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  1. I have a Canon 5D which I use most of the time and a G7 to use as a pocket camera. For times when the 5D plus 24-105 lens is too big and I want more fun than the G7 will give, I was thinking of a D2. In fact, I put a $100 non-refundable down payment on a used (excellent ++) D2 from Tamarkin this morning. I am beginning to think I am crazy to pay almost $900 for a four-year-old 5MP camera with an EVF, long (by today's standards) shutter lag, and reported issues with sensor failure. On the other hand, the camera/lens are calling me, and the photo examples I have seen do seem to have a certain look about them. Does such a look really exist with this camera, or does it just seem this way because most who use this camera happen to be goood photographers? If there is such a look, does it come from the lens or from the in-camera image processing? Do the D2 users here tend to use JPEG most of the time?
  2. Hi there, this is my first time on this forum. I have just bought a digilux 2 (at last) and was looking for some advice. Can I use my SF20 flashgun from my D1 with the D2. It does reccommend the SF24 but just want to make sure I'm not going to break anything. Also anyone know where I can get a Leica/Lumix wide angle for the D"? Thanks Howard:confused:
  3. Well for a while I thought my D2 was going on holiday to Leica UK after just seven weeks in my posession. While shooting yesterday I was aware I was having a problem. I was in aperure priority, my usual resting place, but realised I was not getting shutter speeds above 1/250 sec. Lower was OK but not higher, even though I was shooting at f2 and f2.8 in bright light the shutter speed never went above 1/250. What happened instead was that on half pressing the shutter, the aperture would jump up to f8 or so even though set to f2 on the lens. At this point I was thinking the worst. Decided to take a further look this morning - same. Did a camera reset in case a peculiar option had been accidentaly selected - same. Wondered whether it was something to do with flash sync speed, went to pop up the flash and it wouldn't. Really scratching my head now. Removed the Olympus hot shoe cover that I put on it last week and the flash popped up - lightbulb goes on in my head!! If you put on an external flashgun there is an interlock which prevents the internal flash popping up and.....it also sets flash sync speed. The same happens if you slide a hotshoe cover in - the camera thinks there is always an external flash fitted and goes into flash mode - DOH!! Wow, really releived that nothing actually wrong, I was preparing myself for a big repair bill but my beloved D2 lives on...... So if you find a hotshoe cover in your box of bits - leave it there. Nigel
  4. I'm considering purchasing a Leica SF 24 flash for use with my D2. Any thoughts? Sample shots? I hardly ever use the flash on the D2 but when I do, I'm not very pleased with the results so I'm wondering if this overpriced flash will make a difference? That aside, I've grown very fond of this camera.
  5. I'm considering purchasing a Leica SF 24 flash for use with my D2. Any thoughts? Sample shots? I hardly ever use the flash on the D2 but when I do, I'm not very pleased with the results so I'm wondering if this flash will make a difference?
  6. Digilux2, Cloudy day after the rain. Post Processing: None.
  7. This camera Rocks Painting on the pavement courtesy and copyrighted @Djayawarman Alamprabu prabu.tk Taken with Leica Digilux 2 From Flickr Set From the street & Facebook Leica Camera Indonesia user Facebook Leica DIGILUX 2 User
  8. Can anyone help me turn on the burst mode so I can take three frames with one push of the shutter? I have it switched to burst mode but the display has it x'd out. Where do I turn this on? Thanks:)
  9. We all know of the fondness of users, current and past, for the Digilux 2 camera and it seems that new people keep finding their way to it's unique design. We all also know that a day will come when the supply of working Digilux 2 ( & Panasonic LC1) cameras will run out and that marvelous lens will go dark. I truly think that if Leica were to release an update of the Digilux 2 it would sell well and could probably be developed for minimal cost (CCD, Logic Board, Software). Technology has certainly improved greatly since the early 2000's design timeframe and herein lies my question: If Leica were do release a new camera built around the Digilux 2's lens (essentially the same physical size sensor), what kind of Megapixel count could be achieved today? Secondly, if a Foveon sensor was used, could the pixel count be even higher. The relatively fast glass of the Digilux 2 lens would seem to be custom made for a Foveon sensor. Not being a geek about such things, I was wondering if those who are would humor me with their speculation as to what kind of performance 2010 CCD technology could cram in that small sensor size.
  10. Hi everyone, I read a post recently from someone complaining how easy it is to nudge the D2's focus ring from AF to AF Macro. Does this matter ?? I thought the only difference between AF & AF Macro was the nearest focusing being either 60cm (AF) or 30cm (AF Macro). I've always kept mine on AF Macro - am I missing something ?? Cheers LJJ
  11. AlbertoDeRoma


