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Found 113 results

  1. BlackDoc


    Night City walk, museal night, but unfortunately rainy...
  2. Manarola, in the Cinque Terre, after sunset. Leica SL, Voigtlander 15mm Super-Heliar III. Best, Vieri
  3. I will show you some pictures of my trip to Dublin... unfortunately i did not have enough time so i have to come back Dublin by Black Doc
  4. A street portrait with the SL and the Canon 50/f1.2. Thanks for looking.
  5. Douglas Herr is my personal hero and foundation for everything Leica R. He so much symbolizes the core Leica R user that he would be the first person to ask what he thought of the Leica SL system. When I realized Leica Camera AG didn’t send him a Leica SL to test, I decided to send him my own Leica SL for some months. When the camera returned after four months, I was eager to learn what his take was on it. I asked if he would care to write an article, and here it is. Enjoy! The Birdman of Sacramento takes on the Leica SL Typ 601
  6. Nun konnte ich meine neue Leica SL (601) ausgiebig testen und bin im Grossen und Ganzen begeistert. Was mir jedoch fehlt, wie auch bei der Leica M, ist die Möglichkeit der Doppel- oder Mehrfachbelichtung. Dieses, bis auf die Ursprünge der Fotografie zurückgehende Stilmittel, nutzte ich analog sehr oft. Es wäre wohl ein leichtes die Möglichkeit zu programmieren, eine Doppelbelichtung zuzulassen. Denn was auch mit der alten, analogen SL möglich war, sollte doch mindestens auch digital umgesetzt werden könnte. Gruss smy
  7. The Stone Circle at Machrie Moor, on the Isle of Arran in Scotland at sunset. Leica SL, Vario-Elmarit-SL at 34mm, 1 second @ f/10. Best, Vieri
  8. Corrie's fossil sands, on the Isle of Arran in Scotland. Leica SL and Voigtlander 12mm. 1 minute @ f/11. Thanks for viewing, best Vieri
  9. Brought it with me on a trip over the holidays. Nowhere near as comprehensive review as Sean Reid's - but here's my take on the lens, published by Leica San Francisco: http://www.madeinwetzlar.com/on-vacation-with-the-leica-sl-summilux-50mm-f-1.4
  10. I was editing some images that I took last week in New York city, including some taken from the observation deck of the Empire State Building. Then I remembered that I had taken some shots of the same view from the same location, 15 years ago. 2001: Hasselblad 205FCC 110mm (35mm equ 70mm) Planar lens, Fujichrome 100, 6x6cm tranny scanned in an Imacon Flextight scanner to 135Mb 2016: Leica SL, 24-90mm lens (at 68mm), 24 Megapixel sensor, ISO 100, DNG 42Mb Both shot on a clear morning. Both handheld. Both similar field of view (about 70mm) The Hasselblad body, lens and the Imacon scanner were arguably the best quality equipment ever produced for a portable film camera. And, of course, the 6x6cm trannies have a much larger surface area than a 35mm sensor. The Leica SL and 24-90 zoom is arguably current state-of-the-art for quality, portable, digital camera / lens. Of course, the SL is streets ahead of the old film 'blads in terms of convenience and percentage of usable images. But I was interested in seeing how things have progressed, IQ wise. So, I used LR's compare feature to find the same portion of the image at 100%. Then took a screenshot of the two side-by-side. The Leica image is on the left, the scanned Hasselblad image is on the right. After 15 years, we can see that the 35mm Leica has surpassed the scanned 6x6cm MF transparency in terms of resolution, colour and punch. (and the New Yorkers have painted some of their water tanks) And here is the Hasselblad scanned tranny from 2001: And the Leica SL image from 2016:
  11. Hello to everybody: this is my first post here and I hope not to have broken any rule. I simply want to say that last Monday I received my Leica SL with the firmware 1.2 installed. I do not know what really changed, but now, when I use my M lenses, I can activate the magnification by pressing the joystick button with my right thumb; I can now also activate the exposure compensation quickly: I have assigned this function to the FN button on the front of the camera. It seems to me that these features were not present in the previous firmware. Does anyone have more precise information about the new firmware? Thank you and ciao from Italy!
