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  1. [ I did not find a pertinent thread via forum search; if this is a duplicate question, please be so kind to provide a link, otherwise feel free to answer ] What adapters can be reliably used on the M10 for e.g. a classic LTM Elmar 50 mm in your experience? In older threads (pre M10), the three most widely recommended were - Original Leitz (50mm seems to be a bit scarce on the market) - Voigtländer - CameraQuest/ Rayqual (seem unavailable in Europe) The M10 has been reported to be more finicky with regard to 6 bit coding. Is it also more of a diva with regard to adapters? I have read the caveats about collapsing; now I am looking out for an adapter... Thanks, Mathias
  2. The midnight road, though young men tread unknowing, Harbouring some thought of heaven, or haven hoping, Yields peace and plenty at the end. Or is it peace, This busy jarring on the nerves yet no outbreak? And this is plenty, then, cloves and sweet oils, the bees' honey, Enough kind food, enough kind speaking, A film of people moving, Their hands outstretched, to give and give? [ 167 more words ] https://msvphoto.wordpress.com/2018/04/06/the-faces-of-the-stars/ Ph. © Massimo S. Volonté Fotografo​ M10, 35'cron
  3. Just noticed that the M-P240 vanished from the Leica website (at least from the German version)... My hopes are rising that the M10-P is finally on its way! Smaller, nicer sensor than my M-P240 and will brass! What is there not to like!
  4. Leica Camera behauptet, bei der neuen Leica M10 sei ISO 100/21° keine Pull-Stufe, sondern uneingeschränkt nutzbar. Ich war die ganze Zeit schon skeptisch und habe es heute, als die Sonne endlich einmal herauskam, bei einer Hochkontrast-Situation (regennasse Straße im Gegenlicht) ausprobiert. Ergebnis: Von wegen! ISO 100/21° ist bei der M10 definitiv eine Pull-Stufe. Man gewinnt ein wenig Schattenzeichnung, verliert aber eine Menge Lichterzeichnung – wie bei digitalen Pull-Stufen üblich. Der Verlust in den Lichtern ist größer als der Gewinn in den Schatten. Für maximalen Belichtungsumfang wähle man also, wie auch schon bei der M (Typ 240), besser ISO 200/24°. Allerdings scheint mir der Verlust insgesamt nicht ganz so groß zu sein wie bei der Pull-Stufe der M (Typ 240) – was wohl der Grund dafür sein mag, daß Leica Camera die ISO-100/21°-Einstellung der M10 etwas mutig als "vollwertig" propagiert. Ich denke, bei niedrigen und mittleren Motivkontrasten wird man wohl tatsächlich keine praktisch relevanten Einschränkungen bemerken. Doch bei hohen Kontrasten sollte man von ISO 100/21° lieber die Finger lassen.
  5. Somewhere on this forum, someone posted a photo of a M10 with an engraved top plate. Does anyone have information about this. I have preordered a M10 with expected arrival 6 months away, allowing me time to edit my order. In talking to the Leica Store I have ordered from, they state they are not aware of this configuration and that I should research it further. So I put this before you guys to see if anyone knows how this can be done. As I recall the top plate was engraved with "Leica" and in a smaller font "Wetzler, Germany".
