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  1. The Calonox View usb-c port supports charging and the transfer of data (pictures, videos). It works with usb-c to usb-a cables with chargers or computers which have an usb-a port. However, the port does not work with an usb-c to usb-c cable. I tested multiple cables and different chargers and computers. Always the same negative outcome. The Calonox View device comes with an strange usb-c to usb-a/video-chinch splitter cable. This cable works - but obviously for charging and data transfer per usb-a only. I can't find the reason for this unfortunate limitation - especiall
  2. Leica has updated the Leica Q2 (V 3.1) and Leica Q2 Monochrome (V 1.1) firmware. The Improvements: Pixel mapping to hide defective sensor pixels. Extended setting options for Touch AF when the electronic viewfinder is activated » Download Leica Q2 Firmware V 3.1 » Download Leica Q2 Monochrome Firmware V 1.1
  3. I just brought a D2 but I have a problem. When I turn on the D2 without the SD card all the function is good but once I inserted the SD card the shutter speed button is out of control. When I press down the shutter speed button it take around 10-15 seconds to shoot a photo and each 10-15 seconds it will automatically shoot another photo. And so wired when I look at the photo info in my PC it shows it is took by D3 not D2 but every time I reboot the camera it will allow me to press the shutter speed button again ... here is photo that I check my firmware in D2 ... anyone know how to fix it ?
  4. I wonder if anyone else if experiencing the SL2 freezing, no response, even if I switch off the OLED display and LCD panel still show information. This only seems to have happened after I updated to the latest firmware V2.0. The only action is to remove the battery and then start again. This has happened 2-3 times in the last week or so. So not immediately after the update, which is slightly more concerning.
  5. Das Calonox View har eine USB-C Schnittstelle zum Laden des Akkus als auch zum Übertragen von Daten (Fotos). Verwendet man eine USB-C zu USB-A Kabel funktioniert die Schnittstelle auch sowohl am Rechner als auch mit verschiedenen Ladegeräten. Verwendet man allerdings ein USB-C zu USB-C Kabel, funktioniert die Schnittstelle nicht. Ich habe sowohl verschiedene Kabel, als auch verschiedene Netzteile und Rechner ausprobiert. Die Firmware auf dem Calonox View ist 5.0. Ich habe bisher keine Möglichkeit gefunden, wie man die Firmware aktualisieren kann, noch habe ich bei Leica eine neuere Firmware ge
  6. The manual focus' Magnification setting (x3 x6) does not specifically appear in the main menu. Whereas it can be optioned indirectly by defining Magnification in the Fn or the thumbwheel programmable areas. Shortage of firmware memory or missed out accidently? [ whilst in the actual manual focus screen ] Easiest method is by clicking the virtual joystick centre button to toggle through x3 & x6 (EVF or LCD). Quite why the top right icon stuff shows or declares [SET] seems pointless. The virtual joystick arrow buttons also directly steer the particular view being magnified (EVF or LCD
  7. When to return to the 1.3 firmware, can not wait
  8. 大家好2个月不能使用户外灯,谁知道发布的固件,我崩溃了。
  9. I just updated my SL yesterday to the new firmware 2.1 with no issues during the installation. Looks like I sold my house and am going to sell some furniture so I grabbed the SL w/24-90 lens and a pw to use with my sb900 flashes. The camera I normally leave in AFC, Static, field for focusing unless I'm walking around downtown and sometimes change to face recognition which is like a dynamic focusing. When trying to focus yesterday, I had sufficient ambient light and used the flash for fill, the camera would hunt like crazy trying to get a lock. It is also locking focus but nearby objects
  10. I took the Sl out for an initial spin to take some of the central London night lights. I've been shooting a Sony A7r II and an M240 with M lenses and was hoping that the SL experience would be better than either. My feelings are somewhat mixed. I tend to shoot such scenes in one of two ways: * using a table top tripod, placed on a suitable support -- London is not short of street furniture -- at ISO 100, f2.8-5.6 * hand held, auto ISO, near wide open (the fast Leica M lenses tend to suffer from bad purple fringing wide open, but improve significantly even one stop down) Starting
  11. I like to have a -1/3 exposure compensation dialed in at all times. I find that it now displays "-0.3" in the viewfinder before it will show the shutter speed when in aperture priority or showing the metering arrows when in manual exposure mode. I absolutely hate this. I want to immediately see the meter reading, not my exposure compensation setting. How do I make it so that it doesn't display the exposure compensation in the viewfinder? Thanks!
  12. Leica recently released firmware with the additional changes: Support of the new lenses: Leica Summarit-M 35mm f/2.4 ASPH. Leica Summarit-M 50mm f/2.4 Leica Summarit-M 75mm f/2.4 Leica Summarit-M 90mm f/2.4 Downloads // Support // Service & Support - Leica Camera AG --- Just updated my M240 from My settings and profiles was left intact. Will be interesting to see or hear if there are some undocumented changes and/or improvements as well.
