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Found 62 results

  1. Yesterday I went outside, it was about zero or slightly higher. Most of the camera shots were with one horizontal dark line. At home, when the camera warmed up, the line disappeared. Is that a sensor defect? Is it a defect in the electronics? The line appears all the time in the same place in the picture. Did anyone have a similar issue? The camera is basically new, bought in September 2019. Cropped fragment in attachment.
  2. I have a M9 that shows signs of slight corrosion and I’ve been holding off on sending it in as the corrosion doesn’t show up under normal shooting conditions. I heard on another forum that that Leica is planning to discontinue replacing sensors for the M9, is this true? I know supplies must be limited but thought I had another year or so to get the sensor done. Has anyone else heard this?
  3. Hi Everyone, I recently notice a small/short black line at the edge of images taken with M9P. I’m not sure what causes the fault. Can anyone please have at these 2 images, and share your thoughts? Thank you. - Chris
  4. My Leica D-Lux 3 that displays (1) a purple color shift for white colors in bright light; and (2) a photos show a green or yellow tint in low light. I have looked over the presets and defaults. I cannot find a switch that improves the display. I believe that the exposure sensor is damaged or malfunctioning. Otherwise, the camera is in good shape cosmetically and according to a review of the presets and default, working correctly. A used replacement on Ebay is about $150 to $200. My questions are: -1- Can I send my camera to the Leica repair for a new sensor for that amount of money? I know about the submission form that requires a maximum repair cost to be stated. -2- Is a Leica repaired camera totally checked out and then repaired so as to insure long lasting functioning? -3- Is it better to purchase another non-leica camera for $150 to $200 with improved specifications like increased megapixels? Thanks for reviewing my questions, Inkbox PS I encountered an error when uploading files; although I deleted the upload files, I cannot upload replacements. I have used up all of my storage space and cannot locate a delete button in My Attachments.
  5. Any suggestions whether I should send my M246 to Germany for cleaning or save time and do it locally with a reputable dealer? May be one of Leica stores? I am in NYC. I got a few small spots on the sensor over the year of use and a few thousands shots. Appears to be like wear & tear naturally in progress. I do not feel I would try cleaning on my own...
  6. I just cleaned my M240 with Aero-Clipse. Problem is there are sensor streaks left. How do I remove the sensor streaks? Thanks.
  7. please pardon for the re-post! i could not find the original post on the thread... i purchased a used M body last week - and only today made first tests with open sky as the sun finally peeked out. i see two large blotches in the (overly) saturated blue sky! i am traumatised by my experience with the monochrom and the replacement of the sensor which took 14 months (luckily i was offered a loaner by Leica USA). have others seen anything similar to this using the M 240? i appreciate the help in advance...
  8. Hey there, I tried finding the info on the forum/ google search but was unfortunately unsuccessful. A friend of mine gave me his old S2 body (yes, very nice friend ;-)) as he bought the newer version. He also told me that he tried cleaning the sensor and it looks somewhat scratched. I have not yet been able to afford a lens for the cam so I'm not sure how bad this will affect images, but: What is the (approximate) cost if I have to replace the sensor of my S2? Thanks much, Nils
  9. This happened to me twice the other day. I switched on the SL with the Vario-Elmarit. No picture could be seen on the screen but there was the virtual horizon moving and the information around the screen including aperture and time, if accurate i do not know. For Sweden it was a nice warm day, 23°C. The camera had been lying in the boot of my ACed car. Switching of, removing the battery did not help until eventually. In a while the fault was repeated. Now the LS seems to be working fine again. This failure I think was due to heated sensor. Have you who use the LS in warmer surroundings had this problem? /Eric
  10. Today i experienced for the second time that my Monochrom M246 failed to capture an image. It triggered as usual, it indicates the right shutter time in playback mode but nothing was captured/registered in the image. It's just a blank (read black) unexposed picture. I've tried to google this but did not find anything about this problem, that's why i'm trying here. Nothing was captured in the sensor and it's only a black picture with no data recorded at all. Has anyone in this forum experienced something like this?
  11. I've been working for quite some time on my first user report on the Leica M-D 262. It's a lengthy piece that comes around most things. I hope you enjoy it. Cut it up over some reading sessions so you don't spend all weekend on it :-) "What's This - A Digital Camera Without a Screen?"
  12. jrp

    Sensor "sharpness"

