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  1. I think we all go though cycles in our work and passion for what we are doing. I tried the Z7 and loved the ultra wide 14mm for some of the work I do, yet I am not stuck with it and can change focal as and when needed. I do love the Q2 and took many fantastic images with it. My take is this, phones are great for casual snaps and I will admit I have sold some of my art work created with just an iphone since I create watercolor prints from my work. A travel camera is great for travel and this is where the Q2 served me the best. I justified the cost of the camera for my other work, and s
  2. I shoot and print large prints and was looking for the larger sensor size. When the Q2 came out with the new sensor I thought that was it. I get the sensor in the Z and can use ultra wide lens for my type of work. You are very correct one camera does not do it all, and having the Q as my vaction camera was not a good fit for me. I have a Fuji for that. Best
  3. So as much as I loved using the Q2 I have decided to let it go. I had the same issue with the Q and ended up doing the same thing. I am now using a Nikon Z7 and find it a good fit for me. I think having the fixed lens is limiting to me. I end up taking the Z with me and not using the Q2. I plan on visiting this forum to see all of the great images and talent to be found here. Cheers Stan
  4. My plus one is now a Nikon Z7 which I love as much as the Q2 but different reasons. The ability to change the lens is number 1. I also like the focus stacking capability. I also have a Fuji XPro 3 on order as I have always loved the Fuiji film look. Love having options.
  5. One image two different perspectives Albany NY Cityscape series.
  6. I agree in prints would make a difference but on the screen it would be an intresting test.
  7. Very intresting topic I missed here. I also purchased the Iphone 11 with the new camera and looking forward to the release of software which will allow the images of all three lenses to be combined into one image with much more detail. It wasn't all that long ago I was shooting weddings with 6 meg cameras and very pleased with the results. I also shoot raw files with the iphone cameras and have had great results. I would love to see a blind test 10 images posted and have 5 from the Q and 5 from the phone and see who can pick which is which. I bet it would be an eye openner.
  8. So I have been traveling for work last few weeks so not much time for my Q2. These are just a few I took on the way to the New Orleans airport. . I was working in a place called Cut Off LA. Off Shore Oil pumping. Cheers
  9. Excellent discussion. Thank you
  10. Realy like the mushroom image, very nice indeed.
  11. I also thought there would be an issue with the file size but not so. There is so much to work with and the files have not slowed my work flow down. Granted I do not shoot 1,000 images like I used to at weddings, so now an outing might be 50-100 images. Don't let this be a worry for you. Cheers
  12. Hi there I was intrested to know where this image was taken I've seen just can't place it. Cheers
  13. Here is one from yesterday, Susquehanna river The lincoln hwy bridge procesed to look vintage . Cheers
  14. I love the feel of this image very nice!
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