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  1. Thanks for sharing this, William! It makes me want to visit Wetzlar again. Lex
  2. I would clean it and get it back in working order, but not repaint it. Isn't it just beautiful that this body shows its history? Lex
  3. My M4-2 is one of those that just has the engraving 'Leitz' on the top, and simply 'Canada' on the back, no red dot. It is from the second production batch and has the M4 type film transport lever, not the small one that became common soon after this. Lex
  4. P, I have never read or heard anything else than that the M4-2 was produced in Canada. There is a variety of engravings and details however, which may seem strange. Some have the message of being produced in Canada, others haven't, which does not mean that they are not produced in Canada. Leitz Wetzlar was sort of the frim name, not necessarily meaning that it meant the camera was produced in Wetzlar. I love my M4-2 and M4-P, as I do like most of the M's. Lex
  5. So wonderful to read where our camera's and lenses have been! And how great it is that we can find out about it! Lex
  6. Das würde ich auch sagen, etwa 60er Jahren. So sieht auch die Kleidung aus. Toll und sicher ein charmantes Bild. Lex
  7. sandro

    The rose

    Beautiful and dreamy. Lex
  8. Reini, wunderbar dass du das Bild hier zeigst! Sieht eigentlich gar nicht schlecht aus, abgesehen davon dass es eher grau als schwarz-weiss ist. Lex
  9. How does this relate to architecture? Lex
  10. Very nice! I like how the umbrella breaks the polished stone of the building. Lex
  11. David, if you like I can try to find out which type your lens is, when you give me the serial number in the book by Peter Kitchingman. Lex
  12. Zeitz, I agree with William about the email to use to get information from Leica. I have used it a few times and I received rather quick and accurate and friendly response. I asked for specific camera's and lenses. Lex
  13. Mit M6 und Kopf von Steinheil Culminar 4.5/135mm mit Culring, Novoflex Balgen und Visoflex IIa, auf Portra 400. Lex
  14. William, that article by Claus Walter was published in the latest Viewfinder, which by the way also has an interesting article by Marc Hoch, who regularly publishes in Vidom. Lex
  15. With M6 and Schneider-Kreuznach Tele-Arton 5.5/240mm on Vispibal and Visoflex III, with Portra 400. Lex
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