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Found 16 results

  1. My photograph of a surfer shooting the Manhattan Beach Pier taken with a Leica Monochrom and Summilux ASPH 50mm was just selected by National Geographic as part of the "Daily Dozen" (10th photo down the page). Please follow the link and vote for it if you like it. Thanks! http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/daily-dozen/2015-12-28
  2. Hi, got scans back from first roll shot on my M2. Small apertures seem ok, as does the focus on distant subjects. But some portraits at the closest focus and wide open are not good at all and some completely off. I had no trouble with my M9 and the Summilux, and I was under the impression that film was more forgiving. I don't have the M9 anymore to test. One thing I noticed was that the focus patch on the M2 wouIdn't kick in until about .8/.85. I've tweaked the cam now and it does now kick in when the Summilux is at its closest focus, so this may solve the problem on the next film. However, I notice that the Summilux focus ring actually moves past the .7 mark to about where .6 or .65 would be. Perhaps this is the problem, an additional one, or normal – as I said the lens worked fine with the M9, and I quite often shot at 1.4 at close ranges. Any advice would be great thanks, Colin. Colin Heggie https://www.flickr.com/photos/heggie/ https://instagram.com/seafieldstreet/
  3. New to the Leica world. This is from my first outing with my new M9 + 50Lux. Many thanks to my wonderfully patient model, Roxanne. All I've done to them is cut the highlights back. Thoughts?
  4. M9 + 50lux Steffy Ong by Wayan Tresna, on Flickr
  5. Hi, I have searched the forum for information on the V2 Summilux 50 that was sold with the M6 Traveler Series set. I have read elsewhere the lenses started with the serial numbers 34952xx, but I wondered if anyone here might know just what the first serial number was for this series. 3495200 perhaps? This is the chrome-plated brass 50/1.4 with the ridged, not knurled, focusing ring, and with external hood 12586. Thank you for any information you are willing to provide. -k
  6. Hi, I have a Summilux 50 version 2 which I would like to have 6-bit coded. Leica doesn't offer code this lens so I wonder if anyone knows a place in Hong Kong that does. I like the lens but keep forgetting to set the manual lens selection when when I put it on or switch back to automatic when I use another lens. Regards, Bernd
  7. Hello! I have the opportunity to buy a M3 with Summilux 50 1.4 (sn 194xxxx). It has a small dent on the right side near the windlever, but apparently it doesn´t affect the function. It was serviced when that accident happened 40 years ago. After that, no service. Overall it looks nice and just a small, small piece of vulcanit is missing in the corner. It´s in used condition but works well. It also comes with an older Gosen Six light meter. He wants 900 USD for it. What do you think? Should i go for it? How much is that kind of lens worth if it isn´t in good condition? I dont´n know if he knows what condition it is in. He sent me pictures but it´s hard to see the condition that way. I can´t go see it so it´s kind of a gamble.
  8. Christmas (navidad) in Puerto Rico is a time for music. Local groups spend the year preparing floats drawn by trucks and at the time of the parranda time move from neighborhood to neighborhood with this moveable music and dancing celebration. At each host house, libations are provided and so into the night the music and dancing becomes more... intense. This particular parranda kicked off at mid day, with a traditional soup and benediction. I made these three portraits of participants before the celebration really got going. The BW's were in-camera JPEGs lightly processed in lightroom. M9 summilux 50 pre asph. They were shot wide open using an ND filter. Thanks for looking and for your thoughts. [ATTACH]293928[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]293929[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]293930[/ATTACH]
  9. I know, i know - sharpness isn't the most important aspect of making photographs but if one is paying a premium for a lens, it better be good :-) I recently acquired a 50 Summilux ASPH and I've been testing it. I find it truly exception wide open at close distances but once the distance exceeds 3 meters, I find that the quality decreases drastically - even a cheap Summicron C 40 surpasses it on all apertures (I make it sound as if the Summicron C is a poor quality lens but it is stellar in many ways actually). I've been wondering if this is part of the quality of the lens or if perhaps my M9 and the Summilux need calibration? Here are a few pictures of the same scene at the full scope of full-stop apertures starting f1.4, f2, f2.8, f4, f5.6, f8, f11, and f16.
  10. Laki

    the miracle...

    ...ok, not really a miracle comments and critiques are always welcome [ATTACH]267706[/ATTACH] balingen - germany july 2011 leica m9p with summilux 50mm @ 1/1000, f5.7, iso 160
  11. I used my M9 + Summilux 50mm at a wedding banquet and noticed quite a few photos with too much red exposure (red faces, etc). I also used my Nikon D3s + 24-70mm and no such problems with this. Can anyone advise...
  12. I just took delivery of my M9 & Summilux 50mm 1.4 ASPH the other day. This is my first Leica as I have traditionally used a Canon EOS 1D Mark III with L glass. I am absolutely blown away by the image quality of the Leica. I've been reading commentary about the almost mythical quality of Leica glass, uncertain if I really saw what everyone was going nuts about. After having taken a few casual shots on the streets or Rome and uploading them to Lightroom, I can only gape in awe of the quality. There is a certain vividness and dimensionality to the photo that I have never seen before with my Canon. I asked my wife to look over the photos and she, too, agreed that there was something almost hyper-real to the images. I realize no uploaded JPEG can render the quality of this impact, but I am astounded by what this camera can offer. Leica is so very pricey, but so very good. Here are two that really stood out for image quality. I did adjust them in LR with contrast, exposure, sharpening, and vignetting...but I have never been able to get this look with my Canon photos. Hood of Fiat (1/2000, f/1.4, ISO 400, 50mm) Melons (1/1400, f/1.4, ISO 400, 50mm)
  13. Laki


    comments and critiques are always welcome another one from kavala in greece M8.2 with summilux 50 asph. tonal contrasts increased in ps b/w convertion in ps using silver efex pro with custom settings
  14. The sun actually remained strong until it hit the horizon last night. As it dropped it sent beautifully warm (even hot) light through the trees which threw a dapple of rich colour through the greenery. M8 50/1.4 at 1.4, 320ISO.
  15. Just got this gem and can't wait to take it out for a shot.
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