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  1. Hi, I know that Lightroom is supporting the Q's crop mode in DNG, meaning it will automatically crop to 35mm or 50mm aspect with the ability to recover the 28mm frame. I know that Capture One unfortunately do not support the crop modes and will just display the full 28mm. I'd like to test the feature on other RAW converter before purchasing my Q. Would anyone be kind to send me a DNG file which has been taken in 35 or 50mm mode? Thanks a lot! Romain
  2. Hallo zusammen, Eine Frage bzgl. DNG-Settings: Ich habe nur DNG eingestellt und erhalte dann naturgemäß auch nur DNGs auf der Speicherkarte. Stelle ich dann bei den JPG schwarzweiss ein, werden die entsprechenden DNGs auch schwarzweiss abgespeichert. Also wohlgemerkt bei reinem DNG-Shooting. Bisher (Fuji) kenne ich das nur so, dass das DNG immer in Farbe gespeichert wird, auch wenn die Sucher-Vorschau (EVF) schwarzweiss simuliert. Ist das jetzt Leica typisch oder etwa ein Software-Bug? Danke im voraus für die Hilfe. Paul
  3. Hallo, ich bin absolut neu im Laca-Club ;-) Jetzt habe ich am Anfang im jpg und dng parallel fotografiert und habe folgendes festgestellt. Die Farben der Leica-Jpg-Daten sind der Wahnsinn. Doch sobald Lightroom für die DNG-Daten die Vorschauen rendert ist der tolle Look verschwunden ;-( Mit Einstellungen und Presets komme ich nicht an den originalen Look der Jpg-Daten ran, würde aber gerne im DNG-fotografieren. Gibt es eine "Workaround", Presets oder wie erhält man die Farben von Leica bei den DNG's und kann diese trotzdem bearbeiten. Vielen dank für die Hilfe, ~Alexey
  4. Hey guys! So last week I went to my local Leica Store to check out the M10 - which is wonderful - but a tad bit expensive. At the same time I played around with the Q which seriously impressed me. So the next day I bought one. Do I really need it?- probably not. I own an M9 which I use daily and an S 006 which I use for shoots with Models. On both cameras I basically stick to one lens. Now, I've added this to the list of stuff people want from the new Firmware, but wanted to address it separately and a little more in depth none the less. The Qs DNGs are fixed at 41.
  5. Hello, yesterday I tried to open DNG's with DxO Optics Pro directly and it says "file format not supported". I found in the internet, that it works with Adobe DNG. So I importet my photos into Lightroom CC as "copy as DNG". I have the plug-in for DxO Optics Pro in Lightroom but when I tried to open the images, I again got the error message. Am I missing something here ? Thank you very much for your replies. Greetings, Jurgen
  6. Hello, I hope this is the right place for such a question. I happen to publish my pictures on ipernity.com, a reasonably-sized company who accepts full-format photos (of any size, up to gigantic panoramas) and basically any other format (DNG files, that even are previewable on site, but also texts etc.), allowing to view all fullsizes online while permitting their download only for those the author agrees on (a trick I didn't fully understand even now ;-) It happens IPernity just declared they are in financial difficulty, and may close in the coming months if they dont't 'find a solution'. A
  7. Wondering what the Q gang out there are using as your own b/w RAW conversion workflow on the Q. Not jpeg monochrome settings. Straight RAW DNG files from color to bw. If you could share, would be great - custom profiles included. I know a lot of this is personal taste, still, would be great to hear your "how" an "why"... I do own a Q, and prefer not to spend a lot of time in post. I find the RAW files incredible with really no need to do much in post other than a little boost or minus here and there while staying with color …bw another story. Seems a little crunchy to me at first
  8. Hi I have just came back from a trip where i used my Q2 for the first time massively and when i am importing the color are just becoming totally off. I tried the trial of Lightroom CC Classic and it definitely can show the right color. See below screenshots. There were no adjustment made at all in all case. Anyone having similar color issue with the perpetual version of Lightroom ? Many thanks