    The image lost quite a bit of vibrancy, smoothness and realism in compression for web posting, but still shows off the amazing tones of the Digilux 2. To me, this camera is to photography what tubes are to audio - warm, smooth and wonderfully rich. Alberto Digilux 2, f/3.6, 1/2000
  12. All with the Digilux 2 To preface this, I am married to a Japanese woman and this trip was to introduce our 8 month old to the family and friends, there was no touring around the country this time as we mostly hung around the house, so I just set about going out and doing some random street shooting around town ( a few were taken in Osaka ) Here is a few and the link to the gallery. Japan 2010 gallery
  13. Just practicing DOF w/ D2. Shot at 90mm f2, manual focus.
  14. D2 taking photo of a D3 taking photo of a spring flower.
  15. This is actually a real ladies dress ( life size ) which has been painted, coated, painted , re-coated. The face is also ceramic.
  16. Just a zipper trying out close up macro wide open. Just for fun.
  17. herzie

    Digilux 2

    Hallo, die Digilux 2 scheint ja auch heute noch einen festen (begeisterten) Benutzerkreis zu haben. Liegt es am guten Objektiv oder hat die Kamera noch andere Qualitäten ? Ist sie vielleicht sogar als Alternative zur M8 zu sehen, wenn der Brennweitenbereich ausreicht ?
  18. farnz


    Thanks for taking the time to look, and your comments are welcome. Taken with a Digilux 2 in Belgravia, London. [ATTACH]196853[/ATTACH] Pete.
  19. Hi forum, One more outstanding job for my lovely Digilux 2 HD time laps with motion head Test results aka video teaser via following link and password: dom This is a password protected video on Vimeo Some more photos of the technical setup via timelock leica digilux 2 time laps equipment Best regards JJ
  20. New to the Users Forum and to the D2 that's on the way. What in the experience of you D2 users is a well-made and intelligently designed bag for this camera that would allow for the camera/charger, etc. to be separately compartmented and kept reasonably snug? I know about the Billingham L2 $$$(Alice) and the Pelican 1200 hard-sided option from an old 2007 thread. I'm seeking more recent advice and thank you most appreciatively in advance!
  21. I just came back from a full day of shooting a passing storm with one of my trusty D2. I had 2 other cameras in my bag. The D-Lux 4 and a Panasonic FZ-35 for those shots that needed a zoom. Care to guess which camera I used for 90% of the pictures - despite its "limitations"? As I was driving back, I wondered why I like this camera so much - besides the pictures it's capable of taking of course. So I started to count the ways ... feel free to contribute you other D2 fans : I love the way you cost me just a few hundred bucks, but make me feel like a million bucks. I love the way you make me want to get out of the house, go exploring and take pictures. I love the way you feel in my hands and respond to my touch. I love your classy and classic looks. I love your big (f/2.0) eye. I REALLY loooooooove the fact that I can shoot all day with a single battery and a single card. ... Alberto
  22. Not claiming any real photographic talent here. Just sharing a shot of a nice day in Malibu. Dan . Shot w/ Digilux 2.
  23. Well I am the proud and slightly confused owner of a D2. Now, the manual is hard going and I'm trying hard to absorb most. I have got to grips with zoom and manual focus, which is very neat. The F numbers, lower the number, what type of ideal shot as the same for a higher number. Or is there an ideal setting for this. The ISO setting 100 200 or 400. same again is there an ideal setting and what with the different numbers do.... The EV button brinds up exposure, auto bracket and flash... Is there ideal settings for this and could you explain what effect the different settings will do. Finally, could you keep this in lay mans terms.... Sorry for being so inept, and many thanks in advance...... Regards Mac... Ps. I absolute love everything about the camera.
  24. Note: I am posting this here (instead of the photo forum) because the actual photo is not that great and the real subject of the post is the D2 low-light capabilities. Last night, after dinner at our favorite pizzeria with the family, I decided to stay around town and take some shots with the D2. While camera's max ISO is 400 – and it's already noisy at 200, in my experience a tripod and a couple of seconds at 100 can give you some pretty good shots. Having said that, I came home pretty dejected (and wanting an M9 with more usable ISOs more than ever) because carrying a tripod around was a real pain and I stood out like a sore thumb. Fortunately, despite the hassle of a tripod and 1sec+ exposures, some of the photos came out pretty darn nice. The following example was taken outside the town's library. It was very dark; with the naked eye, all I could see was the glow of a green LED and a crouched shape outside the lighted library window. Quiet as a mouse - not to draw attention to myself - I set the Digilux 2 on the tripod and zoomed it to 90mm. ISO was set at 100, f/2.4, 2.0 seconds. When I got home and downloaded the photo, I saw that that the crouching figure was someone using the library's free WiFi on their laptop. He never noticed me, probably because he also had headphones on and was pretty engrossed by what he was reading on the laptop. While an M9 with ISO 800 or 1600 would have been great and would have saved me the hassle of a tripod, I think that the D2 low-light performance can be impressive if you give it a second - or 2. Alberto P.S. The much less compressed (3.5MB) original is significantly better than what I uploaded. The green of the foliage and shrubs really stands out, as does the texture of the rocks. But even this 480KB image should convey the D2 low-light performance.
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