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  1. Die kursierenden Roadmaps sind ja mittlerweile in die Jahre gekommen und noch immer sind nicht alle Objektive auf dem Markt wie das 24er und 21er SL Objektiv. Gibt es ansonsten neue Gerüchte zu SL Objektiven? Eine neue SL wird ja wohl 2023 auf den Markt kommen, Panasonic bringt ja auch was Neues raus. Eine SL-3?
  2. This one REVIEW - LEICA M TYPE 240 seems to identify the M240's shortcomings while remaining pragmatically appreciative. There are also a few lens reviews on the site.
  3. Leica fixed up an S/S2 with a 1:3 format for Koudelka. Does anyone know which focal length lens they supplied him? Thanks.
  4. Hi folks, I have a M9 + 35mm combo. And like many others, I use Adobe Lightroom to post process my photos. Often, I use the cropping function. Now I'm planning towards buying a second lens. And I had this idea: Why don't I look at my history of cropping in Lightroom to determine which other angles are my favorites, so that I can find out which lens to buy next? Now, I've got thousands of cropped photos. Which makes it quite time-consuming to go through each photo by hand, calculate the lens focal length I might have used instead of cropping, then doing a statistic tally to see my favorite angles. So why not doing this automatically? I've heard that Lightroom has a plugin mechanism. So there could be a plugin that does this automatically. Does anybody know of such an already existing plugin? Or know of a developer who might be interested in creating one? Thanks!
  5. I was wondering if anybody share my view on this: The discussion on Leica re-starting production of R lenses for the new M body is a side track. In my opinion it would be more logical for Leica to design and extend the range of M lenses into the telephoto and zoom domain. These new lenses can be used on the new M without an adapter and can be focussed with the aid of the optional external viewfinder. Hence we may see the best of two worlds: The rangefinder is superior for focusing lenses up to about 100mm whereas the live-view or viewfinder will enable focusing and framing also of longer lenses, for those who are into that sort of thing Cheers, HP
  6. I know this would be a strange question, like why would someone wanna use Nikon lens on a Leica M6/MP?! Well...I am on a tight budget. I can probably afford to get a M6 second hand body, but maybe awhile till I have enough funds for a proper Leica lens. I have a Nikon FM2 with a few MF lenses. Can I use those on a M6 with the right adaptor?
  7. I'm having quite a dilemma. I currently shoot with a Leica M8 and an M7 with a 35cron ASPH and a couple of screw mount lenses (pretty bad ones). I'm thinking of purchasing a lens/lenses for the summer. These are my options: Option 1 Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f/1.1 and Voightlander Heliar 15mm f/4.5 Option 2 Leica Summilux 50mm f/1.4 (pre-asph/some older model) Its the two lenses v.s. one dilemma. Does anyone have experiences with any of the lenses? and would it be wise to purchase 2 non-Leica lenses rather than one? I just have this feeling that using non-Leica lenses are just not right and defeats the purpose of using a Leica.. What do people think?
  8. Hey guys, maybe nice to revive the R series a bit, and I don't mean R lenses on M bodies or other digital hocuspocus. Except maybe the DM-R... This thread serves to post images taken with a Leica R camera, and Leica R Prime or zoom lenses. Please while posting tell us the the camera model, lens and film. Or as much as you know so others can learn about the combinations that have made it possible for you to take the photo. Here is a example. #1 Leica R8 - Kodak Gold 200 - Summilux-R 1:1,4/80mm
  9. Dear all, I'm going to prepare a special page with links to all sites related to the new LEICA M9. Please help me in finding new sites and post them in this thread: URL (web address) Language Category (review, comment, portfolio, video etc.) A short description Thanks in advance! Andreas
  10. I have just seen the announcement of this site: leicaimages.com - Photo Gallery of Images Captured with Leica Equipment which was new to me. For those wishing to see samples of work produced with the use of specific Leica or Leica-fit lenses, the site has interesting possibilities. Certainly I found some high quality pictures in my sample searches.
