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  1. 2022 will be in the past in less than 24 hours, just out of curiosity, do you think you will / may trade your M9 series camera for another camera body in 2023? Never say never but I probably won't. The optical framelines is a big reason for me to stay. Also I am so use to the work flow and 'limitations' of the M9 series that I don't feel like 'upgrading'. The thing I will seriously consider upgrading is the software; LR6 won't be compatible with my new macbook air and I am leaning towards Capture1 but this should not be discussed here. What about you? Will be great to hear your thoughts. Happy New Year to all of you!
  2. Time Left: 5 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Leica M9-P with new sensor in excellent condition for sale with lot of extras. (body only for sale. lens only indicative for the pictures) with original box and accessories. two original batteries, rock and roll strap, new leather skin please check pics for sensor ID and shutter count details. Item is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. it can be picked up or sent with insured package within EU or to USA shoot me with your offer Or trade with other Leica gear possible - M11 or 75 noctilux is of interest for trade. do reach out for any questions.


  3. Hi everybody I am exhausted a year and a half ago, i buy my first digital leica, and some lenses, few thousands euros of new equipement after a year, i had to send it to germany cause the letther was going out, it took me 7 weeks to get the camera back... i got it back a month and a half ago, and since some time, I notice a raw of red pixels on every single pictures I shoot, it appears mainly when I shot under, but it's always here I speak with Leica by mail they want me to send back the camera, but I know it will take few weeks, I live in Israel, and these days I have to use professionaly this special camera for assignements Does someone know any software that could help me to fix shooted pictures automaticaly ? thanks for your precious help noam
  4. jip

    M9-P repair

    What can I expect with the following statement? My Deutsch isn't that good, I understand most of it but if someone has more of a understanding I would be glad... especially the part about the leather?
  5. I've been shooting away fat dumb and happy all these years letting the in camera metering on my DSLRs read and translate the exposure, either using auto functions or manual just like I did for years with film. Recently, I've read about ETTR (Expose To The Right) for digital and find the advice makes sense logically. I've run into some conflicting advice here and from other sources, and since this is a little outside my wheelhouse I thought I'd ask for a little M9-specific advice on the subject. As some of you may know toward the end of 2012 I returned to Leica with the M8 and now have both M8 and M9P bodies. As I'm continuing to get more and more familiar with the nuances of the M9P particularly. In my quest to use the M9 more effectively, I've read exhaustively about ETTR in digital and the recommendation in that camp seems generally to be to dial in about +2/3 exposure compensation as a starting point and then use manual for more if necessary. Then, in going through many of the reviews and suggestions specifically with the M9, I find that many users set their exposure compensation at -1/3 stop as their normal starting point for deep color saturation. So... hence my confusion. I've experimented a little with both and see some value in pulling the histogram to the left in test images I've done ETTR. So, my question is specifically about the M9 sensor and the way it responds. Is ETTR a better way to shoot with the M9, or does it not really make much difference, or should I be underexposing by that 1/3 stop? When folks talk about that 1/3 stop underexposure to deepen the colors, are they doing that for .jpgs rather than raw? I'm sure I'll be getting some conflicting opinions here, but that's ok... I'm really curious to find out how others of you handle this specifically with the M9/M9P and what has been successful for you. Thanks!
  6. As if anyone could have doubts about the M9 being a great landscape camera...! (M9-P + Elmar 24mm f/3.8) Cheers! Photography by Baldomero Coelho
  7. I'm interested to know what 'recipe' Leica is using to produce their 'incamera' jpgs. In other words: if I were to make my own BW jpgs in LR 4.1 from the imported DNG what BW 'curve' / mix / contrast etc. should I be using to get as close as possible to their incamera jpg. Of course I can try to achieve it by comparing (trial and error) but maybe this is known by some of you and published somewhere on this forum or elsewhere. Thanks in advance!
  8. Das ist, oder war zumindest mal der zweithaesslichste Bahnhof der gesammten Schweiz Er ist auf keinen Fall schoener geworden, aber eventuell wurde ja der fruehere spitzenreiter aufgehuebscht. Hardbruecke von Robert U auf Flickr Schoenen Tag Robert
  9. One of the great disappointments of the M9, and the most frustrating for me, has been the lack of a proper embedded preview in the DNG. I do not shoot DNG+JPG, partially because I think the JPGs coming out of the M9 are useless, and generally do not do a good job of predicting what the DNG will look like. It makes an iPad workflow a pain in the neck! I do not want to go through this again with the new M. Has anyone done any research into whether the new M DNG files have embedded previews? Is this a standard for DNG that Leica can't change, or are iPads not capable of natively processing DNGs? Whose fault is it?
  10. Hi folks, I would like to use 105mm and 135mm Rodagon enlarging lenses (both have 39mm screw mount) for macro work on a Visoflex III with M9P (and M7) cameras. I have some 39mm extension tubes already. Is there a focus mount that I can use for these Rodagon lenses? I have a 16464K/OTFZO, but that seems to have too small and too recessed a thread to take the enlarging lenses. Do the ZOOAN or OUAGO have a 39mm front thread that would work?
  11. Has Leica increased the cost of the M9 upgrade to M9P from 1050,00 EUR to 1320.00 EUR? Rino
  12. critiques and comments are always welcome [ATTACH]269912[/ATTACH] bad urach - germany july 2011
  13. Hi Everyone, I recently notice a small/short black line at the edge of images taken with M9P. I’m not sure what causes the fault. Can anyone please have at these 2 images, and share your thoughts? Thank you. - Chris
  14. M9P + 50mm 1.1 voigtlander Series of photographs showing students filming day to day life in Sheffield, UK City centre
  15. M9P + 35mm Cron Does this qualify for Street Photography ?
  16. Hello all I posted a message on the general beginner forum the other day about the best camera with which to start my Leica journey. From the reply I got, it seems that the M9 is a very good bet. However, in my reading up in this, I have seen various articles which suggest the better option is the M9-P. I am looking at one of each of the M9 (£1,800) and M9/P (£2,750) bit of which have low shutter actuations (c.3,500) and have had their sensors replaced with the non-corrosive sensors. Any advice on which may be the better option would be most welcome! Many thanks Ben
  17. Dear all, I am totall new to the leica digital world. I currently brought a M9 in a excellent condition. But one thing makes me a little bit wondering: sometimes the LCD display shows me pictures with strange rings. It happened very often when I shoot in-door under poor/artificial light source. the rings disappeared when I shoot under higher iso (1600 or higher). Leica Care told me it is normal. The camera have to compress the original photo extremely to be able to show it on this small LCD screen. Due to the bad resolution and colour depth of the compressed picture, these rings may appears. The explanation by Leica is quite OK. But yesterday I have the chance to try a Leica M8.2. It doesn’t show any rings when shooting under the same condition. Now I am really confused. Can anyone tell me if it is normal bei M9 or my LCD is somehow defect? Thanks s lot for your help! Best regards Frank
  18. Leica M9P - 35mm F2 Summicron
  19. I think he was caught stealing from the Jewellers . M9P 28mm 2.8
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