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Found 179 results

  1. by Lenni Kravitz bestehend aus MM ( Belederung-Schlangenimitat) + M 2,0/28 + M 2,0/75 (sepiabraun), 125 Stk. weltweit, Preis 22.900,-EUR
  2. Hallo, ich habe heute einen SF20 an die CCD Monochrom gesetzt. Nur auslösen will der nicht. Hat jemand eine Erklärung für mich?
  3. A drizzly, cold, damp afternoon on New York City's famed High Line gave a moody, monochrome atmosphere which called for this shot to be captured in B&W. This M240 is my first Leica since my M2. This camera made me fall in love with B&W all over again. I could so trade this in for the M262 Monochrom.
  4. Inspiriert vom Buch " Der abstrakte Blick: Kompositionsschule für künstlerische Fotografie "von T. A. Hoffmann zog ich auch mal mit der kleinen D109 los. Mir gefällt die Formsprache und Bildrythmik, sowie die Spannung, welche in den Bildern erzeugt werden können. Aber auch, wenn das Chaos zur Ordnung wird. Hier als Beispiel die Magie des Hell-Dunkel Kontrast in der Abstraktion. Sollte selbstverständlich von anderen Betrachtern mit eigenen Kreationen erweitert werden. Aufnahme mit der D109 LG Bernd

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    Hallo, ich selber habe die Kamera erst vor ca. 1 Monat beim Fachhändler erworben. Ich konnte einfach nicht wiederstehen und wollte meine Schwarze gegen eine in Silber tauschen. Nun muss ich eingestehen die Schwarze hat auch was. Da ich mich irgendwie nicht zwischen den beiden entscheiden kann, biete ich hier beide an. Eine werde ich aber natürlich behalten, je nach dem. Die Kamera befindet sich meiner Meinung nach in einem sehr gutem Zustand. Es gibt ganz vereinzelnde Flecken in der Verchromung, welche aber nur bei bestimmtem Lichteinfall zu sehen sind. Viele würden sagen wie neu. Auslösungen: 2852 (Bild 9, es können aber noch welche dazu kommen). Die Kamera hat 2019 den neuen Sensor ohne Korrosion bekommen (Bild 8). Funktion natürlich einwandfrei, Nichtraucherhaushalt. Lieferumfang müsste komplett sein, bis auf den Schwarz-Weiss Ausdruck. Kaufbelege, den Beleg vom Sensor tausch und OVP natürlich dabei. Versand inklusive oder Abholung in 74523 Schwäbisch Hall. Gruss Michael P.S. Da von privat weder Rückgabe noch Garantie meinerseits. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS WELCOME, PLEASE ASK! http://www.lichtbildhaus.de/tmp/MMsilber/MM1.jpg http://www.lichtbildhaus.de/tmp/MMsilber/MM2.jpg http://www.lichtbildhaus.de/tmp/MMsilber/MM3.jpg http://www.lichtbildhaus.de/tmp/MMsilber/MM4.jpg http://www.lichtbildhaus.de/tmp/MMsilber/MM5.jpg http://www.lichtbildhaus.de/tmp/MMsilber/MM6.jpg http://www.lichtbildhaus.de/tmp/MMsilber/MM7.jpg http://www.lichtbildhaus.de/tmp/MMsilber/MM8.jpg http://www.lichtbildhaus.de/tmp/MMsilber/MM9.jpg

