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Found 18 results

  1. Hallo! Ich hoffe hier kann mir jemand von euch weiterhelfen. Ich habe vor 2 Tagen bei meiner R8 den Film getauscht und wollte den neuen Film aufziehen, jedoch kann ich den Spannhebel nicht ganz durchspannen. Wenn ich den Auslöser drücke macht sie nichts, und wenn ich durch den Sucher schaue, sehe ich nur schwarz... :-( Sie löst also nicht aus und ich kann sie nicht spannen! Noch dazu stehen hinten am Display verschiedene Fehler wie am Bild zu sehen. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=703328346374767&set=a.637342692973333.1073741828.637339359640333&type=3&theater Ich bitte euch wirklich um Hilfe und Rat. danke
  2. Hello fellow forum members, I've written a article about the Summilux-R 80mm lens, and how it performs on the R8, and on the M (Typ 240) with R-M adapter, and EVF2. You can read it here: Summilux-R 80 on the Leica R8 and M (Typ 240) | Jip van Kuijk Here are two preview shots but there is plenty more in the article itself:
  3. Leica R 8 with elmarit 180 mm on Kodak film
  4. Leica R8 with Elmarit R 80 mm on Kodak film
  5. Leica R8 with Elmarit R 80 mm on Kodak film
  6. Hi In my opinion Leica R9 / R8 are the most beautiful 35mm film SLR's ever. Why R9/R8 owners haven't made video reviews about the camera? There are many reviews of M series but no R. So i ask, was the R for you disappointment and you would recommend M for me? That's the closest i have seen R body on video.
  7. I have a Leica R8 that has a extra part on the back panel and I'm not sure what it is. I've added a picture to show it. So if you could give me any answers it would be much appreciated http://i40.tinypic.com/241pbfk.jpg http://i41.tinypic.com/1zojdyu.jpg
  8. Leica R8, Elmarit 28mm f2.8 + Kodak Eastman 5222 @ISO800
  9. itssg

    Wet market.

