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  1. Louis, this again is a lovely black and white portrait. That said, I would have liked the background to have been less sharp to get more attention on the lady. Lex
  2. Hello Geflater, looks like a nice set. Are you really certain that there is no serial number on the Elmar 5cm lens? It should be on the black front ring and sometimes is very difficult to see. A light from the side may help to find it. What makes you think this lens is pre 1930? To me it is very unlikely that this lens dates from 1930 or even before that year, I would suggest 1933/34. The lens has the R mark which indicates the infrared focus point and that appears in Leitz lenses in 1933/34. A similar lens was sold last saturday on the Leica auction, it doesn't have a serial number and it has
  3. Louis, my preference would also be the black and white. The background is slightly disturbing in the color version, so in the b&w the smiling beautiful face is really at the center of attention. Lex
  4. Thanks, I just found it. I did indeed need a loupe and an extra light and then found it. Lex
  5. Do Focotars 4.5/50 mm have serial numbers? where are they to be found? Lex
  6. sandro


    Henry, those portrait photos are lovely. The girl looks lovely and her eyes and smile are wonderful. I like the one where she's smiling althoug that one seems not as sharp as the first group. Lex
  7. Pyrogallol, thank you very much. I can't find a year of production of the number 128980, my guess is that it could be 1932 or 1933. Lex
  8. As I discussed in another thread I am interested to find out when the infrared sign R appeared on Leitz lenses. That was around 1933/34 and it would be nice of some of you could check on your 105mm Elmar lenses of approximately those years if the R indication appears or not. I am trying to make a list with serial numbers of several lenses and it seems to move around a bit. So any information about the Mountain elmars in this respect is welcome. Lex
  9. Nach mehr als vier Monate werde ich morgen endlich den vier Monate alten Sohn meiner Nichte sehen. Meine M6 steht schon bereit, mit Summicron 2/50mm (III) und ein Elmar 90mm. Lex
  10. Robert, congratulations, and thanks for the wonderful pictures you are sharing with us. Keep them coming! Lex
  11. I am surprised that no. 6 comes up for auction. Shouldn't that be in the Leitz museum? It has historical value, I'd say. Lex
  12. I checke my Telyt 280mm but apparently our versions are not the same, so I can't help you. On my version the focusing scale and depth of field scale are one and the same ring. Lex
  13. sandro

    Ksenia mit 0.95

    Marek, you master the lens in a wonderful way, with great portraits as result. I can't choose, really... I like them all. Lex
  14. Schöne und glückliche Familie| Lex
  15. I know that one can use any Hektor lens head on the ZOOAN, but it would have been nice if the two were still together. My Hektor is from 1956 and fits the 1954 ZOOAN, focusing doesn't seem to be a problem at all. So the adjustment that Romanus mentioned were necessary for pre-war Hektors only? Lex
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