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  1. I have a Canon 5D which I use most of the time and a G7 to use as a pocket camera. For times when the 5D plus 24-105 lens is too big and I want more fun than the G7 will give, I was thinking of a D2. In fact, I put a $100 non-refundable down payment on a used (excellent ++) D2 from Tamarkin this morning. I am beginning to think I am crazy to pay almost $900 for a four-year-old 5MP camera with an EVF, long (by today's standards) shutter lag, and reported issues with sensor failure. On the other hand, the camera/lens are calling me, and the photo examples I have seen do seem to have a certai
  2. Hello, ok, here there are. At your own risk. For me it works fine. :-) 1) Make sure that you have insert a full battery in your D2! Put a sd-card into the slot and make some pictures. Turn the power "Off". 2) Set the mode dial to "Single picture". 3) Press "Flash" (the small button on the right top of the cam) and "Up" on the cross key simultan, hold them and turn "On" the power. 4) Press simultan "Flash", "Menu" and "Left". Now you are at the error code memory screen. 5) Press simultan "Flash", "Menu" and "Left" again and whoops here are the most interesting infos.
  3. Wer hat Lust seine 5 besten Bilder aus den Schwestern hier zu präsentieren? Zur Erinnerung an eine Leica wie es sie so nicht wieder geben wird.
  4. Hallo, ich habe meine Digilux 2 seit 11 Jahren. Ich habe vor einigen Jahren einen no-name Ersatzakku gekauft. Ich habe die letzten Jahre die Kamera selten benutzt - der Akku war schnell leer. Zuletzt lädt der Akku ca. 10 min auf - dann erlischt das grüne Licht beim Ladegerät - wenn ich den Batterie fest hineindrücke - leuchtet das Gerät wieder für eine Minute - und so weiter. Der Akku ist dann nur wenig aufgeladen. Frage: Genügt es einen neuen Akku zu kaufen oder ist das Ladegerät defekt? Kann man das Ladegerät einfach testen? Im Internetversand wird ein Set mit 2 akkus + Ladegerät u
  5. Hi, I suffered from Gear Acquisition Syndrome from 2005 through 2012. After that I never touched a camera for two years. Just wanted to let you know how I recovered. I purchased a Digilux 2. This was after reading through all the threads here. Thank-you all, and to the inomparable D2, for helping me. Over and Out.
  6. Liebe Mitglieder, Ich habe eine Digilux 2 mit einer späten Seriennummer, also zu einer Zeit gebaut, wo es keine Probleme mit dem Sensor geben soll wie bei den früheren Produktionen. Jetzt ist es mir passiert, dass die Camera von Zeit zu Zeit nicht mehr anging, dann aber wieder doch, also soetwas wie ein Wackelkontakt. Wenn sie angeht ist sie voll funktionsfähig, wenn sie nicht angeht passiert gar nichts. Ich habe sie zu Leica eingeschickt und telefonisch erklärt bekommen, die Camera sei nicht mehr reparabel, da die Elektronik kaputt sei und Leica die entsprechende Platine nicht mehr lagert. A
  7. Hi All Not long ago I finally took my Digilux 2 to a Leica store for inspection and repair. I have always suspected the reason why I got dead black screen and couldn't power on was the image sensor (or whatever reason that everyone else had). The shop examined it and reported that they couldn't fix it because Leica no longer produced the parts for Digilux 2. I know it's my fault to have waited this long to try fixing it, but I've always thought Leica would value its machines well enough to at least keep the capability of repairing them. I don't know what to do now. The shop I
  8. Hello, this is my first post on the forum. Am currently reading page 81 of 117 pages on this thread so I don't know if this has already been posted. I am actively searching for a D2 and contacted Leica UK the other day asking about free sensor replacement. Was told by Customer Services that; ' up until quite recently, sensor replacement on the Digilux 2 was carried out free of charge, but as of 2013 this is no longer the case ' So there is now a charge and it was suggested that this would be under £200. My apologies if I am posting something you all already knew...
  9. I love my D2, but unfortunately I found a problem in Digilux 2 manual focus @ infinity. Basically manual focus @ infinity will not focus on infinity at all. Here is my test: [1] Put camera on tripod, set aperture @ F2, set zoom @ 28 mm, and set focus distance at infinity. I took a picture, and I found both foreground and background are blur, and I don't even know where is the focus. [2] Set focus @ AF, point to infinity, and took second picture when AF indicate light is green. this picture is very sharp, both background and foreground, which is expected. It looks like this problem on
  10. The Atacama desert has a base altitude of about 2600 meters, and several plateaus at over 4300 meters in elevation, many with salt ponds, well below the surrounding volcanic peaks (Chile has 2008 volcanos, of which about 150 are active). This is one such location. We have many more photos from northern Chile and the Falkland Islands on our site. Have a look.
