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  1. In der Sendung des ZDF, Markus Lanz - Amerika ungeschminkt, Do, 27.10.2016, 23:15 verwendete Markus Lanz eine Leica M mit Summilux. https://www.zdf.de/gesellschaft/markus-lanz/markus-lanz-amerika-ungeschminkt-108.html
  2. I would like to purchase some filters for the M10 + Summilux 35 FLE, and I am not sure which are the best in terms of ease of use (screw on with hood, stacking, vignetting). I am about to order these: UV: http://www.leicashop.com/brandnew_de/filter/leica-filter/leica-filter-uva-ii-46mm-schwarz-skul13033.html ND: http://www.leicashop.com/brandnew_de/filter/leica-nd-filter/leica-filter-nd-16x-46mm-schwarz-skul13055.html Polarizer: http://www.leicashop.com/brandnew_de/filter/b-w-pol-filter/b-w-circular-polfilter-ksm-e46mm-mrc-f-pro-skubw82658.html
  3. Anyone having experience with the R-Summilux 1:1,4/80 mm with R-Adapter on the SL? How does it compare to M-Summilux 1:1,4/75 mm and/or to SL lenses in portraiture etc.?
  4. Brought it with me on a trip over the holidays. Nowhere near as comprehensive review as Sean Reid's - but here's my take on the lens, published by Leica San Francisco: http://www.madeinwetzlar.com/on-vacation-with-the-leica-sl-summilux-50mm-f-1.4
  5. A brief article where I share my experience with this lens over the last years, and also some pictures I made with it with various Leica cameras: http://indergaard.net/2017/07/02/leica-summilux-m-50mm-f14-asph-review/
  6. Lange keine Gelegenheit mehr gehabt auf Reisen spazieren zu gehen. Letztes Wochenende hatte ich dann endlich mal wieder die Mögleichkeit dazu. Nachfolgend ein paar Eindrücke aus Amsterdam. Alle Bilder mit M240 und 35mm Summilux FLE: -1- -2-
  7. I have a real-world hands on review of the new Leica Summilux-TL 35mm f/1.4 with some samples. Let me know what you think! https://fstoppers.com/originals/hands-new-leica-summilux-tl-35mm-f14-lens-121465
  8. I've read one long thread and a few mentions of this phenomenon here on this forum. I'm curious of todays status regarding the rattle issue with this lens. I recently bought a mint in box 35 Lux FLE second hand, the lens is perfect in every way except that it sounds like a rhythm instrument. Mine is a 416xxxx meaning its 2012 produced. It has no back/front focus, It's super sharp wide open at f/1.4 and the focus ring is smooth and nice. The aperture ring is perhaps a little loose, but not bothersome, and about the same as my 50 lux. The sound is only apparent when the lens is moved up and down, not side to side (front element facing upwards) and is surprisingly loud, so loud that if I'm indoors in a silent room i hear it on my hip as i'm walking out. As soon as the ambient noise rise it drowns though. Meaning, it doesn't bother me that much. After researching the matter i understand that Leica has stated that this is normal and that it's the aperture cage that rattles and that this is a part of the design assuring that the lens will function optimally. I also read that different copies are affected differently, some pretty much silent, some rattles with different volume, and some vary depending on f-stop (mine quiets down a little at f/16) Now, in 2016, how many current owners of the Summilux 35 FLE is affected by this? I'm also curious if anyone reading this thread have purchased a new-in-box lens that do/don't rattle. I'm also interested in hearing from members that had the lens CLA'ed with this issue. I heard that Leica can use some shims or similar to mute the rattle if requested.
  9. Hi, This is a question about why is the R 35mm Summilux priced quite high on the second hand markets? The second hand prices for R lenses is of course regulated by supply and demand and tend to be lower than their M counterparts. There are the rare lenses of which few were made (I think 35-70/2.8) so these go for many thousands above original price. Others have a unique character or performance (80 and ROM 50 Summiluxes) and were always high in price. The 35mm Summilux, when I bought it as my first lens to replace my hated 28-70 was cheap and was in the hundreds of pounds (certainly far less in relation to the ROM 50 Summilux). Although the reviews were that it was a mediocre lens, I loved it. Even more on the DMR where it was more equivalent to my favourite 50mm view. I see these now on sale for very high prices equivalent to the ROM 50mm, why is that? I am not interested in selling mine though. From whom is the demand for this lens?
