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  1. Thank you sir - it's been a really interesting learning experience if nothing else and at least I now have a new skill! I do have all the cameras and lights etc - so a few 'bits' were needed- but only cables etc.
  2. Since lockdown was announced, like many others I decided to build a small but functional studio in my spare bedroom. I learnt how to live stream and built this with minimal investment in kit - just countless cables from Amazon but it's all come together well. I'm a pro photographer and video producer and will be hosting the show. On Thursday 23rd April at 1700GMT it will be the first of a series of FREE programmes called 'The Lockdown Diaries'. In association with Professional Photography Magazine. It will be a mix of live chat, photo and videos. Essentially the format of a TV sho
  3. I've had the camera a week or so and popped together a review that may interest someone - no test charts etc.. just me shooting in real life work situations. https://www.satureyesmedia.com/blog/lumix-s1r
  4. Use a glass screen protector. Any for the SL will work. The screen is the same size.
  5. I'd say that you're likely suffering from horizontal alignment issues with the patches. It's actually not too hard to adjust yourself but it's a careful and slow process. Lots about it on the forums. 2mm hex key is needed and read about it. I had the issue with all My M's and sorted it myself. Way faster than leica. The EVF when uses with an angled ruler or a focus chart is pretty accurate. You can see how far front or back focussing the RF is bu comparing the two. Use a tripod. There's lots about it on these forums.
  6. The screen comes on because the advanced modes are directly from the sensor so you'd not really be saving much of anything by having the screen off and the advanced metering on. You'd also not be able to see which areas are set for metering or any information apart from if you had the EVF.
  7. As an aside. I remember as a kid I was watching a Saturday morning kids TV show and they had a guy showing an Alligator. It was a live TV show. Suddenly someone in the audience shouted 'HANDBAGS' and no one knew what to do.
  8. I think the cases can fit an M6.
  9. Can you add a crocodile skin on them?
  10. I can't get the angle. I will shoehorn it inside a smaller box for size comparison.
  11. You know the rules of Leicadom. 'Thou shalt never criticise any of the design of a Leica camera'
  12. It was taken with an iPhone. Was not really meant to be a work of art.
  13. Can high show us a photo of the case?
  14. Set preview to off then? Or set for the min time and then if it really bugs you press the shutter button to clear it. Still don't see why the 'old' way is such a revelation
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