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Found 172 results

  1. I have a Canon 5D which I use most of the time and a G7 to use as a pocket camera. For times when the 5D plus 24-105 lens is too big and I want more fun than the G7 will give, I was thinking of a D2. In fact, I put a $100 non-refundable down payment on a used (excellent ++) D2 from Tamarkin this morning. I am beginning to think I am crazy to pay almost $900 for a four-year-old 5MP camera with an EVF, long (by today's standards) shutter lag, and reported issues with sensor failure. On the other hand, the camera/lens are calling me, and the photo examples I have seen do seem to have a certain look about them. Does such a look really exist with this camera, or does it just seem this way because most who use this camera happen to be goood photographers? If there is such a look, does it come from the lens or from the in-camera image processing? Do the D2 users here tend to use JPEG most of the time?
  2. Wer hat Lust seine 5 besten Bilder aus den Schwestern hier zu präsentieren? Zur Erinnerung an eine Leica wie es sie so nicht wieder geben wird.
  3. Hallo, ich habe meine Digilux 2 seit 11 Jahren. Ich habe vor einigen Jahren einen no-name Ersatzakku gekauft. Ich habe die letzten Jahre die Kamera selten benutzt - der Akku war schnell leer. Zuletzt lädt der Akku ca. 10 min auf - dann erlischt das grüne Licht beim Ladegerät - wenn ich den Batterie fest hineindrücke - leuchtet das Gerät wieder für eine Minute - und so weiter. Der Akku ist dann nur wenig aufgeladen. Frage: Genügt es einen neuen Akku zu kaufen oder ist das Ladegerät defekt? Kann man das Ladegerät einfach testen? Im Internetversand wird ein Set mit 2 akkus + Ladegerät um ca.40 € angeboten. Ist das empfehlenswert? Danke im Voraus für die Tipps. Imkerjoe
  4. From the album: RLW 1

    © Robert Whitehead

  5. I have a Digilux 2 on the way, courtesy of EBay, and wondered what others were using for a remote shutter release. I tend to do a lot of night shots and would like to see how the camera handles daytime long exposures with an ND filter. Appreciate any guidance. Christian
  6. Hi All Not long ago I finally took my Digilux 2 to a Leica store for inspection and repair. I have always suspected the reason why I got dead black screen and couldn't power on was the image sensor (or whatever reason that everyone else had). The shop examined it and reported that they couldn't fix it because Leica no longer produced the parts for Digilux 2. I know it's my fault to have waited this long to try fixing it, but I've always thought Leica would value its machines well enough to at least keep the capability of repairing them. I don't know what to do now. The shop I brought it in was a legit distributor in Taipei. They claimed they have called Germany headquarters and no luck with spare parts. Should I try Leica Germany again? Or Leica US? Or is there any third party Leica-specialist repair shop I can go to? Perhaps use the parts from the Panasonic counterpart of Digilux 2? Sorry for the rambling. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks. HC
  7. Hello, this is my first post on the forum. Am currently reading page 81 of 117 pages on this thread so I don't know if this has already been posted. I am actively searching for a D2 and contacted Leica UK the other day asking about free sensor replacement. Was told by Customer Services that; ' up until quite recently, sensor replacement on the Digilux 2 was carried out free of charge, but as of 2013 this is no longer the case ' So there is now a charge and it was suggested that this would be under £200. My apologies if I am posting something you all already knew...
  8. I have recently purchased a little used D2. It has had its sensor replaced. When turning on and off, or when it is exposed to bright lights, there is a quiet ticking or clicking noise to be heard, coming from the front of the camera. I cannot be more specific than that. Has anybody else had a similar issue and do you know what it is? thanks Robert
  9. I have noticed that most D2s seem to have arc shaped scratches near the strap lugs, which appear to be caused by the plastic connector covers scratching against the sides when the camera is being carried. Some of the non-OEM straps available have protectors in place to stop this but I note that the Leica straps (even for the M series) do not. Until my new strap arrives, I have found that a small circle of felt can be placed over the lug and the strap connected over the top to prevent such scratches. It doesn't look too bad (see attached) as a short term measure but more importantly it should prevent my camera body becoming scored like every other D2 seems to be. I hope that this helps someone.
