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  1. Hmm...it was for this reason, I was originally looking to get the M3! The option became available for me to pick up an M6TTL with .85 finder so that got my attention! Maybe I should continue my search for an M3 in working condition. Thanks for the heads up. Now, all we need to do is find a way to make a digital camera without any electronics! Hahaha...
  2. I have owned and used the M240 and MP film camera without experiencing any issue with white out, though I have sometimes drooled over the gigantic M3 finder. If you upgrade the finder, I'm sure you will see a difference, but whether the difference is worth the cost of the upgrade is probably a question of a more personal nature. From your answer to my question, it sounds like there was no "automatic" switchover to the MP finder in the late model M6 TTLs? Would be good if someone in the forum could confirm this, but it sounds like that is where this is headed...thanks!
  3. I was wondering if M6 TTL cameras made in around 1998 had already transitioned to the MP finder, or if you would still need to replace the finder from such a camera? Was thinking of purchasing one of these and vaguely remember hearing something about Leica transitioning to the MP finder in later model M6s, but not sure if this is actually true...
  4. SL2-S + Sigma 105 2.8 Art, f3.5 @ 1/250, ISO 640
  5. Revisiting this thread. My only concerns with the Canon lens recommended above are the minimum focus distance, as I often like to shoot close, and the minor risk involved in trying to locate a good quality one from a reputable source. Now on the other hand, the price makes it so tempting, it costs less than the sales tax on most of the other things I have purchased! I was wondering though about some of the Voigtlander options that are out there now, particularly the 50mm 1.5 II, the 50mm 1.2, and the 50 APO Lanthar. Does anyone have an opinion on these options for the M10M? I am not
  6. M10M, 35 Lux M FLE, f11, ISO 160, 1/250 shutter, orange filter, handheld, first full day out with the M10M!
  7. I like the two tone of the body and lens.
  8. Ha! Too late in the evening for me - I should have added a fourth question: “How come I can’t add?!” 🤣 Thanks for the detailed information though. I will try to find that Canon - seem to be some online… Thanks for all the suggestions!
  9. Two questions With the Cannon lens, I would need a thread to M adapter, right? Anyone have experience with Voigtlander or know which of the Voigtlander 50’s has a more classic look? Should I worry about focus shift if only planning to use rangefinder?
  10. This looks great - I remember seeing an article on this lens a while back. I would prefer rangefinder coupled since I am trying to keep things simple on the monochrom. I’ve got the SL2S for EVF work!
  11. I'm looking for a 50mm to pair with the M10 Monochrom. I would actually prefer something with a little character. I have the 35 Lux M and it is so good that it is almost too good, if that makes any sense at all It seems to render with lots of contrast and sharpness. I think what I am really wondering is this: is there a relatively inexpensive lens that would be a poor choice with a color sensor due to chromatic aberration or color fringing, but that would be a good mate for the Monochrom. Not looking to use for architecture or landscape or anything like that. Looking for a more "classic"
  12. This is helpful. I've tried most of the standard zooms, but haven't gotten my hands on the Leica 24-70 yet.
  13. I am trying to a new system: Peak Design wrist strap what using a light weight lens for street or casual walking around, and then switch to the neck strap by Peak when using a heavier lens, across the body. This is for the SL2S. for the M camera, I am using a silk rope strap that I can use around my neck or wrapped around my wrist. I will heed the words of caution from members against going completely strapless.
  14. The experience that opened my eyes to photography in the first place was a plastic Diana camera and some black and white film. The magic of watching an image appear for the first time on photographic paper submerged in developer is one of my core memories from childhood. In high school, I had the good fortune to be "seen" by an art teacher who encouraged me to explore my interest in photography further. I had a taste of the thrill of taking over the school darkroom - I learned responsibility, respect for others, and the experience of making friends that have similar interests as me. One of my
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