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Found 18 results

  1. Hello. I've recently sold my m240, and will purchase either the m10p or the m10r in the next couple of weeks. Regarding the m10r: My understanding is that older lenses, like my 50mm Canon Sonnar f/1,5 LTM, will deliver poor results, as they are unable to resolve the 40mp resolution. This was also mentioned in a video episode on Red Dot Forum. Does anyone have any real world experience with this? Thank you.
  2. From our friend the august Jono Slack comes a review of the M10-R. Yes, this an old review - guilty as charged. But it seems that it is still relevant, as is the M10-R. All things considered, I am beginning to wonder if the M10-R will become a cult camera. To quote Jono, "This is a real photographer’s camera – in my opinion, it has the best image quality of any M camera ever made, and it’s a pleasure to use." That sort of sounds like the making of a cult camera in the works.
  3. Hi everyone, sorry this is a question that pops up regularly but I've been debating this for 3 month I want to make the purchase this weekend. I'm about to purchase my first Leica M camera. I'm trying to decide between the M11 (8.820€) & the M10R (8.215€) Which one would you choose and why? I'd appreciate any input.
  4. Bagh Steinigidh, Isle of Harris. M10-R 75mm apo-summicron asph
  5. I didn't have much luck with the search engine so pardon if already discussed. And not meaning to offend anyone on the forum... I received but sent back the next day a new M10-R in black chrome finish. This example was a disappointment after decades of use of all the M series film cameras from M3DS to MP followed by M8 and M240 of the digital series. Those performed well and looked nice too, evidencing a nice design, good machining, good finishing, and quality materials. I found the same thing with the Leitz microscopes, especially the black Ortholux. Though perhaps already discussed or deemed unimportant, what bothered me were for example the sharp corner and edges of the top plate, cheap looking hardware (buttons, wheels, locking mechanism, etc.), poor engraving, and finish that needed a good scrubbing in places to clean it up. Which begs the question, what economies were introduced into the internals out of our sight? This camera was to last the rest of my life. Holding, fondling if you will, alternately the M240 with black paint finish and then the M10-R, even with closed eyes, produced an unexpected sadness. On the one hand, the touch screen, and an additional stop or two of dynamic range, and the extra pixels would all be handy though not imperative, and on the other, as an engineer the quality of materials and construction were at least as important. I have never seen an M9 or prior variants of the M10 so do not know if this is a sudden or gradual change over the last decade. Perhaps with the greatly expanded range of offerings, Leica cannot give the same attention to detail as was once customary. Asked the seller to send along a silver chrome version if they were notably better. I realize that my own value judgment is open to criticism but am curious about the generally perceived workmanship on the newer cameras these days.
  6. "Die neue Funktion "Leica Perspective Control" korrigiert automatisch stürzende Linien und ist durch ein kostenloses Firmware-Update für die Leica M10-P, M10-R und M10 Monochrom verfügbar. Der Leica Store Wetzlar erklärt Ihnen gerne telefonisch (06441/2080800) oder per Skype (Leica Store Wetzlar) die neue Funktion und hilft Ihnen bei der Installation des Updates."
  7. frame-it