  12. When putting an S lens on an SL (through the yet to be released adapter), how does that 'affect' (equivalent) focal length and maximum aperture? When putting an 'APS-C lens' (e.g. T lens) on a full frame camera, one adds a crop factor of 1.5 and aperture remains unchanged. I would have expected with an S lens on the SL the reverse to happen (crop factor about 0.7 and aperture unchanged)? However, I saw a video of a Leica technical expert who claimed that if you put a 100mm 2.0 S lens on the SL, in effect you have a 100m/1.2 lens. That sounds a bit strange. Anyone having any thoughts on this?
  13. Love the camera, but the manual is ofen next to useless. I can't seem to find anything about the sensor cleaning system in the Leica SL. Can any of you advise on the following: 1) How does the electronic sensor cleaning system work? Does it activate on startup/shutdown as it does on my Canon SLR, or does it have to activated manually? If the latter, where is the switch in the menu structure? 2) Is there a specific procedure to follow for manual cleaning of the sensor? 3) Is there a dust detection system similar to the one in the M cameras? Thanks.
  14. Hello to everybody and happy new year from Italy! I'm wondering if no one has experienced this problem during sequences bracketing. Nothing serious, just a nuisance. My SL (firmware 1.2) set up this way: DNG + JPG (JPG-L); Lexar two 64GB SDXC cards 1000X II (1 + 2 mode); AE braketing with 5 shots Well, my SL produces five regular DNG + JPG plus a sixth strangely corrupted JPG file. Here two samples: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ac1xg2hp3rr8l9/L1010669%20copia.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/gclld35v4hahgdc/L1010443%20copia.JPG?dl=0 If there is someone who works in Leica, could also put this issue in things to be fixed, please ;-) Ciao and thank you.
  15. MatchTechnical and Tim Isaac have given me the privilege of testing a prototype of the Thumbs Up EP-SL grip for the SL camera. I am a huge fan of MatchTechnical's designs, which have adorned each of my Leica cameras since the M8. I believe that the EP-SL is another great design that will add to hand holding stability of the camera, in particular with larger lenses (SL and R lenses). Below are a few pictures. The grip should be available in a few weeks, from what I have been told....
  16. I’m not one for spending a lot of time pixel peeping but, last Sunday, I noticed that, over the last couple of years, by coincidence, I had taken a photo of the same subject (a ruined temple with lots of fine details), at the same place, from roughly the same distance, at roughly the same time of day, with three cameras: Hasselblad H4D50 - prime lens 100mm (~60mm) (4.5x6cm sensor @ 50 Mpxl) Sony A7Rii - prime lens 55mm (35mm sensor @ 42 Mpxl) Leica SL - zoom lens at about 50mm (35mm sensor @ 24 Mpxl) Coincidentally, I had used roughly the same ISO, shutter speed and aperture all 3 times. So I started doing some comparisons in LR, zoomed in on the TIF files at 100%. Nothing scientific at all, just looking around the images: centre, corners, details, colours, sky, etc. From a pure resolution point of view, I could not see any difference, either in the centre or in the corners. This means that: there’s no penalty from the lesser number of pixels; that the Leica SL zoom performed as well as the two prime lenses, and; in the 3 years since the H4D-50 sensor was built, sensor technology has advanced such that a CMOS 35mm sensor is equivalent to the older 4.5x6cm CCD sensor. From a colour point of view, the SL was discernibly better - against the 'blad, not by much, but better. Much more realistic than the Sony colours. Other noticeable differences: skies are definitely better rendered by the SL sensor, better gradation, smoother, less colour grains. From a usability point of view, the SL is way ahead of the other two. The hit ratio of quality images (focus, exposure) has been much higher than the other two cameras. After 40 years of knowing that "zoom = quality loss", with this SL, I need have no more concerns about using a zoom. With an additional bonus from this weather-sealed camera: one lens on the camera all day long, never have to expose the sensor to dust. No more juggling lens swaps. But kudos to the Sony too for keeping up with the two more expensive systems. But, it suffers greatly in usability and a lot of the lenses, by comparison, are poor, especially the zooms. The Zeiss 55mm that I mentioned above stands out in the Sony range as an exceptional lens. In my experience, none of the Sony zoom lens come close to the image quality of the Leica SL 24-90mm. And I wouldn't have the strength to lug around the Hasselblad zoom... Regards Peter
  17. Hier mal ein deutscher Erfahrungsbericht zur Leica SL. Viele Spaß beim Lesen http://norbertwindecker.blogspot.com/2015/12/erster-eindruck-und-tests-mit-der-leica.html http://norbertwindecker.blogspot.com/2016/03/erfahrungsbericht-leica-vario-elmarit.html
  18. Dear community. In the following days I will have the SL for studio shooting and right now I am reading the instruction manual but I miss one information. Is the tethering supported? Using in studio a Hasselblad , I have normally the camera connected to the laptop for an immediate shooting review. I did not understand if such feature is supported by the SL. My you help me on that?
