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  1. I just received a Q2. Truth in advertising, this is not only my first Leica, but also my first full size with image stabilization. When the camera is not powered on it sounds like a gimbal is loose and moving around. When the camera is powered up, this goes away. Is this normal? Thanks!
  2. High, i would love to have an internal ND filter for the next generation of Q cameras. Battery Grip with Ports that you need for video or tethering . Audio, usbc, hdmi.
  3. Leica Fotos Update im Apple App Store mit Hinweis "verfügbar ab 03.April 2019" Version 1.1.2
  4. Hi, When using the Q2 on manual, as I do, there is the option to set your desired ISO setting. The factory set range goes 200-400-800-1600 etc. Can this be tweeked to set an ISO that is not in that range, for instance a setting of ISO1000. Thanks
  5. Erfahrung und Meinung gefragt zu meiner Ausrüstung Hallo, mein Name ist Chris, habe mich an anderer Stelle bereits vorgestellt. Zu Leica gekommen bin ich über die Leica Q, vorher hatte ich eine Fuji und davor eine Canon-Ausrüstung. Mittlerweile hat sich hier folgende Ausrüstung angesammelt, die ich nun gerne auf das Nötigste zusammen streichen möchte. Da ich mich überhaupt nicht entscheiden kann, suche ich neue Impulse. Was fotografiere ich? - Natur, auch mal Makro (mit Q2 oder M-Zwischenring), Menschen, auch mal Street, Reise, Hunde, Autos, auch mal Portr
  6. Hi, with the latest Q2 software update I seem to have a problem in spot focus in portrait orientation moving the crosshairs with arrow buttons using the EVF. (Set as EVF Extended)The crosshair does not appear to move around the screen as it does in landscape orientation. Does anyone else have this problem?
  7. looks nice https://en.leica-camera.com/Photography/Leica-Q/Leica-Q2-Daniel-Craig-x-Greg-Williams
  8. From the album: Zeitlos

    © @Stefan Sipl

  9. I am looking for a lightweight compact TTL flash for use with my Q2, but am trying to understand which are compatible. I understand that the SF24D may be one option, but will the SF20 also work? Does anyone have any experience of either in use? The flash needs to be very compact and will only be for occasional use, primarily for fill-in basis so it needs to be TTL.
  10. Hi guys, Sounds like a silly question but better safe than sorry I guess. If I use a Non-Leica Thumbrest is the hotshoe still water resistant? Cheers!
  11. Hi, I want to to know how good are the 50mm crop of the Q2 because I like that kind of prospective... A CL with the TL 35 Summilux 1.4 lens (so 50mm equivalent as is an APSC) is equal or better? Thanks to all who can help me
  12. My new Q2 doesn't have Bluetooth On/Off. It only is off. I've reset the camera twice but it still is missing. And there isn't anything regarding GPS shown in the menus. When trying to pair it only gives option to press "SET" to abort. I have my LG phone and iPad setup with the FOTOS application and ready to pair/sync. but they can't find the camera because I can't turn Bluetooth ON. Help required. thanks guys.
  13. Die hauptsächliche Frage steht im Titel. Außerdem würde mich noch interessieren ob man genau wie bei der SL2 auch in Cinema 4K im crop Modus aufnehmen kann für mehr Zoom. Der Grund für die Fragen ist ich bin mit der SL2 und dem 24-90 sehr zufrieden aber hätte gerne was leichteres zum wandern. Hatte zuerst an das CL 18mm gedacht aber ohne Wetter Schutz mach ich mir da im Gebirge sorgen speziell da ich gerne auch im bei regnerischen Wetter Filme.
  14. All is in the title. This upgrade would be mostly useful !
  15. Is it possible to set minimum shutter speed on the Q2? I shoot primarily in Aperture Priority and would like to control a minimum shutter speed while keeping ISO fixed. Thanks.
  16. Is there a Leica or 3rd party larger Eyecup that works well with Q2/Q2M? I'm a glasses wearer, and I am looking a solution that would help in bright light.
  17. I've noticed my Q2 often (25%-35% of the time) will capture TWO identical images in rapid succession with a SINGLE squeeze of the shutter release. Naturally, I've ensured that the exposure mode is in SINGLE and not in multiple, continuous, or bracketing modes. This is becoming annoying (and wasteful of storage space), not to mention sometimes confusing (especially on those occasions when I AM bracketing exposures, and instead of 3 or 5 nicely bracketed exposures, I end up with 4 or 6 bracketed images, two of which are identical in exposure). Again, I've repeatedly confirmed that I'm in single-
  18. Hello, ladies and gents - here is a question for those who shoot with the Q2. I need to get a flash for my Q2, preferably a Metz unit as they are priced more favorably than the Leica flash units. Is there a Metz equivalent of Leica's SF60 or SF40 flash? The Metz mecablitz 52 AF-1 looks like it could be a good choice. The 52 AF-1 is supposed to be compatible with Panasonic/Leica Four Thirds TTL, according to the description on a well known camera retailer's website. It seems odd that this flash would be compatible with Leica 4/3rds cameras but there is no mention of it being comp
  19. Does anyone own or has anyone seen a Leica Q2 Thumb support? Thanks in advance for a quick ping if you have — cheers!
  20. Just wondering what you all use for storage capacity for your SL2s? I have mostly 32GB cards that I use for my CL, but just picked up two 64GB UHS II 300MB/sec cards. I might want to pick-up a couple more. Should I get 64GB or 128GB? I shoot in full res DNG+JPEG and backup from one card to the next, so, storage-wise, in actuality, I'm only using one card. Thanks, Brad
  21. Can anyone please advise how to get rid of continuous screen flashes every time I attach a Profoto Flash Gun or Flash Trigger. Histogram and Clipping are both off. Thanks
  22. While we suffer an interminable wait for the (alleged soon to be) M10 Monochrom, I have to ask: Why not a Q2 Monochrom?? Think of the possibilities that a full frame, 47 MP, ISO 50,000 Monochrom with a 28mm f/1.7 lens and a silent leaf shutter would have to offer! To the gents in Wetzlar, I have to ask: Are you listening? To everyone else, I ask: What are your thoughts on a Q2 Monochrom?
  23. For those who use the Q2 to create black and white images, what have you found is the way to get the best results in terms of image quality? Do you shoot in color then convert to B&W in post processing? If so, which software program do you prefer? I know we already have a Q2 image thread, but if we could see some examples of B&W images made with the Q2 in this thread by way of example, that would be great. My Q2 is on the way and I want to learn about how to maximize it for black and white imagery, particularly for making exhibit quality B&W prints. I'm sure many oth
  24. I have been thinking of acquiring a Q2 for a while and am about 90% ready to make that commitment. I see the Q2 as an addition to my Leica system, which at present includes an M4-P, M-P 240 and a handful of lenses. I am pretty well content with my M-P 240 but it does have a couple of shortcomings - shutter noise and not so great ISO range. For print making, I have found that I can get away with somewhere between ISO 800-1600 before noise becomes a problem, depending on a number of variables other than just ISO. The Q2 seems to resolve those two issues, with weather sealing, autof
  25. Couple disappointments having just purchased my Q2...(1) keen to register it and officially join the community, but the Leica members area on the website seems to be "under construction." (2) Also had disappointing experience trying to connect camera to iphone / ipad via Leica Fotos. The App tells me it has found the camera, tells me to connect to wifi (I press connect)...only to be told "connection failed." Have read on this forum...Fotos 1.3.1 is not up-to date for OS13?? Will take the advice of others and use a SD card reader to transfer! (But it would be nice if the App worked).
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