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  1. Hey guys, new to the forum and I had a question about a strange occurrence with my T: Every time that I have the Leica T at f/2 with the 23mm and I go to the closest focusing point with a subject, the camera automatically switches to a different aperture. So for instance I'll be at 2.0, try to get a nice blurry background and the camera will either switch to 2.5 or 2.8 depending on distance. I'm perplexed by why this is happening. No other camera I've ever used has done this. It's almost like the T doesn't want me to shoot with those parameters. And I'm shooting everything in manual mode with RAW selected. Any idea why it's doing this? Thanks.
  2. OPEN TO ALL, members and non-members of LHSA. the LHSA 2014 raffle has started the Grand prize is a LEICA T system or a LEICA M body - your choice LEICA T System - COMPLETE OUTFIT INCLUDES: body, 18-56mm f/3.5-5.6 ASPH lens, 23mm f/2 ASPH lens, Visoflex eye-level viewer and Leica M lens adapter. Second Prize - LEICA V-LUX-4 Third Prize - LEICA D-LUX-6 here's the link to the flyer http://origin.library.constantcontact.com/download/get/file/1113584548178-95/LHSA+-+2014+RAFFLE+FLIER.pdf here's the link to purchase tickets LHSA Announcements
  3. Hallo, ich habe seit 26.05.14 eine Leica T. Bisher hatte ich sie ca. 2 Stunden zum ausprobieren in der Hand. Immerhin hatte ich bisher schon 5 mal das Problem dass sich die Kamera aufgehängt hat. 4 mal konnte man das Problem durch ausschalten beheben und einmal musste man den Akku entfernen um das Ding wieder funktionsfähig zu bekommen. 4 mal bestand das Problem, dass man die programmierten Funktionen der Rädchen nicht mehr benutzen konnte und einmal hat der Autofokus nicht mehr funktioniert. Hat noch jemand das Problem?
  4. Official information from tomorrow, but wanted to share this info a bit earlier for you guys. Helsinki based photographer Jussi Hellsten starts as Foka's Leica T ambassador. 
 30th of April starts new era for Finland based photographer Jussi Hellsten when he unites with Finnish Leica importer Foka to but the Leica T to real work stress test. New blog All The Light introduces Hellsten’s work done with Leica T camera. Hellsten is currently working with a year long project HELSINKI365, where he documents everyday life in Helsinki together with Helsinki Marketing Ltd. Hellsten conducted HELSINKI365 first time in 2012, and his main tool back then was Leica M9-P. Now when to project relaunched in November 2013, his main tool had been upgraded to Leica M (Typ 240). The new Leica T is natural continuity for exploring Helsinki through the Leica camera.
 “Most of the time I shoot a lot more than just one photo that is used in the HELSINKI365 project. This blog’s intention is also to feature those photos, taken with Leica T, that are left outside the final selection”, tells Hellsten." Jussi Hellsten is Helsinki, Finland based commercial photographer, cinematographer and film editor." All The Light - Leica T: All The Light
  5. Hi all - had very little time to enjoy this camera so far, but here's some snaps I took at lunch (JPG out the box, with some post cropping applied in PS). Leica T - Lunch Break I'm finding it a real pleasure to use...just the feel of the aluminum and the weight of it makes it seem more "substantial" to me (if you care about that sort of thing), and the menu system is about as simple as can be. I've not previously spent a lot of time using a viewfinder, and I find it feels a lot more intimate to use the EVF. All in all, this camera just doesn't get in your way. I wondered when I first saw it, why they would have dials on it at all if they're almost going full touchscreen...and clearly the EVF is a major reason for that. The two dials can be easily accessed while looking through the EVF to adjust exposure settings, and the surety of the dial clicks enable me to "feel" when moving from ISO 200-400-800, and likewise with aperture such that I can make snap adjustments while in aperture priority mode. On the right hand side of the menu system, you can swipe down to disable those options (which are closest to the thumb) and this enables me not to worry when putting the camera to my side in case I accidentally access something (so effectively, I can keep the camera "always on" to ensure I capture something quickly). The image quality looks great to me, seems to be a very sharp lense (23mm) but I must be honest in stating that what drew me to this camera was the build quality. I didn't really know if I would buy this camera, but when I saw it in the shop and felt it, it felt like the most "serious" camera I'd held so far - and things like that really mean something to me.
  6. Kann jemand der noch auf dem Event in Börlin ist und einer T + M->T Adapter habhaft werden kann, das Handling testen ? (Sind M Objektivprofile via Menu auswählbar ? .....)