  9. Hallo, ich habe aber die Suchfunktion zwar schon benutzt, bin aber auf nur wenige für mich relevante Artikel zum Thema Bildbearbeitung von Leica DNGs auf dem iPad gestoßen. Entweder suche ich falsch, oder das iPad scheint nicht sonderlich beliebt für die Bildbearbeitung zu sein. Wie dem auch sei, ich bin auf der Suche nach Tips und Erfahrungen zu dem Thema. Seit Jahren habe ich eine M8 und habe meine DNGs immer per CaptureOne auf dem Mac bearbeitet. Allerdings sind meine Macs und auch mein CaptureOne etwas in die Jahre gekommen und letzteres läuft seit einem OS Upgrade nicht m
  10. Hallo erstmal, ich habe ein Problem mit Farben der DNG-Files in Lightroom und Capture One. Zurzeit habe ich eine Teststellung einer Leica SL (FW 3.3) mit dem 24-90mm und dem 50mm/1.4. Letzte Woche hatte ich Outdoor das erste Probe-Shooting. Unabhängig von der tollen Handhabung und allem anderen an der Kamera, war ich doch etwas überrascht, als ich mir die Bilder später in Lightroom (neueste Version LR Classic 2019) anschaute. Die JPEGS-Files klasse. Vom Farbtone sehr nah am Original (zumindest was mein Auge sah). In der Kamera alles auf Standardwerte gelassen. soweit so gut.
  11. Liebe Mitglieder, ich habe gesucht, aber nicht wirklich was gefunden, daher der neue Beitrag... Ich dachte, dass eine RAW Datei nur die elektronischen Daten des Sensors speichert und alle anderen Informationen wie Farbe, Kontrast und auch Weißabgleich durch den Bildprozessor der Kamera nur in der JPG Datei ausgegeben werden. Nun habe ich in der M10 folgendes "Phänomen": der eingestellte Weißabgleich findet auch in der DNG Datei Verwendung, d.h. sowohl in der Apple Vorschau als auch in CaptureOnePro12 sehe ich den manuellen Weißabgleich und damit die unterschiedliche Farbgebung. Ein "Z
  12. Ich habe RAW-Dateien aus der D-Lux 7 mit dem Adobe-DNG-Converter in DNG-Dateien umgewandelt und dann in Lightroom 6 importiert. Dort werden die Dateien ganz kurz in Farbe dargestellt, dann allerdings dauerhaft nur in SW. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, die RAW-Dateien in LR6 als Farbbilder zu importieren, ohne auf das aktuelle LR-Abo umsteigen zu müssen?
  13. I just firgure out that my Leica M10, the DNG files opened and exported to JPG by photoshop are always brighter and less contrast than the original JPG generated by M10 body.Is there something wrong? This is the jpg exported from dng. And this is original jpg by body
  14. Hi, I'm just a new Leica Q user. I found slightly difference between JPEG and DNG. My personally I really love jpeg output color. It not too vivid and give cool look. However it really hard to change JPEG White balance in Lightroom Is there anyway to archive JPEG look in DNG? Here are example (JPEG left, DNG right).
  15. I recently collected my M9 body from Leica Mayfair, London, after sensor replacement. I was delighted to get it back, but on my first day shooting with it I encountered some problems. First, it froze when I took 3 single shots in quick succession. The red light flashed for 10+ minutes and an error message appeared - can't remember exactly what it said, but it referred to writing to memory. I left the camera alone, hoping it would eventually write to the memory card (newly formatted in-camera SanDisk Ultra 32GB SDHC I 40 MB/s Class 10). When I picked up the camera a few hours later the ligh
  16. Hello fellow M8 users, I am very happy to announce that I finished the tool mentioned in the thread M8 goes uncompressed DNG! It creates 16bit (acually 14bit in a 16bit container) DNG files from the M8 RAW files with slightly more pixels and much more discrete values compared to the 8bit standard DNG. I even set up a website with download, comment function, contact form and whatnot... even though I am really not familiar with web programming so please be lenient if it is not as polished as this site here for example. The command-line tool is available for Windows, Mac OS X and
  17. On page 164, the M240 manual states : " The available compression for DNG format .... retains all of the post-editing performed on the image data ..... " I don't understand this ............ I thought RAW meant direct recording of the sensor readout without alteration. Does the M 240 process/edit the DNG files in some way before writing to the card ? Does anyone know what is done in-camera to the DNG files ? Hoping someone can enlighten me please .... Many Thanks.
