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  1. Hi All, I am planning to purchase a Q2 at Leica Store New Delhi, India. Has anyone in this forum purchased Q2 from there? If yes, can you provide some information on the below points. 1. What courier they use for shipping? 2. Do they provide discount, if negotiated? 3. What is the tenure of India and International warranty on Leica Q2 or any other products?
  2. Hey, if you are wondering what you can do with the q2 : just enjoy this talent and it’s art! thanxs for the inspiration Peter Lund
  3. So wondering how the auto mode decides to come into play or just better to leave on all the time unless using a tripod. Why not leave on all the time? Any thoughts would be appreciated cheers
  4. PhilipThomas

    Spiral love

    I love me some spirals. Capture from a few weeks back of a wonderful bride. striding up a staircase at Perkins Chapel, Dallas, Texas. Camera details: Leica Q2, f2 1/250 ISO 3200
  5. I shoot with a Leica q2. When I open the DNG files in either Capture One or Lightroom (both latest versions) I get a vertical line left of the image. This line doesn’t not show when I look at the images before importing them. I work on a MBP 2021 M1 Max i disabled the Hardware acceleration (based on another tip) but it didn’t solve the issue. I know it’s not the camera. Any suggestions or troubleshooting ? thank you. see sample below. (Zoom in it will be very evident) THANK YOU!
  6. Hi, I want to to know how good are the 50mm crop of the Q2 because I like that kind of prospective... A CL with the TL 35 Summilux 1.4 lens (so 50mm equivalent as is an APSC) is equal or better? Thanks to all who can help me
  7. I've noticed my Q2 often (25%-35% of the time) will capture TWO identical images in rapid succession with a SINGLE squeeze of the shutter release. Naturally, I've ensured that the exposure mode is in SINGLE and not in multiple, continuous, or bracketing modes. This is becoming annoying (and wasteful of storage space), not to mention sometimes confusing (especially on those occasions when I AM bracketing exposures, and instead of 3 or 5 nicely bracketed exposures, I end up with 4 or 6 bracketed images, two of which are identical in exposure). Again, I've repeatedly confirmed that I'm in single-shot mode, and most of the time, the camera correctly takes a single exposure, as commanded. However, a significant minority of the time (25%-35%), TWO identical images are produced with a SINGLE click of the shutter release. Is anyone else experiencing this, and if so, are there any solutions short of returning the camera for repairs/replacement? P.S. I also own and have exposed thousands of images with the Q, and never experienced this issue.
  8. I have been thinking of acquiring a Q2 for a while and am about 90% ready to make that commitment. I see the Q2 as an addition to my Leica system, which at present includes an M4-P, M-P 240 and a handful of lenses. I am pretty well content with my M-P 240 but it does have a couple of shortcomings - shutter noise and not so great ISO range. For print making, I have found that I can get away with somewhere between ISO 800-1600 before noise becomes a problem, depending on a number of variables other than just ISO. The Q2 seems to resolve those two issues, with weather sealing, autofocus, f/1.7 and a big honking sensor thrown in to sweeten the deal. As far as the focal length that some complain about being "stuck with" on the Q2, that is not really a concern to me. Before I made the jump to digital when I got my M240 back in 2013, I had shot with my film MP and 28 Summicron ASPH extensively. The 28 is an excellent all-around focal length IMHO. It is sort of like the 35mm focal length, but requires a bit more of the photographer in terms of thinking, discipline and not being afraid to get close to your subjects; it is also an excellent focal length for travel, documentary and landscape work IMHO. I learned to deal with these issues (thinking, discipline, getting closer to my subjects) when shooting with my MP and 28 'cron, so I won't feel "stuck" or short changed by having only the 28mm focal length lens on the Q2. In thinking about the Q2, this morning I had the thought that absence of the coupled rangefinder mechanism notwithstanding, the Q2 is somewhat of an autofocus counterpart of the M10 in the Leica lineup as a whole. There is no equal to the flagship M10-P in the Leica product lineup (though some of the other digital M cameras come close), but the Q2 seems to have earned its place next to the M-10-P. In looking at my Leica kit as a whole, I can see the Q2 as being an able backup camera to my M-P 240 and an alternative to it as my daily carry camera. I think the Q2 will fulfill those roles with aplomb. I am wondering how the Q2 has fit in to the scheme of things for others who shoot with it and digital M cameras, and if the Q2 has served its purpose well in your photographic endeavors. Also: Is it fairly accurate to think of the Q2 as somewhat of an autofocus counterpart of the M-P 240 or M10-P? Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts and impressions. 😎
  9. Couple disappointments having just purchased my Q2...(1) keen to register it and officially join the community, but the Leica members area on the website seems to be "under construction." (2) Also had disappointing experience trying to connect camera to iphone / ipad via Leica Fotos. The App tells me it has found the camera, tells me to connect to wifi (I press connect)...only to be told "connection failed." Have read on this forum...Fotos 1.3.1 is not up-to date for OS13?? Will take the advice of others and use a SD card reader to transfer! (But it would be nice if the App worked).
