire either. As the Leica M6 class
  16. Mounted my SB24 on my new Q but it only fires when the flash is in Manual or Automatic. Does not work on TTL. Does anyone know if the SB24 is meant to work on TTL. If not then has anyone had experience with any other flashes.
  17. I just found something slightly annoying when using the 24-SFD (A-Mode) and the Q. I know, it is not the latest flash model, but however, it reasonable in size and I have it ... Problem: When I activate the flash and try to lock focus by pressing the shutter button half-way, the focus is instantly unlocked again (focus box becomes green for a split of a second and then white again). Now I can configure the Q to only focus when pressing the AF/AE lock button, but this configuration is not my preferred one in all circumstances. And yes, I can manually focus, too. Any thoughts on this or
  18. I am scratching my head for nearly two houres now, here is the problem: I am using the SF-58 on M9. TTL works fine, but there is a problem with Auto Mode and bounce flash. In Auto Mode I am supposed to set the aperture manually on lens and flash (ISO info from camera). Here is what happens: Set aperture to f2.8 on lens and flash > exposure fine. Set aperture to f8 on lens and flash > exposure 3 stops underexposed (as if flash is still set to f2.8) I put the flash head to rest position, then back to bounce position > exposure is fine! Same thing the other way around, then
  19. I am considering in using the Q on some events and need advice for basic radio triggers (non TTL) to fire remote strobes. Similar to the pocket wizard radios. Anyone have any experience in doing so? When I was trying out one on an Olympus camera in the past (using my Nikon radios) somehow it messed up the camera. This is why I am asking for any experienced users that have had real use on the Q. Thanks for the help.
  20. Hi, I am still looking for compact size, bouncing capability and fully compatible TTL flash for my D109. I have a METZ 24 AF-1 which was working great with DLUX6 but it is not working with D109. I called to METZ, They replied that they don't have any compatible flash for D109 in their product range yet. I asked to Nissin what about i40, But they replied I have to check it in one of camera store to verify with my camera. I mean they don't know if it is compatible or not? Anyone have experience about this matter and help me? Regards
  21. If I use my Canon Speedlite 270 EX II as a manual flash? With all the weirdness of the M 240, I don't want a smoking piece of metal if I fire off my flash Thanks in advance.
  22. Hi All SL-users! I have had my SL for some months and used mostly M-R lenses with the adapers and the 24-90 Zoom which covers most situations. The system is heavy, but once you get used to it, -you start wondering why not use lenses of your 645 cameras:)? I have the Contax 645 lenses and wonder if anyone has found suitable adapter to use these on the SL - even if the AF and some other functions might be lost? Some time back there were still companies which made tailor-made adapters, but I have learned that we are maybe past those times?;) However, there are individuals who are keen to so
  23. vedran

    HSS and SF40

    Does anyone know how to set M10 and SF40 for HSS. Does one just set shutter speed and e.g. 1/1000 and flash to TTL or something else needs to be done Thanks
  24. Hi Can anyone help please? I have recently bought a Leica D-Lux 109 with the CF D flash. I know the flash worked when I first opened the box but now I can't get it to work. In the menu the 'flash' option is greyed out. What am I doing wrong?
  25. Hello, I am a longtime Leica user and a new SL owner. With my various other mirrorless systems, I have been using a Godox lighting system with their camera specific remotes. I have note been able to find a Godox companion remote for the Leica SL and wonder if any other users have had a similar experience and if they've arrived at a workable solution? Thank you in advance
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