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Found 15 results

  1. I am greatly enjoying using the Leica M10. For me, it is the nicest handling digital M yet. I like taking wide-angle shots at vintage and classic car shows with some of my favourite lenses such as the 16-18-21mm Wide Angle Tri-Elmar (WATE) and the 24mm Elmar. At the recent Irish Classic and Vintage Motor Show I gave both of these lenses an outing on the M10. I tested both lenses in advance with the 'Frankenfinder' optical multi-finder and 'Visoflex' EVF for the M10 and I decided to go with the optical finder as the frame-lines enabled framing to avoid too many other spectators getting in the photos. My favourite combination was, in fact, the 24mm Elmar with the optical finder which has a setting for 24mm lenses. I like the EVF, but I prefer rangefinder focussing and also the use of frame-lines for wide-angle shots, so the EVF stayed in the bag for the car show. An article showing some photos taken with the M10 at the car show is here: http://macfilos.com/photo/2017/7/17/leica-m10-meets-the-motoring-stars-of-yesteryear I would be interested to hear from anyone who has used the WATE or 24mm Elmar with either the 'Frankenfinder' or the EVF on the M10. William
  2. Dear all, I am thinking about changing my TL 18mm lens to get the 11-23 zoom. Iwould get versatility and better IQ from what I read. I am wondering if any of you has tried using the 16-18-21 WATE on the CL and how it compares to the 11-23 IQ wise ? The focal lengths on the WATE would be enough for me and I could also use the Lens on my M. Thanks for your comments ! Didier
  3. WATE - Wide Angle Tri Elmar : TRI-ELMAR-M 16-18-21 mm ASPH MATE - Medium Angle Tri Elmar : TRI-ELMAR-M 28-35-50 mm ASPH SATE's - Small Angle Tri Elmar's : ... The topic is: quasi - SATEs - Small Angle Tri Elmars : 65mm 90mm 135mm & Apo-Extender-M Some of us would like to see Leica revising and extending the Tri-Elmar concept - ... very useful for hiking and travelling. { WATE & MATE } Whether the new Vario-Elmar-M will go into series production is not yet clear ( *... ). With the introduction of system cameras with 'real-time image display' and electronic viewfinder, the proven Visoflex housing with M bayonet can be omitted if required. The use of E. Leitz Visoflex components is a weight-, volume- and cost-optimized alternative: ...
  4. Two photos from my recent trip to Russia. Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Moscow, taken with Leica M10 with 24mm Elmar Church cleaner, Sergiev Posad, taken with Leica M10 with WATE More to be seen here http://macfilos.com/photo/2018/4/26/russia-a-tale-of-two-cities-and-great-deal-of-culture William
  5. I do like my wide angle M mount lenses that cover the 15-35mm range, but quite often I would find a zoom much more convenient for more precise framing. (Avoids the need to change lenses in the dark or dusty environments, etc) The prospective 16-35mm variable aperture zoom would be convenient for that purpose, but it seems likely to be bulky. AF would be useful, although I don't know how reliable it will be on such a wide, slow lens. The WATE would be an obvious alternative, although it would be either poorer at the edges of the frame, or slower, than existing wide angle lenses that I have. I assume that the SL 16-35mm will perform at least as well as the WATE. How do others that have used the WATE and/or 16-35mm lenses in other systems feel?
  6. WATE - Wide Angle Tri Elmar : TRI-ELMAR-M 16-18-21 mm ASPH MATE - Medium Angle Tri Elmar : TRI-ELMAR-M 28-35-50 mm ASPH SATE's - Small Angle Tri Elmar's : ... Das Thema: Quasi - SATEs - Small Angle Tri Elmars : 65mm 90mm 135mm & Apo-Extender-M Einige von uns würden es gerne sehen, dass Leica das Tri-Elmar-Konzept noch einmal überarbeitet und ergänzt - ... sehr nützlich bei Wanderungen und auf Reisen. { WATE & MATE } Ob es das neue Vario-Elmar-M in die Serienfertigung schafft ist noch nicht klar ( *... ). Mit der Einführung von Systemkameras mit 'Echtzeit-Bilddarstellung' und Elektronischen Sucher kann bei Bedarf auf das bewährte Visoflexgehäuse mit M-Bajonett verzichtet werden. Als gewicht-, volumen- und kostenoptimierte Alternative bietet sich zwischenzeitlich die Nutzung von E. Leitz Visoflex-Komponenten an:
  7. So I bought a new (used) WATE last night and took it for a spin. i am seeing this stupid line on top of all images, is this a lens issue or a sensor issue? Can you please suggest? See below image Many thanks.. I am fairly new to Leica so let me know if its a DUH.
  8. Just thought today...as I had bought a WATE 16/18/21 a couple of months ago used in mint cond..and am using it on an A7 as I don't have a digital M body yet.. But I noticed it changes focus a bit when you change the focal length from 16 to 18 or 21....and then you need to refocus it for the new setting...as it goes out by a couple of inches... I have adjusted to this..but if I get an M body soon..I'm wondering will the lens focus correctly..as in..is there an adjustment for the rangefinder body that I'm not aware of..for this lens to keep it in focus..or does my lens have an issue here..? Thx in advance for those who have worked with this lens on their M's..and can bring this into perspective for me..
  9. Hi guys, For UWA range, you would prefer last version (v3) of Voigtlander's 15/4.5, plus the Super-Elmar 21/3.4, or Tri-Elmar 16-21, and why? I especially like 21 focal lenght, how much is the difference between SEM 21 and WATE at 21mm mark? Thank you in advance
  10. enigmart