  10. For those who use the Q2 to create black and white images, what have you found is the way to get the best results in terms of image quality? Do you shoot in color then convert to B&W in post processing? If so, which software program do you prefer? I know we already have a Q2 image thread, but if we could see some examples of B&W images made with the Q2 in this thread by way of example, that would be great. My Q2 is on the way and I want to learn about how to maximize it for black and white imagery, particularly for making exhibit quality B&W prints. I'm sure many others will be interest in this, too.
  11. I just received a Q2. Truth in advertising, this is not only my first Leica, but also my first full size with image stabilization. When the camera is not powered on it sounds like a gimbal is loose and moving around. When the camera is powered up, this goes away. Is this normal? Thanks!
  12. The first time I charged my Q2's battery it went to the green "charge" light. Yesterday the battery indicator was red. so I charged it overnight. this morning both the green charge and the orange 80% are lite. does this mean it's not fully charging? I pulled it out and re-inserted it. the charge was blinking but then stopped after 5 minutes. the orange 80% is still lite.? to me this means it's stuck between 80-100%? ? Anyone else experience this?
  13. Hi, the Q2 is my first Leica (sorry 😉 ). Besides the weird Implementation of the much discussed BackButtonFocus I've noticed another strange one, but not sure if it's just me. In all my other cams you simply have a more/less plain, isolated setting: Minimum Shutter-speed. It just takes care the shutter-speed, in whatever (semi-)auto setting you force the camera in, does not go below a defined value, for obvious reasons, most important one: the user does not want it to go below that value, knowing what she/he is doing or anticipating on situations he/she expects. However, with the Q2 you CAN set the min value in the sub-menu AUTO ISO settings (which already is a bit strange) but what happens is that when you set the MIN SHUTTERSPEED, it ONLY works when ISO is set to AUTO. As soon as you decide to kick the ISO setting from AUTO to a specific value(simply because you want to for that shot/series and since I set the thumbweel to that function, its very easy to do so), you loose the min. shutter setting. Is that normal practice at LEICA? The other AUTO-ISO setting: MAX ISO is on the other hand maintained whatever you do (shutter/aperture/exp. correction etc.), so that one works fine i.m.o. Anyway, just curious about opinions and maybe i'm just wrong, for now a bit irritating I cannot set with full confidence a minimum shutter-speed and truly hope it's firmware-fixable. Thanks in advance
  14. Hi All I recently upgraded to the Q2 from the Q. Love it. I've been shooting Leica about three years, I also have M10 and various lenses so I'm quite used to Leica. However, I've just come across a problem with my Q2 and would appreciate advice. Here's the situation: On the Q2 I wanted to shoot longer than 1 second exposure, so I turned the exposure wheel to 1+, then tried to increase exposure to, say 20 seconds by turning the thumbwheel, as I used to on the original Q. I am aware of the limitations re long exposures and high ISO so I set the ISO manually to 100. The camera won't go beyond 1s exposure, however much I turn the wheel. Turning the wheel the other way it only offers me 0.6 seconds. To check it, I then set the exposure to auto (A), and went into a dark room. Again, the camera will not set the exposure to above 1s. It may be a fault with my camera, or I may be doing something wrong. Any thoughts? JC
  15. My new Q2 doesn't have Bluetooth On/Off. It only is off. I've reset the camera twice but it still is missing. And there isn't anything regarding GPS shown in the menus. When trying to pair it only gives option to press "SET" to abort. I have my LG phone and iPad setup with the FOTOS application and ready to pair/sync. but they can't find the camera because I can't turn Bluetooth ON. Help required. thanks guys.
