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  1. Has anyone figured out a way to power the SL externally for extended time-lapse photography? Or should I simply use my EOS 5D mk IV instead (which I'd rather not do - love the look and performance of Leica 28/2.8 and 24/1.4 for night sky images)? Any thoughts? Thanks.
  2. Dear all. Last week I had the fun to shot my friend and model Veronica with the SL. Wish you like http://blog.massimilianotiberi.com/veronica-rossetti/
  3. I’m not one for spending a lot of time pixel peeping but, last Sunday, I noticed that, over the last couple of years, by coincidence, I had taken a photo of the same subject (a ruined temple with lots of fine details), at the same place, from roughly the same distance, at roughly the same time of day, with three cameras: Hasselblad H4D50 - prime lens 100mm (~60mm) (4.5x6cm sensor @ 50 Mpxl) Sony A7Rii - prime lens 55mm (35mm sensor @ 42 Mpxl) Leica SL - zoom lens at about 50mm (35mm sensor @ 24 Mpxl) Coincidentally, I had used roughly the same ISO, shutter speed and aperture all 3 times.
  4. Halle alle zusammen, möchte mir eine Leica SL 601 aneignen, somit frage ich hier im Forum hat jemand Erfahrung mit der Kombi Leica SL mit Zeiss Milvus oder Outs - Objektivlinie. Lichtstarke Leica SL-Objektive sind noch lange nicht lieferbar, Nikonobjektive welche ich derzeit verwende kommen nicht in Frage (miese Haptik usw) Bitte um Rückmeldungen
  5. Dear community. In the following days I will have the SL for studio shooting and right now I am reading the instruction manual but I miss one information. Is the tethering supported? Using in studio a Hasselblad , I have normally the camera connected to the laptop for an immediate shooting review. I did not understand if such feature is supported by the SL. My you help me on that?
  6. Video journalist Morten Albek has been testing the Leica SL for video and have written a guest article at overgaard.dk Enjoy! "The Leica SL Video Experience"
  7. When putting an S lens on an SL (through the yet to be released adapter), how does that 'affect' (equivalent) focal length and maximum aperture? When putting an 'APS-C lens' (e.g. T lens) on a full frame camera, one adds a crop factor of 1.5 and aperture remains unchanged. I would have expected with an S lens on the SL the reverse to happen (crop factor about 0.7 and aperture unchanged)? However, I saw a video of a Leica technical expert who claimed that if you put a 100mm 2.0 S lens on the SL, in effect you have a 100m/1.2 lens. That sounds a bit strange. Anyone having any thoughts on this?
  8. Hallo liebe Leica Freunde, mich interessiert ganz besonders, wie sich M-Objektive an der SL machen, ganz besonders natürlich Weitwinkel Linsen bei offener Blende. Ich denke über die Anschaffung einer SL nach und würde gerne meine vorhanden Objektive daran benutzen. Wie sind also Eure Erfahrungen? Viele Grüße an das Forum, Holger
  9. Leicarumors just publish the possibility to see by the end of next week (July 29th) a 2.1 version that will include tethered shooting. I think this will be a great improvement but will Leica will release the Leica Image Shutter for the SL?
  10. Die Leica SL beschäftigt seit ihrer Vorstellung vor zwei Wochen die Community, jeder hat eine Meinung, aber kaum jemand hat Erfahrungen aus erster Hand. Das ändern wir jetzt! Leica SL Workshop 13. November – exklusiv für das Leica Forum Bis jetzt musstet ihr euch auf fremde Meinungen sowie Bild- und Prospektmaterial von Leica verlassen, um die Leica SL zu beurteilen. Jetzt sorgen wir dafür, dass sich acht Forumsmitglieder sich persönlich eine Meinung bilden können und alle offenen Fragen beantwortet werden. Bewerbung geschlossen Am Vortag der Leica Erlebnistage (Freitag, 13. November) orga
  11. Am Freitag vor den Leica Erlebnistagen haben wir einen Leica SL Workshop (Bewerbungen noch bis zum 9. November) mit Stephan Schulz (Leiter Produktmanagement Professionelle Kamerasysteme) und Stefan Daniel (Leiter Produktmanagement), die jede noch so spezielle Frage beantworten können. Um für das Forum möglichst viele Informationen zu sammeln, brauchen wir eure Fragen zur Leica SL! Stellt eure Fragen in diesem Thread bitte kurz und knapp, so dass die Leica Spezialisten sie möglichst konkret beantworten können oder wir sie konkret an der Leica SL testen können.