    Leica Park

    Der rote Punkt
  11. … von 2009- 2015 photographierte ich die Kölner Oper und deren Umbau. Nun habe ich mit Blurb ein Buch fertiggestellt. Hier ist der Link http://bit.ly/1NmH9sm Gruß philipp
  12. I was getting close of getting a Leica 18mm SE when an opportunity to trade a DSLR lens for a used but mint Zeiss 18mm f/4.0 came up. I jumped on it. The Zeiss lens is RF coupled and it has a groove in the flange. So, the ink coding works fine without any smearing. It came coded as a WATE 16mm. I am really impressed with the images this Zeiss lens produces. Since I am planning the keep the lens, now I would like to code the Zeiss lens as a Leica 18mm SE. After wiping the existing WATE code clean, I entered the code for the 18mm SE but my M9 failed to detect the code. As matter of fact, the list of coding on my camera in the manual mode using the current firmware, doesn't list any 18mm SE. I wiped everything cleaned and coded that to the WATE 16mm and my camera recognizes that right away. I did that twice and both times my camera failed to recognize the lens as 18mm SE but the new WATE 16mm code was recognzed right away. My question is more addressed to the Leica 18mm SE and WATE owners. Does your camera actually detect and identify the 18mm SE properly although it is not listed on the manual code menu of the M9? How does the coding on the WATE work? Is the 16mm coding different than the setting for 18 or 21mm? I understood that the camera will give you the option of changing the focal length when using a "genuine" WATE but what does it take for me to get, at least, the Zeiss to detect 18mm instead of the fixed 16mm codes my M9 dictates? Thanks, Joshua
  13. Can anybody help me? Is there a way to fix the Leica 14473 filter holder E67 for WATE Tri-Elmar-M lens on a E39 or E46 lens? If so what kind of adapter do I need? -- This way I want to fix my 67mm pol-filter on a 35mm summicron. Does it work? Thank you in advance. swiss leica fan
  14. I use one of the new VM mount Voigtlander 15mm wide angles on my M9. At first I had problems with it but with advice from these forums,I use both the 21mm F/2.8 setting in the camera + Cornerfix and the images are "clean" again. I was thinking I may have to get the 16-18-21 WATE, and am still actively considering it, as this is a group of focal lengths I use a lot. However there are some concerns that I have, for which I would like to "pick the brains" of people who have used both.(N.B. With the WATE I would use the 16mm setting the most.) Firstly, I'm very impressed by my 15mm in terms of sharpness & I've seen some samples from the WATE which are no better. For example is this a good representation of what the WATE can do?. http://a.img-dpreview.com/gallery/leicam9_preview/originals/l1070505_aw.jpg This image from the dPreview review of the M9 is not as sharp as my 15mm. Would you expect better from the WATE? Secondly I'm a bit concerned about the 16-18-21 viewfinder. The lens itself is quite small and light but this viewfinder looks a monster. If anyone has experiences of using both and would be happy to share their experiences/opinions I'd be very grateful, since the chances of me getting to try one out are remote.
  15. I use a WATE on an M8. I have just realised that the focal length selection on the M8 is only activated if the lens dection is set to "ON + UV / IR". I do not have an IR filter fitted to the WATE so I select lens detection "ON", but the 16mm, 18mm and 21mm options are not displayed. Does this mean that the M8 does not need to know what focal length I have set on the lens? The lens infomation is not included in the EXIF either. I would have thought that the camera would require edge / corner tweaks irrespective of the lens having a filter fitted or not. If anybody has any thoughts I would like the know them. regards Mark
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