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  1. I have used the Pany 24-70, the Sigy 24-70, the Sigy 28-70 and the Leica (Leicy?) 24-70. I ended up keeping the Leica 24-70, but for travel, I think the Sigma 28-70 was very light and covered the basic focal range one might need. Don’t underestimate it in terms of size, weight, image quality balance. I chose the Leica for the build quality. I have no experience with the 24-105, but unless you like the artistic options that a wider aperture gives you, I think the added reach could be useful — Nothing like the 18-600 range you used before! The pany 24-70 had that clutch focus, wh
  2. I’ve been mostly shooting with the M10M lately. I agree that the limitations, while they may seem arbitrary, do alter the way I shoot. Much of this could be a debate of black and white versus color photography, which of course is a debate that has only winners and no losers. I think this is a wonderful camera for urban photography. In Costa Rica, I shot with the SL2S. I would say the top benefits of the M10M are: simplicity of choices, detail in the images, quality of the printed images and ability to use in very low light without loss of image quality. The big drawbacks are diffic
  3. I have no trouble going beyond 6400 ISO or even 12,800…
  4. I wanted to report back after my first session with the SEM 21 on my M10M, using absolutely no viewfinder whatsoever! I basically shot from the hip on a one-day walk through the city. The M10M files are large enough to use cropping and straightening adjustments. Some of the shots were very weird, and that was to be expected. I underexposed by 1 stop to see if that protected highlights. On the subway the 21mm opened up possibilities for me that I never would have had with even a 35mm lens. Outside, it encouraged me to get closer. As a mostly 35mm shooter, I never would have thought of m
  5. Did you find it easier to take a set of images to stack using the APO macro r as compared to the sigma?
  6. Enjoy your APO Macro R! I'd be curious how it works on the SL2S! I think that lens is almost the same size and weight as the Sigma lens I have, so it's really a question of AF/Native L mount versus MF, Leica lens, adapted to SL2S. I have a feeling you are going to get really good color out of that lens!
  7. I have been using the Sigma 105 macro for SL2S. I like that it can be a useful short tele autofocus in a pinch, but I have a hard time focusing by wire for macro. Just out of curiosity, was wondering about other macro options that might also add functionality to my M system. Wondering how a “native” Sigma L mount stacks up against: 1. APO macro R 100 2.8 with adapter to L. (Question: can you combine R to M and M to L adapters in this method or must you use R to L? I feel like this would almost be the opposite of my current setup, in that it would be easier to focus macro and harder t
  8. In my first experiment, I was able to guess at the approximate framing by using the OVF but I was using an easy subject that was very balanced in the frame. Essentially I was using the OVF primarily to make sure I was level. I also tried the LCD on back of the M, and the EVF of the SL2S. I struggled with the back of the camera the most, because my super near vision is not so great anymore even though my mid range and distance vision are fine. So ironically I can line up the rangefinder patch and see in the EVF, but when I look at an image on the LCD it is blurry.
  9. I have the Sigma 105 for my SL2S and it performs quite well at a pretty good size and weight combo. My only complaint is more general to many lenses - I dislike the focus by wire experience, and the autofocus is useful when using this lens for non-macro but less important for macro. I am considering the Macro APO R with adapter, but I am not sure what to do. The Sigma has the AF but the R lens has a nice physical focus experience for macro which would allow for focus stacking more easily than the Sigma. No complaints about the image quality from the Sigma though.
  10. I think I agree with this. The beauty of photography is that it’s all levels of experimentation. I can try the EVF on my SL2S to see how that feels compared to the inaccurate OVF or the LCD on the M10M and see how they feel. I like this forum because of all the different opinions you will get! given how “socially distant” everyone has been the last year and a half, I think part of the draw of 21mm is to see how close I can get.
  11. I went through a similar analysis. First, the usual disclaimer: virtually every Leica M lens is amazing. If you get what you can afford you will probably not be disappointed. Now that we got that out of the way... I previously had the latest Cron 35mm and now I have the Lux 35 FLE. My decision to switch was based partly on past attempts to adapt the Cron, first to the Sony A9 and later to the SL2-S. Additionally, I mostly shoot at 35mm, so I think of the 35 Lux FLE as like having two lenses in one. During the day when I am out and about, I stop down and it is a great street lens and on th
  12. This is very helpful. Jumping between the M10M and the SL2S can be a little tricky. Sometimes I am looking for clipping while using the M10M’s optical viewfinder! I found the same thing with the Orange filter. The darks are REALLY dark in Lightroom. Do you use a visoflex to monitor the clipping or the LCD on the M10M?
  13. Just thought I would report back on this… I have tried underexposing, which goes against every bone in my body from my days with film. I have had no problem underexposing by up to 3 stops (!) and recovering detail in post. This works much better than trying to nail exposure and being left with a blown highlight. Of course you still can’t expect a shot into the sun with something dark in the foreground to have enough dynamic range, but I would say that it is safe to underexpose up to 2 stops, maybe even more. I just need to retrain my brain.
  14. Hi again, all. I am enjoying my M10M. I mostly shoot with the 35mm LUX FLE. I would like to improve my skills at 21mm and was wondering whether people had any thoughts on whether to: (1) shoot with the M10M built in VF and approximate the framing; (2) buy a cheap optical viewfinder or a used Leica one; (3) wait and buy the next EVF. I very much enjoy the simplicity of the built-in viewfinder. No other camera system has come close to that experience. I have an SL2S for when I really need critical focus, like for macro, telephoto, and moving objects. What I am wondering is if bu
  15. This is exactly what I was looking for. I have the 35FLE essentially glued on my M10M since I got the M10M. My original plan with the M10M was going to be one lens. I should have known better! I would like to build a kit around that lens, with the 21mm SEM since it shares same filter thread and then one light weight tele. Torn between trying to match the filter thread and just getting a tele elmarit 90mm, which is not that expensive and would serve its purpose, but would not take the filters. The summarit seems to fit nicely in the range of affordability, size and weight, and has the same
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