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  1. What about having a separate image thread just for macro pictures? Hope this will be followed, we can share our macro takes but also our questions, doubts, experiences... ISO 200 f/2.8 1/1000 In this one two pics superposed. ISO 100 f/2.8 1/250
  2. Here is a short clip I made using Leica M with Leica 60mm Macro-Elmarit-R. Edited using Final Cut Pro X Thanks
  3. Dear all, We have put an order on the XT1. Anyone who is using Leica R lenses on Fuji cameras? Any good reviews and / or user shots out there? We are particularly interested in Macro lenses as the 100/4. Best, Corrado & Rina
  4. Hey I am hoping someone knows what this Leica product is called. Thanks
  5. Hi Id appreciate any advice regarding fitting these rings (2 parts plus spacer) from the Leicaflex era to a 280 f4. The extension tubes fit any of my lenses with the shiny cam 1 (single, twin or triple) eg my 50 summicron, 60 macro 100 AME but not my R cam 280, or rom 28-90. Realistically Im not needing to keep it original for my Leicaflex (and seldom shoot film these days) so is there an easy modification to allow compatibility? Thanks in advance, Brandon
  6. Has anyone used these macro filters? Hoya 46mm Close-up Multi-Coated Filter Set ( +1 +2 +4) A46CUSGB If so, could you share your experience/opinion? Thanks.
  7. these days are blessed with a calm and mild sunny autumn weather and so I went to our local Botanical Garden to try out my new R-Elmarit 60 mm macro lens. Armed with a tripod, prereleased mirror and cable release as precaution against blurr for the Canon 5DMKII I will be eager to explore what the lens can show. [ATTACH]338227[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]338228[/ATTACH] even a beauty shows some features of decay very soon
  8. Has anyone any experience in using the Marco Elmar 90mm f4 for portrait work? I'M working on a series of portraits but need to get closer than 1m that the 90/2.8 allows. Speed is not an issue and I guess DoF is shallow enough once you are in the close focusing range. Any ideas welcome.
  9. Mein Aufbau: Leica T Noctilux Objektiv M Adapter Macro Adapter Novoflex Profi Tischstativ Novoflex Kugelkopf Naheinstellgrenze normal bei dem Noctilux Objektiv: 100 cm Naheinstellgrenze mit dem Macro-Adapter und Nocti: nur 8,5 cm !!! Das Bildfeld ist 4x6 cm. Fazit: Es hat sich auf jeden Fall gelohnt den mit 580 Euro teuren Macro-Adapter gekauft zu haben. So kann ich aus jedem M-Objektiv ein Macro-Objektiv machen.
  10. Hi I've done some searching (both in the forum and online in general) and still can't seem to figure out how to make this all work cohesively. I'm hoping someone can give me some simple instructions - I'm sure I'm just overlooking something. A few months ago, I bought the M Macro Adapter, thinking it would enable macro photography on all of my lenses. I honestly can't tell if it does - it's not at all like the macro experience I'm used to with my Nikon gear (where I can get a fly ball to fill up an entire frame). I play around with it every now and then and can get visibly closer than I can with anything else... but it's not very macro. So I was traveling recently and got an amazing deal on the collapsible Elmar 90 Macro kit - add in the tax refund and I felt morally obligated to buy it (that's the GAS speaking). It comes with the lens, the goggles, and a variable finder. Nice. So... to shoot macro - what pieces arm I supposed to be using ? Any basic guidance anyone could provide will be super appreciated ! Thanks
  11. Hallo! Vorweg: Ich mache immer noch gerne Dias mit meinen R-Kameras. Nachdem ich eine Zeit lang versucht habe, meine Objektive an der Canon zu verwenden, aber damit absolut nicht zufrieden war, bin ich nun zu Olympus gekommen. Und hier klappt es wunderbar. Der einzige Nachteil ist der 2fache Crop, was die Verwendung der Ww-Objektive sinnlos macht. Aber die Belichtung stimmt immer, der Stabi ist perfekt und der E-Sucher ist einfach klasse. Allerdings musste ich leider feststellen, dass meine R-Objektive im Vergleich mit den O-Objektiven nicht wirklich besser sind. Das 60mm-Makro von Olympus ist eindeutig besser als das 60er Leica. Sogar das 100er Makro ist nur minimal besser. Auch das 3,4/180 (bei Olympus dann 360mm) , dass ja unbestritten super ist, kann mit dem neuen 2,8/40-150 von Olympus nicht mithalten. Traurig aber wahr.
