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  1. Hi, Found this lovely forum while searching for info on a Leica R4 body described as having a "small problem". It belongs to a friend who gave me the option of buying it off him cheap, in its existing state, and trying to fix it and re-sell to a collector. I have been reading up on this and trying a few things and had a couple observations and questions that I am hoping the experts in this forum can help me with. 1) When I received it, I discovered that the shutter was not just firing with a delay, it was stuck and unusable. The film advance lever was stuck as well, indicating that t
  2. Hi, I think my cherished R3 may have a shutter fault. I fitted new batteries recently intending to use the camera and gave it a check over. I haven't checked it with a film but, it appears that the shutter isn't firing correctly at 1/500 or 1/1000 speeds - all other speeds seem fine but at those top speeds the shutter fires, but you can't see any light through the shutter as you trip it. It's an odd one and not a fault I've ever seen before - just wondering if any one else has experienced this or if anyone knows if the R3 shutter can be fixed? I will contact some repairers al
  3. Has anyone ever experienced an unexplained shadowy gradient area along the edge of the frame as shown in the photos below? I've been shooting with my M10 close to a year now and I mainly use it for weddings and portraits. As a very rough estimate, I have put 15,000 clicks on it in the last year. In recent weeks, I have noticed a strange darkened area appear randomly on the frame in some photos, but not all. It's on the right side when shooting vertically or on the bottom when shooting horizontally. I have so far only noticed it happening with photos shot with the Noctilux .95, and I can
  4. Hi guys, After idly wondering for the past few years how to figure out the shutter count on my M Monochrome mk1, I finally did a little research. I found this excellent (i.e. very easy even for me to use) Leica app on the Leica Rumors site - https://leicarumors.com/2010/11/02/free-software-for-viewing-leica-m9-images-and-exif-data.aspx/ Dragged the most recent file I shot onto the app, and found that the shutter actuations on my camera number 36,950. Does anyone think that's a high number? I know that pro Nikon and Canon cameras are over-engineered, and their shutters are designed
  5. Hello everyone! I'm new here, nice to meet you. It's a little bit of a let down to see the M10 doesn't have a "real" BULB mode but it's limited to 125s. Similar to the Leica Q... It's also weird that the time is ISO dependent. I was wondering, why is that? The SL gets to 30min for example or the D810 can up to 1h30min and beyond i T mode. Thanks for your time, Tomas.
  6. I just developed a Delta 100 film,(using my M3 and 50mm summilux) and found a bright point in each frame at the same place. I put a light in the place of the lens towards the shutter and found a tiny hole in the cloth of the shutter. Is it possible to close this tiny hole without changing all the cloth? Thank you, Edgard
  7. Hi Guys... I recently picked up a brand new M-A and I feel the shutter release is a bit notchy. When pressing down on the shutter release, I can feel there a slight click and roughness from the shutter button interacting with the film advance. I haven't experienced this on any of my other film M cameras. I know I can just return it to the vendor but I thought I'd ask you guys here before I exchange it out. If others are like this, then I won't bother getting another unit. Thanks for your thoughts
  8. I did a search here on the Forum to see if there was any history or discussion on an interesting problem I was having with my M Monochrom 246 but found nothing. Therefore, I thought I would document my experience for the record. My issue was that the shutter was randomly misfiring, either too fast or too slow. This was producing some "unusual" results with some exposures unpredictably wildly off the mark. In my blind trust of Leica, I was a bit slow to conclude that the problem was with the camera rather than me. At first, I could not understand how such varying results could be prod
  9. I purchased a brand new S typ 006 three weeks ago. I had my entire extended family over labor day weekend. At dinner I removed the camera from its case to take pictures. After I switched on the camera there were no warning alarms nor messages to suggest anything was wrong with the camera. When I pressed the shutter release button it made a terrible whirring sound and the mirror was locked in the midway position and after some more whirring the mirror went back down without exposing the sensor. The rear display was blank. I was unable to review previously taken pics nor view the camera menu. T
  10. I Searched but could not find how to check shutter actuation on d-Lux 109. Going to check one out at the dealer today. I want to make sure I'm getting new and not a floor model, as it's a small dealer. What would of be a reasonable number from the factory to have on the camera. Thanks Brent
  11. I have a general question, that I guess will apply to CL, TL and others. I know from experience on the CL that the mechanical shutter produces far better images than the elecronic shutter (there is a demonstrable banding issue indoors, and generally mechanical just 'looks' better). This view seems to be supported by many other posts. However, I'd simply welcome an explanation of 'why' this is the case. In a digital camera, what advantage does the mechanical shutter provide? I'm just intrigued. Many thanks.
