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Found 202 results

  1. I recently purchased a 21mm Summilux and a Brightline Finder 12024 to accompany it. When I slide the finder into the hotshoe on my M10 it feels remarkably loose and unstable, so much so that if the camera is tipped it will slide out. This can't be right. Investigating further I tried the same viewfinder on my M9-P and it fits securely, same when I try it on an M4 body. There are raised bars under the edges of the M9 hotshoe (see attached photos) and similarly on the M4 they seem to have springs under bars to use light pressure to hold things in place. Did something fall off my M10 without my noticing? On a stock m10 is the center area with the pin cluster flush with the rest of the hotshoe or is that area in the center raised up a bit from the bare metal? All other hotshoe items that I use have pin locks so nothing else falls out. I had a thumbs-up grip that went in the hot shoe that was too loose as well. I had assumed it was the grip bring too small, not that something was missing from my camera. Can anyone confirm this behavior or help me to understand what I may be missing? I I can use a small bit of gaffer's tape to fill in the loose area when using the viefinder on the the M10 but that hardly seems like the best solution. M9 hotshoe with raised pressure bars: M10, same area: M10 Top Down: M10 Straight in, note slightly raised center pin cluster. Is there a surrounding plate that is missing on my hotshoe?:
  2. CBLeaman

    TTL Flash

    Looking for a small flash for my M10 and Monochrom 246. Does anyone know if TTL works on these bodies?
  3. OK, I'll admit it I'm a bit nutty for Summicrons. I have the 35mm ASPH the 50mm classic and the recently I found a 40mm (from the CL) for a measly $450 on fleabay. OK you say, why? You have two perfectly good lenses that actually have matching frame lines on your M10. There are two very good reasons I can come up with, the first is size. The lens is downright diminutive. It takes the M10 from small mirrorless to large point and shoot. It's now suitable for stuffing in a Billingham Aeva 5 pouch and throwing on a belt even for casual nights out or chasing the kids around the playground. Number 2 is it's actually a spectacular little lens with all the character and sharpness you could ever ask for. I'm actually finding it perfect for environmental portraiture and general street pics. It's also well suited to making multiple image panorama stitches with it's natural perspective. More than anything though it's just a pretty lens and it can do about 80% of the job of both a 35mm and a 50mm as well as have it's own character. OK so how do you frame it? Honestly it's not hard, the 50mm frame lines come up with it attached and I just imagine the frame is just outside those lines and I'm pretty close. For those instances where precise framing is necessary I always have live view. lastly I have great little Minolta double asphere close up diopter that I've adapted and this makes the little 40mm perfect for certain macro shots (especially watches and camera gear).

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    Zum Verkauf steht meine neuwertige und top gepflegte M10 in silber, mit original Verpackung und Zubehör. Die Kamera wurde am 25.05.2018 bei Leica gekauft und ist dort auch registriert. Kaufbeleg vorhanden. Herstellergarantie bis Mai 2020. Die Kamera wurde auf Grund des geplanten Verkaufs bei Leica in Wetzlar überprüft und der Sensor gereinigt. Die zugehörige Dokumentation ist vorhanden. Dies ist ein Privatverkauf. Keine Gewährleistung oder Rücknahme!

    4,790.00 EUR

  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Leica M10 silber Typ 20001, original verpackt inkl. brauner Umverpackung alle Anleitungen , Akku, Ladergerät, Netzkabel und Trageriemen enthalten Kaufdatum: vom 4.03.2017 bei Leica Salzburg; Rechnungskopie liegt bei. Sensor wurde im März 2019 bei Firma Foto Dinkel in München gereinigt. Die Kamera ist einem perfekten Zustand (siehe Bilder). Keine Abnutzungsspuren oder Kratzer vorhanden. Auf dem Display befindet sich zum Schutz eine Leica - Schutzfolie. Die Adobe Test Software (siehe Foto) wurde nicht aktiviert, kann also noch genutzt werden. Ausschließlich Versicherter Versand mit DHL, Keine Sendung an eine Postfachadresse; Gerne persönliche Abholung in München werktags oder nach Absprache möglich. Nach Überweisung des Kaufpreises erfolgt der versicherte Versand. Bezahlung gerne über Paypal möglich ! Verkauf und Lieferung nur Deutschland oder Österreich; keine Rücknahme oder Gewährleistung, es handelt sich um einen Privatverkauf. Der beschriebene Zustand wird garantiert.

