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  1. Hallo, ich habe mir vor Jahr und Tag eine M9 neu gekauft. Habe aber die M9 nicht benutzt , da ich lieber analog gearbeitet habe. Dann kam das Thema "Sensor" auf und ich habe um meine M9 zu prüfen einige Zeit mit der M9 fotografiert. Alles im "Grünen Bereich" - keine Probleme. Auf Nachfrage hat man mir gesagt, wenn da bis jetzt nichts passiert ist, dann kommt da auch nichts mehr. Sie brauchen nichts zu unternehmen. Also die M9 wieder weggepackt. Gestern nun M9 genommen , Objektiv angesetzt , Winterfoto gemacht .. und nix ! In der Mitte hell und an beiden Rändern irgendwelche Farbe. Karte formatiert. Das gleiche Ergebnis. Firmware kontrolliert und neu aufgespielt. Wieder Mist. Leica angerufen und 2 Beispielfotos an den Service gesendet. Aber man hat mir wenig Hoffnung gemacht. Es gibt keinen neuen Sensor mehr und wenn der es nicht ist, dann ist es irgendein Board, welches es auch nicht mehr gibt. So ganz kann ich mit dieser Sachlage nicht zufrieden sein. Eine recht teuere Digitalkamera mit weniger als 1.000 Auslösungen , gibt nach kurzer Benutzung und danach nur im Schrank gelegen, einfach den Geist auf und es gibt keinen Ersatz. Äußerlich sieht die M9 aus wie neu aus dem Laden. Die Update - Angebote habe ich auf der Leica Seite gesehen. Aber das kann ich nur als schlechten Scherz bewerten. Nach den Erfahrungen soll ich eine weitere große Summe in eine DIGITAL - LEICA investieren ? Gibt es ähnliche Erfahrungen ? Ich habe auch Digitalkameras von Nikon D3 und neuer die D810 von denen sind solche Probleme nicht bekannt. Na ja, die kosten ja nicht soviel. Es tut mir in der Seele weh, wenn ich nur denke die M9 einfach zu entsorgen. Es muß doch eine Möglichkeit geben.
  2. Today i experienced for the second time that my Monochrom M246 failed to capture an image. It triggered as usual, it indicates the right shutter time in playback mode but nothing was captured/registered in the image. It's just a blank (read black) unexposed picture. I've tried to google this but did not find anything about this problem, that's why i'm trying here. Nothing was captured in the sensor and it's only a black picture with no data recorded at all. Has anyone in this forum experienced something like this?
  3. I've been working for quite some time on my first user report on the Leica M-D 262. It's a lengthy piece that comes around most things. I hope you enjoy it. Cut it up over some reading sessions so you don't spend all weekend on it :-) "What's This - A Digital Camera Without a Screen?"
  4. I've started a photography channel, "Magic of Light" on YouTube because it's the audio-visual age. I really love writing about cameras and photography (and will continue to do so), but when an opportunity to set up a production team doing video was there, I grabbed it. So I will be doing two broadcasts a week. The new one is "What is White Balance". So enjoy, and subscribe to the channel if you like it! http://www.magicoflight.tv/watch?v=-vHtnQPhhZs
  5. One of the marketing claims made by Leica for the M10 is that it has a "sharp sensor". This could mean no more than no low-pass filter is being used over the sensor, but that is also the case with other Leica cameras. There is also a suggestion that the new sensor is (even) better suited to the wider angle M lenses, which are not well matched to, e.g., Sony sensors (or the micro lenses that go over them). Does anyone have any evidence one way or the other on these points?
  6. This happened to me twice the other day. I switched on the SL with the Vario-Elmarit. No picture could be seen on the screen but there was the virtual horizon moving and the information around the screen including aperture and time, if accurate i do not know. For Sweden it was a nice warm day, 23°C. The camera had been lying in the boot of my ACed car. Switching of, removing the battery did not help until eventually. In a while the fault was repeated. Now the LS seems to be working fine again. This failure I think was due to heated sensor. Have you who use the LS in warmer surroundings had this problem? /Eric
  7. I just cleaned my M240 with Aero-Clipse. Problem is there are sensor streaks left. How do I remove the sensor streaks? Thanks.