    3,900.00 EUR


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    Hallo, verkaufe oben genannte Kamera. Die Kamera befindet sich meiner Meinung nach in einem sehr gutem Zustand. Das einzige was ich bei wirklich sehr genauem betrachten erkennen konnte, ist ein winziger Kratzer auf der Deckkappe unter dem Auslöser (siehe Bild 9) welcher nur bei bestimmtem Lichteinfall zu sehen ist. Ich kann jedoch nicht ausschliessen, dass sonst irgendwo Mikrokratzer oder Flecken in der Verchromung bei bestimmtem Lichteinfall zu sehen sind. Bitte die Bilder genau anschauen! Auslösungen: 3934 (siehe Bild 11). Die Kamera hat 2017 den neuen Sensor ohne Korrosion bekommen (siehe Bild 10 und 11). Funktion natürlich einwandfrei, Nichtraucherhaushalt. Lieferumfang bitte dem ersten Bild entnehmen. Versand inklusive oder Abholung in 74523 Schwäbisch Hall. Gruss Michael P.S. Da von privat weder Rückgabe noch Garantie meinerseits. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS WELCOME, PLEASE ASK! http://www.lichtbildhaus.de/tmp/MM/MM1.jpg http://www.lichtbildhaus.de/tmp/MM/MM2.jpg http://www.lichtbildhaus.de/tmp/MM/MM3.jpg http://www.lichtbildhaus.de/tmp/MM/MM4.jpg http://www.lichtbildhaus.de/tmp/MM/MM5.jpg http://www.lichtbildhaus.de/tmp/MM/MM6.jpg http://www.lichtbildhaus.de/tmp/MM/MM7.jpg http://www.lichtbildhaus.de/tmp/MM/MM8.jpg http://www.lichtbildhaus.de/tmp/MM/MM9.jpg http://www.lichtbildhaus.de/tmp/MM/MM10.jpg http://www.lichtbildhaus.de/tmp/MM/MM11.jpg