  11. I recently purchased an 240 M-P and have been very happy with this camera for RF shooting with my Leica M lenses. I have many Minolta and Sony lenses that I use on a Sony A99 SLR, and was going to sell some of it because most of my shooting over the past few years has been with RF gear, mostly the Leica M5 for film and the M8 for digital. But I would like to explore the use of some of the better A-mount lenses, including a Minolta 200 2.8 AP0 lens on my M 240 with an adapter for this mount. My questions are, has anyone in the forum used the Novaflex adapter with Minolta or Sony A-mount lenses on the M240 or SL? And before I invest in some longer range Leica R lens options, do you feel the image quality with Minolta glass on Leica cameras is comparable to results obtained with Leica R glass? My main interest is in the telephoto range performance, because I have excellent M-lenses in the 21mm to 90mm range. I would be using the longer range lenses mostly for landscape/seascape photos and occasionally for environmental portraits.
  12. Hey everyone, Looking for a bit of friendly advice and opinion. I currently have a Leica M-A and like to stick to the "One Camera, One Lens" method of keeping my work consistent and always improving. When people talk about this, one lens usually refers to focal length, not exactly one lens. After lots of trial and error I learned that I see in 50mm, so I prefer using that focal length for all of my shooting. However, I currently own a 50mm Summicron-M and a 50mm Elmar-M (both newest versions, both brass chrome). I can't decide if I should sell one, and if so which one, or keep both. The summicron is quite a bit heavier than the Elmar, although I wouldn't classify either as light since they are both the chrome versions. The Elmar obviously have a size advantage, but the annoyance of uneven aperture settings and the collapsible function can sometimes get annoying as it doesn't lock collapsed and can just slide out if positioned in such a way. I'm having a hard time deciding if it makes sense to keep both, and if not, which one to keep. I currently justify ownership of both by saying the Elmar, while limited, is more suitable for when I'm not out specifically to be shooting, but walking to work or just running errands. The smaller size is nice when I'm not focused specifically on shooting. I'll use the Summicron when I'm going out to shoot, as its usability is substantially better, at the cost of its size and weight, but when I'm shooting the camera is in my hand and not really packed away or even hanging from my neck. Let me know your thoughts everyone, interested to hear some opinions on the subject of owning multiple lenses of the same focal length. Thank you!
  13. mas

    Close Focus

    Is there any way to achieve close focus with the 30, 35 or 45 mm S lenses? About 6"?
  14. Going to New York on the 4th of July. what are best photo viewing areas with the best backgrounds. Also, best iso, shutterspeeeds, lenses. On the SL is there something that i have to program to simulate a cable release? Thanks for everyone's comment!
  15. I started a television channel on photography, "Magic of Light". Two broadcasts a week, every Saturday and Thursday 7 PM Pacific Time). The new episode, "What is Sharpness in Photography?" is up now! Enjoy!
  16. Hi all, Often read discussions about which is the best 35mm M mount lens with debates comparing the Zeiss distagon 35/1.4 against the 35 Summilux FLE Asph. Comparing the lenses to each other is fine but I don’t read much about whether the combination of Leica glass and Leica camera/sensor is an optimal pairing yielding special results. I am shooting the distagon on an SL and wonder, for example, if I would get greater micro contrast with an Lux FLE. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  17. I was listening to an interview between Dr Andreas Kaufmann and Ralph Gibson, and I was intrigued by this statement by Ralph Gibson: I am curious if any of you have found that to be the case - that 75mm is "normal" for digital photography. See 3:55 in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Yaf8l1quJQ
  18. Hi to all Leica lovers, I'm new to the forum, at least as registered user, and I want to thank you all for all your invisible support you gave me when searching for precious info about Leica. Probably the best resource online on this specific and lovable world. I'm interested to test some 35mm prime lenses (no Leica) for my digital M. I've heard about great results with: Voigtlander 35mm f2.5 Color Skopar Zeiss Biogon C 35mm f2.8 Zeiss Biogon C 35mm f2.0 (someone online affirming it is not sharp as the Zeiss 2.8) I know this is probably an old challenge but I just wanted to follow up it on 2020 , and I'm interested to a new lens. Anyone here who want to share its opinion both on digital or analogical is very very welcome. Furthermore....is it worth the Zeiss price gap (currently double the price for new)? Thanks a lot WanLevia
  19. Hopefully nobody minds me asking an ignorant question... I have an LTM Elmar 50mm f/2.8 and, reading the Ken Rockwell review, he recommends a Yellow #022 39mm filter for b&w photography with that lens. However, what I am really unsure about is how the filters fit to my lens and, if I am not to buy an authentic Leitz/Leica filter, what I need to look for on eBay, etc. I don't see any thread inside the collapsible lens so I am guessing that the filters either fit over the lens like the lens cap or somehow grip onto the inside of the lens. Grateful for any insights plus suggestions re where I can get them!