  10. Hi, I just received a digilux 2 in the post today and there is a problem with it. It looks like the sensor needs replacing. Here's an image of the display from the lcd However, I currently can not find a SDSC card at home so have yet to try it with a memory card in. I have already contacted leica via phone about the issue and was told it sounded like the sensor has given up but they also said just to try it with a card just in case. Is someone able to confirm whether this is the sensor from the image shown? I need to contact the seller and may not be able to find/buy a smaller card in the next few days. Thanks. Jack
  11. Ok, this is a bit out of season, but hopefully no one will mind. I shot this on a backpacking trip in New Hampshire in October. In addition to the amazing ability of the Digilux 2 to capture the image, is the fact that I was bending over with a 40lb pack on my back to shoot this in the early morning light. Thank you for looking. kaethe
  12. Liebe Mitglieder, Ich habe eine Digilux 2 mit einer späten Seriennummer, also zu einer Zeit gebaut, wo es keine Probleme mit dem Sensor geben soll wie bei den früheren Produktionen. Jetzt ist es mir passiert, dass die Camera von Zeit zu Zeit nicht mehr anging, dann aber wieder doch, also soetwas wie ein Wackelkontakt. Wenn sie angeht ist sie voll funktionsfähig, wenn sie nicht angeht passiert gar nichts. Ich habe sie zu Leica eingeschickt und telefonisch erklärt bekommen, die Camera sei nicht mehr reparabel, da die Elektronik kaputt sei und Leica die entsprechende Platine nicht mehr lagert. Auch auf wiederholte Nachfrage wurde mir nicht gesagt, was genau kaputt sei und stattdessen angeboten zu einem ermäßigten Preis eine neue Camera zu kaufen. Meine Frage ist nun, ob jemand jemanden kennt, dem ich die Camera zur Reperatur schicken kann? Der Defekt ist ja an/aus, es müsste sich also um ein relativ grobstoffliches Problem handeln, dass ggf. auch ohne neue Platine repariert werden könnte. Auch würde ich gerne wissen, ob ich anderenfals die Platine von der baugleichen Pannasonic benutzen könnte? Ich bin Geigenbaumeister und war sehr glücklich mit dieser Camera um meine Instrumente abzulichten! Sie war für mich als Laie perfekt und lieferte sehr charmante Photos. Liebe Grüße und vielen Dank für die Hilfe :-)
  13. Hi, I suffered from Gear Acquisition Syndrome from 2005 through 2012. After that I never touched a camera for two years. Just wanted to let you know how I recovered. I purchased a Digilux 2. This was after reading through all the threads here. Thank-you all, and to the inomparable D2, for helping me. Over and Out.
  14. I love my D2, but unfortunately I found a problem in Digilux 2 manual focus @ infinity. Basically manual focus @ infinity will not focus on infinity at all. Here is my test: [1] Put camera on tripod, set aperture @ F2, set zoom @ 28 mm, and set focus distance at infinity. I took a picture, and I found both foreground and background are blur, and I don't even know where is the focus. [2] Set focus @ AF, point to infinity, and took second picture when AF indicate light is green. this picture is very sharp, both background and foreground, which is expected. It looks like this problem only occur at bigger aperture (F2, F2.8, F4), when I use F5.6 and F8, manual focus @ infinity seems work fine, I got sharp image. I think this issue will make manual "zone focus" difficult. I am not sure if this happened to me, or someone else also experienced the same issue? thanks a lot!!
  15. I recently acquired a mint used Leica Digilux 2 to compliment my Panasonic Lumix LC1 (boy do I feel lucky!). I do a lot of landscape photography and want to explore the use of "variable graduated neutral density filter systems" with the Digilux 2 and Lumix LC1. Has anyone had any experience with this technique? Can you recommend some filter systems (LEE, Heliopan, B+W) that can be used on the 69 mm filter size of the D2 and the LC1. I am particularly impressed by the following as I have a polarizer from Heliopan for my LC1: I have the 69mm - 77 mm Leica D2 adapter: Amazon.com: Heliopan 77mm Variable Gray ND Filter- Heliopan 707790: Camera & Photo I am constantly amazed how good the D2 and LC1 perform - even after so many years! I almost always grab the LC1 camera when I head out outside for a day of photo shooting. Thanks again for any and all input and recommendations John
  16. Every time I switch my Digilux 2 on I get the following message: Please set the clock clock set - menu Yes, the clock needs reseting as it's gone back to the 1/1/2004 date. Not the biggest problem, but a bit annoying. Does anyone have any ideas for a solution?
  17. Hi, trotz intensiver Suche habe ich keine Information erhalten, über ein Firmwareupdate. Gab es welche und wenn ja wie viele? Und wenn ja wo kann ich sie finden - auf der L-Homepage jedenfalls nicht ! Oder habe ich etwas übersehn? Welche Speicherkartengröße und Geschwindigkeit ist möglich? Bringt eine schnelle Karte überhaupt etwas? Z.Z. benutze ich 512 MB - Standard ( finde ich sehr langsam) Bitte um kurzfristige Antwort. Danke und
  18. Has this been discussed? A search didn't find anything. The D2 has a great lens; does it have a 'sweet spot' as many lenses do?
