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  1. Just anticipating This thread is meant to display images from the SL2.
  2. Am 6. und 7. Oktober 2021 finden in einer Zusammenarbeit zwischen der Leica Akademie und der Leica Boutique Foto Walter in Tübingen die "Erlebnistage Leica SL-System" statt. Olaf Wolf, der Experte aus dem Hause Leica und das bekannte Foto-Walter-Team werden mit Rat, Tat und viel SL-/SL2-Equipment vor Ort zugegen sein. Zudem kam aus der Ferne die Anregung, sich mal wieder in Tübingen zu treffen. In kleiner Gruppe haben wir deshalb beschlossen, beides miteinander zu verbinden. Wir treffen uns am Mittwoch, den 6. Oktober 2021 um 17:00 Uhr bei Foto Walter im Laden. Anschließend gehen wir "be
  3. Leica hat die neue Firmware V 3.0 für die Leica SL2 vorgestellt. Die Verbesserungen im Detail: Neuer Autofokus-Algorithmus Verbesserte Augen/Gesicht/Kopf/Körper-Erkennung und Fokusverfolgung. HEVC Video Kompression Interne 4K-Aufzeichnung mit 10 Bit bei 60p/50p mit h.265-Codec. Long-GOP Die Aufzeichnung für 10-Bit-Codecs mit 150 - 200 MB/s bietet die gleiche Bildqualität wie All-Intra, aber weniger als die Hälfte der Datengröße. Segmentiertes Video Die Videoaufzeichnung wird in 1-Minuten-Segmente aufgeteilt, um Datenverlus
  4. My SL2 is locked up - indicates ERROR in top display, no viewfinder / EVF / LCD display, but I can see aperture changing in top display if I change the light in front of the lens. No problems for four months after purchase brand new from B&H, then I use a Metabones-adapted Macro-Elmar-R 60mm f/2.8 for the first time, and after a day of successful photography the camera is locked up this evening. Tried removing the battery for 10 seconds for reset - still locked up with ERROR in top display on power up. Tried different lenses - Sigma L-mount 85/1.4 DG DN Art that worked fine for
  5. I have been noticing that Leica SL2 blurs the EVF when I half press the shutter. Is this happening with everyone and is there any news on if they will address this issue in the upcoming firmware update? Thanks a lot!
  6. To the forum gurus: For my SL2, I am seeking a good on-camera flash with radio transmitter capability, plus a controller for it. I have the SF40, and it’s not making the cut really. TTL is decent tho, but I just read “The Flash Book” by Scott Kelby and his system is all about setting the flash/camera (move the flash off camera if possible) to Manual mode (1/4 flash power, iso 100, 1/125 sec, f/5.6)and just adjusting the camera from there. So what have y’all been using for a good hot shoe flash and a radio controller?? The SF58 and c1 remote are out of my budget unfortunat
  7. If you want to discuss on Facebook, we have a Leica SL2 group too: https://www.facebook.com/groups/leicasl2/ Join us on Facebook!
  8. Guest

    Videos zur Leica SL2

    ... please stay tuned! 😅
  9. Leica Camera introduces today the Leica SL2, the new generation full frame mirrorless camera. The Leica SL2 will available starting November 21st at $5,995 / 5,990 € / £ 5,300. Leica SL2 at a glance 47 MP Sensor Leica Maestro III processor IBIS - In Body Image Stabilizer Buffer Memory 4GB (78 DNG / > 100 JPG) UHS-II Slot 5k Video ISO 50 to ISO 50000 Viewfinder (EVF) 5.8 MP / 120 fps, 0.78x magnification Mechanical shutter 30 min to 1/8000 s Electronic shutter 1 s to 1/40000 s Flash Sync 1/250 s Multishot gene
  10. Leica Camera stellt heute mit der Leica SL2 eine neue spiegellose Vollformatkamera vor. Sie kommt ab dem 21. November 2019 zu einer unverbindlichen Preisempfehlung von 5.990 Euro in den Handel. Die Leica SL2 auf einen Blick 47 MP Sensor IBIS – Bildstabilisator in der Kamera Pufferspeicher 4GB (78 DNG / > 100 JPG) UHS-II Slot 5k Video Eletronischer Sucher (EVF) mit 5,8 MP / 120 B/s, 0.78x Vergrößerung Mechanischer Verschluss 30 min bis 1/8.000 s Electronischer Verschluss 1 s bus 1/40.000 s Blitzsynchronzeit 1/250 s Multis
  11. Review (Text & Images) by Jono Slack So, here we have Leica’s upgrade to the SL, or so I thought, but it isn’t quite that simple. I have been looking back at my Lightroom catalogue and it seems that I first shot with the Leica SL on June 1st 2015. Since then I’ve shot lots of events, seven weddings and hundreds of landscape, environmental and wildlife images (and even some street photography). Nearly four and a half years on, my camera has been through hell and high water, Rain and sweat and dust and seaspray, it’s been banged against walls and pulled onto the floor by child
  12. Testbericht von Thomas A. Berger | www.tab-fotografie.de Update 14. November 2019: English Version here Erste Erfahrungen mit einem neuen Meilenstein – Leica SL2 Die Überschrift meines kleinen Reviews, in der ich mich dem Wortlaut von Leica zur Ankündigung der neuen SL2 bediene, ist gleich zu Anfang eine gewisse Begeisterung zu erkennen, die ich für den jüngsten Spross aus dem Haus mit dem roten Punkt empfinde – aber der Reihe nach. Zunächst ein Rückblick zu meinem Einstieg ins SL-Leben: Dass Euphorie und sofortige Begeisterung nicht von Anfang an für die SL standen, zeigt m