  20. Have searched for a while for the ultimate pouch (neoprene, not leather) for my Leica M lenses. Finally found one for the "average" Leica/Zeiss/Hexanon lens. This bag can also be hooked to the belt via the sewn loop, having enough room for a finger to reach for the lens. I cut off the adjacent carabiner as it was useless. Now I can stack two lenses on top of each other (I have 4) in my ONA bag. I am not naming any brands, I am not associated with anyone, just informing anyone that was after such product that this company is in Munich, Germany and on amazon.de. They have even smaller (XXS) bags but they are too tiny for Leica lenses. The proper size they offer for the pouch IMHO was XS (7cm x 8cm). The bags are not the icons of design, nor very beautiful, but they do get the job done. PLEASE SHARE YOUR LEICA LENS POUCH EXPERIENCE(S).
  21. I have bought my first Leica T. It is nu first endeavour in the Leica system. It was a demo model in mint condition with alle accessoires and box. Just not a lens. I am wondering how to best the Leica experience for the least amount of money. So I have found a few options from cheap to more expensive: 1. Adapt my existing Nikon D glass with a lens adapter 2. Buy a 50mm Summicron F2 lens and an adapter. 3. Buy a new Sigma 45mm f2.8 4. Buy a new Leica 18mm f/2.8 If money was no object I'd would have liked the 23mm f/2. Alas that is not the case. So any advice would be much apreciated, about the above options and getting the best Leica colour and pop experience.
  22. I am interested I purchasing my first Leica and have my eye on a T body which I can get for a reasonable price. The lenses are rather expensive and currently out of my budget. Would you be able to recommend alternative lenses or ways to use lenses on the T for someone on a budget? Thanks
  23. Hi, this is my first post. I would appreciate some advice: I'm about to leave for almost a month, going to Bolivia for a leisure trip. I won't be alone, so it's not a trip focusing on photography, but I will definitely use my camera as much as possible. I have a passion for street and documentary style, a little portrait, environmental and not, but I definitely don't disdain landscape! I use a M240: first of all, I'm a 50mm man - that will be the main lens for me. I'm still trying to decide which between the Nokton 50mm 1.2 or the Planar ZM 50mm f2 - lightness or speed? I might go for speed, that Nokton is not that big at all! And a pleasure to use. The other lens I already decided about is the Biogon 21mm f2 ZM, great wide angle; that will definitely be in my bag. Two doubts: 90mm Tele-Elmarit thin or 135mm Tele-Elmar? if I go light, will I miss the reach? I really enjoy shooting both, and both don't see use too often. But I don't mind a little more weight if necessary. Second doubt: should I take my 35mm? I have a wonderful Biogon 35mm f2 ZM but I fear it would see almost no use...although I think i interiors it might be more useful than the 50mm when shooting people! What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance!!
  24. Hi everyone, I’ve recently acquired a Leica III and I’ve been enjoying this camera so much that I have not touched my M3 at all for over a month now. I was wondering if there are any Barnack Leica users here who could recommend me their favorite lenses for the system. I currently own: - Nickel Elmar 5cm f3.5 (elmar, uncoated from 1933) - Chrome Elmar 5cm f3.5 Red scale (coated from 1954) I’m thinking of getting rid of one of the Elmars (still have to decide which one) and get another 50mm that is compact / light but a bit brighter and a 28/35mm as well.
  25. What is the Curved lever attached to the lens for?
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