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  1. 1. This ^^^ 2. And the fact that I DID bring a large a** E82 Heliopan 3-stop ND filter with me. Figured I'd use it. 3. Plus, sometimes I was shooting about a hundred feet from shore, by one of the longest sand bars I'd ever seen, on a rather windy day. Much preferred cleaning the sand and beach gunk out of a filter versus my lens.
  2. Brought it with me on a trip over the holidays. Nowhere near as comprehensive review as Sean Reid's - but here's my take on the lens, published by Leica San Francisco: http://www.madeinwetzlar.com/on-vacation-with-the-leica-sl-summilux-50mm-f-1.4
  3. Another vote for the Peak Design Everyday Messenger. Just so well made, and so little dead space. No messenger bag format can carry the SL + 90-280 attached, vertically. For that I think you'll have to go the backpack route. But the Peak Design Everyday Messenger can certainly carry the SL + 24-90 vertically or horizontally, and will just require a bit of configuring if the 90-280 just HAS to be in there too. I haven't seen Ona's Astoria messenger bag mentioned here, but that one is their biggest messenger bag offering and I dare say the Peak Design Everyday Messenger can stand toe to toe with that one (I have the Astoria too, so yes, I've checked). Also, FWIW Peak Design launched a smaller version of the Everyday Messenger (fits up to a 13" laptop, not a 15" like the original) a few days ago.
  4. I've had mine since late March and couldn't be happier with it. Fast, accurate AF; gets the job done when I'm thirty to forty feet away shooting my daughters' fast moving dance performances, even in the rain. Obviously, it's large and isn't going to be a daily carry. But the system weighed in at a similar 5.7-5.8 lbs as my 5DMk3 + 70-200, and without the hood was only about 5/8 of an inch longer. I've traded in my 5DMk3 and L lenses. For my needs I'm good to go with the SL + 24-90 and 90-280.
  5. Have fun. I traveled overseas last Dec/Jan and brought the SL, the 90APO, the Noct, and the WATE. Loved the combo. Like you I am tempted to just travel with the 24-90 next time, though!
  6. Thank you for this detailed, fair post. On my end, I've packed up my Canon 5DMkIII, 24-70 2.8 and 70-200 2.8. I've become a Leica M shooter for several months now, but kept the Canon for situations where I'd be confined 10-15 rows back with my young daughters performing onstage and the like. The SL + 90-280mm gives me what I need now, for those situations. I have the Q as well and though I prefer my M's and SL, it is an extremely capable camera and shares plenty of the SL/S's internal guts and functionalities.
  7. The NY boutique in SoHo had three delivered today. I suppose all spoken for - I've been on the list for a bit.
  8. Q has become available in US stores. Just got mine.
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