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  1. Leica hat die neue Firmware V 3.0 für die Leica SL2 vorgestellt. Die Verbesserungen im Detail: Neuer Autofokus-Algorithmus Verbesserte Augen/Gesicht/Kopf/Körper-Erkennung und Fokusverfolgung. HEVC Video Kompression Interne 4K-Aufzeichnung mit 10 Bit bei 60p/50p mit h.265-Codec. Long-GOP Die Aufzeichnung für 10-Bit-Codecs mit 150 - 200 MB/s bietet die gleiche Bildqualität wie All-Intra, aber weniger als die Hälfte der Datengröße. Segmentiertes Video Die Videoaufzeichnung wird in 1-Minuten-Segmente aufgeteilt, um Datenverlus
  2. Hi, I have recently bought an SL2-S and at beginning I'll mainly use with manual focus (M) Lenses. However, I really like the 90-280mm tele and I might buy second hand A couple of questions about autofocus: in all honesty, how good is the SL2-s autofocus when compared to say a Nikon Z6 (the camera I own)? same question as above for most advanced autofocus features, auto-focus tracking, face recognition etc. If am not mistaken, a massive firmware update for the SL2-s with significant improvements for the autofocus system was announced. Has it been released? In t
  3. The Calonox View usb-c port supports charging and the transfer of data (pictures, videos). It works with usb-c to usb-a cables with chargers or computers which have an usb-a port. However, the port does not work with an usb-c to usb-c cable. I tested multiple cables and different chargers and computers. Always the same negative outcome. The Calonox View device comes with an strange usb-c to usb-a/video-chinch splitter cable. This cable works - but obviously for charging and data transfer per usb-a only. I can't find the reason for this unfortunate limitation - especiall
  4. Leica has updated the Leica Q2 (V 3.1) and Leica Q2 Monochrome (V 1.1) firmware. The Improvements: Pixel mapping to hide defective sensor pixels. Extended setting options for Touch AF when the electronic viewfinder is activated » Download Leica Q2 Firmware V 3.1 » Download Leica Q2 Monochrome Firmware V 1.1
  5. I just brought a D2 but I have a problem. When I turn on the D2 without the SD card all the function is good but once I inserted the SD card the shutter speed button is out of control. When I press down the shutter speed button it take around 10-15 seconds to shoot a photo and each 10-15 seconds it will automatically shoot another photo. And so wired when I look at the photo info in my PC it shows it is took by D3 not D2 but every time I reboot the camera it will allow me to press the shutter speed button again ... here is photo that I check my firmware in D2 ... anyone know how to fix it ?
  6. Hate to say the SL2 video capabilities are seriously flawed at 4K recording and C4K. See the picture below. The main issues I ran into during a full day of video use (With the 50 APO SL and 35/1.2 Art): 1. 4K recording can only occur for 5 minutes or less on a full battery before error message “battery level too low for 4K recording”. (Changed batteries and encountered same issue so it’s not the battery) 2. C4K recording restricts AF usage, limited to only manual focus with the Sigma 35/1.2. 3. All AF capabilities during recording are very slow to focus, unable to switch face
  7. Just installed the new Q2 firmware. Writing to the SD card is significantly improved. The buffer hasn't improved, of course, so I still get only 9 fast DNG+JPEG photos before the camera stops shooting, but instead of ~20 sec to finish writing, now it's <10 seconds. The card is a Sandisk Extreme Pro 300 mb/sec 64 GB. I had never saved my settings as a User Profile, so I lost them. (Hint, when the camera asks if you would like to save your user settings before doing the firmware upgrade, it's NOT going to tell you that you don't have any. ) Now I get to spend the next 30 minutes trying
  8. any weird bugs or issues ?
  9. Leica Camera hat eine neue Firmware für die Leica SL (Type 601) vorgestellt: Kompatibilität mit existierenden und zukünftigen Objektiven von L-Mount Allianz Partnern Verbesserung der Kompatibilität mit Objektiven, die einen Schalter zur Fokusbegrenzung haben. Verbesserung der Kompatibilität mit Objektiven, die einen Schalter zur Auswahl der optischen Bildstabilisierung haben. Verbesserung der Kompatibilität mit Objektiven, die einen Blendenring haben. Verbesserung der Auslöseverzögerung in Gegenlichtsituationen. Die Firmware-Version von Leica L-Adaptern wird
  10. Leica Camera has released a new firmware update for the Leica SL (Type 601): Compatibility with existing and upcoming lenses from L-Mount Alliance partners Improvement on compatibility with lenses that are equipped with a focus limiter switch. Improvement on compatibility with lenses that are equipped with an O.I.S. mode switch. Improvement on compatibility with lenses that are equipped with an aperture ring. Improvement on shutter lag in bright situations. Adapters firmware version is now shown in camera menu. Further improvement on compatibility with
  11. New Firmware already https://us.leica-camera.com/content/download/183909/4981596/version/2/file/S3- https://us.leica-camera.com/content/download/183990/4984350/version/1/file/Installation_FW S3_1_1 - EN.pdf
  12. Hello Leica-users, I just bought second-hand a vario T 18-56 and a vario T 55-135 lens for the CL and Sl. The firmware on the camera’s is up-to-date. So how to update the lenses firmware? Please help. Thanks in advance, Klassika.
