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  1. I see that Jono says that the 60/36/18 MP options are not cropped modes but several websites are reporting that they are crops. Are they referring to something else? Thanks. Edit…found the answer in the user instructions. Seems that some websites are mixing pixel binning with digital zoom.
  2. I was assuming I needed the Slide for the SL as it is marketed as suitable for full frame, large cameras - interesting to see that the narrowest strap (leash) works ok. Thanks.
  3. Trying to decide which width of Peak Design slide strap to get for my SL. Mainly use Zeiss ZM lenses but occasionally the 24-90. Would the Lite model be ok? Thanks.
  4. Hi all, Any good sources for raising my awareness of great contemporary photographers, who they are, their work...etc? Interested in all styles, Leica users (or not...). Have been reading back issues of LFI but wonder what else is online? Thanks.
  5. Cheers. I really like 35mm, if I had only one focal length, it would be 35mm. Just deciding which to get
  6. I too have the 24-90 but I am thinking of adding the 35SL - as someone pointed out above, there is a real benefit in size/weight. Am wondering.....setting aside image, autofocus etc, which is likely to hold value better: 35 SL summicron or 35 M summilux FLE?
  7. Big John


    I wonder, if Leica was releasing the SL2 series of cameras today/at the same time, would they be called the SL2-R and the SL2-S? I think so - as the newer model is not (as some manufacturers do) a cheaper, lower spec version of the ‘flagship’ model.
  8. Anyone have experience mounting a Nikon 80-200 2.8D on their SL? And pls recommend adapter. Thank you.
  9. Am in a similar situation to the OP - I really like the build quality and feel of my original SL and not sure I can face letting it go (!). Been thinking hard about switching to the SL2-S but beginning to question myself.....all the tech improvements won’t give me better images, great images don’t need to be taken with a sensor with X stops extra dynamic range..... Think I will spend on glass.
  10. I heard that on the video and it resonated with me. I am left wondering which is the better camera for pure stills photography. The answer is not ‘do you need 47mp’, the answer is on a stills vs stills comparison, which is better.
  11. Why would anyone buy the SL2 now this model is out....? Is the only reason to buy SL2 is that you want hi res? Seems like the SL2S is the new flagship and the SL2 is the ‘R’ version?
  12. Am trying to understand the key ‘speed’ differences between the SL2-S and the SL2 (I have an SL and wondering which will serve me best) - what exactly is driving the ‘speed’ advantage of the SL2-S over the SL2? Processing engine (Maestro III) and buffer are the same (from what I can tell) so is it a combination of smaller file sizes (from lower res sensor) and the sensor being able to communicate more quickly with the processor? And is the autofocus quicker than the SL2, if so, can we expect firmware upgrades to the SL2, so the gap closes in spec terms? Thanks.
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