  8. Hey there, I tried finding the info on the forum/ google search but was unfortunately unsuccessful. A friend of mine gave me his old S2 body (yes, very nice friend ;-)) as he bought the newer version. He also told me that he tried cleaning the sensor and it looks somewhat scratched. I have not yet been able to afford a lens for the cam so I'm not sure how bad this will affect images, but: What is the (approximate) cost if I have to replace the sensor of my S2? Thanks much, Nils
  9. please pardon for the re-post! i could not find the original post on the thread... i purchased a used M body last week - and only today made first tests with open sky as the sun finally peeked out. i see two large blotches in the (overly) saturated blue sky! i am traumatised by my experience with the monochrom and the replacement of the sensor which took 14 months (luckily i was offered a loaner by Leica USA). have others seen anything similar to this using the M 240? i appreciate the help in advance...
  10. I've written another page on the Leica M 246, the tonality and dynamic range and my - sort of - conclusion for my own use of the Monochrom Enjoy! Thorsten Overgaard: The Leica M 246 Dynamic Range
  11. Any suggestions whether I should send my M246 to Germany for cleaning or save time and do it locally with a reputable dealer? May be one of Leica stores? I am in NYC. I got a few small spots on the sensor over the year of use and a few thousands shots. Appears to be like wear & tear naturally in progress. I do not feel I would try cleaning on my own...
  12. Just found out that my next M246 suffers from sensor issues. My first M246 was replaced because there was an error with the sensor on the first one, and now it's happening all over with the M246 which replaced the first one with sensor error; i have to send my next M246 to service. Three years ago i jumped in the water: I switched to Leica from Nikon (and a short period with Canon) after 25 years without any techinical faults or issues what so ever, and i never looked back. That is until now, because i'm wondering if i really want to stay with Leica after these experiences after all. Three years with severe errors on two different digital bodies (sensors). - Is this sufficent enough? - What would you expect from Leica's customer service in this matter? - Would you go the other way around again, turn the back on Leica and return to Nikon based upon the experiences these (first) three years? Or shall i just tolerate this?
  13. Hello everyone, long time reader first time posting. I purchased a Leica M10 from Camtec in Montreal almost two weeks ago and I'm in love with it. I used it on a few shoots and just recently on a weekend getaway. More often then I'd like to admit, I miss the exposure and rely on the dng to recover. So when recovering the shadows in an image I underexposed dramatically, I was surprised to see red, blue and green pixels lighting up all over the place on the image. Does anyone know what these could be? I've never experienced this with any other digital camera. And I don't think it's dust, these are pixel sized points. Thanks in advance! Andrew
  14. Hello everyone. I'm a long-time M photographer who just joined this forum. My first M was a 6, followed by an 8, then a 9 and most recently a 10. I really love the M9 and my camera is one of the early production ones and in original condition (never repaired or had anything replaced.) I've not cleaned the sensor for about 5 years and today finally took the time to do so. The images in this post have been processed in Lightroom to add as much contrast as I could to increase the visibility of specs and dust. The small images inline in this post have had "auto levels" applied, so they are extremely compressed, greatly exaggerating the particles. Link to full-res images at end of post. I started with a reference shot against a light grey wall, summicron 50 at f16 out of focus. Pretty damn dirty: First round of cleaning was with a rocket blower. This got rid of quite a lot of minor dust particles: Second round of cleaning was with a VisibleDust Arctic Butterfly statically-charged brush, which got rid of a new "class" of particles: However there were still a few "sticky" particles left. Final round was wet cleaning with swabs of Eclipse. This is a really scary step as it's easy to make mistakes, but I managed to not screw up: There's now just a single impossible-to-get-rid-of spec (even after five Eclipse swabbings), and I can live with that one. Pretty remarkable how much cleaner the sensor is after this. Strongly recommend taking an hour out of your life to clean you sensor (very carefully) :–) Full-res images (lightly compressed and processed to increase particle visibility): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0q9tht2js82u1zs/AAB6M-98wkRWTfmDtTke-duha?dl=0 Equipent used: Giottos AA1900 Rocket Air Blaster VisibleDust Arctic Butterfly 724 VisibleDust Quasar R 5x Sensor Loupe Photosol Sensor Swab ULTRA (24mm) Photographic Solutions Eclipse fluid