  13. Hi, apologies if this is already covered but I could not find anything searching the forums. I just purchased a Monochrome to add to an M9 I've loved for 4 years. Only 40 shots in and it is definitely living up to my expectations and going where the M9 could not in low light/indoor. Just registered it on Leica website and went to check for firmware upgrades. 1.002 is the latest I can find on Leica and mentioned in forums but mine is claiming to be on 1.006 firmware. The test date in the warranty pack is 31st July 2014. Is this a released firmware? Anyone know what might be different? t
  14. Die Firmware 1.2 für die Leica T ist auf der Leica Website verfügbar. Bin gespannt auf die Verbesserungen ...
  15. http://gmpphoto.blogspot.com/2017/07/leica-fixes-tl2-evf-issue-with-firmware.html And the link for downloading: https://en.leica-camera.com/Service-Support/Support/Downloads?category=135943&subcategory=&type=108942&language=all Ad astra per aspera.
  16. In the Firmware 3.0 thread I mentioned that my camera does occasionally freeze. After it locked up a couple of times over the last weekend I spent some time today trying to see whether I can reproduce the problem. As it turns out, I can, however it looks like it is a temporary freeze since if I wait for what feels like 10 seconds the SL does recover and starts working again. Here are the steps to reproduce the (temporary) freeze: 1. Set drive mode to medium speed 2. Turn off auto review 3. Hold down the shutter to take ~10 shots 4. While the red light is blinking 4.1. Hit the pl
  17. Only a month after the release of the Leica M10, the German camera manufacturer has published a firmware version In addition to improvements in usability and stability Leica has also fixed some minor bugs. » Leica M10 FW v. Download Here an overview of all improvements: The color-coding of the SD-Card and battery status bars has been changed. The color of the status bar now changes from green to yellow to red as the battery is depleted or the SD card is filled. Two favorites pages allowed It is now possible to choose up to 15 menu items for the favorites menu. If more th
  18. Hallo zusammen, da ich heute Abend etwas Zeit hatte, habe ich mir die Zeit genommen und die aktuell von LC zur Verfügung gestellte Firmware Version auf meine M9 zu installieren. Es handelt sich um die M9/-P/M-E FW-Versionen 1.210 und 1.216. Firmware Version 1.210 (Release Notes) Soweit so gut. Doch dann wollte ich mal schauen, ob man das Profil auch "manuell" auswählen kann. - Ich hatte keinen Eintrag in der Liste. Selbes Spiel mit der 1.216er FW, obwohl die Installation und der Neustart ohne Schwierigkeiten durchgeführt werden konnten. Firmware Ver
  19. I downloaded and installed the firmware update for my Monochrom Typ 246. But I couldn't find on the Leica website a PDF like they issued for the previous firmware update that explained what the update fixed and/or changed. Is there one? Does anyone know what difference the new firmware makes in the camera's features or functionality? Thank you.
  20. I was trying to use a 7Artisans 28/1.4 M fit lens on my M240. I went into manual lens selection, with the expectation of being able to declare it as a 28/f1.4 Summilux, only to find that this lens was not listed, unlike on my SL and CL. On checking, I found that the latest firmware release,, dates from around 20 months ago in November 2017 and does not seem to allow for a number of the latest lenses such as the 28 Summilux. I also noticed that a number of the links on Leica's download page for the M240 are dead or inactive (take you to a blank page). It would seem that the M240 is now
  21. I know that nearly everyone on this forum is more knowledgeable about Leica cameras than myself. I have a Q2 on order. Several reviewers have reported high ISO/low light issues with the new sensor. Do people think that these problems can be be rectified, or at least improved, in a future firmware update? Or is the camera stuck with them? Or do the issues not really exist?
  22. Just bought a used M8 and it has Firmware 2.005 on it. I can see the latest is 2.024 but there have been minor problems with it. Is there a list of what features were added in each firmware? What version would everyone recommend I go to (if I need to change at all?) TIA
  23. Hello Leica-users, I just bought second-hand a vario T 18-56 and a vario T 55-135 lens for the CL and Sl. The firmware on the camera’s is up-to-date. So how to update the lenses firmware? Please help. Thanks in advance, Klassika.
  24. Hate to say the SL2 video capabilities are seriously flawed at 4K recording and C4K. See the picture below. The main issues I ran into during a full day of video use (With the 50 APO SL and 35/1.2 Art): 1. 4K recording can only occur for 5 minutes or less on a full battery before error message “battery level too low for 4K recording”. (Changed batteries and encountered same issue so it’s not the battery) 2. C4K recording restricts AF usage, limited to only manual focus with the Sigma 35/1.2. 3. All AF capabilities during recording are very slow to focus, unable to switch face
  25. I am experiencing a problem with the 3.2 firmware update. It is showing up in both of my bodies that I have updated to 3.2. There is an automatic freeze-frame auto review after EVERY shot. It is the equivalent of shutter blackout as I can't see my subject for a split second while the auto review flashes in the EVF (and on the LCD) and I shoot action so this is a real problem. Is anyone experiencing this? I don't (and have never had) Auto Review on. It is OFF. I can't re-install the update because camera sees it as already installed. Please advise. Leica: if this is a bug, please correct ASAP,
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