  12. Habe gerade folgende Liste in der Leica SL - Broschüre gefunden: LEICA R-ADAPTER L Bestell-Nr. 16 076 / Lieferbar ab Herbst 2016. Kompatible Objektive des Leica R-Systems: Super - Elmarit - R 1 : 2,8/15 mm ASPH. Fisheye - Elmarit - R 1 : 2,8/16 mm Elmarit - R 1 : 2,8/19 mm Super - Angulon - R 1 : 3,4/21 mm Super - Angulon - R 1 : 4/21 mm Elmarit - R 1 : 2,8/24 mm Elmarit - R 1 : 2,8/28 mm PC - Super - Angulon - R 1 : 2,8/28 mm PA - Curtagon - R 1 : 4/35 mm Elmarit - R 1 : 2,8/35 mm Summicron - R 1 : 2/35 mm Summilux - R 1 : 1,4/35 mm Summicron - R 1 : 2/50 mm Summilux
  13. Do you still have questions about the Leica SL? We'll have a Leica SL workshop with Stefan Daniel and Stephan Schulz for Leica Forum members this Friday (November 13th). If you have questions we should ask the Leica experts - or try them out, please let us know! Andreas
  14. Well, Today I had the SL Bundle in my hands like for an 1.5 hrs. I'm not a guy that write reviews but I just want to share my very personal experience and possible to read more about the impressions of other people that has test the camera. 1) Weight: Yes is a little heavy but not as any of the BIG C and N with their 24-70. For me will not be a problem since what I want to use the camera requires tripod 90% of the time. 2) Ergonomics: For my hands (I consider my hands M size) it feels very comfortable to hold it and I can normally modify settings with my thumb and with the index th
  15. Am Tag nach der Vorstellung der Leica SL habe ich mit den geschätzten Kollegen von FotoTV ein längeres Interview mit Stefan Daniel geführt - mit einigen interessanten Infos z.B. zur Entwicklung der Leica SL: Der Beitrag bei FotoTV: https://www.fototv.de/fototvnews-leica-sl
  16. Wir haben aus den wichtigsten Infos ein kleines Video zur Leica SL zusammengestellt:
  17. If you need a quick impression of the Leica SL, here is a 3" video we have put together:
  18. Was muss ich tun, um die gestrige Präsentation nachträglich zu sehen. Leider hat gestern nichts geklappt. Was habe ich nach dem Klick auf die ensprechende Zeile in der Ankündigungsmail falsch gemacht ??? Was hätte ich richtigerweise tun sollen ??? Grüsse aus Berlin EA
  19. Hier kommt die Leica SL – eine professionelle Systemkamera ohne Kompromisse! Elektronischer Sucher der Spitzenklasse, 24MP Vollformat-Sensor, 4k Video und professionelle Features - und perfekt, um mit Leica M und R Objektiven digital zu fotografieren. Wir haben für Euch: Alle Infos zur Leica SL und zu allen Objektiven Den ersten ausführlichen Leica SL Testbericht von Jono Slack mit vielen Bildern Und natürlich ein eigenes Leica SL Forum Deine Meinung über die neue Leica SL?
  20. I just finished a new article on traveling with camera batteries on airlines. "Advice for Photographers: Camera Batteries on Airplanes"
  21. Hello to everybody and happy new year from Italy! I'm wondering if no one has experienced this problem during sequences bracketing. Nothing serious, just a nuisance. My SL (firmware 1.2) set up this way: DNG + JPG (JPG-L); Lexar two 64GB SDXC cards 1000X II (1 + 2 mode); AE braketing with 5 shots Well, my SL produces five regular DNG + JPG plus a sixth strangely corrupted JPG file. Here two samples: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ac1xg2hp3rr8l9/L1010669%20copia.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/gclld35v4hahgdc/L1010443%20copia.JPG?dl=0 If there is someone who works in Leica, could
  22. I've updated my Leica SL "Max" page with sample photos and more. The camera is now available (for a short moment it seems) and the first few ones has been shipped. Enjoy, and feel free to comment. http://www.overgaard.dk/Leica-Camera-Typ-601.html
  23. MatchTechnical and Tim Isaac have given me the privilege of testing a prototype of the Thumbs Up EP-SL grip for the SL camera. I am a huge fan of MatchTechnical's designs, which have adorned each of my Leica cameras since the M8. I believe that the EP-SL is another great design that will add to hand holding stability of the camera, in particular with larger lenses (SL and R lenses). Below are a few pictures. The grip should be available in a few weeks, from what I have been told....
  24. Love the camera, but the manual is ofen next to useless. I can't seem to find anything about the sensor cleaning system in the Leica SL. Can any of you advise on the following: 1) How does the electronic sensor cleaning system work? Does it activate on startup/shutdown as it does on my Canon SLR, or does it have to activated manually? If the latter, where is the switch in the menu structure? 2) Is there a specific procedure to follow for manual cleaning of the sensor? 3) Is there a dust detection system similar to the one in the M cameras? Thanks.
  25. Hello to everybody: this is my first post here and I hope not to have broken any rule. I simply want to say that last Monday I received my Leica SL with the firmware 1.2 installed. I do not know what really changed, but now, when I use my M lenses, I can activate the magnification by pressing the joystick button with my right thumb; I can now also activate the exposure compensation quickly: I have assigned this function to the FN button on the front of the camera. It seems to me that these features were not present in the previous firmware. Does anyone have more precise information about t
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