    One of the marketing claims made by Leica for the M10 is that it has a "sharp sensor". This could mean no more than no low-pass filter is being used over the sensor, but that is also the case with other Leica cameras. There is also a suggestion that the new sensor is (even) better suited to the wider angle M lenses, which are not well matched to, e.g., Sony sensors (or the micro lenses that go over them). Does anyone have any evidence one way or the other on these points?
  13. I've started a photography channel, "Magic of Light" on YouTube because it's the audio-visual age. I really love writing about cameras and photography (and will continue to do so), but when an opportunity to set up a production team doing video was there, I grabbed it. So I will be doing two broadcasts a week. The new one is "What is White Balance". So enjoy, and subscribe to the channel if you like it! http://www.magicoflight.tv/watch?v=-vHtnQPhhZs
  14. Love the camera, but the manual is ofen next to useless. I can't seem to find anything about the sensor cleaning system in the Leica SL. Can any of you advise on the following: 1) How does the electronic sensor cleaning system work? Does it activate on startup/shutdown as it does on my Canon SLR, or does it have to activated manually? If the latter, where is the switch in the menu structure? 2) Is there a specific procedure to follow for manual cleaning of the sensor? 3) Is there a dust detection system similar to the one in the M cameras? Thanks.
  15. Hootan

    M9 sensor

    Hi, How can I find whether my M9's sensor has been changed? Thanks
  16. Is there some good reason why Leica is not including an automatic dust cleaning feature in their M's? It's a necessary feature on a digital camera. The lack of this vibration/sonic whatever is the deciding factor in my upcoming purchase.
  17. I've written another page on the Leica M 246, the tonality and dynamic range and my - sort of - conclusion for my own use of the Monochrom Enjoy! Thorsten Overgaard: The Leica M 246 Dynamic Range
  18. I just received a used Leica T body today and while waiting for B&H to ship me the special order of the Novoflex Leica M to T body adapter I decided to order a cheap lens adaptor off of Amazon to use temporarily (and to make sure the camera body is functioning properly). I have a Zeiss 50mm f1.5 sonnar lens so I tried it on with the temp adapter attached to the Leica T body. It turned out that the camera couldn't capture anything. The live display is completely black when I turned it on. I was able to see all the menus on the camera but it seems like the sensor doesn't display any live image. Though I noticed it still measured the light when I pointed the camera to different targets. I was wondering if there's a way to test to see if the camera is working without a lens attached (like shooting an image with the camera sensor directly)? I wasn't sure if the sensor couldn't display any live image on the camera because I don't have the right adaptor or if the camera itself is actually broken. I need to figure this out soon so I could send the camera back if it is really broken. Any help or input would be greatly appreciated!
  19. For all those who might not be aware of the issue.
  20. Hello everyone. I'm a long-time M photographer who just joined this forum. My first M was a 6, followed by an 8, then a 9 and most recently a 10. I really love the M9 and my camera is one of the early production ones and in original condition (never repaired or had anything replaced.) I've not cleaned the sensor for about 5 years and today finally took the time to do so. The images in this post have been processed in Lightroom to add as much contrast as I could to increase the visibility of specs and dust. The small images inline in this post have had "auto levels" applied, so they are extremely compressed, greatly exaggerating the particles. Link to full-res images at end of post. I started with a reference shot against a light grey wall, summicron 50 at f16 out of focus. Pretty damn dirty: First round of cleaning was with a rocket blower. This got rid of quite a lot of minor dust particles: Second round of cleaning was with a VisibleDust Arctic Butterfly statically-charged brush, which got rid of a new "class" of particles: However there were still a few "sticky" particles left. Final round was wet cleaning with swabs of Eclipse. This is a really scary step as it's easy to make mistakes, but I managed to not screw up: There's now just a single impossible-to-get-rid-of spec (even after five Eclipse swabbings), and I can live with that one. Pretty remarkable how much cleaner the sensor is after this. Strongly recommend taking an hour out of your life to clean you sensor (very carefully) :–) Full-res images (lightly compressed and processed to increase particle visibility): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0q9tht2js82u1zs/AAB6M-98wkRWTfmDtTke-duha?dl=0 Equipent used: Giottos AA1900 Rocket Air Blaster VisibleDust Arctic Butterfly 724 VisibleDust Quasar R 5x Sensor Loupe Photosol Sensor Swab ULTRA (24mm) Photographic Solutions Eclipse fluid
  21. I am very pleased to say that my M9 returned home today after being with Leica since September for the removal of an SD card label (Fuji 16gb card) jammed in the shutter, and for a sensor clean and service. It came as a surprise as they had bot notified me it was on its way, but they appear to have done a great job, and sent it back in its own box by UPS. Now to tackle Fuji about the SD card, who seemed to be pretty disinterested when I spoke to them on phone. Gerry