  12. I lost my cable release which I had used on my M10 since I got the body about two years ago. So I bought a new one (A Leica one) in the Leica Store in Mayfair, London. It worked for the first day, then stopped working. It's odd because you wouldn't think anything could go wrong with something so mechanical and simple. But it has. When I press the shutter release at the end of the cable, the prong at the other end does not stick out (the action what would normally trigger the shutter). I can't see anywhere to screw it tighter etc. All idea welcome as I can't easily get back to the sto
  13. Hi! Newbie Leica owner here. I've been using my Leica Q for a few months on the silent mode (no sound for anything) and suddenly, today, the shutter is making a fairly loud clicking sound when I shoot a picture. I checked my "acoustic signal" settings and everything is set to "off." I changed some settings and returned them to off (hoping it just needed a boost!) and that didn't work. I then reset the camera and that didn't work, either! The shutter makes a click no matter what. I'm worried I have broken my camera somehow -- and hope you all have some ideas for me. Thanks so
  14. Hi all, I'm a new Leica owner. Got an R6 off a local photographer who let me use it for a few weeks before purchase. Worked fine; price was right, so I paid him for it. I have put through maybe 5-6 rolls through it successfully over the course of my testing period and then shortly after purchase. Tried loading a fresh roll of film the other day. Put the leader in the spool, pressed the shutter button, but the mirror is not moving after I press on the button. The shutter button seems to press down fine, however. Since the mirror is not moving after I hit the shutter, I am not able to wi
  15. I have just got my leica m6. part of the shutter curtains got some dots and wonder if it is ok? the light meter works and camera is in good condition. i have not tried to develop any pics yet, so not sure if its leaking any light or working as it should. does anybody know what this dots are and would you return it?
  16. First sample is at 1/125 ss. Notice the white stripe near the right edge. It looks pretty much the same at 1/250 and 1/500, however, at 1/60 it's gone. I haven't seen the results at 1/60, but that's what I've been told. Last sample is at 1/1000 and things are much worse there. I am going to make more tests, but what do you think it can be? Shutter? A body was stored without lens attached to it and without front cap covering the mount, so shutter was basically uncovered. However, I couldn't find any obvious signs of damage on shutter. And if it's a shutter problem, repair would probably cos
  17. Hello there, I have decided to start a topic on jammed shutter issue of Leica film cameras. I experienced this issue while taking photos at the Shard. My camera had been loaded with Adox CMS 20 II, the microfilm had the highest resolving power. The first fifteen frames were beautiful to enjoy the view. Yet after 16th frame, the camera was jammed. Since I tried to force its advance lever, it was totally broken. One wondering what was happened may look at the result here. I sent my camera to Wetzlar via Leica Store Mayfair. After eight weeks, it came back to London in a repaired condition
  18. I am very pleased to say that my M9 returned home today after being with Leica since September for the removal of an SD card label (Fuji 16gb card) jammed in the shutter, and for a sensor clean and service. It came as a surprise as they had bot notified me it was on its way, but they appear to have done a great job, and sent it back in its own box by UPS. Now to tackle Fuji about the SD card, who seemed to be pretty disinterested when I spoke to them on phone. Gerry
  19. Hello- I just got my M4-2 back from a repair service for this light leak/shutter issue - a band across the top. I got my first roll back, and 95% of the frames didn't have it - but the last few frames did. None of the frames with my 35mm Summicron had it, only the last few with a 50mm Canon 1.4 LTM with an adapter. Is there any chance this is a lens/adapter issue, or is the shutter still the culprit? Band happend when shot into the direct sun at 1000th, sun behind be at 100th; and also in muted indoor light around 250th. Cheers
  20. M10 just a few months old. Shutter suddenly started clipping 70% of image at 1/4000. Also looks like it's not quite getting out of the way at 1/3000, either. Is this common? Back to the factory? Samples attached.
  21. The shutter on my M8 is gone. Does anyone what Leica US will charge to replace it? Thank in advance.
  22. My Leica M8 has a loose shutter leaf. I noticed it when all of the sudden a bright white stroke of light appeared on my photos. I made the loose shutter leaf conclusion after removing the lens and looking at the shutter. A loose shutter leaf is clearly visible. I hope I can find a solution through this community. I bought it two months ago as my first Leica. I'm missing it already.
  23. Before I owned the M6, I used to have the Canonet QL 17 GIII. It was working perfectly until I stopped using it for 3 months. The shutter got stuck. When I took it to the repair shop, they asked if I have left the battery inside as the shutter/ self timer is very sticky and dry. So I'm wondering if I should remove my M6's battery when not in use to prevent shutter jam?
  24. I've got a Leica R7 from someone and I just noticed that sometimes when I take a photo it takes more than a second or even two!! Between the mirror up and the actual shutter release. First I thought it was random, bun then after some dry firing I noticed it happend ALWAYS when I aim the camera down at the floor for example, sometimes when I aim it straight in front horizontally.. and it has never happened yet when aiming it at the ceiling... First I thought it might be a computer lag because it has to calculate different light strengths so I tried it in manual with the lens cap on. An
  25. Hi, Can anyone tell me why two films on an M5 are partially unexposed ? On the first film, only the last two frames were exposed, and on the second film only 6 non consecutive frames out of the 36 were exposed. I have excluded reasons such as forgotten lens cap, ASA adjustment, battery problem, bad aperture/speed adjustment. It seems to me like it could be a shutter problem, but can there be another reason? Can a badly loaded film be the cause ? Does anyone have experience of this ?
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