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  1. As much as I might like the DSLR method, I would still need to buy a macro lens plus all the other gear that would be necessary for this method. A lens ($400 used on eBay) plus a copy stand ($150 used on eBay), negative holder ($150) and light panel will run north of $700 without dedicated software. Plus there’s the setup and take down that, knowing myself, I will grow to resent, and the need to store more gear in a tight home office. A scanner appears to be the answer. So, the question is which one. Right now, it appears to be a contest between the Plustek AI, the Plustek SE, and the P
  2. Hmmmm, we may have a winner here. Thanks.
  3. Hello, all. I’ve been shooting digitally for 20+ years and shooting Leicas for 10+, including the fantastic M9M. Recently, tho, I acquired a beautiful 1955 vintage M3 and have been shooting it a bit. In Miami, where I live, we are fortunate enough to still have a great film lab, Pitman Photo, so I intend to have the film developed there. Still, this raises a question about scanning. There seem to be three options: 1. Let the lab scan the images. This is cheap at first, but will get pricey in the long run. 2. DSLR Digitizing. I’ve got a Canon 5DSR and a 6D, either of which can ea
  4. Great advice, all. Think I’ll stick w box speed unless I need to push because of nighttime conditions. Think I may also try out a roll of HP5 too, just to compare.
  5. Thanks for the input, great points all. Think I’ll stick to box speed in the day, at least until I learn how the film actually behaves.
  6. Hey, all. Been shooting digital for 20+ years and Leica for 10, including the M9M. Recent I’ve decided to try my hand at film, something I haven’t done since my college years and so I bought an M3, vintage 1955 and had it serviced by DAG. I intend to shoot Tri-X for the foreseeable future both because I like the look and because I can learn how this film behaves. This raises the question of push vs pull processing. As I understand this, pushing film involves shooting at a higher ASA than box speed and then processing at the higher ASA number. So, 400ASA film shot as if it were 800
  7. Thanks for all the great comments. The gist I get is that it doesn’t really matter in the end, but I’ll prob leave it un-cocked whenever I can. I just won’t worry too much about it. Thanks again.
  8. Hello, all. I’m still learning my M3 and had a question: Should I leave the shutter cocked, un-cocked or does it even matter? In other words, after snapping a shot, should I advance the film lever and thereby cock the shutter even if that means the shutter may remain cocked for days, or longer?
  9. I’ve got an original Leica leather strap on my M9M and agree that it is very stiff right out of the box. I addressed this by rubbing coconut oil on it and letting the oil sit for about 30 mins before wiping it clean. That helped ENORMOUSLY. That was back in 2015 when I first got my M9M. Since then, the strap has continued to soften over the years.
  10. Hey, all. Just got my (new to me) M3 back from DAG yesterday and took it out for a spin w my 50 Cron. I really want a permanent lens on the M3 and don’t want to constantly dismount my 50 Cron from my M9M so I started thinking of a 40mm instead. The Minoltas are still fairly inexpensive and are supposedly fairly good, esp the second Gen series. Any thoughts on this? I imagine a 40mm would fill the entire VF.
  11. Actually, I just got the quote to change it and decided to pass. It’s almost as much as the CLA alone and would nearly double my cost.
  12. So, I’ve sent my newly acquired M3 to DAG for a CLA. Should I have the take-up spool changed, if possible? To do so would make this non-original, but then again, I bought it as a shooter not a shelf-queen. Thoughts?
  13. That’s exactly what it feels like, the slivering has worn. As for the vulcanite, I wasn’t aware this was repairable so I just assumed i would replace it. When I send this in for the CLA I’ll ask about the repair as I want to keep this as close to original as possible. Youxin Ye got back to me yesterday. He said it’s a six month wait but I could ask for it “rushed” service. I’ll check w DAG and Sherry later today and decide on a tech then. As far as I can tell, all three are highly regarded. Is this correct?
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