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Found 31 results

  1. sieh' da: https://www.photoscala.de/2019/02/01/panasonic-praesentiert-kleinbildspiegellose-lumix-s1r-mit-47-megapixel-und-s1-mit-24-megapixel/ bis zu - 10 °C ?!?

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    Leica R adapter M for sale! almost new. rare used. the only R lens 50mm sold long time ago. item located in Kyiv, Ukraine. $250


  3. Gents, I managed to hit "Buy it now" by "accident" and am now the (maybe) happy owner of a R5 Body :-) I'm tryint to go through all the different buttons and film transport, only 18 Photos taken so far but plan on sacrificing a roll of film just to see if this one has a transport problem like my R3, which is a bit temperamental at times in this regard. So what I can't recall is what sound the shutter/mirror should make for different shutter speeds! e.g does it sound different if I set a manual speed of e.g. 125 vs 2000???? This one as far as I can determine sounds identical and I can't recall what my R3 and R4 sound like. OK I just told myself to go and test one of them but I should nevertheless like to get your feedback as I shall provide such to the Seller too, and would like to give him a positive as the Camera looks and feels great. Thanks in advance Preben P.S. To my untrained ear the R4 sounds the same regardless of shutter speed, tested in "M" mode
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a photographer and also someone interested in film fotography and repair, I'm from Portugal and I'm new here and kind of really need some whelp here. So, I receive this lens to repair, and the diagnost was simple, someone have been messing up with the lens and as left a lot of screws just hanging inside the lens! I start to unscrew the outer srews on the mount, and al fine, until a realize the whole lens was just there juggling inside. My problem now is to try and take out the front element, how do I do that? There is no screws or holes on the front element. Any Idea? Thank you in advance
  5. I have bought a Leica R 80mm lens. But in the M240 setting menu I only can find M lens(like 75mm and 90mm) That's no 80mm in the list. How can I let the camera recognize the 80mm lens? Thanks:)
  6. Angekündigt wurde er ja, der Leica Adapter R auf T. Zur Zeit muss man sich entweder mit _ Drittherstellerware (z.B Novoflex - aber ich denke der chinesische Hinterhofdreher ist schon an der Arbeit ) oder _ der Kombination der Leica Adapter R ->M + M->T aushelfen. Letze Kombination reicht laut Aussage von Jono den Barcode "R-Objektiv" an die SL weiter und das Auswahlmenue für die R-Objketive öffnet sich. Meine Frage ist bei dem angekündigtem Leica R-> T "Direkt Adapter" angedacht die Objektivinfos der R-Objektive mit ROM (Objektivdaten, Entfernung) weiterzureichen ?
  7. Hey guys, maybe nice to revive the R series a bit, and I don't mean R lenses on M bodies or other digital hocuspocus. Except maybe the DM-R... This thread serves to post images taken with a Leica R camera, and Leica R Prime or zoom lenses. Please while posting tell us the the camera model, lens and film. Or as much as you know so others can learn about the combinations that have made it possible for you to take the photo. Here is a example. #1 Leica R8 - Kodak Gold 200 - Summilux-R 1:1,4/80mm
  8. Hello fellow forum members, I've written a article about the Summilux-R 80mm lens, and how it performs on the R8, and on the M (Typ 240) with R-M adapter, and EVF2. You can read it here: Summilux-R 80 on the Leica R8 and M (Typ 240) | Jip van Kuijk Here are two preview shots but there is plenty more in the article itself:
  9. Hello guys, I've got this question, when you buy a summarit or R lens new the rubber on the focussing ring is usually black-black... but after a while it usually turns greyish at some parts... Now my question is is there some 'product' that can give the rubber back its blackness. My idea is that it turns 'white/greyish' when it 'dries' out... or something... Now I really don't know nothing about rubber, or plastic rubbers. So please enlighten me! Thanks!