    4,700.00 EUR

  6. There is a small panel with a graphic of (perhaps) and SD card on it between the battery chamber and the screw mount at the bottom of the M10 just behind the baseplate. The illustration in the manual shows the panel but does not name it. Does anyone know what it is? TIA - Vikas
  7. Hello. My name is Rocky and have been reading this forum on and off for quite a while. My photography journey started when I was a teenager living in Tokyo in the mid-60's shooting, developing, and printing black and white. I wish I had bought a Canon f/0.95 lens then selling new for about $140. Fast forward to the early 2000's when I overcame the idea that this hobby was too expensive. Not exactly true, so I compared Nikon and Canon, and really liked the image quality of Nikon, but chose Canon for its inventory of "L" glass -- especially fast lenses. I'm fortunate to have a good copy of the 50mm f/1.0L -- not in the same league as a Noctilux, but for about 1/3 the cost. I had never even touched a Leica camera till last week-end when I spent about 45 minutes with a Leica M10 and W-O-W! To borrow a line from the film "Field of Dreams", "Is this heaven?" Yesterday I looked at an M6 and the body seemed to melt into my hands. In the Canon world the 300mm f/2.8L IS is considered by many to be the holy grail for its sharpness, bokeh and rendering of colors. It's also a beast of a lens to handhold which is often how I prefer to shoot it order to be more versatile and nimble. In the next week or so I expect to have a Monochrom M 1st generation which I'm getting from a guy off of Fred Miranda, and the shutter has less than 2000 actuations. I was going to wait for the M10 Monochrom, but can't pass up such an opportunity. There will be an M10-P coming in soon and several lenses including a Nocti --- but there are limits to what I can buy. A local photo shop does rent a Zeiss 20mm Canon mount, so I'm wondering if anyone here has used an adaptor as the one made by Fotodiox with good results on a Leica M body, and if so, did you use live view to focus and please share your experience. A British chap who used to work at the Photo Shop I mentioned was the local Leica guy, and he once told me of how he used a Nikon D800 equipped with a macro lens to "scan" 35 mm negatives that he would then convert to digital form with a scanner and then process in Photoshop, so question #2 is has anyone done something similar here, did you use a flatbed or barrel scanner and how do you think the results compared to doing that work by conventional means.
  8. Has anyone checked out the new Peak Design Leash strap with an M10. The camera attachments are now smaller to get through the camera lugs. I like the concept and the company quotes that the loops are very strong however I've just got that niggle in the back of my mind. Regards, Les
  9. Greets! As attached, an M10-D is now family, with Leica, Zeiss & Cosina/Vöightlander primes. The M10-D is less in focus in the pic as it's so new to me I've read through several threads, including the FAQ's (!, ?), yet no set space on the site for: 1) one/differentiated FAQ, across all variants M10; & no "New to M10" thread. Just an observation, not critique! Okay, that all may present, as developed. First, thanks to Jono, Jaap, Scott & all of you for your perspective(s) & insights with this, yet new model... & some are already opining on an M11... That's investment, engaging, with thanks.... but I digress... as you can see, I'm moving in a 4,6,8,10 M-progression Despite its foibles, and "klunk,whirr,hiss" of a shutter (avoiding the anti-alias filter, um, "quality"), my M8 permitted me to adjust White Balance (WB) in degrees Kelvin such that I could set presets, & then further tweak/adjust in the menu: not so I've found in the FOTOS app. Not an issue with film: films are fixed in this regard, as we all know. The pic of my late father, zone focus, M8, Leica 24/2,8 ASPH, 3200 K WB... an SLR shooter, one may see the surprise/repose in is expression: "What?" As a parent, I often have that same expression Thanks for any insights on WB outside FOTOS presets. in multi-envisioned, Dave
  10. As a photographer, wedding life is many things. Shots of a different type are in abundance. Leica M10+Summilux 35mm, Houston, Texas
  11. Hey everyone! Great to see the forum looking stronger than ever. No surprises but the Leica M10 produces amazing files. So if anyone is still on the fence about this wonderful camera, pull the trigger. You will not be disappointed, I have a couple here and on my blog, last month I posted a selection of my favorite images from 2018.
  12. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Leica M10-P in chrome. Brand New with 2 year Leica warranty. Bought from the Classic Camera in London a few days ago, but decided I just can’t justify keeping it, despite loving it. Just taken out of box to inspect, update the firmware and take a handful of test photos inside. Boxed and complete. Original sales receipt included. Grab a great saving on new, RRP for this set up is now £6600 and likely top go up in price. I am asking just £5750 GBP.