  15. Is this something I can do myself or should I have it done by a professional? Thanks.
  16. We all know of the fondness of users, current and past, for the Digilux 2 camera and it seems that new people keep finding their way to it's unique design. We all also know that a day will come when the supply of working Digilux 2 ( & Panasonic LC1) cameras will run out and that marvelous lens will go dark. I truly think that if Leica were to release an update of the Digilux 2 it would sell well and could probably be developed for minimal cost (CCD, Logic Board, Software). Technology has certainly improved greatly since the early 2000's design timeframe and herein lies my question: If Leica were do release a new camera built around the Digilux 2's lens (essentially the same physical size sensor), what kind of Megapixel count could be achieved today? Secondly, if a Foveon sensor was used, could the pixel count be even higher. The relatively fast glass of the Digilux 2 lens would seem to be custom made for a Foveon sensor. Not being a geek about such things, I was wondering if those who are would humor me with their speculation as to what kind of performance 2010 CCD technology could cram in that small sensor size.
  17. Auf einem längeren Winterspaziergang hatte ich zahlreiche Bilder gemacht, Außentemperatur war ca. minus 5 Grad Celsius. Nach ca. 1 Stunde erhielten die Bilder am linken Rand einen deutlich sichbaren Rotstich, der zur Mitte hin schwächer wurde. Das Problem war besonders sichtbar bei einem 28mm Weitwinkel, beim 50mm war der Effekt nicht deutlich sichtbar. Kann es sein, daß die niedrigen Temparaturen diesen Effekt verursachten, d.h. daß der Sensor unter niedrigen Temperaturen Farbverfälschungen zeigt?
  18. Hallo Zusammen, seit ca. 1 Jahr fotografiere ich mit der V-Lux 1, sammle Erfahrungen und baue das Hobby langsam aus. Mir ist aber nach und nach folgendes bei der digitalen Nachbearbeitung (mit Photoshop CS3) der Bilder aufgefallen. Vor allem in glatten Flächen (z.B. blauer Himmel) sieht man, besonders in der Vergrößerung, dass die Fläche nicht glatt, sondern eigentlich ziemlich fleckig ist und recht stark "rauscht". Das kommt besonders zum tragen, wenn ich die Bilder in S/W umwandle und die RGB-Kanäle zur Verbesserung von Kontrasten verändere. Aber auch Farbbilder zeigen in glatten Flächen ein sichtbares (farbiges) Grundrauschen, vor allem bei dunkleren Farbtönen. Ich fotografiere meistens mit ISO 100 und mache Jpegs mit maximaler Qualität. Die Kameraeinstellungen auf maximale Rauschminderung zu stellen oder die Bilder im RAW-Format aufzunehmen brachte keine große Verbesserung. Liegt das nun am kleinen Sensor der Kamera oder ist stimmt etwas mit der Kamera nicht? Es wäre nett, wenn mir einer von euch Profis hier etwas dazu sagen/schreiben könnte. Danke!