  10. This is going to be a bit of a newbie question as I am sure that folks on this forum probably hate the idea of mating a zoom to a rangefinder. I use a number of primes with my M and love them all but for the sake of occasional convenience and longer focal lengths I am considering an M-R adapter with possibly a Vario Elmar 70-210 or preferably the 80-200 (assuming I can find either). Does anyone have any experience of either of these two lenses on an M and are they any good? Is one better than the other because I notice that the 80-200 f/4 is a heck of a lot more money - if you can find one. Thanks for any advice.
  11. Dear ALL, I am posting this thread here seeking your suggestion. I am going to Alaska for a month from August-Sept. I do have both Canon (800/5.6 IS, and other Canon lenses, Canon latest Body) and also Leica DMR+R9 and Leica Modul system 400/2.8, may get 1.4X or 2X Modul making my system 800/5.6 and do have other R lenses too. I am in dilema whether to bring the Leica or Canon system with me thinking that Leica would be better in terms of sharpness and color saturation but Canon is AF, faster motor, IS. Also the charge on Battery for DMR does not last long. Would be great to hear your experience and thought. Thanking you all and looking forward to hearing from you.
  12. Dear All, As per the reviews (Sony A99 Review), Sony A99 body has Image Stabilisation in the body itself and IS functions perfectly with even old Zeiss and Maxum lenses. I am basically Canon and Leica R shooter, never have had experience with Sony system. I am thinking it would be a great solution to use Leica R lenses with Leitax mount with Sony A99 and enjoy the IS facility especially the Tele R lenses/Modul system. Any experience and/or thought about it? Thanking you all in advance. Photography in Nature - Dhruba Kumar Sapkota
  13. Hi everyone, I'm new here and hope someone can help me. I bought a leica R 50mm summicron made in Canada 2780309. The glass is almost perfect like the body. Focus and aperture are also in good shape. The problem I got is related with a focus issue. I can focus right but the scale doesn't match. To focus far away (almost infinity) the focus scale is between 8 and 10 feet.Not match between be in focus to infinity and the scale reading. Is like the breath's focus is shorter. I'm shooting with m4/3 mount. How can that be? Best regards. Francisco
  14. Hallo welcher ist der beste Adapter für Leica R Objektive an EOS? Möglichst einer mit dem der Autofocus mit Hilfslicht funktioniert. Ich habe die 6D, Ich habe schon einen Adapter aus China über Ebay. Der ist nicht schrlecht aber ich finde ihn etwas instabil und wenn man Pech hat, fällt das Objektiv ab. Er sollte schon stabil sein. Danke Paul
  15. jetzt erschliesst sich auch der Sinn dieses Unterforums Zubehör-Offensive für die Leica M | photoscala "Der neue Leica R-Adapter M ermöglicht erstmals die Verwendung von nahezu allen jemals gebauten Leica R-Objektiven an der neuen Leica M. Im Kameramenü stehen dafür über 20 verschiedene R-Objektive von Weitwinkel-, über Tele- und Zoom- bis hin zu den Makro-Objektiven inklusive kalibriertem Bild-Workflow und Exif-Objektiverkennung zur Verfügung. Die breite Objektivpalette eröffnet Leica M-Fotografen zusätzliche Anwendungsmöglichkeiten beispielsweise für Videoaufnahmen in Verbindung mit den Leica R Vario-Objektiven." Leica Camera AG - Fotografie - R-OBJEKTIVE JETZT AM LEICA M-SYSTEM NUTZBAR
  16. Hallo, was bedeutet "mit 60 mm Gewinde" , z. B. bei einer Anzeige "Leica Macro Elmarit-R 60mm 2.8 mit 60mm Gewinde" ist das etwas anderes als das "normale" Leica R Objektiv? Danke
  17. Ich wag´es gar nicht mehr hier zu posten* aber die CP+ wirft halt ihren Schatten vorraus:. Sigma bringt die SD 1 als "SD1 Merrill" neu raus - in "sinnhaften" Preisregionen. Preisrutsch: Sigma SD1 Merrill | photoscala * Warum hier - es gibt Umbausätze für Sigma dSLRs auf Leica R Bajonett.