  19. Halle alle zusammen, möchte mir eine Leica SL 601 aneignen, somit frage ich hier im Forum hat jemand Erfahrung mit der Kombi Leica SL mit Zeiss Milvus oder Outs - Objektivlinie. Lichtstarke Leica SL-Objektive sind noch lange nicht lieferbar, Nikonobjektive welche ich derzeit verwende kommen nicht in Frage (miese Haptik usw) Bitte um Rückmeldungen
  20. Video journalist Morten Albek has been testing the Leica SL for video and have written a guest article at overgaard.dk Enjoy! "The Leica SL Video Experience"
  21. Hallo liebe Leica Freunde, mich interessiert ganz besonders, wie sich M-Objektive an der SL machen, ganz besonders natürlich Weitwinkel Linsen bei offener Blende. Ich denke über die Anschaffung einer SL nach und würde gerne meine vorhanden Objektive daran benutzen. Wie sind also Eure Erfahrungen? Viele Grüße an das Forum, Holger
  22. Leica has published an extensive firmware update for the Leica SL (Type 601). The latest version 2.0 now brings the long-awaited direct exposure compensation in P, T and A mode, an advanced flash compatibility and many more. It is available for download in the Leica Owners’ Area. DNG-files can be played back in more details when zoomed in to 100% max (6000x4000). Touch AF is improved, AF will be applied by touch up. Longer manual shutter speed added (up to 30 min) Support for more Leica flash devices improved. Improving time code menu options. Improving power saving during long exposure shots and Interval shots. Flash exp. compensation is added to favorite list and to customized buttons. Adding direct exp. Compensation in setup menu, enabling exp. correction via top and rear dials in P, T and A mode. The list of M and R-lenses are editable now (can be switched ON and OFF). The name of the lens will be showing in the menu. Adding the video rec button to the customized buttons (when Mode-Lock is On). Improving image quality in Jpeg-files (extreme yellowish tint in over exposed areas) Adding noise reduction settings menu for Jpeg-files (low, medium and high). Adding the possibility to change the file name (only first letter). Improving AUTO ISO settings, separating video / photo settings, adding minimum ISO setting Option to display WLAN password during input. Adding focus peaking sensitivity by a menu in setup (low and high) Adding Focus peaking icon in LV. More letters added to Profile name (max. 10 letters). Improving tracking AF. Improving AF for horizontal objects. Adding more AF-steps in setup menu (1 and 5 steps). More UHS-II cards are supported ( Toshiba and Lexar second generation) Adding the support of XMP rating for Adobe Software (rated pictures will be shown as rated in Adobe LR and PS). Histogram box is transparent, to avoid covering Live view areas. Adding a menu for electronic shutter with 1/16000 sec in CAMERA Menu. The AF-frame doesn’t disappear in burst shooting (for low speed and medium speed) Combining the video format and the resolution in one menu. Adding 1 point AF in magnified situation (3x and 6x). Improved TTL/HSS mode (flash) Renaming of WLAN modes (Host / Client –> Create WLAN / Join WLAN) SD card writing errors solved Firmware Betatest in the Leica Forum The new Firmware was tested by a group of Leica Forum members, who found some issues that Leica could finally solve. Thanks to all the betatesters for helping to improve the firmware!
  23. Dear all. Last week I had the fun to shot my friend and model Veronica with the SL. Wish you like http://blog.massimilianotiberi.com/veronica-rossetti/
  24. Leicarumors just publish the possibility to see by the end of next week (July 29th) a 2.1 version that will include tethered shooting. I think this will be a great improvement but will Leica will release the Leica Image Shutter for the SL?
  25. I just finished a new article on traveling with camera batteries on airlines. "Advice for Photographers: Camera Batteries on Airplanes"
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