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  1. https://vimeo.com/208254533 A short video clip I made on SL with Summarit 35/2.4 in L-log and graded in FCP X as Arri Log C footage. Wanted to finally see what can be done with those L-log files. Not bad results, looks really promising. Anyone here has any experience with making films on SL? How do you capture the footage, how do you colour grade later? What LUT do you use? I've looked at buying some extra LUT loaders and use some custom LUTs but decided that it's not really needed. I can work with what's in the Apple Final Cut Pro X quite effectively it seems. How about you?
  2. Hate to say the SL2 video capabilities are seriously flawed at 4K recording and C4K. See the picture below. The main issues I ran into during a full day of video use (With the 50 APO SL and 35/1.2 Art): 1. 4K recording can only occur for 5 minutes or less on a full battery before error message “battery level too low for 4K recording”. (Changed batteries and encountered same issue so it’s not the battery) 2. C4K recording restricts AF usage, limited to only manual focus with the Sigma 35/1.2. 3. All AF capabilities during recording are very slow to focus, unable to switch faces during face/body detection (in the rare case it captures a face), the AF box may at times capture 2-3 bodies and choose to “average” the focus distance. 4. No compressed 4K recording at 50mbps or less. 5. Video Focus peaking’s highlighted/colored areas do not match still focus peaking highlighted areas. 6. No way to magnify the video during capture to check focus. Unfortunately the error message for battery doesn’t show up until 30 seconds after you hit record video. So it ruined a nice Xmas morning moment with the family, when I set up the tripod, hit record, then joined the wife/baby. 5 minutes later, I check the camera and only 30 seconds or less were recorded and the moment gone. Last year my A7r3 recorded 4K full width of sensor till the battery went to 0%. AF easily moved from eye to eye of subjects, focus peaking was accurate and easily seen, and it held tons of video in a UHS-1 SD Card. For a camera that touts it video recording, my iPhone did better (actually much better), and then I had to grab my xpro3 for the rest of the day. how did Leica release a camera with such terrible firmware?? ASIDE from video, just off the top of my head, I recall: terrible accuracy and reliability issues with AF-c tracking, complete lack of eye-AF all together, blurry EVF view in magnified mode for AF-s and manual focus, no AF-s abilities at all while in magnified live view, terrible reliability with tethering (can’t tether to an iPad with two SD cards in the camera due to a firmware bug), nonlinear focusing in manual focus on the Summicron SL lenses. That’s all I encountered, im sure there’s more to report. I haven’t encountered a small percentage of such obvious firmware issues with the xpro3, a7r3, A7r4, Nikon z7, or gfx50r.
  3. I've launched my first video review of the Leica M10 before the article series starts. I'll get into more on the sensor, ISO, comparison to Fuji and more in the following videos and articles. Enjoy! Leica M10 Video Reviews by Thorsten Overgaard
  4. Hi I use my SL mostly, if not to say exclusively, for photography. Mostly portraits. I don't know much about video. So now we got a new horse and I want ocasionally make some short clips. My first attempts with AF were a failure, I don't know if it's me or the camera (I think it's me). So what AF-settings would you suggest to start with? The set are four horses, two all black (seems impossible to focus them in AFc without hunting AF) which should be captured in the movement. Any idea? thank you!
  5. I've started a photography channel, "Magic of Light" on YouTube because it's the audio-visual age. I really love writing about cameras and photography (and will continue to do so), but when an opportunity to set up a production team doing video was there, I grabbed it. So I will be doing two broadcasts a week. The new one is "What is White Balance". So enjoy, and subscribe to the channel if you like it! http://www.magicoflight.tv/watch?v=-vHtnQPhhZs
  6. So you are using the m240 as a travel camera. and you are sitting on the beach sipping wine and listening to the waves on Lake Nyassa. Suddenly the night peace is broken. What would you do without your Summilux 24 and Video? https://youtu.be/_m5ckWSAzB8 https://youtu.be/xRXkRqBlBbQ
  7. Hi, Anybody knows how can take video more than 4GB by a M240? My camera stops recording video after 4GB, and it makes problem when I am recording an interview. Thanks,
  8. Here is a short but interesting video look into the production process of the M10 camera:
  9. Hello everyone, Being new to digital photography, I am looking for some good software, to post process the videos I've shot with my DLux4 i.e. cutting unwanted bits, pasting several into one, correcting over exposure, zooming in (since camera has so little zoom). Perhaps there's a simple one to start with, free or cheap? Would greatly appreciate any help/advice. Zenit
  10. Aloha, vielleicht kann mir jemand helfen: Ich besitze eine D-Lux 4 mit einer 16GB Karte. Laut Tabelle sind damit knapp 3 Std. Videoaufzeichnung im VGA Modus möglich. Allerdings kann ich stets nur max. 15 Min. Video filmen. Hat die D-Lux evtl. eine Limitierung? Das wäre ziemlich schade, wenn man das Baby nicht einfach mal "am Stück laufen lassen" könnte, bis die Karte voll ist Vielleicht hat jemand bereits Erfahrung gesammelt... Danke bereits vorab für Feedback.