  10. Zabriskie Point is one of Death Valley's most famous spots; here's Manley Beacon's ridge just after sunrise under a stormy sky. With the Leica M-P (Typ 240) and the 35mm Summilux FLE. Best, Vieri
  11. San Francisco, Lombard Street, 2015 This famous steep,curvy street in Sans Francisco is an attraction four tourists and tourist cars. At that time of the night there was still a line of cars driving down the slope in between beds of hortensias. Olmypus EM 5 with Summilux 15 mm
  12. Hi Guys, Am fairly new to Leica (6 months in) and I would like to seek your advice on which 35mm lens to get. I currently use a M240 body with a 60mm F1.2 Konica Hexanon and a 50mm Summicron APO. I am looking to add a 35mm lens to compliment my existing collection (and will be looking at add a 28mm Elmarit when the new one releases end of the month). I am considering the follow: 35 Summilux Pre-ASPH 35 Summicron Pre-ASPH Version 1 35 Summicron Pre-ASPH Version 4 35 Summicron ASPH (2016 edition) After doing some extensive research, I feel like the 3 Pre-ASPH lens may be a better compliment as it is softer / has more of a leica glow (since my 50mm APO and the 28mm Elmarit are both bitingly sharp)? I was originally going to just get a 28 and 50 and NOT the 35 since it seems to be too close to the other 2 focal lengths, so I am now thinking maybe getting something with more of a unique characteristic). Just wondering what all your thoughts are and why you think so? Your kind assistance is very much appreciated. Thank you. Best Regards, J
  13. I just found (yet another...) 'Made in Germany' 35/1.4 v2 (11870). S/N is 3433XXX, which indicates that its birth date was sometime in 1987 if I'm not mistaken. It comes in its original box, with matching serial on the sticker. Interestingly, however, the writing on the box says 'Made in Canada'. I know it was some kind of a transition period for Leica, with parts from Canada being sent back to Germany, but it's the first time I see such a lens/box mismatch. Out of curiosity, a quick question for the experts here: have you seen this before?
  14. Wintereinbruch im Schwäbischen Wald M10 mit Summilux 1,4/50 ASPH.
  15. Hey Everyone! This is my first post here but I've been shooting Leica for the better part of a decade, now. I've just acquired a 35mm Summilux Pre-ASPH but I cant seem to get a concrete answer to what it is, exactly, that I have. The lens is SPOTLESS and came from an estate. It takes series VII filter BUT it has a chrome infinity lock. I was under the impression that only the version 1 on this lens had the infinity lock but the serial number, from what i've read, would mean its a v2 (#234+). It's a beautiful lens that came with the box and hood for almost "nothing". I really just want to know what it is that i've got and if it's anything special.
  16. The Big Apple Circus shot at 640ISO, M9p and a 35mm Summilux. 1/350th at F1.4.
  17. Dear Friends, I found really strange that apeture ring on Summilux 35 1.4 ASPH moves really fast and without FIX on apeture. Does it really have to work like this or it's not? Thanks for your replies. BR, Yermek
  18. Still in love with my M3 but processing film feels more and more taxing as the years pass. I have been unable to find clean and clear answers to my question: can I use my old Summilux 50/f1.4, Summaron 35/f2.8 and newer Voigtländer 21/f4 on a Monochrom body? The switch is tenting but as I work mostly on a volunteer basis these days and cost is an issue.
  19. Paris 20e, pl. Gambetta; M240 50 'lux pre-Asph LTM
  20. I have recently bought a used Summilux 50mm. The serial number starts 250..., so I think it's from around 1972. It's been working fine since May on M9, M6 and CL (with adapter). Using today on M-D and the focus and aperture rings are starting to stick when focus nears infinity. Put simply, if I'm at around f8, then move focus towards infinity, the rings 'catch' and turning the focus starts to turn the aperture at the same pace, moving it up (from, say, f8 to f11). Anyone else had this happen. If no easy fix then I have a 12 month warranty, but it would be a shame to lose it for a few weeks. thank you
  21. My photograph of a surfer shooting the Manhattan Beach Pier taken with a Leica Monochrom and Summilux ASPH 50mm was just selected by National Geographic as part of the "Daily Dozen" (10th photo down the page). Please follow the link and vote for it if you like it. Thanks! http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/daily-dozen/2015-12-28
  22. Bilal, one of the farmers heroes taking a deserved break after putting a forest fire down using few resources and lot of courage.
  23. They say eyes are windows to the soul, cats prove it to be true. Leica M9. Summilux 35mm ASPH. Thanks for looking.
  24. Its more of a dream than reality for now talking about 75mm APO-Summilux-M ASPH FLE... with whatever tech indicators you wish but I count my self as someone ready to pay Leica's prime price for a resurrected 75Lux 75 Summilux-M's almost 0% distortion, creamy bokeh and ridiculously sharp focused area makes it the BEST (yep all capitals) portrait lens ever produced I call it Mandler's Pieta. Karbe did a great job on 75 Apo-Summicron but it can not replace 75Lux and I know many fellow leica shooters went back to 75Lux after working with 75Cron (including myself) There is space for a 75 Summilux update and if leica have managed to justify mad-scientist kind of inventions like 21 Summilux, 50 Noct 0.95 and 28 Summilux there is still hope for a 75Lux resurrection. Amen recently shot on 75Lux
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