  18. Hi there, I'm looking into picking up a M9 or M-E (and possibly an M 240, depending on cash flow). Right now I'm trying to determine if higher ISO shots from the M9 will be usable for me, and I haven't found any sample DNG's on the web anywhere at ISO 800+. I've read that shooting at ISO 640 and pushing in post is probably a better method for achieving quality low light images, so if anyone has an underexposed ISO 640 image that I could push that would be helpful as well. Does anyone have a few they could upload/share, or perhaps even point me to some existing samples with working link
  19. Hi everyone, I just got my new M (and it's AMAZING) and I have a question: is there any downside to using the compressed DNG? The instructions say that the compression is loss-less which sounds good but I'm curious if there are any negatives of using it? Are there any downsides? -Steve
  20. I took delivery of a Monochrom today, and shot a number of images, went to import them into Lightroom 4 and the DNG files do not have a preview. I re formated the memory card and tried a few cards, with the same result. Also tried LR4 on another laptop, same thing. There is also no preview when just opening the cards on the the desk top. I'm using a MacBook Pro and all software is up to date. Once the files are imported into LR, the image can be seen. I have an M9 and have no problem, also no problem when I had an M8. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks
  21. hi, i hope Im in the right place for this question. say i have a Leica M Monochrom DNG raw file, then i convert it to a TIF file using photoshop. will there be any difference between the original DNG and the converted TIF (besides file size) ?? since there is no demosaicing, i cant see any difference. is that true ? thanks in advance, koferk.
  22. Greetings all, I'm tempted to upgrade from my fun but noisy little D-Lux 3 to either the LX-5 or the D-Lux 5. I know that Panasonic uses a proprietary RAW format, and that some few here have written that the D-Lux 5 saves its RAW files in DNG. If that is true, it might sway me to the D-Lux 5. But where did that knowledge come from? I can find it nowhere in the Leica literature. I do find that the X1 uses DNG, but not the D-Lux 5. Can someone enlighten me? Brent
  23. "Devignetting application for DNG images; originally written for Leica cameras, CornerFix now works with most cameras including Sony NEX and Sigma DP series. CornerFix fixes the "cyan corners" and/or "red edges" problem when using wide angle lenses " ==> http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/digital-post-processing-forum/145947-new-version-cornerfix.html#post1484271 oder direkt zum download Browse CornerFix Files on SourceForge.net Neue Homepage cornerfix
  24. Hi, I'm experiencing a problem with shooting DNG+JPG fine in the M9. I have done so successfully previously but the last couple of shots I did, the camera didn't save 2 files - one DNG and the second JPG. Instead it saved 2 JPGs. Has anyone experienced this problem? any suggestions? I thought I would reset my settings but that doesn't mean it won't happen again - if at all it will help. Thanks -Danny
  25. Hallo, ich habe bzgl. der nachstehenden Frage keine Antwort im Forum gefunden bzgl. in der Bedienungsanleitung keinen Hinweis: Kann man nur DNG speichern - so wie bei anderen Kameras i.d.Regel üblich ? Oder kann man bei Lightroom den Import auf DNG-Dateien beschränken ? Nachträglich die Dateien zu löschen ist nicht so lustig. Ich benötige die JPG-Dateien nicht und möchte Platz sparen. Weiß jemand einen Rat ? Vielen Dank ! Grüße Georg
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