  12. Carlos, I see in your sig that you have both the Elpro and Lumix: Could you post some shots comparing the two? Thanks.
  13. I need to plumb considerable depths and wealth of the combined forum's knowledge to help me with a lens problem and I wonder if anyone can kindly help me please? I have a 60 mm f/2.8 Macro-Elmarit-R #3566xxx E55 with R cam only (no cams 1 or 2) and I have just acquired a 2-cam Macro Adaptor (14256) but I can't get the lens to mount on the adaptor. The lens will sit properly in the adaptor but no amount of gentle persuasion will convince the lens to turn and engage mounts. I've tried both the adaptor wide open and closed and vice versa but it makes no difference. I also have a 2 cam 90/2.8 Elmarit that will mount on the adaptor without a problem, the adaptor successfully operates the lens's diaphragm and the adaptor fits onto my R9 without a problem, as does my 60/2.8 Macro Elmarit. Have I got the wrong version of 14256 adaptor, and if so, how would I know because there are no markings on it other than "Leitz Wetzlar Germany"? If I have foolishly managed to acquire the wrong 14256 version, which version should I look for? Testing your good grace with a second, associated question, I've checked Puts's Leica Lens Compendium and the 7th edition Leica Pocket Book but I haven't been able to determine which of the 4 versions of the 60 mm f/2.8 Macro-Elmarit-R lens I have. Can anyone help with this please? Many thanks, Pete.
  14. After I updated to version 2.1 close focussing at the macro setting was very bad. I figured Leica would solve this problem in version 2.2. No such thing! I`m very dissapointed, I never had problems close-focussing with the earlier versions. I hope that Leica solves this problem shortly. I wonder if other users have the same problems.
  15. Would like to know the minimum focusing distance for Summcron-R f/2-50mm attached to Leica Macro-Adapter-R catalog Nr. 14299.
  16. Someone requested the details on how I built a macro converter for the X1. My total cost was around $20. I bought the step-up and step-down rings on eBay for $2 each. I also got the Nikon UR-E8 adapter tube on eBay for $8. A tube of epoxy was $5 at Home Depot. I already had a broken Nikkor zoom lens. Nikon wanted $200 just to look at it to see why it wouldn't focus, so I had bought a new lens and thrown this one in a drawer. I dissected it to remove the front element. I did have to dremel off a bracket, but unfortunately I don't have a photo of that. It's incredibly simple. The quality and grind of the element you find to use in yours will affect the sharpness and how close you can focus to your subject. Mine focuses at about 4-6 inches, which is a HUGE improvement over the X1's unassisted macro focus. Hopefully his photo will explain it all. Home Brew Leica X1 Macro Converter by ffacker, on Flickr L1011777 by ffacker, on Flickr
  17. I'm quite new to Leica. Finally saved enough money to buy my first Leica M262 this year. Loving it. Currently, I have the 50mm Summicron and the 28mm Elmarit. Loving both lenses. However there's one small thing that bothers me. I guess since i'm used to DSL's closing range focusing ability, i'm having difficult time adjusting taking photos of small items and items at close range. Since i'm an avid action figure collector and they are rather small, what lens do you guys suggest? 1) 90mm Macro Elmar (However the M262 doesn't have live view, does that matter?) 2) 90 or 75mm Summarit F2.4 (I'm not really taking photos of micro scale items , but rather 2" to 12" tall figures. I can always step back and get a nice detailed head shot, can't I?) thank you very much!