  6. What number settings do you use for Hue Saturation and Luminance on M10? Also, do you mess with calibration settings - Red/Blue/Green Primary (Hue/Sat)? Did anyone do a custom color profile yet that they can upload here? Trying to get the right profile settings to be perfect in LR. Here's what I got using Adobe Standard (like it more than Leica profile):
  7. Well, as an experienced M film user, you can imagine my disappointment ... I picked up my M10 in Sydney today and took about 100 shots at a family gathering with two lenses, a ZM Biogon 35/2 and a Summarit 75/2.5, shooting with auto ISO. On (I think) all the ISO 2500 images, I got horizontal lines that run all the way across the image. The lines seem to be 1 pixel high: see the first and third images I've uploaded. The files I've uploaded are 100% crops from the DNGs processed in Lightroom 5.7.1 (clicking auto exposure to bring out the issue, but it's visible on the straight conversions too). The same problem is also visible, in the same places, on the camera JPGs. Unsurprisingly, it's easiest to detect in shadow areas, but none of these was massively over or underexposed. It happened with both lenses (the Biogon hand-coded as a Summicron 35 and the Summarit auto-coding). Weirdly, I cannot find these problem lines at any other ISO sensitivities, and auto ISO picked a large range, from about 400 up to 10,000. There just seems to be something wrong with 2500. The other problem is a number of what appear to be hot pixels, which are not confined to ISO 2500. I've attached a shot (the second one, with the bottom of the beer bottle) that was taken at ISO 3200 and shows them fairly clearly. The camera is running firmware I should add that I'm not at all new to Lightroom or digital generally. I've shot Nikon digital for many years. But this is my first digital M. So: have I got a dud body, and should I just take it back for exchange for a new one? All the best, Richard (I should also add that I've read this forum for a long time, and found it very helpful and informative, but I've never felt I had anything to add or any query to raise. I've searched the forum but can't find posts dealing with similar problems to the one I'm experiencing. The closest was about an M10 with horizontal banding, but that post did not seem to be about lines only 1 pixel high.)
  8. Hi all, I am eagerly waiting for an update to C1 Pro with support for the M10. I never really paid much attention as to how long it usually takes to have a new camera added to the software. Does anybody have any knowledge of this (or waiting times experience?) ? Thanks, Andreas
  9. I'm curious about the reported improvements in the M10 rangefinder. Twice in the past decade I've returned from overseas trips only to find that my rangefinder went out of alignment during the trip, resulting in many out of focus images. One trip was with M8, the other with M 240. I did not have the EVF on the second trip, and I have not yet learned how to adjust the rangefinder. So, my question is this: is the rangefinder on the M10 more "stable," for lack of a better word, than previous rangefinders? Otherwise I am content with my 240. I have large hands so the size/weight does not bother me. Lack of video is not important. If I upgraded it probably would be for the rangefinder, if it truly is that much better. I also live 1000 miles from the nearest dealer so I can't go down and check it out for myself very easily.
  10. Does anyone know if it's possible to GPS tag images by using a smartphone's GPS? In theory it should be: M10 connected to iphone via Bluetooth iPhone sends GPS info to M10 M10 adds this to the exif of each image I bought the EVF solely for GPS; but now I'm thinking of returning it, because it blocks the shutter dial partially, and just isn't in line with how a rangefinder is supposed to be used (and I would never use the EVF), in my opinion. But connecting through a smartphone makes sense and is far more elegant.
  11. The 24MP images were scaled (bicubic smoother) to match the 42MP of the Sony so that any differences would be obvious. Identical sharpening was added in RAW conversion on output. This represents a 200% view. So resolution wise I see A7rII>M10>A9. The M10 seems to have absolutely no AA filter and is prone to a little moire, but it’s easily fixable in ACR/Lightroom. However it's coming amazingly close to the rII with nearly 2x the photosites. The rII seems to have a weak AA filter, so moire is visible only in extreme blow ups but also easily fixable. The A9 seems to have a moderate AA filter and is the lowest resolution, but no Moire at all. The Leica seems like the cleanest of the three, although the noise is minimal on all of them. Full frame for reference...
  12. Guest

    Best wide angle for M10

    Which wide-angle for Classic car photography and street would people recommend, 21, 24, 28 or 35mm? Currently on SL I have 21 Super Elmar-M.
  13. No extra batteries for the M10 available in the USA ? Makes you wonder what Leica was thinking . They introduce the camera ,ship it quickly ....excellent ! But no batteries render it useless for many applications . How do you travel with one battery ? The batteries are made by Varta and cost $175 each in the USA.