  7. I bought my first Leica recently, a T. I'd always loved the design, the single block of aluminium build, and been intrigued by the touchscreen operating system. It always seemed to be a very modern interpretation of an APS-C camera by a company that's know for its long traditions. And with prices so low I thought it was worth trying one out. I'm a bit of a camera tart, you name it over the last 10 years and I've probably had one. I'm a hobbyist rather than a serious photographer and the feel of a camera and the enjoyment of using it is almost as important to me as the image quality. I didn't have a lens for it and while I was deciding which ones I should get I ordered the 7artisans 55mm f/1.4 from China. It's a manual lens (I haven't shot manual for years), and quite long (82.5mm equivalent) but very cheap, and it luckily arrived the morning of my holiday to Suffolk so I packed the T as well as my Pana GX9 just in case. I was quite surprised just how much I enjoyed using a manual focus lens after so long away. I'm desperately short of practice but thanks to the T's ability to let you zoom in to focus (thanks to everyone on here who helped me work out how to do it) I think I did ok. My Visoflex 020 hasn't arrived yet so all my shots were done using the screen to compose and focus, which was a bit tricky. To say I was pleased would be an understatement. I love the feel of the T, think the image quality with the 7artisans was very nice, and loved the look and feel of the pairing. I've got a 35mm Voigtlander M mount as well, just waiting for the adapter to arrive! I think that will be a more useful day to day lens. But even so I found the 55mm quite useful, and even managed some wildlife pics. Most of the images below were taken at F4, with one or two at f1.4 for a bit of variety. Any feedback or advice is more than welcome, I certainly consider myself a Leica beginner, despite my advanced age!
  8. I would like to know if anobody tried to use T in studio, including flash or lights?
  9. I just received a new Leica T and sadly the display has not been working properly. The color of the display is rather blotchy and has a washed out look with really bad contrast. Has anyone encountered this issue? The view from the EVF and through the iPhone App are fine. I ended up contacting B and H and they said they would send me a new body.
  10. I just received a used Leica T body today and while waiting for B&H to ship me the special order of the Novoflex Leica M to T body adapter I decided to order a cheap lens adaptor off of Amazon to use temporarily (and to make sure the camera body is functioning properly). I have a Zeiss 50mm f1.5 sonnar lens so I tried it on with the temp adapter attached to the Leica T body. It turned out that the camera couldn't capture anything. The live display is completely black when I turned it on. I was able to see all the menus on the camera but it seems like the sensor doesn't display any live image. Though I noticed it still measured the light when I pointed the camera to different targets. I was wondering if there's a way to test to see if the camera is working without a lens attached (like shooting an image with the camera sensor directly)? I wasn't sure if the sensor couldn't display any live image on the camera because I don't have the right adaptor or if the camera itself is actually broken. I need to figure this out soon so I could send the camera back if it is really broken. Any help or input would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Not sure if this has been asked before. I was wondering if there's a way to use Focus Aid magnification when shooting Manual mode on the T. I noticed there are two menus with 'F' and 'S' on the screen with Manual mode. 'S' with the right knob on the camera seems to adjust Shutter speed. I wasn't sure what 'F' program stands for since it doesn't do anything when I turn the left knob. I assumed 'F' is the f stop or aperture setting? I'm using M lens via M-adapter T and the aperture could be adjusted manually on the lens. Is there a way to program the 'F' (left) menu to be using Focus Aid instead like how it works with Aperture Priority or Shutter Priority Mode on the camera? Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated! I got the T for a few weeks now and have been enjoying the camera so far. This is also my first time to use manual lens on a digital camera. Still learning the best practice to quickly do accurate manual focus on this camera. I don't own an EVF. Is it worth it to get one? I only own M lenses and none of the T's so far. I would love to get as much accurate focus as possible when doing street photography.
  12. I picked up the Match Technical Thumbs Up EP-12T for my Leica T and wanted to share my thoughts and experiences for those interested. First let me say that I am a huge Thumbs Up fan and have used many variations over the years on my digital Leica's (M’s and X’s) and have found them a necessary part of proper handling. Once I bought a T and noticed that they released the EP-12-T Thumbs Up, it was just a matter of time before it made it's way onto my camera. Through the magic of the internet, popped over to the Leica Store Miami website, ordered the EP-12T and had it in my grubby hands a few short days later. Once home, put it on the T and noted that the fit and finish was nothing short of the normal Match Technical fare; first class. It looks great on the T, and fits like factory equipment (or better in some cases). Swung my thumb to the back to get the grip and that’s where things were different…. This Thumbs Up was created so as to not block any of the T’s functions, namely the touch screen or two control dials. This is obviously a must, but I found that the thumb rest was a little short of being comfortable. My thumb was stretched too far from the normal position to reach the grip, but once I adjusted my grip it was a little better. Once I got used to holding the camera like this