  18. Hi there, I'm new here, from Chile, and need some advice: I have seen a LEICA bellows (16 880) on the Website of a danish photographer, called Thorsten von Overgaard. I'd like to buy one and went on eBay, but these bellows seem to be sold out, perhaps because of the recommendation on that website (scroll down): https://www.overgaard.dk/Leica-M-Type-240-aka-Leica-M10-digital-rangefinder-camera-page-33-The-Leica-R-Lenses-on-Leica-M240-Catwalk.html I wouldn't want to put a blue NOVOFLEX bellows on my LEICA camera, so a new one doesn't do the trick for me. I'm a bit old-fashioned and so for my esthetics a bellows has to be black . . . Would somebody of you out there know, where I could possibly buy a 16880 bellows in MINT conditions? Or which one would be a good alternative to that 16880? What I need that bellows for is to be able to shoot photos in my house, while being confined through that epidemia. I'd take similar photographs as this Overgaard chap, you can look at his at the website (see link above). Very much looking forward to your posts, Peter
  19. Even in paradise, there can still be a "fly in the ointment". Leica S (006) with 120mm Apo-macro Summarit S
  20. spent a little bit of time creeping around my front yard this morning, with my M240, DIY extension tube, 50 Summarit and a ringflash not an easy setup to use, especially on insects that are barely stopping, but a bit of fun, and some pictures i am very happy with. This Bee took off just as i clicked the shutter, and managed to fly into focus. a very lucky shot this little guy sat on the flower for a while, giving me plenty of time to take a picture and the rig M240, extension tube, 50 Summarit (can go roughly 1:2 or half life size) and a Yongnuo yn14 ringflash Critiques and comments are welcome !
  21. I am new to and interested in exploring Macro photography using M240 and M-Macro Ring or Oufro adapters. My questions are regarding DOF. How does the addition of a macro setup generally alter DOF, does extending the lens from the body diminish the normal DOF parameters for a given lens without a Macro ring, and would the DOF of a Wide angle vs. Tele lens be more or less affected by the macro setup? If anyone experienced can comment i'd appreciate hearing about it?
  22. Hello, I just sold my Nikon gear and hopefully I will get my M10 next week. I also ordered the 50mm Summilux and for the lower range the 28mm Summilux. Since I am not familiar with the product range (yet), I am looking for something at the upper range. Yesterday I found a 90mm (Elmar ?) macro for which you need to purchase a macro adapter. Is this a good lens for macro shots since the adapter has a 1:2 magnifying factor or are there other, better lenses for that purpose on the market ? Thank you very much for your replies. Greetings, Jurgen
  23. I confess that I am not easily bored. I can usually find something that will excite me about photography. Today, I was attempting to photograph water droplets with my Canon 5D3 and 100mm macro lens. I had a lot of success and found the whole experience very satisfying. So then, I thought I wonder what the Q will do. I only have the one SF-40 flash, but I decided to try it. The settings are: 1/1600, ISO 100, f/16, flash on manual at 1/32 power. I simply filled a bowl with water. I placed an old discarded photo with an interesting pattern in the water. It's a Epson print and is pretty impervious to water. Then I started dropping water at the area I'd previously focused. Amazingly, it worked pretty well. Not as well as with my Canon 5D3 and 3 flashes, but still I like it. The macro mode on the lens is so simple and works splendidly. Anyway, FYI. I hope you find it interesting. I have.
  24. Hi Guys, I am a restaurant operator and I love shooting food when I visit nice restaurants, and I would like to seek your advice regarding taking food shots with a Leica M. I currently use my Nikon D800 + a 50mm F2 Zeiss Makro-Planar to shoot when I go to a restaurant (please note I visit them as a diner, not a paid photographer). However, I would like to explore the capability of taking food photos with my Leica M. I currently own an M240 along with a 50mm APO Summicron lens, a 35mm 8-element Summicron lens, and a 60mm F1.2 Konica Hexanon lens (however I would like to use my 50APO in this scenario due to its sharpness. The 50APO has a 0.7m minimal focusing distance, which is not close enough if I wish to shoot say a piece of sushi. My current setup with the 50mm Zeiss macro lens enables me to get as close as 0.3m to the subject. Furthermore, in a nice restaurant, even with a longer lens, it is rude to move all the way backwards (say a 100mm macro lens) to shoot my food, also a reason I went with a 50mm macro. So I am just wondering whether a macro adapter would help solve my problem. I heard from a friend that with an adaptor, I can only shoot within a particular range from the subject (say for example only from 0.3 to 0.4m from the subject), but this really limits what kind of food I shoot (say a small piece like a sushi, or a large plate of pasta). So I would really appreciate if someone who has experience in this area can help me out. Since I would wish to continue using my 50APO, would a macro adaptor help? And in what range (distance wise) would I be able to shoot if I added an adaptor? Also someone suggested I could also consider using my Zeiss (Nikon mount) on my Leica M with an adaptor, would that work? Would it impact the quality of the photo? Ideally I would wish to use my 50APO on my M to shoot food as I spent quite a lot on this lens and body. Appreciate if someone can help me out. Thanks and regards, J
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