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  1. What about having a separate image thread just for macro pictures? Hope this will be followed, we can share our macro takes but also our questions, doubts, experiences... ISO 200 f/2.8 1/1000 In this one two pics superposed. ISO 100 f/2.8 1/250
  2. Moin Moin aus dem Norden, Ich habe mir eine gebrauchte Leica Q gekauft. Sie sieht sehr gut aus und soweit ich es einschätze ist sie technisch ohne Fehler. Sie hat nur etwas Schmutz auf dem Sensor. Meine Frage: was wird den gemacht bei einen Clean and Check? Und was kostet so etwas und wie lange muss ich rechnen. Liebe Grüße Michael
  3. So we have two 28mm Summilux lenses to choose from nowadays, the Summilux M and the Summilux Q. I am curious: For those who own and use both (and knowing this crowd, there has to be several who have both) which image rendering do you prefer, and why? Obviously there is way more that factors in to choosing between these two lenses, but my interest lies in the different rendering that the two lenses produce. Thoughts?
  4. Sold my Leica Q last week in mint condition and I am having severe separation anxiety. I need to buy Leica Q in mint condition. But need help to decide: Should i buy Q or Q2? I have watched some reviews on YouTube that the colors / rendering and 24MP is a sweeter spot than Q2? Should I wait for Q3, launching most probably early next year? Due to my anxiety I will most probably buy either Leica Q or Q2 asap and buy Q3 next year as second camera if the upgrades are worthy. Any help would be appreciated and make me calm until I get Leica back in my Palm.
  5. I am new to the Leica system and I was so excited to find a certified Leica Q-P in my price range. I just received it last night and having been playing around with it this morning. Two things I noticed right away - autofocus seems to be hit or miss and the photos seem noisy even at an ISO 400. In fairness, I started taking shots of my active daughter pretty early this morning before we had a lot of light, so it's possible the autofocus is totally fine and that the low light conditions and auto shutter speed were lending to the lack of focus. My settings were AFs, Face Detection, Spot exposure metering. I did notice that as the room got brighter, the photos were more in focus. As for the noise, it seems that a 400 ISO should be pretty clean? I am shooting raw and editing in lightroom. The photo below is ISO 400, f/2.0, 1/640. I am hoping I am just overthinking this because in the back of my mind I know it's a used camera.
  6. Hello, I just joined this forum and am hoping to get an opinion. Today, I received my first Leica, a Leica Q which I had bought through ebay and found (what I think is) dust on the sensor. The seller had confirmed to me that even at f/16 there are no problems. It isn't noticeable in most other pictures I take so I am wondering how others would handle this situation and if you would consider it reason to complain to the seller and ask for a refund? I am thinking that this could lower resale value even though I am not thinking I will resell anytime soon. Btw, I contacted Leica in Wetzlar and the lady on the phone was sure that there was not an update to the Q in 2017 which sealed the battery opening better against dust (which I had read on here). She even contacted two other Leica employees which both confirmed the same. Thank you Sevi
  7. I'm serious considering purchasing a Q this week but I would really love to see what the OOC JPEGs look like. I currently shoot with a Sony A7RII and 99% of the time my go-to lens is the Zeiss Batis 25mm f/2. My only complaint with the Sony is I'm not very fond of the colours. I like to post my images directly on social media so the OOC JPEGs do really matter to me. Please help me with my decision by posting some of your OOC JPEGs with your Q! Thank you!
  8. Hi all, Is the leica Q square lens hood can be used on the leica X? They seem similiar lens size. Has anyone tried? Im wishing to try as i have a leica X typ 113
  9. Is it possible to set up the Leica Q to be used as a webcam for Zoom and other video conferencing meetings? If so, any suggestions on setting it up?