    3,500.00 EUR

  7. Hello. My name is Rocky and have been reading this forum on and off for quite a while. My photography journey started when I was a teenager living in Tokyo in the mid-60's shooting, developing, and printing black and white. I wish I had bought a Canon f/0.95 lens then selling new for about $140. Fast forward to the early 2000's when I overcame the idea that this hobby was too expensive. Not exactly true, so I compared Nikon and Canon, and really liked the image quality of Nikon, but chose Canon for its inventory of "L" glass -- especially fast lenses. I'm fortunate to have a good copy of the 50mm f/1.0L -- not in the same league as a Noctilux, but for about 1/3 the cost. I had never even touched a Leica camera till last week-end when I spent about 45 minutes with a Leica M10 and W-O-W! To borrow a line from the film "Field of Dreams", "Is this heaven?" Yesterday I looked at an M6 and the body seemed to melt into my hands. In the Canon world the 300mm f/2.8L IS is considered by many to be the holy grail for its sharpness, bokeh and rendering of colors. It's also a beast of a lens to handhold which is often how I prefer to shoot it order to be more versatile and nimble. In the next week or so I expect to have a Monochrom M 1st generation which I'm getting from a guy off of Fred Miranda, and the shutter has less than 2000 actuations. I was going to wait for the M10 Monochrom, but can't pass up such an opportunity. There will be an M10-P coming in soon and several lenses including a Nocti --- but there are limits to what I can buy. A local photo shop does rent a Zeiss 20mm Canon mount, so I'm wondering if anyone here has used an adaptor as the one made by Fotodiox with good results on a Leica M body, and if so, did you use live view to focus and please share your experience. A British chap who used to work at the Photo Shop I mentioned was the local Leica guy, and he once told me of how he used a Nikon D800 equipped with a macro lens to "scan" 35 mm negatives that he would then convert to digital form with a scanner and then process in Photoshop, so question #2 is has anyone done something similar here, did you use a flatbed or barrel scanner and how do you think the results compared to doing that work by conventional means.
  8. Hi guys, After idly wondering for the past few years how to figure out the shutter count on my M Monochrome mk1, I finally did a little research. I found this excellent (i.e. very easy even for me to use) Leica app on the Leica Rumors site - https://leicarumors.com/2010/11/02/free-software-for-viewing-leica-m9-images-and-exif-data.aspx/ Dragged the most recent file I shot onto the app, and found that the shutter actuations on my camera number 36,950. Does anyone think that's a high number? I know that pro Nikon and Canon cameras are over-engineered, and their shutters are designed to exceed 250,000 but the M9/M Monochrom mk 1, I think, is not designed for that kind of high mileage. Leica were kind enough to replace my sensor last year (for free), and I just wonder how many more useful years are left on the shutter of my cherished camera. Anyway, if you've ever wondered about your shutter count, do get the app - it's incredibly simple to use. Best wishes all, Colin
  9. I bought a used MM that had been to Wetzlar for sensor replacement and came with the certificate to prove it. Just noticed this in the lower left of the sensor (upper right on image). It kind of looks like a thumbprint but it wouldn't come off with sensor cleaner. Is this corrosion again?
  10. I bought a Leica Monochrom (M1) after many years using a beloved M8. As many, I was hypnotized by the huge potential of the Monochrom: the sensor, the high ISO, the details.. because of the price, I didn't buy it when it came out but as soon as the M246 hit the shelf it was the moment the price was a bit more convenient. I loved the camera. After few months of regular use it developed a fault, every once in a while the camera would 'jam' whilst taking pictures so I brought it to Leica Mayfair for inspection and it went away for repairs in Germany. I was gutted, such an expensive purchase and it already showed faults? Anyway, Leica repaired with their own time (which we all know!) but at least it was a free repair. When the camera returned the 'silent shutter' didn't really worked anymore...it suffered a bit of lag but I didn't really care. Flashforward a year after I notice some black spots on my pictures. Jump on the Tube, Leica Mayfair....again, shipped to Germany. One month goes by, the camera return with a new sensor: yes the sensor had corrosion that many of us experienced. Ok, about two years with the camera and quite a lot of hassle to deal with...I'm scratching a bit my heads here, I bought something to enjoy and yes I do enjoy when it works...but I haven't experienced anything so faulty from any other brand? Flashforward to last month, I went to Japan for some work and I decided to bring the Monochrom with me for such a great opportuniy. Enjoyed the trip, loved Japan, had a fantastic time with my Monochrom. Soon after I came back I went out for my usual stroll and I noticed the rangefinder on my Monochrom wasn't aligned anymore...vertically off, to be more precise. Off to Mayfair - again, off to Germany. I thought it was a rangefinder alignment problem but instead Leica told me there is a sensor alignment problem too. And it comes with a bill of £500. From Germany, they is stating the camera is been dropped and because of the shock the sensor (and rangefinder) is a bit off now. I haven't dropped the camera, the body is in great conditions free from scratches, dents or heavy marks. I mentioned I had the camera in my backpack the whole time but they are firm the camera is been dropped. They also mentioned this could happen even by just having the camera in a backpack. Now, I'm aware a lot of people buy the camera to keep it in a shelf, to maintain the less usage and to have it into as many sort of protection as possible....but I actually brought it to use it and bring it with me, always doing my best to look after it but never forgetting the purpose of the camera, which is to be used. I'm really disappointed at this point with this whole thing... I never complained about all this hassle I had to go through those years with malfuctions and all sort of problems that the company 'included' with the camera (is not my personal case, I read tons of post about corrosions and all sort of problems), now I even have to deal with (bad) assumptions and being charged quite unreasonable prices for situations I didn't even create? I actually went to Japan to film some stuff, Im a filmmaker and I do carry a lot of equipment. How come none of my video cameras, not even my Ricoh GR suffered of anything? I'm seeking advice, as I'm really really fed up with this whole thing. Yeah the camera is great when it works.... but I can't keep up with these sort of things: let's face it, probably one of the most expensive brand for photography, they carry themself as this synonymous of craftmanship and precision....but they still manage to mess up a whole series of Monochrom? Camera is on hold in Germany now. Not sure if I'm wishing to carry on the repairs...seriously thinking about just moving away from Leica as I got the feeling their main target is people's pockets.
  11. I bought my Leica Monochrom September 2013. Not only was it my first rangefinder, but also my first experience with Leica and I must admit that this has been a revelation for me. Like many of you it took me a couple of months to get used to iy but now I feel more and more confident shooting with my “Back Beauty” However, I am still struggling with these blowing Highlights. I already bought a 3 stop B&W ND filter but still… Reading this forum I understand that many others have had the same issue. I tried to expose for the highlights but then I tend to have pictures with a lot of shadow dust. Often other more experience users advise not to expose for the highlights but rather to expose “correctly”. Can someone please explain to me what they mean with “correctly”? Does this mean that if the DR of the scene is to important to be captured in one shot that I need to bracket my exposure or just have to decide to blow the highlights (or the shadows for that matter)? I do realise that this is a probably a beginners question (I started photography only 1 year ago so I guess I have an excuse ) but I really hope you take some time to help me out of this.. Many thanks, Frédéric
  12. I've made a package of the presets I mostly use for Leica to adjust colors, make black and white, etc.These handles the skin tones, the correction of CMOS to CCD colors, the 'right' black and white look for M10, SL, TL, etc. These are the ones people usually ask for, so I have made it a free download. Enjoy! http://www.overgaard.dk/Thorsten-von-Overgaard-Gallery-Store-The-Overgaard-Adobe-Lighroom-Presets-for-Leica-cameras.html
  13. TM1ka

