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  1. bags27

    Leica CL - the image thread

    Not to be a pedant (I know: too late!), but it was actually Richard III who said "my kingdom for a Ferrari." I believe he shouted this while falling behind at Le Mans.
  2. bags27

    Leica Q - the image thread

    I agree: not a bit of boredom from your splendid eye. Many of your photos on this page and last you might want to post as well on our windows or doors threads:
  3. bags27

    The Flower Thread

    fall hydrangea by Bags 27, on Flickr
  4. bags27

    Leica Q MACRO image thread

    fall hydrangea by Bags 27, on Flickr
  5. bags27

    Leica Q - the image thread

    warming up for Halloween by Bags 27, on Flickr
  6. bags27

    Dahlia buds on black

    these are astonishing, Dimitris. Except that I'm no longer astonished by your artistry. Magnificent!
  7. bags27

    Leica Q MACRO image thread

    These are fantastic, Dimitris, and I certainly second Dan! Thanks: I love Dahlias, too. There are from my bumper crop in my backyard. so looking forward to your Dahlia study, and feel better soon, Dimitris!
  8. bags27

    New (!) review of the Q

    well, then, I expect after too much wine last night and feeling 600 years older, you began speaking in Latin--or at least in some other strange tongue!
  9. bags27

    New (!) review of the Q

    If Latin were your native language you'd know what it means. Of course, if Latin were your native language, you'd be dead for at least 600 years.... 😀
  10. bags27

    is this another undocumented "plus" to the Q?

    Stuart, you hit me where it hurts! Nearly every day, I drive on Water Street on the way home, and think: what a fantastic opportunity, with the sun now setting over the River.... Ok: I will!
  11. bags27

    is this another undocumented "plus" to the Q?

    Hmmm...maybe that's what there is, Dan. I didn't have time to try it out extensively, as I was putting my camera away and going to work. I bet you're right; it's only going into video. As you say, still helpful but not the same thing. And dangerous, too, since you shouldn't try to take a photo in that mode. sorry, everyone!
  12. bags27

    is this another undocumented "plus" to the Q?

    Thanks for the kind words, Dan. And thanks for all the great discoveries you've made about the Q!
  13. I shoot only dng, but set the jpeg to monochrome because it makes the EVF black and white and easier to see the subject and peaking. Still, sometimes I'd rather see in color. Today, I discovered (did everyone else already know this?) that if you push in the middle button on the joy stick it turns the EVF picture to color; it toggles B&W and color. Neat.
  14. bags27

    Loose diaphragm on a new Leica Q

    definitely nothing to worry about. worry when you no longer hear it 😀Enjoy your Q! BTW, there are a vast number of technical discussions on this board and this noise was discussed a couple of times in years past. You might want to go through some of those threads just to learn more about the camera. There are a lot of undocumented riches to this camera that we've uncovered and posted on.
  15. bags27

    New (!) review of the Q

    wordy and self-involved as always, but smart as always. Still loves the Q fiercely, looking forward to the new Zeiss