  22. I post this to see if anyone else have/had the same sensor issues with their M240 (M-P). I was playing around in Lightroom in November 2017, mainly testing different extreme values with the haze control, and other stuff to experiment with my photography. To my astonishment I saw a vertical line running exactly in the middle of the uncropped image. I then tested a photo from April 2015 that was taken with another M240 M-P body I had at that time. And the same vertical line appeared. I then randomly tested several other photos, and the same line appears, in virtually all photos, from both M-P bodies! I have a total of more than 20000 photos with M-P:s that in some or another way are affected by this problem. Attached here is an example of a jpg from M-P body 1, and one of M-P body 2, after tweakning the dng:s. The dng:s and full JPG:s can be downloaded to view through the links provided here: Link to DNG (M-P body 1): https://we.tl/FQQkFgKo7U Link to JPG (M-P body 1): https://we.tl/4BpPecbwmR Link to DNG (M-P body 2): https://we.tl/O2Kb9XKab7 Link to JPG (M-P body 2): https://we.tl/a3Vw2FUBYQ These images do not represent my photography (www.m9x.se), but they show the problem very clearly. So I went to my local Leica center in Stockholm who sent it to Leica in Germany. My lokal Leica dealer is fantastic by the way. I instructed Leica to test the way I had done in Lightroom doing the following: - adjust ”haze” to a the right - lower the value of vibrance - lower the value of saturation - set exposure to show a standard good histogram curve Leica concluded that the sensor ”function within tolerances”. They said: Both I and my lokal Leica dealer where astonished and very surprised. Separately we wrote to Leica. My dealer wrote this to Leica: To add to this, I told Leica that I would most likely post something on a forum to see if others have the same problem. To this Leica sent out a in-house alert message (that I mistakenly received a copy of) saying: Have I found an inherent problem with the sensor construction on the M240? To sum up: The vertical line appears in the exact same position in both bodys. This probably means it is an inherent problem in the construction of the sensor, or? My guess is that the sensor consists of two halves fused together, and that this fuse is not seamless (no, I do not know this, I am not a technician). The line appears in Lightroom (but also in C1Pro, Silver Efex Pro, ON1 Photo Raw). So it is not a matter of software. Although, in Lightroom (Leica´s preferred software) it appears much stronger than in C1P11. I have tested other cameras, and I cannot get a vertical line to appear in any images from them. I tested a GH4 heavily during the period my M-P was in Germany, as well as Ricoh GRii. And my old M9 did not have this problem, nor the even older Canon 5D. It is not a dead pixel problem. It is not banding. A camera that costs around 7000 Euro should not have this kind of sensor issue. A photographer/artist should be able to tweak a photo without a vertical line separating the image in two halves. There are many other competing camera makers nowadays. A camera company in 2018 should not act this way to faithful consumers. My Leica garage includes/included: R4, M9, M-P, 18/3.4, 28/2.8 Asph, 35/2 vers 4, two 50/1.4 Asph, 50/1.4, two 75/2 APO, 90/2.8, Digital flash SD20, etc… I am a devoted hobby photographer. I am not rich (not even close) and the expenses from Leica equipment means less of other things in my life. But I have spent 25000 Euro on Leica products through the years. I do not make any money on photography. I have used Leica for the love of their products. But maybe not som much anymore, to which I am very sad. Any one out there that has had the same problem?
  23. How often do folks typically need to wet clean their SL sensors? Lately my SL is picking up quite a bit of dust, and I seem to need to clean about once every 8 weeks or so, and I am not in a particularly dusty environment when I change lenses.
  24. Just found out that my next M246 suffers from sensor issues. My first M246 was replaced because there was an error with the sensor on the first one, and now it's happening all over with the M246 which replaced the first one with sensor error; i have to send my next M246 to service. Three years ago i jumped in the water: I switched to Leica from Nikon (and a short period with Canon) after 25 years without any techinical faults or issues what so ever, and i never looked back. That is until now, because i'm wondering if i really want to stay with Leica after these experiences after all. Three years with severe errors on two different digital bodies (sensors). - Is this sufficent enough? - What would you expect from Leica's customer service in this matter? - Would you go the other way around again, turn the back on Leica and return to Nikon based upon the experiences these (first) three years? Or shall i just tolerate this?
  25. abphotog

    M10 Artifacts

    Hello everyone, long time reader first time posting. I purchased a Leica M10 from Camtec in Montreal almost two weeks ago and I'm in love with it. I used it on a few shoots and just recently on a weekend getaway. More often then I'd like to admit, I miss the exposure and rely on the dng to recover. So when recovering the shadows in an image I underexposed dramatically, I was surprised to see red, blue and green pixels lighting up all over the place on the image. Does anyone know what these could be? I've never experienced this with any other digital camera. And I don't think it's dust, these are pixel sized points. Thanks in advance! Andrew
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