  16. http://de.leica-camera.com/Fotografie/Leica-Q/Leica-Q2
  17. Leica Fotos Update im Apple App Store mit Hinweis "verfügbar ab 03.April 2019" Version 1.1.2
  18. I’d really love to hear from those with extensive Leica Q/Q-P experience who are now shooting with the Q2. I want to focus on the aesthetic image differences between the two models, not necessarily technical or feature aspects. Features aside and “all things being equal”, the Q2 has better dynamic range/shadow recovery (especially at lower ISOs) and the classic Q/Q-P better noise handling at higher ISOs. Both use the same lens, the Q2 has higher resolution clearly – but the classic does have larger pixels. Pixel density and size are different between models, but I’m sure the Q2 is benefiting from other sensor advancements. Sensor size is the same for both, but Leica is fitting in a lot more to yield a higher MP image. I wonder what IQ sacrifices (if any) they would be making to accomplish this? In general, larger pixels do yield a higher quality image and less noise. Noise does clean up a bit in the Q2 if you down sample files to an equivalent size. I know I may be splitting hairs (and I’ll take ownership over this), but specifically, are you seeing any difference in how the files render along the lines of… Organic filmic quality vs. more smoothed-over digital look (some observers are noting that Q2 files look more smoothed over/plasticky/digital looking)? Color (Leica’s colors science should be the same for both – although it’s two different sensors) Pop/3-D quality Out of focus/bokeh rendering (same lens, should be similar) Micro contrast Sharpness (Q2 should be sharper without an anti-aliasing filter) Moire (Q should do a better job of reducing moire with filter) Noise (out of the box and without Q2 down-sampling, the classic Q probably has the edge at higher ISOs) – noise does impact IQ. Every Q2 review I read says, “the files look gorgeous.” But so do the Q/Q-P files. Undoubtedly, files from both look beautiful. Sony files can look gorgeous too, but they don't look the same as Leica - so we need to get more granular when asking if the Q and Q2 render the same. If you took the same exact picture with both cameras, would you even notice a difference, or has Leica done such a brilliant job that the Q rendering is exactly the same in both, with the added benefits of more dynamic range, shadow recovery, etc.? Or do they look completely different in your opinion? Better? Worse? The same but larger? Do you prefer how the Q2 files look over the Q? If so, why? Much of the Leica look comes down to the lens and color science – but is there anything you just can’t put your finger on when comparing how the Q files render compared to the Q2?
  19. Steve Huff just posted a review on the Leica Q2 (not sure I can include links, so you can Google it if the below link doesn't work): The Leica Q2 Real World Review and Experience. Worth the $5k? http://www.stevehuffphoto.com/2019/03/27/the-leica-q2-real-world-review-and-experience-worth-the-5k/ As much as the Q2 intrigues me, I plan on keeping my Q-P. I can only speak for myself, but I personally feel like there is something unique and different about the rendering on the current 24MP sensor, which is not to take away from some of the gorgeous Q2 imagery I've seen. Steve Huff shares a similar view. To upgrade or not is truly a personal choice. Both models produce beautiful images and both models have their strengths and weaknesses--so I think it is fair to say that either model is not better than the other relatively speaking, they are just different. Find what works for you!
  20. For anyone interested, I both splurged and gambled by ordering the Thorsten Overgaard Q lens hood for my Q2... It fits! (I wasn't sure because of the slightly bigger lens due to the weather-proofing, and I couldn't find where anyone else had already verified compatibility.) I didn't want to have to remove the native Q2 hood to put on/take off a polarizer when needed, plus the native hood makes dialing in a circular polarizer difficult--thus the Overgaard hood. Comes in three colors--black, silver, or red--and arrived from China in just a few days. So, in case any of you were thinking about ordering one, no need to fear incompatibility!
  21. Here is a macro image of my first camera purchased at the age of 13. I still have it in my collection. Thought it would be fun to have a topic just for Macro with the Q2.
