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Found 15 results

  1. Dear all, I am thinking about changing my TL 18mm lens to get the 11-23 zoom. Iwould get versatility and better IQ from what I read. I am wondering if any of you has tried using the 16-18-21 WATE on the CL and how it compares to the 11-23 IQ wise ? The focal lengths on the WATE would be enough for me and I could also use the Lens on my M. Thanks for your comments ! Didier
  2. agencal

    2nd Lens to 50mm Apo

    Hi i have used m240 +50mm apo+24mm elmar for years and were very happy with them bıt then sold them all and bought Fuji GFX.It is a medium format camere and far better then Leica for landscape style photogtaphy but i really missed range finder experience and bought M10 with 50mm apo again.24mm Rlmar was like the wide angle of 50mm apo.It had great clearence and contrast even at the farest corners. But i had to use evf every time i wanted to use 24mm and most of the time it was waitşng in my bag. Now i am thinking of 28mm lenses. 1.28mm lux : too big for me 2.28mm summicron.Focus shift problem? 3.28mm Elmarit Do you think Summicron or elmarit has the bitingly sharp clearence of 24mm elmar?I have bought 50mm apo becouse of its optical perfectness so i am not after historical charavter or look wiht bad cormers and blurry files. Sould i buy 24 again or one of these 28z Thanks
  3. As a new R8 owner, I'm looking for a wide angle lens for landscape and cityscape work. I have 35mm length covered on a 35-70 f4 zoom, and the results are excellent. For a wider perspective, I am considering the vario-elmar 21-35mm lens, mainly for the flexibility in focal length. I understand that this is larger than the R-elmarit primes, and a stop slower, too. At least half my shooting is on a tripod, and much of the rest in daylight. Are members happy with this lens and its handling on the R8?
  4. I have been using the Leica 21mm Super Elmar lens over the last year more and more and have been really blown away with the quality of this lens. I have attached a couple of favorites, and if of interest, I have posted a small review on my site: https://photobasecamp.com/review-leica-21mm-super-elmar/ Thanks so much for taking a look! Mike
  5. RalfK

    In the restaurant

    From the album: Leica M Typ 240

  6. I've always wanted a really wide angle lens. I would have bought one for my old Contax G, but as you might recall, the 16 F8 was hugely expensive, and also vignetted like crazy. Times have changed. The pix taken with this lens on Flickr convinced me it would be something special. Looking forward to receiving the machine in a week or so,
  7. Curious about the EVF-2, the Olympus specs do Not offer any help, i am wondering what the practical limitations of using Wide Angels lenses with the M240 and an EVF-2 are. My Q: What is the Widest lens that will work in a usable way with the EVF-2, before having to purchase a dedicated Wide Angle VF if anyone has experience?
  8. rkbhcody1

    Summaron 28mm 5.6

    What is the story on this lens? Not much to read and review about it ... see it is a reboot ... I want a wide angle lens for a different look and wondering if this is the one?
  9. Hello all, I've got a question regarding my Super Angulon 21mm f/3.4. I've recently been using the lens with color transparency film as opposed to the usual black and white, and I haven't been very satisfied with the results. Not sure if the lens needs to be serviced, or maybe this is just the way the lens renders with Velvia 100. What I've been noticing is that the lens doesn't seem to have that distinct Leica clarity. It seems to be sharp, but to me not nearly as detailed as my other Leica glass. I'm not shooting with the newest optics by any means. Currently a Summaron 35mm f/3.5, Summicron Collapsible 50mm f/2, Tele Elmarit 90mm f/2.8 (FAT) and a Tele Elmar 135mm f/4. All of these lenses have that distinct sharpness and 'pop'. So I was just wondering what you guys think. Could it just need a CLA, or is this just the nature of the optic? I've done as much research as I could find online, I read that it is a sharp lens with a unique character. But I would say the same is true of all the lenses I use, so I can't figure out why this SA would be lacking, causing me to see this distinct difference. Here is a link to some image comparisons to show what I'm talking about: link Thank you all greatly! Kyle
  10. mas

    Close Focus

    Is there any way to achieve close focus with the 30, 35 or 45 mm S lenses? About 6"?
  11. Walking Photographer

    Street Photography with the 21mm Elmarit 21mm

    Hello guys , I just bought a 21mm Elmarit f2.8 lens (the old one) for my Leica MP Typ 240. Really enjoyed the lens. I just noticed that its min focus distance is 0.7 while i read on the internet that you can find a version that focus at 0.38. Any other differences between the two lenses ? Somebody here have experience with the close focus version ? I took some Street Pictures and wrote a little article for my blog: www.walkingphotographer.net/blog/21mm-street-photography Thanks for your time ! Eolo www.walkingphotographer.net
  12. I know there are already a few threads which briefly touch on this lens, but I want to know: What do you think about the little 21mm f/4 Voigtländer? After planning a few photo trips this year, I thought I need a wide angle. Until now, my NEX-7 with the 12mm Zeiss Touit did the job, but I no longer wanted to bring that rather large combination with me all the time. My Billingham Hadley small still has a little room, and my M-system lacks a wide angle lens (I currently only have a 50mm and a 90mm Summicron). So today, I found a deal at leicashop.com (a well known Vienna-based Leica dealer), so I ordered the Color-Skopar 21mm f/4 together with the old 21mm Voigtländer viewfinder for €420. As I can still cancel the order - or simply send back the lens later - I would love to get some input. My Touit is a great wide angle lens, and I don't want to loose too much image quality. Speed is not a concern - since the M (240) can't do exposures longer than 8 seconds at high ISO anyway, night landscapes are out of question, and that's about the only thing where I need speed in a wide angle lens. So have you shot with the lens? Could you post some images made with it? Is the color shift a severe problem? The internet isn't filled well enough with information about this lens, unfortunately, so thank you in advance for any thoughts!
  13. I love my M8

    Which wide angle lens

    I have an M8.2 and a 35mm Summarit. I definitely need something wider for my next lens as I am particularly interested in landscape photography. Have posted before and am now thinking of choosing between 18mm Super Elmar, the 21mm Summilux and the 24mm Summilux. The 24mm Summilux seems to get some very good reviews but I wonder if it is wide enough being only equivalent to about a 32mm lens in "real money", if my understanding is correct?? Perhaps the 18mm or the 21mm would be more suitable? Any help / advice would be very welcome.
  14. Hi. Pretty amateur user here with a question about the D-Lux 4. I live in NYC, but am currently in France, taking this camera on its maiden voyage. So far, I've loved the images I've been getting, but I've also been really struck by the lens distortion. Reading around here, I see that the Capture (?) software that came with the camera is able to correct that readily, but I only installed that on my iMac, and am only traveling with my Macbook Air. I have a 16GB memory card (oh, btw - is that too big?), so I've got enough room to keep all my images until I get home and can upload them to my iMac. Obviously, there's less distortion at the center of the image. I'm wondering if I should be shooting in one of the narrower aspect ratios, 3:2 or 4:3. Then again, my understanding is that choosing those aspect ratios just chops the picture off at the edges; if, when I get home, I can use the Capture (blanking on the name now, sorry!) software, and it'll smooth out the distortion, is there any point to moving away from 16:9? To tell the truth, I don't understand the point of the different aspect ratio settings, since you're basically just eliminating information for each shot - it seems an odd and artificial constraint. Anyway, sorry for gassing on like that, but if anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears. And there's a very strong possibility I'm wrong about the just cutting down on information by using smaller aspect ratios thing. Thanks, J.