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  1. sandro

    Good cop

    Bery nice, Louis. This good cop is almost standing on the clouds 😇 Lex
  2. sandro


    You always know to photograph people in the right moment. Lovely, Louis! Lex
  3. Bill, the matter of k or c seems to be cleared in favor of k, which is simply the german way of spelling the name of Oskar. I just checked in Paul Wolff's article 'Die Geschichte einer kleinen Kamera' (The history of a small camera) in the 1941 Festschrift für Ernst Leitz and he correctly wrote about Oskar Barnack. Lex
  4. Will van Manen ist schon seit sehr viele Jahren mein Techniker für Kamera's und Objektiven, er liefert sehr gute Arbeit, ich bin immer sehr zufrieden. Lex
  5. Louis, this lookd better indeed for me. I understood the lighting conditions though. Now the composition seems more balanced to me. Thanks Louis! Lex
  6. Very nice, Stuart! Fascinating kind of sculpture. Lex
  7. Louis, the profile is wonderful, the right moment. But for my taste there is just a little bit too much shadow in the center of the image, which doesn't seem to favor the balance of the photo. Lex
  8. Nice, the M2 with waistlevel viewfinder! Is it a canadian produced M2? Lex
  9. I like the first one very much, no changes needed. Great moment you captured. Lex
  10. sandro

    Just sitting

    Lovely photo, looks casual. Colors and composition are well balanced. Lex
  11. I like this one a lot, Louis! Perhaps a lucky find but you have to see it first, and you did. The colors work great together. Lex
  12. Great photo! You saw something special and photographed it nicely! Lex
  13. sandro

    Face to face

    Louis, I agree with Stuart and Carl. Lovely photo taken at the very right moment. Lex
  14. A travel camera with Schneider Kreuznach Xenar f4.5/24cm lens, which dates from 1935. I assume the camera itself was built around that time as well. The camera doesn't have a name plate. Lex
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