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  1. Quick short answer - spoke to Josh, went with the 16-35. It's on the body now, going to take it out for a walk tomorrow.
  2. I will take some images with the Tri on the SL2. Haven't yet played around with that combo.
  3. @darylgo I’m sure they would.... but they’re in Miami and I’m in NYC @aksclixalready have the Tri. I have a very bad habit that I’ve had for ~30 years.
  4. I don’t know if I need weather sealing.... but I definitely prefer it. SVE is but the M lenses are not... hmm.
  5. I shoot mostly street photography, with some landscape. The Vario is appealing because it's autofocus (older eyes) and is a zoom; the Summilux is appealing because I could theoretically use it on both bodies, if I wanted to (although I've had a 21 2.8 for years and don't shoot it that often). The lenses are definitely very different; I'm just trying to figure out which one I'd use more.
  6. I have been shooting M for 25 years; picked up an SL2 w SVE 24-90 back in November. Trying to decide between the SVE 16-35 for the SL or an M Summilux 21 that I can use on both (semi epic birthday gift to myself). Looking at mint used examples.... and one shop that has both. I can think of good reasons to go either way. Can’t find many reviews of the 16-35 but what I’ve read is positive. Anyone have any thoughts on this ?
  7. Hmm. So the 14652 is just the newer version of the 14409 ? The14409 has “eyes” - so I can’t use that stacked on my SL2. But I was able to get semi decent results from the 14652 - I need to put this on a tripod though. No idea at all how I wound up with both. Strange.
  8. Hi What is the difference between Leica 14409 (Leica Macro Adapter M for 90mm f/4 Macro Lens) and Leica 14652 (Leica Macro-Adapter-M) ? Is it only that the 14409 has the built in eyes that are configured to work with the 90mm lens (so you can use the viewfinder on the M series) and the 14652 requires the EVF or auxiliary finder ? Somehow I seem to have both of them. I assume the 14409 came with the 90mm f/4 Macro Lens that I bought a few years back, but have no idea how/where/why I also have a 14652. Thanks Brad
  9. Supposedly, the supereon is the largest unit of measured time. I find that the time between deciding to buy something and actually receiving it in person usually feels longer. 🙂
  10. Thanks everyone for all of the advice. Wound up picking up a slightly used 28/1.4; should be here later this week.
  11. Probably, but there wasn't much traffic there so I posted here. Sorry.
  12. So I'm just going to put this money in the bank ? There has to be something I can convince myself I need ! I convinced myself that I needed the medium format gear in the first place. 🙂
  13. Hi I shoot mostly street and travel photography (my kids won't stand still or pose anymore). I've acquired a fairly big collection of lenses since I started with the M series more than 20 years ago and just sold some medium format equipment - I'm considering using that money to upgrade a 21/2.8 or a 28/2.8 to the 1.4 Summilux version. Wondering if it's worth it. My favorite lens is my 35/1.4 if that helps. Also looking at the 24/1.4 (I don't have a 24mm lens currently). I should probably use the money to have my head examined, but that ship has sailed a long time ago. ;-)
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