  10. Hi, I've just recently purchased a Leica Q to add to my Nikon D-SLR system and just today I also updated the firmware to ver. 2.0. I'm using the camera in aperture priority mode and single-shot mode 95% of the time I'm using it. But only today I noticed something strange; when I use it in continuous [C] shooting mode, the exposures after the first one are different than the first one (and all except the first one being the same). As if the camera does not lock the exposure parameters after it's done with recording the first shot. This is not strange by itself, because the camera should change the exposure in such cases IF NEEDED, but in my case this happens also when the lighting situation does not change one bit. Basically the camera changes exposure parameters in fixed lighting conditions - which does not seem the proper way ... Anyone else noticed the same?
  11. Not sure who's enjoying the company of the other more, my friend or the goat.
  12. View of Diamond Head from Tantalus Point
  13. XVarior


    As you may know from other similar posts, I make those portraits during fashion photoshoots, usually during the break. I put my canon down, grab my Leica leave the set with the model. I usually keep those portraits for myself and the model but many times the client begs for them too:-) Leica Q
  14. Workflow and image processing capacity suggest that technical progress will render conventional digital cameras obsolete for non-specialist uses, particularly fixed-focus length ones: http://blog.photoshelter.com/2016/11/google-pixel-vs-iphone-7-vs-leica-q/
  15. Just came back from a short weekend vacation from Seattle. 1st time Leica Q user. Gonna post more, still processing...
  16. I am having trouble connecting via wi-fi and down loading files to my phone, how many are experiencing the same problem? I consider that the connection with the camera should be between the camera and the phone and not thru a 3rd party wi-fi.
  17. Hello everyone ! I just noticed that I have traces of wear on the hot shoe connectors of my leica Q2. I have used it only very rarely and with leica flashes. Has anyone noticed the same thing? Do I have to worry about it? Everything works very well but I still find it weird .. Thanks for your help !
  18. Hello all, I just got a leica Q firmware version 2.0 from my friend. He said he purchased it in Hong Kong. When i'm using this Q, i found that it's slower then mine when i try to switch it off, and the leica logo become a exclamation mark before it turn off. The most interesting thing is that when i try to update the firmware from 2.0 to 3.1, every thing is normal but the version number shows 3.16 after it's updated. of course it keeps the hidden menu here until i go to the service menu and reset it. anyone had seen it before? and know how to access the hidden menu again? thanks alot!
  19. I purchased a Q end of last year, liked it so much that I sold my Nikon DSLR, Lumix FZ-2500 and Fuji XE-T3. I then purchased the CL with the 18-56mm lens a few months later. Now with adapters to use my Rokinon wide-angles, and 7 Artisan lenses I find myself using the Leica CL way more than the Q. There's no doubt that the IQ of photos from the Q, a full-frame camera, are better than the Leica CL, t's a fantastic camera and lens with macro capability.. But I'm thinking of selling it add more lenses for the CL (or at least pay it off 😎). Anyone else face this situation? BTW, with all that's going on in the world at this time, I'm fully aware that this is no big deal, but it keeps my mind off the other cataclysmic issues we're experiencing. All opinions welcome, any recommendation for lenses?...thanks. I am currently waiting for arrival of the TTArtisan 35mm F1.4 lens to ship. Be Well everyone.
  20. Hi, i'm new to Q and curently i set AWB when i start shooting. My friend told me that he adjust manual White balance everytimes he shoot at diffirent enviroment. So what is your advice for white balance for Q? you do AWB or manual adjust it? Would love to hear from you guy.
  21. Nurse prepares to treat ebola patients - Unsung heroes Leica Q f1.7 INSTAGRAM: bbcphil http://www.signsofafrica.com
  22. Hi! I recently purchased a used Leica Q manufactured early 2018. When I try shooting in night, both "low iso + long exposure", and "high iso + short exposure" captured in DNG file shows annoying banding, and even some unwanted color points, like the images shown below. Is this a native camera issue? Or this camera sensor is defected : (
  23. A series I took last year on the Staten Island Ferry.
  24. Fisherman and his grandson returning home Praslin Seychelles Leica Q https://www.signsofafrica.com/ INSTA: bbcphil
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