  11. Normally I use Lexar SDHC (4) 4GB Premium series 60 x in my Dlux4. I went for another one at my local dealer. They gave me a Lexar SDHC (4) 4 GB 90 minutes Full-HD video's memory card. I used this card today to shoot pictures.. The results to my belief are less sharp than the former card, also the contrast is way to high. So, my question is, shall I return the card or is there no differance between foto and video-cards?
  12. Soeben bin ich in den Weiten des Netzes auf ein Video von Luminous Landscape gestolpert, in dem u.a. die Endmontage der M9 in Solms gezeigt wird. Assembling the Leica M9 Auch die Sensorreinigung der M8 fand ich interessant, zumal ich diese Leistung nebst Einstellung des E-Messers bei einer Werksführung - kostenlos - in Anspruch nehmen durfte. Wenn man die Ruhe und Konzentration der Mitarbeiter sieht, weiß man erst, wieviel Manpower hinter jeder einzelnen M steckt. lg aus Willich Dieter ps: falls das o.g. Video hier schon anderweitig benannt wurde, mag der Thread wieder gelöscht werden.
  13. ...just to make a change from M9 rumors. Video interlaced with M8 stills: 15mm, 50mm, one 28mm shot. ISO 1250 or 640 except for the studio shots of medical instruments (ISO 160, 90mm) Health reform complexity, contradiction: a case study - Rocky Mountain Independent
  14. Produced this story at the end of last week, with a Saturday game update... The stills in the video are all with the Mate - even the sports action (21, 28, 90, 135) - the gallery from Saturday's game is all M8, same lens combo. The tailgating alternative: Small college football - Rocky Mountain Independent
  15. This video slide show went live last night - 98% Leica M8, 2% Lumix FZ10 or Sony R1 file shots: Rocky Mountain Independent RMI Archive Dragon Boat: Culinary, cultural and competitive | News, commentary and discussion about Denver and the Rocky Mountain region. Most of the "telephoto" action shots are 50%-pixel crops from the M8 using the 135 Tele-Elmar - about 400-600mm equivalent. Amazing what that 45-year-old lens can do. This was last week's project - motion video plus M8 stills: Rocky Mountain Independent RMI Archive Sidewalks, sunshine provide blueprint for young artists | News, commentary and discussion about Denver and the Rocky Mountain region. The M8 saved my behind when I discovered in editing that I didn't have a great closing sequence. I just used the reference portraits I'd taken originally just to keep track of which kid made which blueprints. I love the 8-year-old "photojournalist" snapping away using the viewfinder of her Canon A-whatever. Get them hooked while they're young and they'll be photographers for life. Off to cover this year's Dragon Boat races.
  16. We have a D-Lux 4, and we are extremely pleased. We have one difficulty when we shoot HD videos: the video on the camera LCD looks perfect, when we download it onto the computer, it does not reproduce properly. It "stutters", and the audio is not synchronised. We do not have any problem with the WVGA and VGA video format. Is anyone experiencing the same? Have you found a solution? Thanks in advance. Corrado & Rina
  17. Video Mode question: (Leica SL) Does anyone know how to set the 'shutter speed' to slower than the 'fps rate' in video mode to create 'shutter/motion blur effects' in camera? It seems to only go as low as the fps rate no matter what I try, perhaps someone has a work-around or tip? Thanks in advance!
  18. To Steve and all the rest on Leica Forum: Steve, what do you think? You mentioned that you went the the Cannes film festival with some form of movie if I remember correctly. So could a person adapt the old Leica-M lenses and make a film using the SL2-S? I don't care about super fast & easy professional lens and body use myself, only wondering if with a little extra effort could it be reasonably done? I have to convince my cinematographer friend to do this so any comment you have will interest me. Generally, myself, as someone who went to film school years ago, I am one of Leica's potential SL2-S purchasers. Their approach, to issue new lenses that have something different from their old lenses, is an artist's approach, and I love that. The high lens prices have knocked me out of the new ASPH lenses, which is ok, since as all makers products approach perfect like the ASPH lenses do, they all produce pictures looking more the same and loose their differentiation. Leica seems to be making a viable independent filmmaker camera in the SL2-S since it has so many of the needed features. Some comments on the needed features below: Auto focus is secondary in movie making, since it is usually done by hand, so the discount there is not a problem. Lens focus adjustment, marked on the lens barrel to exact distances, is one of the biggest differences between professional and home-user lenses. Yet with a monitor attached and some tape to mark the lens focus positions, possibly focus can still be done by hand as I did in film school using 16mm equipment. The differences from professional to amateur could also be called a camera support issue: tripod use (professional) verses walk around use (amateur) affects so many features like the movable screen articulation need and remote focus or auto focus adjustments. Of course today more professionals walk with the camera then in the past (SteadiCam was the old way - replaced by today's internal camera stabilization systems), but I would say that the video they make is rather cheesy not as professional looking, and that that poor video work has become acceptable do to the existence of youtube and selfies being so ubiquitous (found everywhere). Amateur is not a bad word. It comes from the Latin "amator" meaning "lover of" something. Those that love an avocation like photography may outdo those doing the same for daily work who are stuck with producing professional standards that may be boring. France produced the "French New Wave" movie makers in the 1960's, who used 16mm equipment and also the new lighter Arri 35mm cameras, leaving behind the enormous Mitchel studio cameras that the USA film companies used. Also, just look at the photos on this site and others where I see many stunning shots that seldom occur in the commercial world which is aimed mostly at selling something or copying someone else's work. Anyway, my professional Los Angles based cinematographer friend, says yes the new mirrorless cameras produce a good enough file for professional filmmaking and he only has qualms (concerns) about the work methods needed to hit focus and generally have a fluid effective efficient working environment. Comments please!