it was good, but found that as my thumb stretched across the back it covered up the menu bar and the top right hand corner of the screen. My first thought was that this grip would be a perfect fit with the Visoflex, but that is certainly not the case since it is flush-mounted. Though the thumb stretch and screen blockage were not ideal, the benefit of improved handling outweighed the negatives, but the main reason this Thumbs Up and I did not get along was because it dug painfully into my side when I wore the camera across my shoulder and then also in the around the neck position. I never noticed this with any previous Thumbs Up, but it was painfully obvious with this iteration. So, I gave the EP-12T a week on the camera to see if I got used to it, but we never got on well enough for me to justify keeping it. Although I returned the EP-12T to LSM, I still find myself reaching for it on the camera as it did provide greater stability and an easier grab out of the bag. Other users may not have the same issues, and I would still recommend the Thumbs Up EP-12T if you are okay with potentially dealing the above issues. AG
  13. . . . compare to those of the M (240) or ME? I'm thinking of selling my R9/DMR and R lenses in order to finance a T or an ME. I would like a lighter outfit for traveling and just for having a camera with me more often. I would like to be able to use my M lenses digitally. And I would like to be able to take night-scapes with stars, so I'm thinking the M (240) might be less desirable, with its 8 sec. exposure limit at higher ISOs. I have an X2 and assume that the T's files will look much the same (if that is a false assumption, please set me straight). They do not have the color saturation (bit depth?) of the DMR files, nor perhaps the inherent acutance (can I use that term with digital?) but I can live with them as they are quite nice nonetheless, and even give slightly more detail than those from the DMR. For me the Ms are the unknowns. Can anyone comment on how the T DNG files compare to those of the ME or M (240) in terms of color, noise, and sharpness? All help is appreciated. Brent
  14. IT is only my camera or some other user has the same problem? When I bought the camera I have the problem of the Aperture and Shutter getting frozen. The answer to that was turn off Wi-Fi and problem gone. It works. Now, yesterday no just the dials have the same problem but now I can't turn off the camera! I have to take battery off. Wifi wasn't on. I start to believe my camera is not a good product series, I just got it back from Leica after they need to change the sensor because no way on earth they can clean a spot.
  15. Hi. Now that the Leica T has been out for a while with some firmware updates I am looking for pros and cons from those who use it. Also, interested in thoughts about available lenses and adapting M glass. I have a 35 Summicron. Thanks so much.
  16. Mein Aufbau: Leica T Noctilux Objektiv M Adapter Macro Adapter Novoflex Profi Tischstativ Novoflex Kugelkopf Naheinstellgrenze normal bei dem Noctilux Objektiv: 100 cm Naheinstellgrenze mit dem Macro-Adapter und Nocti: nur 8,5 cm !!! Das Bildfeld ist 4x6 cm. Fazit: Es hat sich auf jeden Fall gelohnt den mit 580 Euro teuren Macro-Adapter gekauft zu haben. So kann ich aus jedem M-Objektiv ein Macro-Objektiv machen.
  17. Hello, When I use Leica T app connecting to my camera. If I chose P, A, M or S mode, I can not auto focus by touching my iPad screen. It seems like the camera is in MF mode and if I turn the focusing ring I will get larger screen for helping focusing. Otherwise, if in Auto or other screen mode , I can have auto focus by touching iPad screen anywhere. Is it correct for the app? But I guess it doesn't make sense. I use app to remote control my camera but I need to have a focus manual? If it isn't the original setting, how can I chang the focusing setting in Leica T app? The current firmware of my Leica T is 1.31 I have seen the demonstration from Leica Store Miami about Leica T app in Youtube. It looks like it can focus by touching in S mode. So I ask for help here. Thank you!
  18. Bit of a nutter, can't find it on the camera menu and neither on the instruction manual - how do you shoot black & wihte photos without converting colour ones into b&W later on on the computer? Tahnks for the help!
  19. to whom it may concern: photokina 2014: Novoflex-Neuheiten-Offensive | photoscala _needs new Leica firmware (Sept 2014) _delivery from Oct 2014 _prices starting 69 to 169€ _ Adapters for Nikon Canon , Sony and Pentax can trigger the f-stops
  20. laut photokina 2014: Novoflex-Neuheiten-Offensive | photoscala produziert Novoflex jatzt auch Adapter für die T Preise 69-169€
  21. Die Firmware 1.2 für die Leica T ist auf der Leica Website verfügbar. Bin gespannt auf die Verbesserungen ...
  22. Hello everyone. I'm using the leica T app and although I have in my camera settings the option "DNG+JPG fine", in my memory card or internal memory I only get JPG files when using my iPad or my iPhone. Do I'm doing something wrong or anybody else is experimenting the same problem. Thank you,
  23. Check out a video featuring the Leica T: What does everyone think?
  24. Does the new Leica Macro adapter and 90 macro lens work on the Leica T ( with the T adapter)?
  25. Gestern ist es passiert: Meine Leica T ist 'abgestürzt' und ließ sich nur noch durch Batterieentnahme resetten. Nach einem weiteren Foto das gleiche Problem. Wie ich dann die Fotos auslesen wollte, war dies nicht mehr möglich. Auch ließ sich die Karte über ein externes Lesegerät nicht mehr auslesen, sie wurde nicht mehr erkannt (mehrere Möglichkeiten wie iBook, Apple oder PC brachten nichts). Für mich stellt sich die Frage, was die Ursache war: die Kamera oder die SD-Karte. Denn ca. 250 Fotos der letzten Woche (schon gesichert!) sind nicht mehr lesbar, verloren sind ein halbes Dutzend Bilder von gestern.
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