  19. Hallo und guten Abend, ich brauch mal Euren Rat. Leider hab ich Probleme mit dem Sensor meiner M8 - er produziert Streifen. Je nach Bild und Bildbearbeitung sind sie kaum sichtbar. Im blauen Himmel bei der sw Konvertierung jedoch immer gut zu sehen. Die Streifen variieren nicht, es ist immer das selbe Muster. Die Kamera war deswegen auch schon mal beim Service. Der Sensor wurde getauscht. Zunächst dachte ich alles Ok, aber das Muster war nur ein anderes. Wieder zurück zum Service. Diesmal wurde der Accu, Spannungsschwankungen, als Ursache erkannt und getauscht. Doch nach wie vor, die Streifen sind da. Statt von rechts nach links wie beim ersten Sensor, nun von links nach rechts. Auch nicht mehr so kräftig, eher wie ein Regenschauer. Ist das Problem bekannt und, viel interessanter, auch gelöst worden. Das extra dafür bearbeitete Bild gibt hoffentlich einen Eindruck. Gruß Peter
  20. If not already known: Kodak has developed a new CMOS sensor type, which combines quite some advantages over the previous chips. Initially developed for small scale sensors, the new type may evolve to larger formats and deliver unprecedented resolution and performance. Read it here...
  21. This is a Canon 1D(s) issue, but I know some M8 users have mentioned seeing evidence of lubricant spatter on their sensors, so it seemed appropriate to note that it DOES happen. Support - Digital SLR - EOS-1Ds Mark III - Service Notices - Canon USA Consumer Products Kudos to Canon for being on top of this issue, even if they have been knocked for being slow to respond to some things (1DIII AF issues, e.g.) Kudos to Canon for the detailed and extensive explanation of what is going on - including the Mark-Norton-like "surgery" picture of the offending mirror hinges. As Leica moves (we hope) towards a more professional support and service system to back up the S2, I hope in their visits to this forum they take note of this post. This is how to address the inevitable occasional problems with products! ---------------- P.S. I hope this will not be an issue with my forthcoming 5DII, but that if it is, I hope the 5D will get the same service and response as the 1D models.
  22. I took a very underexposed shot and tried raising the exposure 3.4 stops, and I expect noise, but what are these horizontal lines? Is it normal? This was taken with my 'new' used LeicaQ. Is this expected? I've never seen this before, and I've definitely shot underexposed before. Should I return this camera? Is it defective? Thank you!
  23. With the important caveat that this post is largely speculation, let's anticipate the performance characteristics of the M10-R sensor. The Leica S3 sensor is 45x30 mm (1350 sq mm) and the DNG files are 9816 x 6512, for a total pixel count of 63,921,792 pixels, or 47,349 pixels per sq mm The Leica M10 Monochrom sensor is 36 x 24 mm (864 sq mm) and the DNG files are 7864 x 5200 = 40,892,800 pixels, or 47,330 pixels per sq mm. The pixel density of the two sensors is so similar that I assume the discrepancy comes from non-scaling edge usage factors, and/or small 0.01 mm-scale rounding errors in sensor size. So if we assume that the S3 sensor and the M10 Monochrom sensor come from the same process, differing only in size and the presence of the Bayer color filter array in the former, then it's reasonable to assume the M10-R sensor also comes from the same process, and is basically a 36 x 24 mm crop of the S3 sensor (as others have hypothesized in this forum previously). If this reasoning is correct, then you can expect the M10-R sensor to be the same as the M10M sensor, plus a Bayer CFA, and to perform more or less the same as the S3 sensor on a per-square-mm basis. Therefore, I would expect: - DNG files that are 7864 x 5200 = 40,892,800 pixels - Dual gain design - 4.6 µm pixel pitch - Base ISO = 100 - ISO range = 100-50,000 (basically one stop lower than the 160-100,000 ISO range of the M10 Monochrom, as one might predict from the lack of the Bayer CFA in the M10M) - 14 bits per pixel Good ISO 12,500 photos and decent ISO 25,000 photos would be terrific, and a significant improvement over the M10/M10-P, as noted here: https://photorumors.com/2019/01/20/mega-shootout-sony-leica-and-phase-one-comparison/
  24. Hi all, does anyone know what is going on here? All of sudden every photo is like this or a different shape with sometimes a bit of the actual image sensor? sd card? processor? any help before sending it away would be much appreciated!
  25. Hi Everyone, I recently notice a small/short black line at the edge of images taken with M9P. I’m not sure what causes the fault. Can anyone please have at these 2 images, and share your thoughts? Thank you. - Chris
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