    il due

    Grado IT, M240 Cron 50 (V)
  14. C-Elmar 90mm M240, (Es können auch Bilder zugefügt werden mit 90mm)
  15. I did a search here on the Forum to see if there was any history or discussion on an interesting problem I was having with my M Monochrom 246 but found nothing. Therefore, I thought I would document my experience for the record. My issue was that the shutter was randomly misfiring, either too fast or too slow. This was producing some "unusual" results with some exposures unpredictably wildly off the mark. In my blind trust of Leica, I was a bit slow to conclude that the problem was with the camera rather than me. At first, I could not understand how such varying results could be produced in aperture-priority mode but gradually began to suspect the shutter. I took a series of shots of the same scene and the same lighting, with the same aperture, but with a manually-selected shutter speed both in "S" and "C" modes. As it turned out, the shutter speeds for each image file were all over the place with the minority at the actual set speed. Furthermore, it did not seem to matter what shutter speed was selected and, of course, it did not matter what lens was on the camera. When I wrote to Leica Camera USA describing my situation, I got an answer in pretty short order with the suggestion to do a camera Reset. This worked! The Reset function apparently is a like a o/s reboot on a computer which sadly had not occurred to me as a possible solution. Of course, all my menu-driven customizations were wiped out with the camera reverting to the factory default but that was a small price to pay to have normal shutter operation restored. Anyone else seen this?
  16. I would love to know if Leica will bring a M10 Monochrom to the market What do you think? Will Leica do this? Kind Regards, Barend Jan
  17. 240/Cron 50 (V) OOC
  18. ...ist nicht viel los im Hafen.
  19. Liebe L F B - Freunde, wir wünschen Euch ein gesundes neues Jahr. Der LFB ist nun auch im 4. Jahr aktiv und so laden wir Euch hiermit recht herzlich zum 17. Berliner Leica Fotografen Treffen am Donnerstag den 08.02.2018 ab 18:30 Uhr ein. Wir treffen uns wieder im: Restaurant Berliner Hof Hildegardstr. 14 10715 Berlin (Wilmersdorf) http://restaurant-berliner-hof.de/ Es freut uns besonders dieses mal zwei aussergewöhnlich Vorträge anbieten zu können: 1. Detlef Bradel zeigt uns seine Kunst des "Action painting" 2. Ditmar Rücker Afrika "Wild Life" Bilder seiner Reise vom Januar 2018 3. Weiterhin werden wir kurz über die Zukunft des LFB sprechen - konzeptionelle Veränderungen ! Meldet Euch bitte per Mail (LFB@mail.de) an, wenn Ihr teilnehmen möchtet. In der Reihenfolge der Anmeldungen erhaltet Ihr dann eine Bestätigungsmail als verbindliche Zusage. Sollte jemand kurzfristig verhindert sein, so ruft mich bitte an oder mailt an den LFB und sagt ab, damit andere nachrücken können. Meldeschluss ist der 06.Februar 2018, bis 18:00 Uhr, da ich dann die verbindliche Teilnehmerzahl melden muss. Liebe Grüße Klaus und Cord
  20. Just for curiosity sake, if you had to replace your current monochrom and you were given a gift certificate for a brand new one, which would you get? Notwithstanding price difference and the fact that the MMI is no longer in production, but you found a little camera shop that had new versions of both on their shelf. The MMI even has the new sensor.
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