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  1. Nigel, Under the 'Activity' tab at the top of the page there's an item called My Activity Streams and if you choose "Content I Follow" it lists the threads you're following but when you return to the page after clicking on a link to a thread all the threads are still there except that the threads that you've looked at where there is no new content will not be highlighted (but still accessible via their link) and the ones where there is new content to view will be highlighted. Pete.
  2. farnz

    Help. Beginner error.

    Dopaco, As long as you didn't pull the film out of your IIIg and let it unroll then there should be some shots that can be developed. The shots that were at the end of the roll might be lost but those that were already wound on to the spool will probably be okay although some might have streaks on them. Pete.
  3. Yes I'm familiar with the concept of park and ride but using the word "kiss" implies another activity completely. Pete.
  4. When you really need to go. Lyon, France. Leica C
  5. "Kiss & Ride"? The intended meaning was possibly lost in translation along the way. Lille railway station, France. Leica C
  6. Hi, Arnaud, With the greatest respect, increased contrast will not reveal additional detail, only higher acutance and resolution can offer that. Pete.
  7. I agree with LCT. The 28/2.8 Elmarit asph is much contrastier than the v4 50 Summicron as would be the Zeiss Biogon I expect. You might consider the Voigtlander 28/1.9 Ultron, which is an older lens and has a similar rendering to the v4 50 Summicron by f/2.8. Wider open may produce a gentle vignetting at the edges (which I'm quite fond of) so you might want to take that into account. To get the closest rendering to the v4 50 Summicron I think the v1 28/2 Summicron asph would get my vote although you'll be paying a bit more. Pete.
  8. farnz

    Congratulation for the new site

    Thanks, I PM'd him this morning.
  9. Pediment (the triangular feature on top of the columns). M240 with 50/1 Noctilux
  10. Impediment to prevent opponents from entering Tokyo's Royal Palace. Leica C
  11. farnz

    Viewfinder strange glow

    Can we assume it's not fingerprint grease on the front or rear surfaces? Pete.
  12. farnz

    Congratulation for the new site

    Thanks, Andy. That tells me how to start a new Premium membership but I'm looking for how to ensure that my current Premium membership automatically and seamlessly renews. In the former software there was an item on your profile where you could set up automatic renewal and when the membership was due to expire etc but I haven't been able to find it in the new software. Pete.
  13. farnz

    Congratulation for the new site

    Hi, Andreas, My Premium subscription expires in a few days but I can't see how to make sure that it's automatically renewed or how to update or change my method of payment. Would you very kindly explain how I can do this so that my subscription doesn't accidentally lapse please? Pete.
  14. farnz

    The view through older Glass

    As requested in the opening post, would you name the camera used too please, Rollin? Pete.