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  1. jakontil

    Good morning!

    M11 | 50 noctilux 1.2
  2. didier


    Dorothy, South of France M10M with APO 50 mm
  3. © MarcoWolffPhotography

  4. © MarcoWolffPhotography

  5. © MarcoWolffPhotography

  6. © MarcoWolffPhotography

  7. © MarcoWolffPhotography

  8. Moin, moin, ich möchte mich hier mal höflich vorstellen. Ich bin Stefan aus Hamburg und habe mir zu Weihnachten eine kleine M gegönnt. Vorher hatte ich auch hier viel gelesen und bedanke mich deswegen gerne für die vielen Informationen, die ich in diesem Forum bekommen habe. Mal schauen, wann ich soweit bin, dass ich was zurück geben kann... Jetzt bin ich erst mal ganz glücklich, die ersten Bilder zeigen zu können, die ziemlich genau zeigen, warum ich nun mit Leica unterwegs bin. Entspanntes Arbeiten, toller WB, schöne Hauttöne und wenig Notwendigkeit zur Nachbearbeitung. Ich entdecke gerade meine Liebe zur Fotografie neu... Viele Grüße Stefan
  9. Greetings Folks, Thought to share a bit of fun; a video portrait. This was shot with just the bare M 240 (no rig, supports etc) and a 1959 Leitz 50mm Summilux: Maya Coffee Break - Leica M (Type 240) Video Portrait | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Perhaps it will inspire a few to try the video mode? Short and fun clips with simple editing. Cheers, Edmond
  10. Dear Leica community, relatively new to the Leica M world I am thinking about adding a 90mm to my yet small set of glass (50mm Summarit, 35mm Summicron Asph.), especially to take on a 3 months South America trip. I use an M9-P (and a D-Lux 5 as back-up). I read a lot in this forum, blogs, Ken Rockwell/Steve Huff (I know!) etc and my thoughts are as follows: (1) Tele Elmarit (thin) is the smallest and lightest and, therefore, prone to serve as a travel companion. (2) Tele Elmarit is (i) wide open a little bit inferior in terms of optics and (ii) stopped down to f4 equal to the Elmarit M and Summicron but as a relative beginner I will hardly ever notice the difference. (That said, I must say I did see a big difference between a Summaron 35mm/f2.8 and my Summicron 35mm/f2 asph, for whatever that's worth.) (3) The price for a Tele Elmarit in a good condition ranges between EUR 700-1000. My impression is that the price as gone up since 2009. (4) Most reviews say the Elmarit M is better than the Summicron and much smaller and lighter and if the f2.0 isn't absolutely necessary the Elmarit is the better option. We see similar used prices for both. I am not 100% sure how I would use the 90mm but my plan is to not only use it for portraits but also for landscape and street photography (why not). Now, my questions are: (1) Are my thoughts correct? (2) What would you recommend? (3) I have an offer for a Summicron M in good condition and an Elmarit-M (haven't held it in hands but allegedly good condition as well) both for EUR 850. Reasonable? Many thanks. Greetings from Munich Daniel
  11. Iduna


    To go early to our local zoo here is providing a few moments between photographer and animal. This wolf started checking the route for food preparations. He was watchful and also keen to find out what was going on. He came over twice and each time waited just long enough to let me have a few shots. Olympus EM5 with Telyt 250mm
  12. Greetings Folks, Thought to share my portrait of photographer René Burri with his Leica M9-P, shot on my M9-P: René Burri | Flickr - Photo Sharing! I have a short blog post on this as well: René Burri | Photo This & That Cheers, Edmond
  13. Here's another from my 75 'cron. I'm not by any means a portrait photographer but I had a willing subject and thought I'd see what I could muster up. Comments appreciated and welcomed.
  14. Greywolf


    A voice session during rehearsals for 'Glorious' [ATTACH]344400[/ATTACH] M9 + leica 90mm f2 ASPH
  15. Hi, I am wondering about a new slightly longer lens and am between a faster 50mm (1.4 or 1.5) and a slightly slower 75mm (2.5). While I'd probably be able to shoot more hand-held with the 50, shoot in lower light and have frame lines on my M3, I was attracted to the 75mm because of the way it renders for portraits and blows out the background. A 90mm would probably not be ideal for me, since I prefer handheld shooting and don't shoot all that much in fully sun-lit outdoors conditions. (And my M8 isn't a high-ISO demon...) Here's my question: Is there more depth of field with a 50mm 1.4/1.5 than with a 75mm 2.5 both at the respective maximum aperture? Thanks in advance, George
  16. M8 + Summarit 2.5/50 Capture One 6 #1 [ATTACH]303643[/ATTACH] #2 [ATTACH]303644[/ATTACH] #3 [ATTACH]303645[/ATTACH]
  17. This is Michiel P, a painter and close friend of mine. A couple of months ago I made this portrait of him. In return he painted a wonderful portrait of me with my M9 (my avatar). And I thought it'd be nice to share the picture here and read your comments. The painting of the sneakers in the top left corner is his. It somewhat gives you an idea of his artistic 'style'. He is inspired by simple everyday objects, but tries to paint them in a fairly objective and estranging way. That is why I wanted him to look 'objectified' too. I also thought it was the perfect painting to portray him with because it's such a recognizable symbol if you know him. He always wears sneakers. Especially these, they were on his feet for years. The picture was taken with an M9 and 35mm summicron. I took it in his attic studio, with natural light, but put up a silver reflector on the right hand side, to soften the shadows. The other pictures from this shoot are on my tumblr-blog, click here And if you are interested in Michiel's work, have a look at his tumblr-blog. Thank you.
  18. MSV

    The mask

    The mask M9 & 50mm lux preasph
  19. Recently I was asked to produce portraits of guests at a Quniceanera. This is the the celebration of the transition from childhood to womanhood common in the Latin world. In Puerto Rico there is still a formal "high" fiesta but more common is the more modest family celebration at a special salon de actividades. I needed to shoot all of the guests and do so simply and very quickly... so I mounted the M9 on a tripod, used my 90mm summarit and the small sp 24 on a stand off to the side. I gave minimal direction to the sitters. I shot bw jpgs and lightly processed in Lightroom. The resulting images were put together in a blurb book and provided to the hosts on a cd for them to distribute as they liked. The reactions were very favorable... with comments like "it looks like Hollywood". The Quinceanera used her image as her Facebook profile pic. This image is the mother of one of the young guests. Thanks for looking and for comments.
  20. Christmas (navidad) in Puerto Rico is a time for music. Local groups spend the year preparing floats drawn by trucks and at the time of the parranda time move from neighborhood to neighborhood with this moveable music and dancing celebration. At each host house, libations are provided and so into the night the music and dancing becomes more... intense. This particular parranda kicked off at mid day, with a traditional soup and benediction. I made these three portraits of participants before the celebration really got going. The BW's were in-camera JPEGs lightly processed in lightroom. M9 summilux 50 pre asph. They were shot wide open using an ND filter. Thanks for looking and for your thoughts. [ATTACH]293928[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]293929[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]293930[/ATTACH]
  21. biswasg

    Ghanian man

    Created this image last week in a Ghanian village. Leica M9-P and Summicron 35 at f6.7 1/90s at 160ISO. Created the monochrome version in Nik's Silver Effex Pro. Comments and critque welcome.
  22. viramati


    M9, lux 50 asph Antonio at the opening of his one day exhibition at the WAC gallery London antoniomaggi [ATTACH]278930[/ATTACH] + B&W version [ATTACH]278929[/ATTACH]
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