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  1. I have a ChangeUp V2 it looks like a camera bag, but it carries easily on the hip, I prefer to carry it like a backpack, with the waist strap done up too Mine has space for an M240 with MFG and lens mounted, 3 other lenses, filters, lens cloth, lens caps and assorted other bits and pieces that seem to appear in a bag. I can easily lash my Sirui T025X tripod or a jacket to the top, and I have a "RU Thirsty" on the side for a 1l water bottle. The Retro7 is an excellent bag too, but lacks the changeability of the changeupV2 (which can be carried with the belt, over a shoulder, as a backpac
  2. I actually found it by accident, while taking the camera off a tripod after a shoot where it would have been really helpful....
  3. A handy tip to know - if you set the shutter speed dial to "B" (bulb mode) then press and hold the front focus assist button, a menu will pop up on the rear LCD that will allow you to select a shutter speed to use. If you are using higher ISOs the unavailable options are greyed out. makes it a bit easier to do long exposures - set the self timer to two seconds (to give the camera a chance to stabilise after pressing the shutter) and preset the right exposure - no need to dig the cable release out of your bag.
  4. Thankyou.There is a few different cars at the pointy end of the field Eli Evans took first place in a Skoda Fabia R5, 2/3/4 are various shapes of STI, and 5th was Harry Bates in the Yaris. In the state championships Subarus have dominated for many years, although last year Tom Wilde won in an old Honda Civic, the first time a 2wd has won the outright championship in many years. Thankyou ! Yes - they are running gravel brakes (which have to fit under a 15” rim) and the night stage is made of tight 90 degree corners and 100-200m straights. The cars are either at full throttle or
  5. John O'Dowd and Tom Wilde, SS8 Ferndale 2, Subaru Impreza WRX STI M240, Leica 50 Summarit, Polarising filter, 1/180 f8 400 ISO John and Tom finished 8th outright and 2nd in the state series, John is a regular top 5 finisher, but hasn't managed to get a championship win yet, Tom won the state championship last year in a front wheel drive car, and has switched to navigating this year. John Ludlam and James Marquet, SS8 Ferndale 2, Datsun 1600 "Dazda" M240, Leica 50 Summarit, Polarising filter, 1/180 f8 400 ISO This Mazda rotary powered Datsun 1600 has been an easily identifiable sound
  6. Headed back down to Nannup and Busselton in WA's southwest to watch some of Australia's best drivers on our infamous ball bearing gravel. The M240 is not the ideal camera to use, especially from the spectator areas, but I had fun and got some pictures I really like (I actually prefer them to my take from previous years shooting professionally) My daughters are huge fans of Molly Taylor, so the first few pictures of her Speaking to fans in the service park while the team work on the car. Molly Taylor and Malcolm Read, SS8 Ferndale 2, Subaru Impreza WRX STI M240, Leica 50 Sum
  7. ec Thank you - I will have to pick one up to play with.
  8. As others have said, if its horizontal alignment, it can be fixed very easily with a small allen key. I don't know what has happened to my allen keys, I used to have two i bought specifically for the M floating around, can't find either of them now. I followed the directions towards the bottom of the first page of this thread https://www.l-camera-forum.com/topic/118043-m9-coincidence-at-infinity/ I found i could just adjust the cam, and not worry about the arm length to get my M240 back into alignment - it will take a bit of fiddling though, going back and forth until its perfect.
  9. Just get yourself a Lenstab - I think i have the smallest version on mine. my lens is a bit stiff, but the tab really helps to focus it quickly. I love my 90 T-E (1976 canada version) It does flare quite badly when shot into the light, so keep a hood on it (not the genuine leica one, but a cheap eBay screw in one) it can have some nice effects when the flare is used carefully (with live view) I think it may be due to a bit of internal haze - I will eventually send it for a CLA and my 90 M Rokkor (the complete opposite - flare resistant and very contrasty) in to be repaired. T
  10. Ok, this is how i have them setup. pick a "configuration" to use - either C1 or C2 (this will be where this profile is on the units power switch) at the right is a "misc" tab - select the "basic trigger" option - this turns off all the TTL bits and fires just the centre pin on the remote transmitter. then go back to the "channel" tab and make sure the standard channels all match - if you have multiple TT5 you can save and load the settings between units, but the TT1 will need to be set up seperately (it doesn't have the "receive" option) make sure you hit the "apply changes"
  11. Here are the profiles I use Configuration 1 (C1 on the units) is a basic Canon TTL setup using channel 1 i use for remote power control with the AC3 and my speed lights Configuration 2 turns them into a basic centre pin only "dumb trigger" which should allow you to get 1/180 on the M240 - it uses Channel 4 - so if you have other PW radios (plus2, plusX, multimax etc) they will work as a transmitter/reciever if they are set to channel 4 too. they are labelled TT1 and TT5 so should be easy to load up onto your radios. https://www.dropbox.com/s/b3zz4ksclokzmsp/E63TT1?dl=0 https://www.d
  12. I haven't had any problems getting 1/180th out of my TT1 and TT5 (canon versions, using canon speedlights - flash in manual, and TT1/5 setup as "dumb" triggers in the app) I do only get 1/90th when using the AC3 Zonecontroller though (but thats using the PW TTL protocols, forcing manual power control from the AC3) If i find some time in the next few days I will pull my setups out of my units and share them via dropbox
  13. Really tricky - especially with an M (live view helps a lot, but i still need to get an EVF - just happy i already have the MFG for its flash socket) I don't get enough time to really go bug chasing, but i will endeavour to get out more with the longer summer days... Stuart, Silentshutter, BillW, thanks for your comments
  14. This big guy visited today - pretty sure he is one of the few things in Australia that isn't trying to kill you. I built another extension tube, so i now have 40mm of extension, both pics use both tubes, M240 and Yongnuo YN-14-EX Ringflash. 90 Tele-Elmarit (uncropped - at minimum focus distance, the frame is 64mm wide) 50 Summarit (not quite 1:1, and cropped a little bit, So I would guess the frame is around 35mm wide)
  15. I wonder if the lee filter adaptor has a longer thread than a normal filter, and protrudes into the lens barrel area a bit further and causes issues. Do you have an accurate depth gauge or could you hold a filter up next to the lee adaptor to see ? (If I was still working at our local camera store I would take my digital callipers in and do some measuring next time you visited, unfortunately Im not there anymore) If the adapter has a longer thread than the filter, I would buy the cheapest filter i could find, then remove the glass (with a hammer if necessary) and then screw the adapte
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