  13. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and I'm also new to the Leica M system. I just bought my new m10 one month ago with a Elmarit 28mm ASPH (so far). After some shooting I noticed a relatively big spot in the upper right part of the sensor. I don't know how this could have happened because I never changed lens till I opened the camera and attached the Elmarit the first time. It's very annoying to pay so much money for a camera and then having a spot on the sensor. Do you have advice what to do now? Should I send it to Wetzlar or can I fix it on my own? I did a sensor cleaning on my DSLR once, but I'm a bit afraid of doing so on this expensive, new camera. I don't want to make it worse... Cheers, Sebastian
  14. Dreams and nightmares are mixed up together They are of the same substance, dense and light I still have cried tears that I thought drained Bitter and cold Tears that nobody can dry in these days of insoluble loneliness I have travelled a million miles without getting anywhere Dreams and nightmares are mixed up together I see your face shone by the light that enters from the porthole… [ 317 more words ] https://msvphoto.wordpress.com/?p=12806 Ph. © Massimo S. Volonté Fotografo M10, 50Lux M Preasph.
  15. Hi there, I am having a sensor issue I believe - not sure, so I figured i'd ask here. I have some images below, if you could please take a look - wondering if theres anyone else experiencing same issues. thanks
  16. Hi Guys! So my birthday is nearly coming and I finally have the courage to buy my very first Leica camera. I’m choosing between the M10 and the M10-P. Can you help me narrowing down what to get. I’m a huge 35mm fuji shooter so I’m having a hard time choosing between the lux and cron. And is it true that Hong Kong sells cheaper Leica’s? Please help me! I need help badly! Thank you
  17. When a user get a Leica M body at 3x the price of a Sony or Nikon, we at least expect quality level to go with the price tag. With my M10 (2018) and M246 (2016) the least stressed parts start to fail one after another.. M10 got a cracked key frame and M246's frameline selector, which is NEVER used, is fallen off... This is more fagile than my son's LEGO... Just repaired M10, Leica judged unilaterally it is NOT under warranty so 430EUR bill just paid... then M246 got this drama. Note I am not even professional photographer and only shoot in hobby times.... Just wonder am I just the unlucky one out of distribution or any user struggling with similar bizzar M camera failures? Leica used to be life long campanion, I am afraid the latest models might end up staying at Leica service center longer than in my camera bag...
  18. Leica Camera behauptet, bei der neuen Leica M10 sei ISO 100/21° keine Pull-Stufe, sondern uneingeschränkt nutzbar. Ich war die ganze Zeit schon skeptisch und habe es heute, als die Sonne endlich einmal herauskam, bei einer Hochkontrast-Situation (regennasse Straße im Gegenlicht) ausprobiert. Ergebnis: Von wegen! ISO 100/21° ist bei der M10 definitiv eine Pull-Stufe. Man gewinnt ein wenig Schattenzeichnung, verliert aber eine Menge Lichterzeichnung – wie bei digitalen Pull-Stufen üblich. Der Verlust in den Lichtern ist größer als der Gewinn in den Schatten. Für maximalen Belichtungsumfang wähle man also, wie auch schon bei der M (Typ 240), besser ISO 200/24°. Allerdings scheint mir der Verlust insgesamt nicht ganz so groß zu sein wie bei der Pull-Stufe der M (Typ 240) – was wohl der Grund dafür sein mag, daß Leica Camera die ISO-100/21°-Einstellung der M10 etwas mutig als "vollwertig" propagiert. Ich denke, bei niedrigen und mittleren Motivkontrasten wird man wohl tatsächlich keine praktisch relevanten Einschränkungen bemerken. Doch bei hohen Kontrasten sollte man von ISO 100/21° lieber die Finger lassen.
  19. Frozen Falls, taken one year ago at Kirjufellsfoss during a Workshop One-on-One I led in Iceland. Leica M10, Voigtlander 10mm and filters Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Ultra. Thank you for viewing, best regards Vieri
  20. Hallo liebe Leica-Gemeinde, ich bin neu im Leica-Forum und habe keinen rechten Plan vom Leica-Universum. Also vorab Verzeihung für meine Unkenntnis. Mein Erzeuger hat mir seine Sammlung an R-Optiken überlassen: Elmarit-R 28/1:2.8 Elmarit-R 35/1:2.8 Summicron-R 50/1:2.0 Summilux-R 50/1:1.4 Elmarit-R 90/1:2.8 Elmarit-R 135/1:2.8 Elmarit-R 180/1:4.0 Macro Elmarit-R 60/1:2.8 mit Konverter Telekonverter 1,4 fach Ich habe die Linsen mittels Adapter an meine Fuji X-Pro2 (APS-C Sensor) angeflanscht und bin vom Bildeindruck jetzt schon positiv beeindruckt. Wie ist es dann erst bei einem Vollformat-Body? Macht eine M10 für mich Sinn? Oder doch eher etwas Richtung Sony? Was wäre eure Empfehlung? Vielen Dank schon mal im Voraus.
  21. Without even ever realizing it I traveled at an unthinkable speed in this infinitesimal galaxy through space in continuous expansion I look out of a window on the fourth floor above the city of nothingness the sun faraway and so close it seems to remain fixed in front of me It's time Late afternoon of this day, of my life… [ 222 more words ] https://msvphoto.wordpress.com/2018/12/28/nightmare-no-123/ Ph. © Massimo S. Volonté Fotografo M10, 35'cron IV
  22. I am going to the Lofoten and one of the purposes is Northern lights photography. I know that temperature at night is far bellow 0ºCelsius, I would like to know if someone has that kind of experience, I am affraid the metal will freeze quickly, is there any risk for the camera?... Any tips? I also have the option of taking a tropicalized D800 Nikon... Obrigada, thanks for all help provided.
  23. Infrastructure project. New underground motorway on reclaimed land. November 2018.
  24. At the end of November my son traded in his beloved M9 at the Berlin Leica store, and upgraded to a factory fresh, new M10. They gave him a generous trade-in allowance and he loves the M10 after 4 weeks of light use. Since the M10 has LiveView with a real-time video processor, he wonders - does the M10 have the necessary hardware and software to do video, if a firmware update was provided? I understand there would be the need for software to create a standard video format output.
  25. © rosewood

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