  14. Hello, I've got a question regarding the lens correction facility in Lightroom and the "lens correction" that is done in the M10. If I'm understanding the information from Leica, the M10 is designed to give the best images from M lens than any other camera. Within Lightroom a list of lenses are available under the Lens Correction section of the Development module. My question is - should we be using Lightroom correction or just use the DNG images directly from the camera as our starting point for development. This was also relevant for other digital Ms but the Leica statement made me question my Lightroom import settings. I've not done any detailed testing of images with or without the correction. Taking it at face value. Anyone got an understanding of the what should be good practice. Regards, Les
  15. There is a small panel with a graphic of (perhaps) and SD card on it between the battery chamber and the screw mount at the bottom of the M10 just behind the baseplate. The illustration in the manual shows the panel but does not name it. Does anyone know what it is? TIA - Vikas
  16. HI everyone, I am seeking the advice and input from this expert group. I have been shooting the M10 without issue until 2 nights ago. I came home, imported by photos into adobe Lightroom, but the images are all improperly oriented. The landscape images are generally updside down, while portrait oriented shots are oriented as landscapes. I tried resetting the camera. I also tried taking the battery out, tried a new SD card, and finally tried another computer, a separate Lightroom, and ultimately iPhoto, with the problem being consistently reproducible. I had now issues downloading nearly 2000 images until this cropped up, and now it's a consistent problem. Has anybody else had this issue? Am I being ignorant to some setting in the camera or lightroom? I figured that since I am reproducing this accross computers and via different software, it's a camera issue. Your thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated in advance.
  17. One of the marketing claims made by Leica for the M10 is that it has a "sharp sensor". This could mean no more than no low-pass filter is being used over the sensor, but that is also the case with other Leica cameras. There is also a suggestion that the new sensor is (even) better suited to the wider angle M lenses, which are not well matched to, e.g., Sony sensors (or the micro lenses that go over them). Does anyone have any evidence one way or the other on these points?
  18. Letzte Vorbereitungen zur Vorstellung der LEICA M10 heute Abend im Leitz-Park, Wetzlar. http://www.l-camera-forum.com/topic/268345-live-berichterstattung-18-januar-ein-fest-der-fotografie/
  19. I would love to know if Leica will bring a M10 Monochrom to the market What do you think? Will Leica do this? Kind Regards, Barend Jan
  20. Die neue M10 Ein Traum wird wahr! Endlich wieder eine Leica M in der Hand zu halten, die die Bezeichnung M wirklich verdient, war für mich ein echtes Erlebnis. Keine digitale M hat mich bisher restlos überzeugen können auch wenn zuletzt mit der M 240 ein Standard erreicht war, den ich als Berufsfotograf durchaus als hervorragend bezeichnen würde. Es fehlte mir immer das, was die Verwendung einer M3 oder M6 (pre TTL) auch heute noch für mich ausmacht: Das ‚inspirative‘ Moment. Das erste, was mir auffiel, als ich die Kamera letztes Jahr im August dank Prof. Rohde in den USA testen durfte war, dass mein rechter Daumen sofort den Aufzugshebel suchte – eine Nachwirkung jahrelanger Arbeit mit Leicas M6. Und in der Tat ist der Aufzugshebel noch ein Feature, welches ich schmerzlich vermisse und ich empfehle Leica dringend! diesen bei der nächsten Generation auch wieder einzuführen einfach aus dem Grund, weil man damit das Verschluss-Aufzugsgeräusch besser kontrollieren kann, welches mich schon bei so mancher Aufnahme im Theater oder in der Kirche sehr gestört hat (obwohl natürlich auch diese Kamera schon von Haus aus extrem leise ist). Sehr erfreulich ist auch, dass die Fokussierung durch eine bessere Kantenmarkierung erheblich einfacher geworden ist. Die wesentlich deutlichere Erkennung lässt einen völlig vergessen, dass man keinen Autofokus zur Verfügung hat. Die Empfindlichkeitseinstellung hat jetzt einen separaten Platz auf der linken Oberseite der Kamera erhalten. Der Knopf dafür ist dort angebracht, wo zu Zeiten der M3 der herausziehbare Rückspulknopf angebracht war. Das wirkt auf mich