  19. Die hauptsächliche Frage steht im Titel. Außerdem würde mich noch interessieren ob man genau wie bei der SL2 auch in Cinema 4K im crop Modus aufnehmen kann für mehr Zoom. Der Grund für die Fragen ist ich bin mit der SL2 und dem 24-90 sehr zufrieden aber hätte gerne was leichteres zum wandern. Hatte zuerst an das CL 18mm gedacht aber ohne Wetter Schutz mach ich mir da im Gebirge sorgen speziell da ich gerne auch im bei regnerischen Wetter Filme.
  20. Hi all, I've noticed there isn't a dedicated thread for editing L-Log footage, so I will begin one here. I realize that colouring and re-touching video is a very subjective field, but I wanted to see how others work within Leica's limited literature surrounding post-production in video. I've just updated my Atomos Ninja V to the latest firmware, which now allows for L-Log recording from leica (the past year with the SL2 was a little tedious working with both internally and externally recorded video footage). Now, with this update, BT2020 seems a lot nicer. I've just done my first video about this update here:
  21. I’m wondering if I can use my Leica V Lux 20 as a webcam.. anyone know & if so,what type of cable would I need? Thanks!!
  22. Hello Leica friends, I wanted to bring to your attentions some issues I’m having with the Leica SL2.. I have bought this camera mainly for Video shooting as I use M10P and M6 for photos. I loved using my M lenses on the SL system and when the SL2 was finally announced I thought it was time to get one. I tested every shooting mode and I have to say that the camera has received some big improvements compared to the previous 601. The Ibis is very accurate and in HLG mode the dinamic range is quite impressive. Didn’t like the LLog though, very noisy and difficult to handle. And the internal 4K 60fps is just useless for aliasing and moire (you must use an external recorder if you want to get a decent file, when the Panasonic S1H is very clean in the same mode). I also use for my work Alexa Mini LF and smaller bodies such as the Z-Cam F6, this last camera has a nice M mount with positive lock which enables me to use all my Leica M lenses. So why I got a SL2? The main reason is to be able to carry it everywhere, in a small backpack with a couple of lenses, other than on set for work. Now, the files produced by this camera should be H265(?).. but the files won’t play in my machines. The finder doesn’t show any preview, QuickTime doesn’t read them. VLC plays only the first 3 frames (18cores IMac Pro).. imagine you shoot 300 clips and you need to conform them every time to Prores in order to just see what you have shot. I remember I bought my SL2 in Shanghai the day it came out and after 2 days shooting around I just switched to my small Zcam as I had to open at every import FCPX or Premiere and create a project just to watch my daily footage and after delete it. So my question: having a playable file out of camera (internal recording) is Asking too much? Another big limitation is the focus magnifier that doesn’t work while recording. With an Atomos Ninja V the resolution helps but as I said.. why I can’t enjoy this camera as it is? I’ve also got multiples hot pixels, partially removed by the internal NR.. but still present. Last, a few times I’ve used an L mount lens... the camera can’t handle video recording for more than 10 min with a fully charged battery. I won’t give up with this camera as I strongly believe a new firmware will fix these problems. what do you guys think?
  23. Hello, I am experiencing an image error while video-recording in full frame mode. It is not that easy to see, but I get a bluish-white line on the bottom of the video frame. It is there in full-frame mode but goes away when I switch to APSC. I have just installed Firmware 2 and it is still there. Does any of you have the same issues? Just wanting to check, if I got a bad copy or it's a more common problem. Thanks!
  24. How'ja like to shoot high-def video with M lenses? Or the 25 Summilux? or a 7-14mm Panny lens? Or (with enough adapters) R lenses? Panasonic premieres DMC-GH1 with HD video recording: Digital Photography Review Or 1:1 "Rolleiflex" images at 3000 x 3000 pixels (that's a bigger file than one can get cropping an M8). I think I'm in love (for anything where I don't desire the "real" M viewfinder) For those who don't get my title: Back in the 1960s Leica sold an 8mm movie camera - the Leicina ("Leic(a)" + "cine(ma)") Who knew convergence could come this fast or this simply for Leica lenses? Rowzah!
  25. M8 photos montaged for HDTV fakie on Vimeo (p.s., was not sure where to put this thread: M8, Digital, post-processing, photo galleries? Seems like it shows off the capabilities of the M8 - with creative thought applied.)
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