  18. hallo allerseits, auf die gefahr hin, das sich alteingesessene leicaner und forumisten wieder über die unwissenheit und dreistigkeit der "neulinge" aufregen, stelle ich meine frage. was ist der unterschied zwischen normalen objektiven und jenen mit dem zusatz apo, außer das letztere wohl entschieden neuer und um etwa den faktor 5 (gefühlt) teurer sind? ich lasse mich auch gerne auf alte links verweisen - ich war nicht ganz in der lage mich auf einen schlag durch das ganze leicalatein dieses forums zu schlagen wer ist so nett und führt mich ein bissl ins leicanersein ein?
  19. In my opinion, It is more fun to use a manual focus SLR with an aperture ring and shutter speed dial and to enjoy the smooth damped focus of a quality manual focus lens that is all made out of metal. Does anyone else share the same sentiment? Do you think there is a market for such a classical camera that is so different from the cameras Nikon/Canon are making? I would like to suggest a new classical manual focus DSLR with large throat lens mount designed around the APS-C (1.5x) format. This is a commonly available sensor format and it should reduce the costs of obtaining sensors. There is an interesting sensor developed by Aptina that Leica could use. The large lens mount should allow for modern highly corrected digital lenses and it should be easier to design mechanical adapters for the Leica R with a larger mount. The APS-C format is also suitable for telephoto lenses for wildlife and nature photography and will not compete with the Leica S. The electronics for all this to work might already exist in the form of the Leica X1. All they would need to do is design a new modern mount, mirror box and chassis. Please share your thoughts and ideas.
  20. Hello fellow R users, I'm a facing a little dilemma and decided to count on your experiences to make a decision, if you don't mind. Basically, I am looking for a mid-range tele lens to use in small valleys especially. But I'm living in a big city and remain there most of times, though... So I came across two classifieds selling these lenses at quite a good price. Here's my current state of reflection: APO 280/4 Pros : legendary quality, APO will help for difficult lighting conditions I guess. A bit lighter than the VE. Slightly brighter than the VE (well, it's more of an anecdote at this point). Cons : fixed focal (280mm isn't that versatile in a city, huh?). VE 105-280 Pros : good reputation albeit less praised that the 280/4. More versatile. 500€ cheaper. Cons : heavy zoom, tripod required. Not APO. Price isn't that important (I prefer to wait a bit more if that helps), and I will use either lens on my tripod anyway. Also, I am especially careful on vignetting... and on this point, the VE seems to be better! (VE charts available here, and 280/4 charts here) That sounds surprising since fixed focals are usually more optimised... Finally, my longest lens at present is a Lux 80. I consider buying an Apo-Extender later; even though not on par with the 90AA or 180 Apo (), results should be acceptable. And the gap problem posed by the 280/4 would be eased. Still, I'm unsure about all this... Do you think the quality of the fixed 280/4 (vignetting wise, especially) is worth giving up the versatility of a zoom, for the city person that I am? Maybe the zoom feature of the VE is more psychological than practical after all, since I will have to use a complex setup with a tripod? Any hint will be appreciated!
  21. Novoflex hat seine Adapter für Samsungs NX APS-C System vorgestellt. LER gibt es, LEM nicht NX-Adapter von Novoflex | photoscala Ausserdem scheint es mir das der Adapter früher als die Kamera auf dem Markt kommen wird.
