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  1. My M9 fell to the ground from waist level. When I try to take a photo, the shutter is not working. Battery is full and all menus are working, no issues on the display as well, even the light meter also working. Somebody pls help
  2. So over the weekend a few drops of red bull were spilled on the top plate of my M2 (don't ask) - mainly on the right hand side, so the frame counter and shutter button were hit. The day after I noticed that the aforementioned parts felt sticky - the shutter button particularly was returning to it's normal position more slowy after being depressed. I didn't have any isopropyl alcohol on hand since it seems to be impossible to find in the UK, so I put a drop or two of denatured ethyl alcohol (surgical spirit, as it is called here) into the shutter button, then began to depress it repeatedly. This process was repeated 2 or 3 times. It seems to have worked very well and the camera feels normal again, but I am scared that ethyl alcohol might have adverse effects on the camera. From what I've read, isopropyl alcohol (if anything) is what should be used, and I've even read that ethanol can react with brass to cause oxidation. Is this something that I should be worried about, or am I overreacting?
  3. Before I owned the M6, I used to have the Canonet QL 17 GIII. It was working perfectly until I stopped using it for 3 months. The shutter got stuck. When I took it to the repair shop, they asked if I have left the battery inside as the shutter/ self timer is very sticky and dry. So I'm wondering if I should remove my M6's battery when not in use to prevent shutter jam?
  4. My Leica M8 has a loose shutter leaf. I noticed it when all of the sudden a bright white stroke of light appeared on my photos. I made the loose shutter leaf conclusion after removing the lens and looking at the shutter. A loose shutter leaf is clearly visible. I hope I can find a solution through this community. I bought it two months ago as my first Leica. I'm missing it already.
  5. Hi All, Just got myself a Digilux 2. Went to test today...overall, pretty impressed! Question: 1. Is there a site or vendor where I can purchase a soft release button for the Digilux 2? I know other Leica models have the screw in...Can I do the same for the Digi2? 2. Also, where can I purchase a hood or square hood for the Digi2? Mahalo! SecretChord
  6. My M8 shutter just died after just 17,000 actuations (compared to my old nikon D80 with 150,000), sent the camera to germany (cost 100 Euro there and back), got a reply from leica after 3 weeks saying it will cost me about 1,000 Euros to repair. Does this sound right to anyone ? Did anyone experience this and got the same cost ? What did you do when it did ? Thanks everyone
  7. Sensor dust: I really like my M9P but it is a magnet for sensor dust. With the new M I can imagine it can get even worse with liveview. Any information if there is a dust-removal function? Any ideas how much we will have to deal with dust with this camera? Which brings me to my second question, how is the shutter implemented: Is there no mechanical shutter blade and the sensor is always visible? Is the shutter implemented fully via the COMSIS sensor, or will a blade shutter kick in with very short shutter speeds? According to the website of COMSIS, the sensor itself must have a shutter function as it can take several hundred images per second for the movie function.
  8. Hi all, my reasonably new M9 has been giving me a message: ***************** Attention Shutter Fault ***************** which I can reset and keep on working by turning the camera off then back on. It happens regularly, at the beginning of a shoot or after being powered off for a while. The image captured does not save when this message appears, but all others after the "reboot" do. the camera has the latest firmware update (which I loaded to fix to fix the issue but to no avail.) Its a pain and I have dropped off the body to the Leica service agent here in Australia. The camera only has about 3,000 actuations. Is this a known fault? If so, is the necessary fix (shutter replacement?) going to mean the sensor focus point (which I have had done at great expense) need to be reset? Thanks, Mark
  9. The shutter on my M8 is gone. Does anyone what Leica US will charge to replace it? Thank in advance.
  10. Before I run off the the repair shop, I thought that I might be doing something wrong. In manual, a or s mode I cannot change the settings which are stuck on f6.3 and 1/25. Have I set something in the menu incorrectly or is there something else I can do befor I go on the great suppot search? Regards, Paul
  11. Hallo zusammen, heute ist mir meine Minilux hingefallen und seit dem fährt das Objektiv nicht mehr aus (E01 Fehler). Ich habe jetzt den Verschluss per Hand zur Seite geschoben und dann fährt das Objektiv aus. So kann ich sie zwar benutzen ist aber beim Transport etwas unpraktisch. Ich bin in Südost-Asien unterwegs und erreiche den nächste vernünftige Fotoladen in Bangkok erst in 2 Monaten. Lohnt es sich die Kamera selber aufzumachen um zu schauen ob ich den Verschluss selber repariert kriege bzw. den Verschluss entfernen kann? Oder soll ich die Kamera mit offenen Objektiv benutzen bis ich in Bangkok bin? Ich traue den "Fotoläden" hier nicht so richtig über den Weg, da ich Angst habe das sie es verschlimmbessern. Bin für Tipps sehr dankbar.