  22. Mit der Q2 bin ich wirklich glücklich. Ich bin eher der "Weitwinkler" und nutze auch die große Blendenöffnung, um ein gewisses Freistellungspotential zu haben. Auch die Crop- Möglichkeit der 47 Mpx ist natürlich gut nutzbar. ABER: Gerade das Croppen verführt (mich zumindest) gelegentlich dazu, nicht mehr so sorgfältig ein Bild zu komponieren. Irgendetwas Gescheites wird sich doch aus dem Foto schon herausschneiden lassen... Das Gegenteil einer Q2 ist nach meiner Einschätzung eine analoge M: Wegen der geringen Anzahl an Aufnahmen eines Films gehe ich viel sorgfältiger an eine Komposition heran, bin entschleunigter, wachsamer und "knipse" weniger. Ein Bild muss "sitzen". Wie empfindet Ihr das?
  23. Hi, I have a question to all those who use the Q2 alongside with their Sony camera: How far can you go with those Q2 RAW files? [Taking the photos shakefree, deliberately underexpose the photos, increasing the exposure in post-processing etc. just to get the shot.] I would like to read your input in that regard. I own the Sony RX100V (RX100 MK5) & A7RIII (A7R MK3) with a bunch of Sony GM (85mm f/1.4), Sony Zeiss (35mm f/2.8 & 55mm f/1.8), Zeiss (Batis 85mm, Loxia 25mm, Loxia 50mm, Loxia 85mm) and adapted Contax Zeiss (28mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.7, 85mm f/2.8, 135mm f/2.8) lenses. Currently I love using the Zeiss Loxia lenses and so far I like the Q2's lens rendering. I would like to replace most of those lenses and the RX100V, keep the Loxia & 85mm GM lenses and purchase the Q2. The intention is to simplify my gear and at least have only a few autofocus lenses in my repertoire. The 85mm GM can't go because of portrait photography where autofocus is critical (Sony Eye-AF huray!). For fun projects I like using the Loxia 85mm (that glas is ridiculous sharp and contrasty!). The Q2's purpose is for covering the the focal length 28mm[, 35mm and 50mm] with its autofocus lens. I often see myself using my Sony cameras (I had the A6000 & A7II [A7 MK2] before) on my travels in low light situations (www.instagram.com/ryan.lam.888) and I don't carry a full sized tripod with me. Sometimes I have a tabletop tripod and a clamp with me traveling to the destination just in case I need them. However after one or two outings I am able to evaluate whether or not I need them. Oftentimes many locations don't allow you to deploy a tripod on-location (Hello London & Italy! xD ). It is amazing how much I can get out of those Sony RAW files without much noise and banding issues. Can anyone provide RAW files from a Q2 and a Sony camera both shot at the same location with the same low light condition? Thank you!
  24. Hi Am new to Q2 and I am confused with the term focus range (assuming it refers to shutter speed) under the ELECTRONIC SHUTTER selection in page 91 of the English instruction manual (Image attached). The 3 selections are as follow :- When Off is selected ---- Only the mechanical shutter is used. Focus range 120 s to 1⁄2000 s. When Always On is selected ---- Only the electronic shutter function is used. Focus range 1⁄2500 s to 1⁄40000 s. When Extended is selected ---- You can add in the electronic shutter functions if you need faster shutter speeds than can be achieved with the mechanical shutter. Focus range 120 s to 1⁄2000 s + 1⁄2500 s to 1⁄40000 s. The first selection is clear, there will be no electronic shutter and you are limited to maximum speed of 1⁄2000 s. For the second selection, does it means that electronic shutter will be used only from 1⁄2500 s to 1⁄40000 s and if yes, is that not already the default for Q2 ? If I select this and use 1⁄500 s to take a picture, will Q2 use mechanical or electronic shutter since the manual says ONLY THE ELECTRONIC FUNCTION IS USED? For the third selection, does it means that electronic shutter will be used, regardless of shutter speed? After googling this topic, the closest I can get to an answer is from https://www.reddotforum.com/content/2017/05/leica-sl-firmware-3-0-released-major-updates/ where it document the the new firmware update for the SL (Typ 601): Version 3.0. where one of the the update was to include ALWAYS ON in electronic shutter setting. It goes to say that the best part of version 3.0 is that you can set “Always On” which will activate the electronic shutter function for a much wider range of shutter speeds for completely silent shooting and the range available will depends on your ISO setting. Hope the experts here can enlighten me on this subject. Thank you
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