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  1. Before launching, Leica makes prototypes for several photographers to test. Some prototypes have different features than what came into production. So let's discuss these small marvels, and what this implies.
  2. Hi everyone, I’ve recently acquired a Leica III and I’ve been enjoying this camera so much that I have not touched my M3 at all for over a month now. I was wondering if there are any Barnack Leica users here who could recommend me their favorite lenses for the system. I currently own: - Nickel Elmar 5cm f3.5 (elmar, uncoated from 1933) - Chrome Elmar 5cm f3.5 Red scale (coated from 1954) I’m thinking of getting rid of one of the Elmars (still have to decide which one) and get another 50mm that is compact / light but a bit brighter and a 28/35mm as well.
  3. I haven't used my Noctilux in quite some time. I'm wondering if this is a normal issue wide open with point light sources or if there is something wrong with my lens. I've seen it from other light sources like neon signs wide open at night.
  4. Does anyone know when the infrared marks on Leitz/Leica lenses were not used anymore? I am checking my own lenses: Hektor 13,5 cm (1956): yes; Elmar 135 mm (1962): no Elmar 9 cm (1937): yes; Elmar 9 cm (1952): yes; Elmar 9 cm collapsible (1954): yes; Elmar 90mm (1962, new version or II): no Summicron 50mm II (1960): no; Summicron 50mm III (1968): no Summitar 50mm (1948): yes Summar 5 cm (1937): yes Elmar 5 cm (1939): yes None of my 3,5cm/35mm lenses has the R-mark Best, Lex
  5. The new firmware for L lenses is available, but won't install on my SL2... 🤪 https://en.leica-camera.com/Photography/Leica-SL/Leica-SL2-S/Firmware Direct link here https://en.leica-camera.com/content/download/196932/5259036/version/1/file/SLLens02.plf
  6. Going to New York on the 4th of July. what are best photo viewing areas with the best backgrounds. Also, best iso, shutterspeeeds, lenses. On the SL is there something that i have to program to simulate a cable release? Thanks for everyone's comment!
  7. I started a television channel on photography, "Magic of Light". Two broadcasts a week, every Saturday and Thursday 7 PM Pacific Time). The new episode, "What is Sharpness in Photography?" is up now! Enjoy!
  8. mas

    Close Focus

    Is there any way to achieve close focus with the 30, 35 or 45 mm S lenses? About 6"?
  9. Hey everyone, Looking for a bit of friendly advice and opinion. I currently have a Leica M-A and like to stick to the "One Camera, One Lens" method of keeping my work consistent and always improving. When people talk about this, one lens usually refers to focal length, not exactly one lens. After lots of trial and error I learned that I see in 50mm, so I prefer using that focal length for all of my shooting. However, I currently own a 50mm Summicron-M and a 50mm Elmar-M (both newest versions, both brass chrome). I can't decide if I should sell one, and if so which one, or keep bo
  10. I recently purchased an 240 M-P and have been very happy with this camera for RF shooting with my Leica M lenses. I have many Minolta and Sony lenses that I use on a Sony A99 SLR, and was going to sell some of it because most of my shooting over the past few years has been with RF gear, mostly the Leica M5 for film and the M8 for digital. But I would like to explore the use of some of the better A-mount lenses, including a Minolta 200 2.8 AP0 lens on my M 240 with an adapter for this mount. My questions are, has anyone in the forum used the Novaflex adapter with Minolta or Sony A-mount
  11. Hello guys, Leica Lab Italy asked me some questions about the use of the 28mm lens in my Street Photography. If interested that is the link: http://www.walkingphotographer.net/blog/leica-lab-interview-28 bye !
  12. I may be going to Tokyo some time next year. I'd like to know what my options would be as far as renting Leica equipment goes. Don't know where to start. Google search doesn't yield much. Any places that you know of? How easy is it to rent there? What are the requirements (if any)? Any input would be much appreciated. Ta in advance.
