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  1. The magenta is gone! I have made some shots as well. So far I am not taking any kind of measurements...but going based on the look and critically examining based on my experience..this is what I see: 1. Low ISOs do not seem too different. ISO160 DNG and RAW seem virtually identical. There is a slight difference in color tone...very slight. RAWs are slightly cooler, more greenish. Negligible difference in real use. Easily adjustable in normal processing. 2. ISO 2500 has much less color noise, and overall tighter, smaller looking grain pattern. It seems a bit less as well.
  2. I can't wait to try! I'll make sure my sensor is cleaner too!
  3. Wow yours look so clean! Why am I getting such color issues?
  4. Leica M8 RAW - AncientCityPhoto Here are some files, downloadable and viewable at 100%. Info is on the page, and shots correspond at 160 and 2500 ISO as DNG and raw conversion. Major difference between the Leica software fixes and the RAW output! Captions and data are under the photo preview. The download link is on the bottom right.
  5. For black and white the files are great. The biggest issue with actual usability at the moment I believe is the hot and dead pixels. The RAW fiels are obviously not running some of Leicas clean-up job. Whatever Leica does to their files is pretty darn good. If we can get that to run on these RAW files we are in serious business! Especially at 2500 ISO.
  6. I tried out the software! Very interesting. I am using Lightroom 5 and it reads the DNG files just fine. Without setting a black point, ISO2500 files are amazingly clean. They are also magenta colored. With the black values command set, I get files very similar to the standard DNG file. Once the magenta slider is set to the green side, and the profile is on "camera standard" the colors very similar. Still, noise at ISO2500 is better...cleaner and more natural looking. My exif data seems all there. Aperture, lens, camera, etc... However...now I see the sensor issues! I see a whole
  7. I can test, as well as contribute for your time. Especially if this makes a difference in the quality achieved from the m8.
  8. I use both x100 and m8 side by side all the time. One of the only reasons I keep the x100 is minimum focus distance. I love a close focusing 35mm lens. The Fuji focuses way closer than a rangefinder and also has macro capability that is decent. The M8 can only focus to 2.5 feet unless you zone focus with a wides. I find it amazing how often I need focus within 1.5 feet. However, I like the output from the m8 a lot more than the Fuji. Then again, the. Fuji can give me good results from 6400 ISO at steady 1/4 second handheld. Amazing when you need it. But during the day and not clo
  9. This happens to all equipment with use over time. Bumps, mounting and dismounting of lens, bouncing around in camera bags, etc... Some times its more noticeable than other times. I get my rangefinder equipment checked every year. My dslrs get checked yearly too. With rangefinders, it seems its the actual rangefinder that falls a bit out of calibration more often than the lenses them selves.
  10. X100 at f2 glows when close up. At moderate distances I find it perfectly usable and decently sharp in the center. The look is great, especially for a camera that actually dis in your pocket. Personal preferences. The M8 is great with fast lenses. Any way to gather more light will make your high ISO shots that much better. A perfectly exposed iso2500 shot is perfectly usable with slight noise reduction. But it's a trade between that and shutter speed. I can hold an x100 still at 1/6, the m8 only at 1/15 generally. M8 is much heavier than the x100. Ideal setup for m8 in the
  11. The upgraded shutter along with a good half case will greatly reduce the shutter sound. It's still not silent. The x-vario comment doesn't make sense if you are shooting inside he monastery. Also, the m8 will struggle a bit if you will be shooting in dim light. I love the m8 and have been using one for years...but the dark is just not its friend. The double the x100 recommendation. The camera is dead silent. So much so that if I hand my camera to someone they often get confused and think the camera isn't taking the picture. No M camera gets close. The x100 is also fantastic in the
  12. That doesn't look like an issue. The M8 shows thin lines on occasion at 2500 ISO. Not in every image, but sometimes. I have shot this camera a lot at ISO 2500. Its not quite predictable nor fully consistent. Exposure has to be nailed, and generally a little brighter than you usually want. Ide rather take a hot 2500 shot and crush the blacks a bit. Its higher contrast than I usually shoot, but the noise virtually disappears and any slight noise banding goes away. Underexposed 2500 shots or very low key dim shots show the noise much more readily. That doesn't look like the banding
  13. How do I post them so they appear? I try to but the link always appears instead. When I am typing my post, I see the actual photo appear. I clicked on the photo icon and placed the link where it asked me and hit ok. The photo appears, but when the post goes live the image is only shown in link form. How do I edit or repost them?
  14. http://gallery.ancientcityphoto.com/photos/i-Gsxw9K5/0/S/i-Gsxw9K5-S.jpg http://gallery.ancientcityphoto.com/photos/i-HSkdMd5/0/S/i-HSkdMd5-S.jpg http://gallery.ancientcityphoto.com/photos/i-jmTFTKH/0/S/i-jmTFTKH-S.jpg http://gallery.ancientcityphoto.com/photos/i-jDfrdSn/0/M/i-jDfrdSn-M.jpg I shot all of these with the M8 and Voigtlander 75mm F/2.5. I've worked on this project for over a year now. This combination of camera and lens and specific lighting conditions were the only combo that was giving me exactly the rendition I wanted. It's amazing how awesome the M8 is.
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