    Leica M10-R

    wonder what this is ? the 40.8 MP M10 ?
  8. Does anyone make an aftermarket external power grip for the M10 or M10-R? You pull off the baseplate, pop the battery and the contacts are right there. External flash battery makers do this all the time for flashes without external power contacts. For the M10-R there are your basic aftermarket grips, and I would think it would be a pretty easy thing to do a power grip with slots for two batteries. (I'm a former analog / mixed-signal IC designer - fast A/D converter, Ethernet LAN media interface/analog signal synthesizer, battery gas gauge designer with 25 years in Silicon Valley - so I have an informed opinion / expertise in electronic design.) Thanks.
  9. ATTN: M10R Black Paint Owners We should try to find out if this issue is common in the forum. Responses are all over the place so here we can have one place we can see Yes and No. Take a second to respond and thanks in advance TAKE THE SURVEY
  10. Hi guys, Hope everyone is well. Happy Friday! I was just wondering if anyone has noticed this - I was doing some test shots with the M10-R with the Voigtlander 35mm f/2 Ultron I (not sure if it matters, but thought I'd add what lens I was using for reference) and I noticed how the camera does not react properly to the old tried and tested sunny f/16 rule. At ISO 400, shooting a sunny scene, it underexposes at f/16 when I use 1/500 as the shutter speed, exposing correctly when I give it one extra stop of light at 1/250 shutter speed. Wondering if anyone else has noticed this with the M10-R and / or certain lens combos etc?
  11. Huisinis, West Harris. M10-R CV 12mm
  12. I've been a long-time lurker but I've decided to contribute something to the wider community. Having used film M's for many years I moved on to digital with a badly delaminated M9 earlier this year which I used through my summer only to take advantage of the trade-in program for an M10-R. I've been using the M10-R for the last few months and I've widely been very pleased. Making the jump from static ISO on film to a camera that quite comfortably goes up to ISO 10000 whenever you need it was like unshackling yourself of an anchor. Indeed, while the added resolution may be in the name - the USP is most definitely its dynamic range, and in close second, the colors OoC. Which brings me to some concerns. 40MP is a considerable step up to what most of us are used to. I have a range of older and modern lenses and used many on the M10-R over the last few months. Some have performed well. Others, not so great. I think that's to be expected - particularly because it would really test the limits of optical performance on kit that was never designed to be used on such a sensor/medium. To explain what kind of a range we're talking about - I have found some lenses like the 50 Cron ASPH, 90 Cron v2, and even some very cheap third-party lenses like the TTA 50 1.4 to be outstanding on the camera. But those are quite tight focal lengths, and if you want to maximize the use of the sensor you would want to go wider so you have room to crop. Well, the 28 and 24 Elmarit ASPH have both been pretty bland on the camera. Indeed, when cropping you are bordering on unusable. So then, as an open discussion the question is - what is the ideal lens pairing for the M10-R? There is very little information out there on the M10-R in general. The reviews online give a lot of specs and facts, but not a load of practical knowledge of the camera, capabilities and compatibilities to lenses. I think users of this camera would agree with me that it is a different beast entirely from other Ms - why aren't we treating it as such? Even staff at Leica aren't really being helpful on this. Four different stores told me, "oh go for the 50 APO, or 35 FLE for best performance". But the answer can't just involve clinical optical performance on pixels. I think there is a lot more than that - especially when I have found some older and (many orders of magnitude) cheaper lenses to perform exceptionally well on the camera (which bewildered them greatly and greeted with a shrug). With this in mind, I think there should be more information than simply recommending the absolute most premium lenses in the modern line-up. (ALOT of) Money aside, if Leica genuinely believes that their previous versions of lenses wouldn't be able to keep up with the resolution of the M10-R, should it not just be outright said? In fact, perhaps not even recommend the camera unless you are willing to shell out for something like the 50 APO or 35 FLE. Even that aside, if there was more marketing material and resources on best practices - the experience would be infinitely better. But now, I just feel like M10-R users are sort of muddling in the dark. Any thoughts?
  13. My Leica Photography Blog I recently picked up the new Visoflex for my M10-R. I had read that it wasn’t worth the investment unless it was for use with the M11. I love it. It has been bright and beautiful and helped me nail focus with longer lenses such as the 90 APO and 135mm. Has anyone had similar experiences?
  14. You can't turn it off in my M10 from 2017, but is there a way to disable / turn off long exposure noise reduction in the M10-R? Doing starfield / Milky Way night shots, I hate waiting for twice a 16-19 second shutter speed to make the next of several multiple exposures. The SL2 allows you to switch off this function. Does the M10-R let you turn it off? Thanks.
  15. Last light, from the garden. M10-R BP 50mm summicron safari edition
  16. Ceapabhal settling down for the night. From Nisabost, Isle of Harris. M10-R BP 28mm summicron safari edition
  17. I use the Summarit with the sun visor. It is a Leica UV a filter 13004. Since there is no lens cap that fits the lens hood, I wonder if, and if so, the image quality (coloration and sharpness) suffers from using the filter. Or is there a possibility that the filter has negative effects depending on the weather (summer, winter, sun, rain, temperature fluctuations)? It only serves as protection, because unfortunately it has already happened to me that I have touched the glas of the lens, when I take it out of my pocket. As a camera I use the M10 R. I hope your experiences can help me to answer this question. Thank you in advance for your support.
  18. New base plate for M10-R which allows direct access to battery / SD card? Hello together As an owner of an M10-R, I wonder if there is may be a conversion kit, from Leica, to facilitate access to the battery/battery and SD card. This would certainly be a "good move" to have a simplification in handling. Is there perhaps something known? best thanks for possible hints Urmel
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