  11. Not claiming any real photographic talent here. Just sharing a shot of a nice day in Malibu. Dan . Shot w/ Digilux 2.
  12. Well I am the proud and slightly confused owner of a D2. Now, the manual is hard going and I'm trying hard to absorb most. I have got to grips with zoom and manual focus, which is very neat. The F numbers, lower the number, what type of ideal shot as the same for a higher number. Or is there an ideal setting for this. The ISO setting 100 200 or 400. same again is there an ideal setting and what with the different numbers do.... The EV button brinds up exposure, auto bracket and flash... Is there ideal settings for this and could you explain what effect the different settings will
  13. Digilux 2. Taken just before dusk. Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, California.
  14. I have a great LC-1 but I find the aperture ring and focus rings a little loose at times. For example when the distance ring is set on AF it's very easy to accidently move it to AF-macro. Is this a common problem and something to be concerned about or just a fact of life for a used camera? Thanks Ian
  15. Hi there, this is my first time on this forum. I have just bought a digilux 2 (at last) and was looking for some advice. Can I use my SF20 flashgun from my D1 with the D2. It does reccommend the SF24 but just want to make sure I'm not going to break anything. Also anyone know where I can get a Leica/Lumix wide angle for the D"? Thanks Howard:confused:
  16. Hi, Today I went to shot some photos with my 'new' beautiful Digilux 2. Here the first attempt in Black & White. I used to shot in RAW and set the WB in Black & White, so I tried the BW out of the camera and even the RAW workflof. Here the results: This is the JPG directly out of the camera Piazza di Spagna, Roma. This is shot in RAW and a little PP with Silver Efex Pro Piazza di Spagna, Roma. I've to say that I love the JPG BW and I think I'm going to shot directly in JPG in the future.. Bye, Manuele-
  17. As Vancouver 2010 is spreading a bit of Olympics interest I decided to post this panoramic I took a few weeks back from the London 2012 Olympic Park. It shows the Greenway which is a public footpath overlooking the Stadium and I liked the perspective of being behind the three man security team.
  18. Hi all D2 users. Have any of you ever felt the need to make adjustments or use the option to make internal adjustments or maybe just as a pure experiment to contrast-sharpness-colour saturation. I'm enquiring as a new user to the wonderful Leica Digilux 2. Sc.
  19. HI folks. How accurate is the light meter in the D2. Have any of you used a grey card other than indoors. Sc,
  20. Folks, I have lost my DC in cable - the one which connects from the battery charger to the camera so that you can power it off the mains without the battery. It says in the manual that it is an EIAC type 3 - but a google search on this is not so helpful. Any idea where I can but a replacement lead, or what part number in maplin / radio shack / etc. corresponds to an 'EIAC type 3'? thanks! Charlie
  21. Hallo Leute Ich bin doch schon etwas länger hier, immer wieder interessant zu lesen, nun dachte ich mir, wird Zeit mal was zu schreiben...... Ich habe eine Leica Digilux 2 bin sehr zufrieden mit ihr, läuft auch einwandfrei, doch nun ist mir aufgefallen, dass sich die Belederung teilweise löst.. vorallem an der oberen Kante... ist nicht so eine riesige Sache, doch wenn man s weiss, dann sieht mans eben auch mehr. Nun zu meiner Frage... Wisst ihr, ob dies öfters vorkommt, und wie teuer ein Rep kommen würde? vielen dank für eure Hilfe grüsse
  22. The 3-5MB JPEG images from the D2 make workflow in Aperture sooooo much faster than the 10MB+ RAW from the M8. I am waiting for Apple to announce the new MacBook Pro lineup, but in the meantime, Aperture is a pig performance-wise on larger files - it makes PP laborious and not as much fun. I can't imagine what the performance would be on the M9 20MB+ files. Alberto
  23. Digilux 2. 28mm, Handheld taken from the car as my wife was driving. Ritz Carlton, Los Angeles is scheduled to open this March.
  24. Help:mad: just can't for the life of me remember the size mm thread on the D2 lens looking fore a neutral density 2 stop filter can anyone recommend where i may attain one please. Me thinks it may have to be a cokin +adapter. Sc.
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