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  1. “Last light” The dynamic range of a CL is quite something. PP and cropped, plus original DNG from the card shown first.
  2. Need your help. I already have the 18mm T. But, I think its lacking micro contrast and does not compare well with my M glass. Is there any significant difference in image quality and rendering between the 18mm and the 23mm? The 35m is out of the question due to size. Thank you. Note: I already know that there is an extra stop difference.
  3. Hallo zusammen, meine Leica CL, die ich gebraucht in voll funktionsfähigem Zustand zu einem lächerlich günstigen Preis erstanden habe, ist mir vor einer Weile aus einer Höhe von ca. 1 m auf den Asphalt gefallen - mein Fotorucksack war nicht richtig verschlossen. Shit happens. Seitdem funktioniert der Belichtungsmesser nicht mehr und der Messsucher ist dejustiert. Da ich nicht Krösus heiße und auch keine Dukatenscheißer im Keller habe, möchte ich die Kamera ungern nach Hause schicken. Daher nun meine Frage an die hoffentlich in solchen Dingen erfahreneren Mit-Forenten: Wo in Deutschland oder zur Not angrenzenden Ländern kann ich meine CL am besten zur Reparatur hinschicken? Vielen Dank im Voraus für Eure Hilfe!
  4. Is it possible to set the FN Key in Play mode to something else than permanent DELETE? Am exasperated by accidental deletes of nice shots-- for instance, finger slides off the move left button of the joy stick... ZAP! Aargh.
  5. Hi guys, I am sure this topic is covered over and over again, but I can't help starting a new thread to help me out in a very difficult decision. It feels like a very difficult decision anyway. Some background: I have been photographing for the past 15 years, and for a few of those professionally. I have been a strong Nikon fan throughout (sorry for swearing in the church), but have also owned and used a lot of film cameras, such as Mamiya, Hasselblad 2000FCW, Canon and Nikon 35mm film cameras. I would say i am a fairly decent photographer with, maybe, a bigger passion and lust than talent. :) Two years ago soon my son was born, and I just didn't bring the big cameras with me any longer, and I missed capturing those moments. I stopped all professional photography to make time for family and my day job. I sold all my other cameras, DSLRs and film alike to buy a new, smaller, more handy one. That I actually would bring with me everywhere and take photos. I never bought one, and now I miss I so much. So I started the hunt for the best camera for ME. I have been googling, foruming all across, and I just don't know how to drill it down any further and decide on the actual camera to buy. One thing I do know is that it is going to be a Leica. I just love Leicas philosophy, the picture quality, the "to the roots" thing, and I have decided once and for all that now is the time for me to finally own a Leica. I also know that I am on a budget. Coming in at a total of 2000 USD would be ideal - but if course, Leica is not cheap and there are many factors here. So anywhere between 1000-3000 USD is something I look at. For that money you could buy either a Leica CL kit brand new, Leica TL2 brand new, a used Leica Q, used Leica M9. I am not a rangefinder guy really, but I really like the concept. However, I will use the camera for many different scenarios such as travel photo, family photo, art works that I do, and just general hobby/art photography. I don't do any studio work any longer, so that I don't need, I don't do street photography in that sense, and I don't to long tele situation photography like concerts or sports. So basically, I do everyday photography and would like my photos to be nice to have, maybe frame them, and if I find time again start taking art work photos again. But let's focus on travel, everyday life typ photo. Now - what do you guys think? Where should I place my bets? I guess many of you have tried many of the cameras - which one do you believe I will be happier with? Thank you so much! I appreciate all and any input!
  6. Hi, I've just bought a CL and paid £48 for the Fotos PRO app on my Iphone,but it will not do anything? I can't even use it to take shots using the remote. Plus if I want to use the app on my iPad do I need to pay an additional subscription. Very frustrated an disappointed in the app.
  7. ehecatl


    May 2019. Gdansk, Poland. CL + Vario-Elmar-TL 18-56.
  8. Hi everyone! Nice to finally make the decision to join this community. I made the switch to Leica from Nikon last year when I purchased the CL with a 23mm Summicron f2. I absolutely love the camera and the setup for the type of photography I do. at the moment, my current setup is the CL with a f/1.4 Super Takuma 50mm (thorium glass model).
  9. Despite several attempts I have been unable to register my recently purchased (brand new) Leica CL 18-56mm kit. Leica UK have tried to help and referred the matter to Germany and they have given the me the procedure for registration which firstly involves inputting the product code, which Germany says will bring up the kit in the menu, but when I try I get "0 Results". Germany says they have tried the serial number and it works, but not for me! I can identify the kit via the menu but when I type in the serial number I get an error message that says the serial number does not match the product. Despite trying several variants on the inputting of the numbers nothing works for me. Anyone else had this problem? Without registration I don't get my free Light room trial.
  10. May I ask those have the experience of using Display Protection Foil. Is it necessary or is a good practice to use the Display Protection Foil. on a CL, as well on a D-Lux 7 etc? Or the displays on the Leica new models are better now than before, not as easy to be scratched?
  11. My beloved M-E is currently in the hospital in Allendale, NJ, for a corroded sensor replacement. The cost of this, as most of you know, is $1,595 + shipping. I also had the option to upgrade to the CL (body only) for the same price. The CL offers a host of technological upgrades, better low-light performance, blah, blah, blah. And in full disclosure: I told myself this was the right move to make... that lasted for about an hour. The thought of being without this instrument which feels so pure and so aligned with my film photography actually made me nauseous. I passed on the CL. Here's a pic of "my precious" mounted with the beautiful Canon 50mm f/1.8 (Canon Seranar). Carry on.