  22. Im Rahmen unserer gemeinsamen Diskussion über "adäquate" Lösungen zur R Frage: Ein weiteres Muster im EVIL Reigen diesesmal mit APS-C Sensor. Das PR Gelappere und einige Hintergründe: CES 2010: Samsung NX10 wird offiziell (aktualisiert) | photoscala Schaun wir mal Interessant wäre auch wer das Adapterrennen macht - Bayern, Japan oder der Hinterhofdreher in China ? PS: leider ist bei dem Adapterrennen schon die Luft raus http://www.amateurphotographer.co.uk/news/Samsung_NX10_camera_is_first_in_series_news_293383.html
  23. Dear all, I seem to have touched a rich vein of interest with my previous post, so I went back to Leica with some of the key issues raised by the forum members. The questions I asked and their reply (which I have just received), are below. Merry Christmas/Happy non-denominational holidays to all Graeme. MY QUESTIONS: "Dear Mr XXX , Many thanks again for your previous response. Regarding you reply, I have some further questions that I wouold like to ask (I understand if you are unable to give a 100% clear response). I would like to know if the "optimal solution" being developed is likely to meet the any/all of the following criteria: 1. Is /.will be a true in-house Leica product (or made in conjunction with of one of Leica's strategic partners)? 2. Will it be a full frame camera? 3. Will it be a SLR body with auto focus and an accompanying range of new lenses...or is it more likely to be an alternative to an SLR? 4. Will / will not require an adapter for current manual focus R lenses? 5. Will it have full functionality re metering (i.e full-aperture metering and auto-aperture)? In short, will this be a Leica camera system in its own right? I have invested over USD15,000 in Leica R bodies and a large range of lenses and although I do want to remain with the system, I also need to be asured that there will be a truly "optimal solution" in the coming 12-18months in order to maintain my commitment to the Leica brand. I fully understand that some of these items listed above may be commercially sensitive, but would appreciate any further information that you may be able to provide." THEIR REPLY: "Dear Mr. Hodges, thank you very much for your kind reply. The project is still in a stadium, where different technical solutions will be tested, so many things can still change till maturity phase. That is why it is not possible to give definite answers to your detailed questions. So even the questions, if the new system will provide an SLR concept or if it will have a full frame sensor, is still not sure. But the possibility to use the R-lenses again, is on top of our to-do-list. I do hope that we can give you some more detailed information in the beginning of next year. Thank you very much for your understanding. Mit freundlichen Gruessen / kind regards"
  24. I recently wrote to Leica Germany asking if there would be a "digital solution for Leica R users" (from Leica itself) and mentioned that I was looking at the recently released Panasonic GH1 as a possible alternative "crossover solution". Their reply came back this morning and I quote: "Dear Mr Hodges, thank you very much for your request. We know very well about this serious situation concerning the following system of the R-system. Unfortunately it was not possible for the Leica Camera AG to develop a digital camera body for the R-system simultaneous to the new S-System. But our important aim is to continue the R-system into the digital technology and we are engaged to offer our R-customers an optimal solution which allows using the analogue lenses in combination with a fully digital body. For the necessary technical innovations the S-System will be an ambitious platform to integrate proved features into the new R-follower. We still cannot release any exact data about the introduction date of the new system, but be asssured, it won’t be introduced in the next 6 month. Thank you for your understanding." This also aligns with information I received from the distributor in Australia recently, who implied that something was happening, but not to expect an announcement before Photokina 2010. Life is good again, start saving your pennies Graeme.
  25. Nach ein paar Jahren Ausflug in die Digitalfotografie mit leidlich-anspruchsvollen Kompakt-Kameras mochte ich wieder in die Leica Welt einsteigen. Ich habe eine R6.2 mit diversen Objektiven. Neben der Analog Fotografie mochte ich auch digital mit den R Objektiven fotografieren. Dabei geht es eher um ein -wenn auch solides- Ausprobieren, evtl. auch zur Überbrückung bis zur R10. Nach ersten Informationen bin zu zwei Alternativen gekommen: 1) 4/3 Kamera, vorzugsweise Olympus E1 - hier Insbeondere als Vorteil zu nennen der grosse Sucher und Kompatibilität zu allen R-Objektiven. Nachteil: Crop Faktor 2; mein geliebtes 50er wird zum halben Tele. 2) eine andere Standard DSLR Canon oder Nikon (wenn ja welche?) Adapter scheint es ja in grosser Vielfalt zu geben (wenn auch mit gewissen Einschränkungen der Objektiv-Kompatibilität. Was ist ganz allgemein der Vorteil von 4/3 fur R-Objektive? Handelt es si h hier lediglich um den allg. 4/3-Vorteil oder gibt es spezielle Vorzüge in der Kombination von R Objektiven und 4/3? Wer hat hier Erfahrungen? Bringt das überhaupt was oder ist das eine Illusion zu glauben, dass die R-Objektive etwas Anspruchsvolles aus einem Digitalbody wie der E1 herausholen? Gruss, panorama
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