  12. I just acquired a IIIg from KEH. At first all seemed well, but upon trying it today, the slow shutter speeds simply failed to operate. I was set at 1/30 - 1 and depressed the little button to move to 1 sec an it fired at 1/30 sec. I sent it back to KEH and ordered a replacement (luckily they had another (at a higher price!)). Is there anyone who had dad this problem? It is NOT the speed of the slow shutter (a common problem that cleaning can usually fix), but the fact that the slow shutter speeds do not operate. I moved the film in the IIIg (my last roll of Kodachrome) to my IIIf and hope to complete my Kodacheome testimonial with it.
  13. Hello friends, I have been having trouble with my good ol' M8 lately. It appears when I have just switched on the camera to begin shooting, Sometimes (not always) the first pictures I shoot are overexposed and blurred. The only way to fix it is to set a fast shutter speed (1/1000) and fire off another frame and then return to the correct shutter speed. Then the camera will work again. I have tried the following remedies without any help: Charging the battery, switching the battery. Changing the SD card. Reformatting the SDcard (they are SanDisk cards 2 Gb), None of these things work. What is even more frustrating is that the error happens every now and then, but not every time I switch the camera on. I have the latest firmware. Example 1: Ice hockey match. EXIFsays 1/250 First picture: [ATTACH]196244[/ATTACH] Second picture after doing the shutter speed change trick: [ATTACH]196245[/ATTACH] I guess I will need to send the camera to Solms. Nevertheless, I would be very grateful if any of you could explain what might be wrong. The more precisely I can explain my problem, themore likely is it that they will be able to identify it, even though it does not appear all the time. Thanks a lot! "HP"
  14. Hi, Just got my first Leica (DL4) and I'm loving it! However, I can't seem to change settings on Aperture, S or M, no matter what I do. While it was so easy changing those settings on my Nikon DSLRs, the manual on DL4 says the down (Fn) and up arrows should let me change settings if I'm on A, S, or M modes. My Fn button is currently set to do a Preview, I tried disabling that as I figured it might have been the case. I mean what's the point of having these features available on my camera and I don't seem to have control of my settings which is really funny. I should have just bought a P&S with no manual settings you know Am I missing something here? I need your help pls. I'd like to shoot some long exposures and I can't change my S setting at all! Thanks all. Rowena
  15. I first noticed that something was terrible wrong when 2/3 of my pictures turned up black. Fortunately I check the images frequently while shooting. To my shock I discovered what you see on this picture. What had happened? I have sent the camera and the two lenses that I were using to Leica awaiting the verdict. Anyone experienced similar? Helge Pedersen
  16. I've got a Leica R7 from someone and I just noticed that sometimes when I take a photo it takes more than a second or even two!! Between the mirror up and the actual shutter release. First I thought it was random, bun then after some dry firing I noticed it happend ALWAYS when I aim the camera down at the floor for example, sometimes when I aim it straight in front horizontally.. and it has never happened yet when aiming it at the ceiling... First I thought it might be a computer lag because it has to calculate different light strengths so I tried it in manual with the lens cap on. And it was still the same: Always lagging 1-2 seconds when aiming down, sometimes lagging a bit 0-1 seconds when I aim in front and never when I aim it upwards 45º. So I'm thinking this is mechanical... Any one any thoughts had this before? Would a CLA fix this?! Thanks! EDIT: It seems to me that the rear curtain is sticking a bit or something and that that is the reason why it's not firing when tilted downwards.
  17. ...new to digital, finally took the plunge and got the M9 after years of film M use. Intention is to continue shooting film and grow into digital. Initial feeling re: M9 is "wow", but I am a bit concerned about the discernible shutter lag (relative to mechanical Ms) and need to understand if this is normal for digital Ms. Would appreciate input from users that shoot with both film and digital Ms. Thanks.