  12. I have a Leica SL and CL and use the CL generally as a light weight back up. The SL works very well with a Nikon compatible Profoto Air TTL trigger but when I put the trigger on the CL, which seems to have exactly the same pin configuration, the flash will not fire. The link between trigger and flash works fine; it's the connectivity between the CL and the trigger that seems to be the problem. Any ideas or suggestions welcome. Thanks David
  13. My second digital Leica was an X 113, which I loved. Perfect lens, lovely body, simple controls; everything was wonderful apart from the ISO performance beyond 1600, blown highlights, and mediocre autofocus. I had high hopes for the new CL, and though it seems to have addressed these issues, ergonomically it just doesn't sit well with me. I have been told that the CL is looking to take over the X line, which from a marketing point of view makes sense, but it does now leave Leica photographers who want only the purest form of controls with just the M and Q lines - and both of these are a little too bulky for the pocket. In light of this gap, I still believe there is a niche for a new, small X. Think of the X2 in size and controls, but with a TL2 sensor, and a 35mm or 50mm collapsible Summicron lens. Then replace the back screen with the ISO dial, and up top place a viewfinder in the same fashion as the VIDOM. The X-D if you will. Add a IIIg selfie timer lever on the front for good measure, and I think it might do quite well.
  14. After searching for a system bag for my CL outfit, The solution was right under my nose , and at a bargain price! I took a chance on a mint boxed M6 small combibag on ebay for £45 well, the fit is perfect....CL/Protector/35 TL fits the cradle, two spare batteries and room for filters below, 18 TL and (currently) 90 Elmar/M-L adapter in the lens compartment....(soon to be 55-135 TL) Finest nappa leather, pocket on front for other bits&bobs and overall tiny !
  15. I have a problem to get the SF 40 flash working on the CL camera. All the settings are as per the manual and the flash setting is on TTL but the flash icon on the display is crossed out meaning the flash will not fire although the camera flash setting is on. I have tried it on manual and auto but it still does not work. The flash tests good when I press the test fire, I have also changed the batteries but have had no success. I was hoping to get information from someone who may have experienced the same problem as I have.
  16. Hallo, mich beschäftigt neuerdings die Frage ob ich mir eine CL zulegen sollte. Ich besitze eine D-Lux 109 so für immer dabei und habe damit sicher schon etliche tausend Fotos (vorzugsweise DNG) gemacht. Daneben besitze ich eine Leica Q seit zwei Jahren. Ich liebe die Q sehr. Ist eine großartige Kamera, aber letztendlich benutze ich sie nur selten (ca. 1500 Aufnahmen in zwei Jahren). Ich mache damit eher Fotos bei besonderen Anlässen (Hochzeit, Taufe u.ä.). Insgesamt ist die Q doch recht groß und leider was das Objektiv angeht etwas unflexibel. Nun überlege ich beide Kameras durch die Leica CL + Vario Elmar 3,5-5,6/18-56mm zu ersetzen. Die andere Überlegung war die D-Lux 7 zu kaufen und parallel die Q weiter zu nutzen. Vielleicht kann mir hier jemand einen Tipp oder eine Empfehlung geben. Ich fotografiere überwiegend meine Familie, Landschaften und mache gelegentlich Naturaufnahmen durch mein Leica-Spektiv.
  17. OK a preface it is probably me doing something wrong. Here is the problem I set the camera to manual, inside ring/button (setting wheel?). But my shutter speed won't change, stuck at 1/250, the start guide says it should be the inside (left) wheel. What am I missing? I am using manual M lenses with the M adapter. Thanks Tom
  18. Good day 😄 , May I ask those who have the knowledge about connecting a Leica CL camera to an iPhone to download images from the CL to the phone through CL's own wifi function? I have a "Leia Image Shuttle" app on the iPhone an used it to connect/download from a D-Lux109, works okay... But it seems not able to connect with the CL. Do I need to download the "Leica CL" app separately for just connecting with the iPhone?
  19. Happy New Year! Now the CL is about a year into the market, I wonder how many could share your experience of your CL with the TL 60mm/f2.8 Macro lens? Is a good combo? Is this lens worthy at this high price? I now only have a 23mm/f2.0 as a "native lens" with a CL, and not really used this system yet, very unfamiliar with it.
  20. When I mount either the SF60 or the Profoto AirTTL For Nikon transmitter on the CL, the screen does this. I should point out that the SF60 only does this if it is on Wireless Slave mode. In TTL mode, it is fine. When I half press, this 'flashing' of the screen stops and things resume to normal. I assume this is not normal behavior?
  21. My daughter all grown up now, still having the feel and ability to be a good subject for an impromptu shoot on a beautiful beach day here in Barbados. Have a great day!
  22. Plan to get the CL as a backup for M10. Question is: How do we implement Back Button Focus function on the CL? Is it possible at all? Thanks for your help.
  23. I took a new (and my first) Leica CL to Europe this summer and recorded some video. Playback in the camera showed skipping every 15 seconds or so. How do I figure out if this is an issue with my memory card, the settings I used for the video capture, or something else? I do not own video editing s/w and was hoping to just post the videos as is on social media, but won't do so because of the quality I got. I ended up using my iPhone instead for video on the trip . I was using a SanDisk Extreme PRO 95 Mb/s SDXC card with a little 3 inside of a U and a 10 in a circle on it.
  24. For the CL lovers, connoisseurs and mourners - Leica’s Stefan Daniel on the retirement of the Leica CL and some hints for the future: https://www.macfilos.com/2022/10/18/leicas-stefan-daniel-on-the-retirement-of-the-leica-cl-and-some-hints-for-the-future/
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