    The Chow Kit wet market is the largest and oldest wet market in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Due to development and this wet market going to be demolished soon. It’s a conclave for a large Malay community who resides in Kampung Baru, just a stone throw away from Chow Kit. However, in the last few years, you can actually see a large Indonesian community, as well as other migrants from Africa and Bangladesh. Hereby I am represent few photos which I am taken previously. I am doing a small photo essay about this market and photo shoot it started 2 months ago. And I am still doing it until it is fully demolished (about a year to go). A newer part of wet market. Most of the Chinese selling pork in this dedicated area. Pork is prohibited for Muslim. (Malaysia is a multi-culture but muslim country.) Lot of stray cats in this area feeding by the workers. None of them are neutral/spay and well taking care of. Most of them carrying with skin disease. Aged of 68 grocery shop owner working and owned this small stall since young. Chicken eggs supplier. Waiting for walk in customer from nearby restaurants. Whole series taken by using Leica R8 + Elmarit 28mm f2.8 + Kodak Eastman 5222 film.
  10. The Davis (California) Wetlands is part wastewater treatment facility, part wildlife habitat... I chose to emphasize the wildlife habitat last week In order of appearance, Least Sandpiper, Western Sandpiper, and Long-billed Dowitcher x2. All photos: R8/DMR, 280mm f/4 APO, 2x APO-Extender-R, monopod & shoulder stock. All comments welcome.
  11. This fireboat is celebrating the arrival of a new cruise liner on her maiden voyage in my home town of Southampton. The image is from my archive when I was shooting film. Taken on Fuji RDP using a Leica R8 but I am afraid I have no other details recorded. It was recently selected by LFI to include in their galleries. Sadly the cruise terminals are empty now because of COVID-19, but the future looks promising. The container ships are as busy as ever (and we see the very biggest) and a major new cruise terminal is being constructed. Gerry
  12. Friday morning I spent a few hours at the state fish hatchery at Nimbus Dam, a few minutes from home. The hatchery's water outflow often contains small fish (or portions of fish), a fact not lost on the local birds. A portion of the outflow is let into a settling pond where it eventually makes its way through percolation and direct flow to the American River, a few meters below the hatchery. Many of the local birds consider the settling pond to be a prime feeding area so among some species, the Common Goldeneye among them, 'turf' wars are fought over the best locations. Yesterday two pairs of Goldeneyes plus one bachelor male staked claims to the pond. When a neighboring Goldeneye gets too close to your claimed area, the first level of threat is to lower the head and aim toward the interloper: Both male and female Goldeneyes use this threat posture, but if the neighbor doesn't back off the male will go to level two threat, where he tosses his head back and makes a sound that is best described as a mix of a purr and a soft growl: Note the female of this pair has maintained the level one threat posture. A physical battle often takes place underwater which is out of the range of my camera's design parameters. Once the winner is decided (home court is a big advantage) the loser makes a hasty retreat (next post, too many photos for one post)
  13. I brought the new year in with a few photos of ducks: Canvasback Ring-necked Duck Bufflehead Mallard All photos: R8/DMR, 560mm f/6.8 Telyt, shoulder stock & monopod. All comments welcome.
  14. Anybody in the MN, IL, WI-area who'd be willing to rent a R 280mm/2.8 or 400mm/2.8 to a fellow Forum member? I"m looking to shoot some track and soccer matches soon and would love the extra reach of this longer glass. Contact me off-list if there's a possibility. Thanks much for considering, Troy Freund Midwest Editorial Photo: Troy Freund <- troy freund photography -> Photographer Troy Freund Photography in WI : Altpick.com The Day-to-Day Haiku Project
  15. A tiny bit of fluff, more voice than flesh & bone: This bird was one of hundreds in the Yolo Bypass wildlife area between Sacramento and Davis. The song is the bird's territorial defense; a highly variable song, a neighboring wren will often repeat specific riffs of his neighbor's song. technical stuff: Leica R8/DMR, 280mm f/4 APO + 2x APO-Extender-R, shoulder stock & monopod. All comments welcome.
  16. I am sure that this has been posted before, but a few days ago, I wish I had recently seen (and remembered) such a post. On vacation, shooting 3-8 rolls/day. After 1 week, the digits of the shutter speed and frame number start flashing at random. I checked the camera carefully, all settings are as usual. Also, sometimes, the shutter speed in the viewfinder did not match that on the shutter speed dial by a 1/2 step, but resets back and match again by setting the shutter speed to "B" and back. Two days later, the Motor Drive ... does not drive anymore. If wound up manually, the R9 shoots normally. That's when I thought to take the Motor Drive off, then put it back on again. Everything is back to normal again! I knew that the contacts between the R9 and the Motor Drive were critical. I just never had experienced that problem before and was not aware of the "presenting symptoms". I hope this can help someone else with an R9 (R8?) and a Motor Drive (Motor Winder?). Guy
  17. Hallo, nach jahrelangem Lesen im Forum habe ich eigentlich immer eine Antwort auf meine Fragen gefunden, so dass ich nicht selbst tätig werden musste. In diesem speziellen Fall leider nicht... Hier nun meine Frage. Meine beiden R8 weisen exakt den gleichen Defekt auf. Dieser entstand jeweils mit angesetzem Summicron R 90. Der Defekt besteht darin das der Spiegel nach dem Auslösen auf halber Strecke stehen blieb. Er läßt sich auch doch leichten Druck nicht mehr in seine Ausgangsposition zurückbringen. Kennt jemand dieses "Phänomen" auch bzw. weiss ob man den Spiegel wieder "einrenken " kann? Kann das Objektiv wirklich der Verursacher sein? Dazu muss ich noch sagen, das ich jahrelang mit dieser Kombination ohne jedes Problem fotografiert habe. Der CS hatte telefonisch keine Idee woran es liegen könnte, wobei eine Repartur sicher teuer würde als eine gebrauchte bei Ebay...
  18. I found a Black-tailed Hare ("Jackrabbit") this morning in Yolo County California. Technical stuff: R8/DMR, 280mm f/4 APO-Telyt-R, shoulder stock & monopod. All comments welcome.
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