  18. Hello I have just noticed a fault with my M7 When I select 1/4 second, the viewfinder shows the required shutter speed as it would with Auto mode. I never noticed before as I can't hand hold a 1/4! Unfortunately the camera is out of 'passport' so I can't just send it back to Leica. Any thoughts?
  19. Hello everyone. I have a Leica IIIa, but the entire shutter mechanism is missing. It's a shame, because it's a realy nice camera, so I was wondering if it would be possible to get a new shutter for it or is it beyond repair? Regards Guntars
  20. I was just about to wrap up after taking a few shots of my empty apartment when the tripod somehow slipped out of my hand and bang! The Leica hit the hardwood floor. First I was in shock, but at least the body itself didn't even have a single dent. I tried to turn on the camera, the screen showed up and the controls seemed to work fine, but then the camera seemed to have a problem with the shutter release. It just kept going and going and going, the same sound you hear right after taking a picture, just that it would repeat about two times per second non-stop. This was of course frustrating. I took off the lens, opened the battery cover, changed the battery, turned the camera on and off etc., the same non-stop shutter sound came back again. I am sure many of you would never consider opening the M8, but I am not that kind of person. I thought I should give it a try at least, to see if it was maybe just a simple problem, maybe something got stuck. After unscrewing the screws under the batter cover, I was able to remove the plastic cover, which then revealed part of the shutter mechanism. And there it was--it was indeed stuck. I carefully moved it back into position, screwed everything back together and was quite relieved because it worked The camera doesn't show any symptoms anymore whatsoever. After taking a couple of test shots, it appeared that the camera is back to normal again. I thought I would share this experience--not that I suggest taking the camera apart if something goes wrong, but if it's a similar problem to mine, it may be well worth it. Attached is a test shot (with default automatic settings, nothing spectacular, just my wonderful Musical Fidelity amp). DrTebi
  21. My M3 (below 800000) has the old exposure times. Is it possible to adjust the times to the current standard ones, and is it easy and wise? It would make life a bit easier.
  22. Hello all, as a pretty new M8-user I got very shocked when my M8 started making horrible noises! I will try to explain: I was taking a series of rapid photos (in S mode), when suddenly the shutter sounded like it retrackted (winded back) about 5-6 times, and the the camera died due to an empty battery. The sound was ugly and I was scared someting was broke, but with a charged battery everything now is as it should be. I told my friend, a professional Leica-user, this and he had never heard of such thing or these noises from the shutter mechanism. So I wonder, have any of you experienced this or have any explanation to why this occured? Thanks in advance! Matias
  23. My M8 has some serious trouble with damaged shutter blades/curtains. I sent the camera the next day, after the problem happened, to Solms in Germany. Leica sent my a cost estimate to repair the shutter and to upgrade the mask carrier (my first language is Dutch and I don't know what mask carrier means) will cost € 987,00. Also the estimate mentioned that the cost could be higher because the repair people could not test the sensor due to the defective shutter. I would like to know if there are other M8 owners on this forum who have experienced the same trouble with damaged shutter curtains, did the reparation cost around € 1000,00 and what mask carrier means. Thank you for your help.
  24. Yesterday, while trying to take a photo, I got a "Shutter Fault" error. The shutter is stuck and won't release. I sent an email to Leica support, they haven't replied yet. I purchased the camera at B&H photo NYC (I live in Israel) on 2009-11-25. Does anyone know what is the procedure with Leica in this matter? what should I look forward for from leica? Thanks, -Dan
  25. Hi guys, After idly wondering for the past few years how to figure out the shutter count on my M Monochrome mk1, I finally did a little research. I found this excellent (i.e. very easy even for me to use) Leica app on the Leica Rumors site - https://leicarumors.com/2010/11/02/free-software-for-viewing-leica-m9-images-and-exif-data.aspx/ Dragged the most recent file I shot onto the app, and found that the shutter actuations on my camera number 36,950. Does anyone think that's a high number? I know that pro Nikon and Canon cameras are over-engineered, and their shutters are designed to exceed 250,000 but the M9/M Monochrom mk 1, I think, is not designed for that kind of high mileage. Leica were kind enough to replace my sensor last year (for free), and I just wonder how many more useful years are left on the shutter of my cherished camera. Anyway, if you've ever wondered about your shutter count, do get the app - it's incredibly simple to use. Best wishes all, Colin
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