  19. I've read a few very interesting pieces on the Digilux, including Andy Piper's excellent Photo.net review, Torsten Overgaard's inspiring article and C. Garrard's more recent and positive "re-review". I'm pretty intrigued by this camera. Accepting the various flaws of the camera (RAW buffer, EVF, ISO noise etc) and that it is by today's standards old tech, how would it be to use it as a completely manual camera akin to how one uses an analog M? I mean I usually don't take photos at a faster rate than 10 secs between them and provided one can live with the EVF I guess it should be fine to use manual focus at all times. The lens seems to be able to produce really nice photos, esp black and white and at 100 ISO. Perhaps I'm completely wrong, but this camera seems like a pretty cool camera to have and use. Cheers Philip
  20. Hello fellow D2 owners and lustoteers. Thought I'd let those few interested know that I did a bit of an online contribution to the continuance of the D2's popularity. For those with some extra time, here is the lil' diddy. PHOTOGRAPHIC CENTRAL: Leica Digilux 2- Still A Contender Cheers, -Carl
  21. Hello, I perhaps will buy D2 in very good condition. The compatibility of this apparatus seems s' to stop with Windows XP. On my PC I have Windows 7 and Lightroom 3.1 that I use to develop the RAW of my D-Lux 5. Will I also be able to use D2 with Windows 7 and Lightroom 3.4 ? Thank you for your answer. Guytou
  22. Having used my Digilux 2 for a while now, it seems that certain focal lengths produce pictures which are definitely not straight. From what I can tell, the longer the focal length the straighter the picture. Most of the shots I take at 90mm or thereabouts are fine. They might need a minor tweak to get them totally straight, but by and large they're OK. On the other hand, the wider shots often seem to be really skewed and need considerable straightening in PP. It's strange. It's not a dealbreaker by any means; the D2 is my walkabout and backup camera and I like the pictures I get from it (straight and otherwise!). But I have to admit to some curiosity about this. Is there something up with the camera, do you think?
  23. I got hold of a Digilux 2 recently, but something's up with the memory cards, I think. I put in a Sandisk ultra 2 gig card (new), and all I get is a "memory card full" message, or "memory card error". I formatted one of the cards (I have two) in-camera, but got the same result. It's a regular SD, not a Super-Mega-Whatever SD. What gives? EDIT don't worry, sorted it out:)
  24. Hier der Link zum auslesen (Seite unten). Ob es bei der Digi 3 auch funktioniert werde ich Sonntag versuchen. Solltet Ihr vorher testen können Bitte Info! leica.overgaard.dk - Thorsten Overgaard's Leica Sites - Leica Digilux 2 sample photos and tests (as well as Panasonic DMC-LC1) - PAGE 4 - How to buy a Leica Digilux 2 second hand Hier in deutsch (Googleübersetzer): Herausfinden der tatsächlichen Auslöser setzt auf eine Digilux 2 1a. Setzen Sie einen vollständig aufgeladenen Akku ein. 1b. Legen Sie eine SD-Karte und ein paar picutres. 1c. Schalten Sie die Kamera "Aus". 2. Stellen Sie den Modus-Wahlrad auf "Single Bild". 3. Gleichzeitig; drücken Sie die "Flash"-Taste (die kleine Taste auf der rechten Oberseite der Kamera) und "Up" auf dem Kreuz-Taste: Schalten Sie das Gerät auf "On", während Sie diese beiden unten zu halten. 4. Gleichzeitig; drücken Sie die "Flash", "Menu" und "Left" auf das Kreuz drücken. Dadurch werden Sie auf einen Fehlercode Speicher Leinwand zu bringen. 5. Gleichzeitig; drücken Sie auf "Flash", "Menu" und "Left" wieder. Dies bringt Ihnen einen Überblick auf dem Bildschirm angezeigt: VER 1.0B: 001D (oder ähnliche Firmware-Version). NO:. S010XXXXXXXXXX (eine 12-stellige Nummer mit einem "S"-Präfix, wahrscheinlich eine Hauptplatine Seriennummer). PWRCNT: XXXX (die Anzahl der Male die Kamera auf, wurde "Power On Count" gedreht). SHTCNT: XXXX (die Anzahl der Auslöser abgefeuert, "Shutter Count"). STBCNT: XXX (die Anzahl der Flash fired, "Strobe Count"). 6. Schalten Sie "Off" die Macht.
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