  13. Does anyone with an SL2 have experience with Sony’s latest A7r4 or A9 series (1 or 2)? I mainly shoot my family and my running toddlers and other fam events. My Sony A7r4 grabs faces and holds focus without a thought and about 100% of the time, will the SL2 be competitive there? I mainly shoot an m10-p, but when autofocus is needed I grab the Sony. I’m hoping to switch to the SL2 with an early preorder already made, but I’m only hesitant in its AF abilities. Coming from a new Sony, I’m hoping it will be comparable. My Q2 had solid AF abilities and great hit rate, if the SL2 is a st
  14. Text & Photos Thomas A. Berger | www.tab-fotografie.de Translation by Michael Evans | English version first published on Macfilos | German version available here The headline of my little review, in which I use Leica’s own wording to announce the new SL2, is the start of the enthusiasm that I feel for the youngest scion of the House of the Red Dot. But first, I ought to review of my entry into the world of the SL. Euphoria and immediate enthusiasm were not evident at the outset when I experienced the first SL. In fact, my approach was over a rather rocky path. Suffice it to
  15. ISO 100 pushed by 3.8 stops and Shadows +51 looks amazing. Some other minor tweaks and Sharpening +40, NR +50. Check out the less compressed JPEGs here: https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-tzdLng/ SL2 + 50 Summilux-SLISO 100 f/1.4 @1/1600 sec. Same as above, processedISO 100 f/1.4 @1/1600 sec.
  16. Would anyone be willing to share some tips on focussing manual glass on the SL2? What techniques do you use (Focus peaking, magification etc)? What is the most realiable and accurate for you? I use focus peaking and magnification, but feel this is a little slow (or I am just slow and need practice! :-p)
  17. I’ve just got my Leica SL2. Truly a beautiful camera! FWIW my thoughts on the camera after a few hours use are: - The initial start up animation is very classy - Really simple menu system, which is very welcome after using the Sony A7R3 - Coupled with 24-90 lens it was more heavy than I had imagined. Add an on camera flash and you get a really good arm workout - The grip is really good! - The top dial will take some getting used to, again because I’m coming from a Sony - Top plate display is excellent quality with info clearly displayed, however I got most o
  18. Hi all, I have recently noticed a pulsing flicker in the outer parts of frame (where you would normally see a vignette) with my SL2 when filming video, it is not moire, but more of a pulse of three flashes and have no idea what it is but makes the video unusable. Has anyone experienced this? I am filming @ 24fps, C4K, L-LOG and NON, 180 degree shutter, with a Leica M lens and adapter, no fluorescents, I tested with image stabilizing and non and see it both situations. Including a test below (random shots) and any help would be greatly appreciated! devastating to see this. SL2
  19. I’m using an Atomos Ninja V 5” monitor driven by the SL2’s HDMI port. It displays the viewfinder image just fine, but none of the AF tracking and exposure data shown in the viewfinder. This gives me a very viewable display at low camera angles - the eyepiece no longer gets in the way, and I can actually see what I’m shooting. ** Is anyone else using an external monitor, and how do I get the AF tracking point and exposure info I see in the viewfinder to appear in the external monitor? Right now all I get is the viewfinder image. I have to place the AF tracking point in the mi
  20. I have an opportunity to buy new equipment in the next few weeks and I’m still debating about medium format S007 or full 35 sl2. Recently I came across a non Leica product the fuji gfx 100, to get things more confusing. I have received estimate costs for the Sl2 for new and for used S 007 . I then received a proposal for a gfx that is very tempting as it is a 100 mp.sensor, maybe very good for my big size prints. I am a commercial advertising photographer and I’ve used canon, Hasselblads all my career after abandoning LF film cameras. I am aiming to get bigger prints for my fine art work and
  21. Century old Aldis Anastigmat B&L leaf shutter lens reviewed on Leica SL2 https://hintingimage.com/aldis-bausch-lomb Better than expected.
  22. My copyright information disappears as does the Artist name. Anyone else experiencing this problem. I have firmware 2.0
  23. OK, I give up. The SL2 camera does NOT want me to set date and time. I can change their format, but I can't set actual values from the camera. I've switched off the sync via Smartphone option. I can select individual year, month, and date. But no control I try (no dials or buttons) does anything to change their values. Any ideas what is going on here??
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