  13. I've reached a difficult decision. I love my ageing M8 and its incomparable lenses, but it is doesn't get used enough. It's maybe too bulky, a little to slow, perhaps a little dated. Whatever the reasons, I've finally decided to swap it for the T system and an M lens adapter. The question is, what lenses do I trade / sell and which do I keep? I have to choose to lose at least some of the following: Elmarit M 1:2.8 24 mm Summicron M 1.2 50mm Summarit M 1:2.5 90mm Summicron 1:2 35mm Voigtlander CV15 Which of these wonderful lenses would be great on the T? The ones I k
  14. Hi, this is my first post. I would appreciate some advice: I'm about to leave for almost a month, going to Bolivia for a leisure trip. I won't be alone, so it's not a trip focusing on photography, but I will definitely use my camera as much as possible. I have a passion for street and documentary style, a little portrait, environmental and not, but I definitely don't disdain landscape! I use a M240: first of all, I'm a 50mm man - that will be the main lens for me. I'm still trying to decide which between the Nokton 50mm 1.2 or the Planar ZM 50mm f2 - lightness or speed? I might go fo
  15. Hi All SL-users! I have had my SL for some months and used mostly M-R lenses with the adapers and the 24-90 Zoom which covers most situations. The system is heavy, but once you get used to it, -you start wondering why not use lenses of your 645 cameras:)? I have the Contax 645 lenses and wonder if anyone has found suitable adapter to use these on the SL - even if the AF and some other functions might be lost? Some time back there were still companies which made tailor-made adapters, but I have learned that we are maybe past those times?;) However, there are individuals who are keen to so
  16. I am interested I purchasing my first Leica and have my eye on a T body which I can get for a reasonable price. The lenses are rather expensive and currently out of my budget. Would you be able to recommend alternative lenses or ways to use lenses on the T for someone on a budget? Thanks
  17. I have bought my first Leica T. It is nu first endeavour in the Leica system. It was a demo model in mint condition with alle accessoires and box. Just not a lens. I am wondering how to best the Leica experience for the least amount of money. So I have found a few options from cheap to more expensive: 1. Adapt my existing Nikon D glass with a lens adapter 2. Buy a 50mm Summicron F2 lens and an adapter. 3. Buy a new Sigma 45mm f2.8 4. Buy a new Leica 18mm f/2.8 If money was no object I'd would have liked the 23mm f/2. Alas that is not the case. So any advice
  18. Hi all, Often read discussions about which is the best 35mm M mount lens with debates comparing the Zeiss distagon 35/1.4 against the 35 Summilux FLE Asph. Comparing the lenses to each other is fine but I don’t read much about whether the combination of Leica glass and Leica camera/sensor is an optimal pairing yielding special results. I am shooting the distagon on an SL and wonder, for example, if I would get greater micro contrast with an Lux FLE. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  19. I'm in the process of considering ONE of three lenses, all Voightlander (This is more about focal length vs the brand): - 35mm/1.7 Ultron - 50mm/1.5 Nokton - 40mm/1.2 Nokton If you had to choose only one of these which would it be?
  20. Hi guys, I'm interested in acquiring a 90mm Elmarit-M for the M10. I will be primarily shooting handheld. I was wondering if others had found that heavier chrome-brass versions of telephoto lenses helped reduce motion blur in their images, or did it have the opposite (or negligible) effect? Any insights into the use of telephoto lenses (not necessarily 90mm) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  21. With the launch of the TL2 and the CL this year, Leica has boldly put its weight behind its APSC systems. The cameras look and feel great, though they would undoubtedly benefit from a richer selection of fast lenses to partner with. Personally, I see the TL / CL cameras filling an important void for M shooters. With rangefinders, lengths between 24-50mm tend to hit the sweet spot, and while the fast telephoto lenses render beautifully, manual focusing a 90mm Summicron on a rangefinder for candid street or action is borderline masochistic. In this respect, it would be great to see TL Summi
  22. After finally getting my M10 delivered to me last November, I was chomping at the bit to use my old lenses that I used to shoot with my M6's some 10 years or more ago. They are all older lenses (late 70's to mid 90's) in 28mm, 35mm, two 50mm's, 90mm, and 135mm and all relatively fast lenses (mostly summicrons with a summarit here and there) but not one of them is aspherical. I loved these lenses while shooting film and still love them on the M10, but it is a ROYAL pain to have to mash buttons up and down and in and out of menus to set the M10 to the right lens designation every time I sw
  23. I have a new Leica M10 and have some Cosina Voigtlander lenses with M mount I would like to code to be recognized by the camera I know ther are some devices out there. I would appreciate comments and information as to where to buy them Thank you Luis
  24. I bought my SL with a Leica S and Novoflex Canon EF adapters to complement the lenses otherwise used on my S2 and RED cameras. I am looking to put together a range of the best M and R lenses, from wide angle such as the Super-Elmarit-R 15mm f/2.8 ASPH, to medium telephoto such as the APO-Telyt-R 280mm f/4. I am looking for recommendations based on first hand experience.
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