  13. Just bought a used M8 and it has Firmware 2.005 on it. I can see the latest is 2.024 but there have been minor problems with it. Is there a list of what features were added in each firmware? What version would everyone recommend I go to (if I need to change at all?) TIA
  14. I know that nearly everyone on this forum is more knowledgeable about Leica cameras than myself. I have a Q2 on order. Several reviewers have reported high ISO/low light issues with the new sensor. Do people think that these problems can be be rectified, or at least improved, in a future firmware update? Or is the camera stuck with them? Or do the issues not really exist?
  15. I am experiencing a problem with the 3.2 firmware update. It is showing up in both of my bodies that I have updated to 3.2. There is an automatic freeze-frame auto review after EVERY shot. It is the equivalent of shutter blackout as I can't see my subject for a split second while the auto review flashes in the EVF (and on the LCD) and I shoot action so this is a real problem. Is anyone experiencing this? I don't (and have never had) Auto Review on. It is OFF. I can't re-install the update because camera sees it as already installed. Please advise. Leica: if this is a bug, please correct ASAP,
  16. I was trying to use a 7Artisans 28/1.4 M fit lens on my M240. I went into manual lens selection, with the expectation of being able to declare it as a 28/f1.4 Summilux, only to find that this lens was not listed, unlike on my SL and CL. On checking, I found that the latest firmware release,, dates from around 20 months ago in November 2017 and does not seem to allow for a number of the latest lenses such as the 28 Summilux. I also noticed that a number of the links on Leica's download page for the M240 are dead or inactive (take you to a blank page). It would seem that the M240 is now
  17. Hallo zusammen, da ich heute Abend etwas Zeit hatte, habe ich mir die Zeit genommen und die aktuell von LC zur Verfügung gestellte Firmware Version auf meine M9 zu installieren. Es handelt sich um die M9/-P/M-E FW-Versionen 1.210 und 1.216. Firmware Version 1.210 (Release Notes) Soweit so gut. Doch dann wollte ich mal schauen, ob man das Profil auch "manuell" auswählen kann. - Ich hatte keinen Eintrag in der Liste. Selbes Spiel mit der 1.216er FW, obwohl die Installation und der Neustart ohne Schwierigkeiten durchgeführt werden konnten. Firmware Ver
  18. I downloaded and installed the firmware update for my Monochrom Typ 246. But I couldn't find on the Leica website a PDF like they issued for the previous firmware update that explained what the update fixed and/or changed. Is there one? Does anyone know what difference the new firmware makes in the camera's features or functionality? Thank you.
  19. Leica recently released firmware with the additional changes: Support of the new lenses: Leica Summarit-M 35mm f/2.4 ASPH. Leica Summarit-M 50mm f/2.4 Leica Summarit-M 75mm f/2.4 Leica Summarit-M 90mm f/2.4 Downloads // Support // Service & Support - Leica Camera AG --- Just updated my M240 from My settings and profiles was left intact. Will be interesting to see or hear if there are some undocumented changes and/or improvements as well.
  20. Hello, I recently acquired an M9 with under 3000 actuations. Love the camera. No failures, troubles or weird messages from it. I am using an 8GB Secure Digital SDHC I, labeled Pro Master without issues so far. I'm intending to purchase another. I always format the card in the camera not in the computer using the YES command. The camera firmware is 1.138. I understand there have been updates since this firmware. I have searched and noted the instructions for updating the firmware but have not found advice about if I should perform the update considering that I haven't had any problems so fa
  21. Hi, apologies if this is already covered but I could not find anything searching the forums. I just purchased a Monochrome to add to an M9 I've loved for 4 years. Only 40 shots in and it is definitely living up to my expectations and going where the M9 could not in low light/indoor. Just registered it on Leica website and went to check for firmware upgrades. 1.002 is the latest I can find on Leica and mentioned in forums but mine is claiming to be on 1.006 firmware. The test date in the warranty pack is 31st July 2014. Is this a released firmware? Anyone know what might be different? t
  22. Hallo M-Gemeinde! Habe auf meiner wunderbaren M die neue Firmware installiert. Es gibt einige gute Neuerungen. Leider ist meine Wasswerwaage verschwunden. Wasswerwaage "An" oder "Aus" ergibt keinen Untershied. Hätte jemand einenTipp? Leica Kundenservice gibt leider keine Antwort. Danke!
  23. Die Firmware 1.2 für die Leica T ist auf der Leica Website verfügbar. Bin gespannt auf die Verbesserungen ...
  24. Even after the release of the X-Vario, I wouldn’t change my X2! I'm very happy with the great results I'm getting plus the convenience of being able to always have it in my pocket... but there's always room for improvement... so here is a wish list I would love to see in a future firmware update. And you? What do you think? Do you have any suggestions to add to this list? Hopefully someone from Leica reads this and takes it into consideration! So this is my wish list: 1. Would love to have the option to take double exposures. This is to be able to shoot more than once over
  25. Last night at our local M240 launch, got to play with the M240. Question for Leica and a potential firmware change....... With Liveview enabled, would it be possible to provide some visual "focus confirmation" in the optical viewfinder ? Eg maybe have the frameline switch to the alternating colour "Red to White" or "White to Red" at the moment of focus ?
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