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  1. Initially, I would have recommended that you try some vintage lenses, because that’s where the fun is However, since you mentioned Sony A7RII and detail, you might want to try the 35 LUX FLE. I find it almost too sharp on the M10M, if that’s possible. You can crop till you drop if you like that sort of thing. I haven’t tried the APO 35, but would be interested in some comparisons of those two on the M10M. Also the 21 SEM is great on M10M. Just got the Voigtlander 28 2.0 latest version so I can report back on that once I hit the streets again. Or you could wait for the M11M (gasp) or the SL3 (gasp) or the Q3 (ok enough gasping).
  2. You’re right! Get one! All kidding aside, you may never resolve this particular conflict. I got the SL2S and often wonder if I would have preferred the SL2. Even if you get both, then the SL3 will come out I think that you can print enormous pictures at 24 MB, so unless you need to extract the most detail possible, the SL2S is pretty darn nice! If you ever plan to use a TL lens on the SL, then that should push you towards the SL2, because the files with the crop factor are still rather large. Enjoy your pick whichever way you go!
  3. Wonderful. Did you use a monopod to keep it steady? (Monolith, from a Monochrome on a Monopod)
  4. I have used the Sony A7 series, the Sony A9 series, the Leica M9, M240, M10, and Leica M10M. As far as the “Shutter Wars” go, Leica wins this category easily. IMO, every version of M has a better shutter sound, with the M10M (same as M10R) having the nicest shutter sound short of an M film body (a true “click”). Leica had Sony beat on shutter sound with the M240. The Sony shutter sounds more like a metal clack. The regular M10 is in between the two but waaaaay closer to the M10R than to a Sony. There are things Sony does better than Leica, but shutter sound ain’t one of them! I would assume the silent shutter of the Sony and the Leica sound exactly the same though Cue the Simon and Garfunkel song right about now…
  5. Many thanks as always for your thorough, but human based, writings. Have you done any comparisons of B&W M11 conversions with the M10M?
  6. wait a minute - with a handgrip on the camera, you can use it as a walking stick AND a monopod at the same time!
  7. my new favorite gadget. can you shoot darts out of the bottom in an emergency?
  8. lovely! Do they make monopods that double as hiking sticks?
  9. Not always! When I'm in my "street" mode, I click first and ask questions later, sometimes meaning I take the shot first, and then try to "fine tune" framing, exposure, focus, and then take a second shot. So I guess you are right and maybe i am right? I love when things get philosophical!
  10. I could never be described as a "quick" shooter. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of "waiting" for me when inspiration strikes would attest to this. However, I would add that in the world of "M" things can sometimes be upside down and the opposite of what you would expect. For example, the M10M for street photography, set to auto ISO, f8, and using hyperfocal distances, is literally the FASTEST camera I have ever used in my entire life.
  11. From my experience with add-on EVF, there are two issues: (1) staring at a screen that is sometimes beautiful, high resolution, and a pre-visualization aid, and sometimes feels like looking at a television from the 1970's running a VCR of static; (2) the shutter is open for EVF, so it needs to close, and then open again to take the picture. This would sometimes play tricks with my mind as to when I was actually taking the picture. Maybe the new version will address some of these things. I am talking mostly of my experience with the M240, when I was trying wholeheartedly to adopt the "live view" additions to the camera as compared to the M9. The truth is live view has a time and a place to be used along side the rangefinder experience. Once the dust settled, I preferred the view through the rangefinder for everything, even if my technique was then the most glaring limiting factor in capturing shots in focus, framed properly etc.., Also, as I get older, I have a hard time "chimping" at the LCD because my near vision is getting worse, but I have no problem looking through the rangefinder or the EVF. Maybe other people's mileage will vary. One final thought: using the wonderful EVF on the SL2S has changed my view of EVF's in general. I will always prefer looking through glass over EVF, but the gap has closed significantly since the M240 EVF, and now when I use the M without EVF, I am sometimes "shocked" to find a picture exposed incorrectly because on the SL2S you see the shot before you take the shot I struggled with the idea of whether to get an M with an EVF or to get an SL2S if the EVF mattered that much. In one case, you get a smaller and lighter package with no autofocus, and a lesser quality EVF, and in the other case you get an amazing EVF with no "straight through the glass option" but with autofocus. Save yourself the stress and realize you will want to own both eventually!
  12. You forgot one: 10% larger Model Number, increasing the previous Model number of 10 all the way to 11 (any old folks out there like me will understand why we should call this M the Spinal Tap edition!) Kidding aside, I think you nailed most of them, but you could argue that the weight savings is significant on the black version. I think you implied but did not outright state the processing power of the camera will be improved.
  13. Loved the slide show. Thanks for the positivity too!
  14. I had to get rid of the wife before getting the camera
  15. An M10M with an M10R makes perfect sense, but would just add to my GAS 🙂 Then I’d be looking for an autofocus option to serve as an M10M/M10R companion… So it seems that my real question is whether to go with full frame weight of the SL system or the compact setup of the CL system as a compliment to the M system. I really don’t even need autofocus, as was pointed out already. I think this need comes from when I was originally exposed (pardon the pun) to photography, which was during the film SLR days when manual focus was phasing out and autofocus was on its way in. I don’t really need any fancy autofocus, just a single point in the middle, where I can point to focus, and then reframe. I’m already sort of used to this in the manual sense with the M camera where the focus patch is in the middle. There is clearly no answer to this question. It could be a lighter SL2, or it could be a beefier CL2, or it could be an M11 with some sort of adapter that allows for single point AF of manual lenses…gasp! Ok, my GAS is now at a level 7.
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