etwas aufgesetzt und Retro. Außerdem erschließt sich mir nicht ganz der Sinn, wenn zusätzlich noch eine weitere Einstellmöglichkeit im Menü besteht. Allerdings ist die optische Wirkung dieser Anordnung nicht zu verachten und auch wer eher selten mit der „Auto“ –Einstellung arbeitet, wird es zu schätzen wissen, immer sofort bei zuhandnahme der Kamera zu wissen, welche ISO eingestellt ist. Schade - aber verständlich - ist, dass jetzt der Akku etwas kleiner ist als bei der M240. Schade deshalb, weil ich vermute, dass das zulasten der Ladekapazität geht, also der Akku schneller gewechselt werden muss – aber das ist ein zu verschmerzender Nachteil. Der Vollformatsensor, der in seiner Bauart (nicht der Größe) dem aus der aktuellen Leica S entsprechen soll, liefert exzellente 24 Mpx Bilder von hoher Dynamik und ist sehr Rauscharm (manchem wird hier vielleicht das Herz schwer, wenn er an alte Kodak TX 400 Bilder denkt, die ihren Zauber dem unverwechselbaren Korn verdankten). Hier muss jetzt die Empfindlichkeit ziemlich hochgeschraubt oder eben eine Postedit-Software eingesetzt werden. Mein Fazit: Die neue Leica M10 ist ein wunderbares Ergebnis deutscher Ingenieurskunst. Zumal, wenn man diese Kamera mit den legendären Leica Objektiven wie z.B. den Summiluxen 35 und 50 oder gar dem Apo-Summicron-M 50mm bestückt. Das Gehäuse hat jetzt zu seinen alten Dimensionen zurück gefunden und so mancher, der in den letzten Jahren gemault hat, dass die digitale M unhandlich geworden sei, wird sich jetzt wieder mit Gedanken an eine Neuanschaffung befassen. Auch der Verzicht auf die Videofunktion (trotz CMOS) bestätigt mir als Anwender, dass sich bei Leica die Erkenntnis durchsetzt, nur eine Beschränkung auf das Wesentliche wird die M in die Zukunft tragen. Überflüssige Spielereien und Knöpfchensalat, wie man es von anderen Herstellern gewohnt ist, sollten hier ein Tabu bleiben. Dass Leica mit der neuen M10 ein Meilenstein gelungen ist, steht für mich außer Frage und all jenen, die jetzt sagen, die Kamera sei für das, was sie kann viel zu teuer möchte ich sagen: Man kann auch mit anderen Kameras hervorragende Bilder machen. Die Leica M10 ist und bleibt nur ein Werkzeug, allerdings bringt sie als eine der ganz wenigen Kameras ein besonderes Kunststück zuwege: Sie inspiriert einen zu außergewöhnlichen Aufnahmen! Es würde mich in der Tat sehr interessieren, wie andere das Thema Aufzugshebel an der M (wie damals bei der EPSON-Leica R-D1) sehen. Und welche Meinungen es zum Fortbestand des Bodendeckels gibt. Tom Bergh
  21. My short rant about new Leica M10 Just spent 3 weeks in Florida where i have seen a guy shooting one of those new Hasselblads that are around 40K$ like it is the AK47. When he was satisfied he drove off in his nice Bentley. Some people... I know I think would put it in better use just like this Leica, but money, right... And who knows, maybe his pics were awesome... So, about the Leica, it is so funny to hear all the talk (from the leica people) about the innovations they are basing their whole success, but in reality the only innovation was back in the beginning when Barnack designed first 35mm camera (please correct me if I am wrong). And in 1954. when they introduced the M3 as their first "rangefinder/viewfinder in one" that was something that Contax was making 20 years before (again, correct me if I am wrong, I think 1932.). Twenty years lol, what camera was popular in 1997.? 20 years from now? so... they do move slow, but somehow they do move good... They rely on high quality build, simple and effective design, longevity and posh assholes that enjoy thinking better of them selves if they buy the most expensive camera out there. I am kind of one foot in that grave lol. Just got the old M3 and was thinking about the M9 but I'll keep it at film so maybe M6, just for the fun of it... So, yeah, do you need the most expensive watch to know what time it is? Patek Philippe maybe? No, you don't, easy... But there are people in this world that do want more nicer, more unique, more fine crafted, more whatever and they keep the designers, the finest craftman and builders busy. Those people in a way push creative souls further in to the quest, science or art, technology or design. But i do believe that the artist, designer comes before the buyer, the buyer is the one that got charmed by artists work. Artist should not be charmed by money... Nor should anybody ever. But then again, guilty... Some people get their weddings shot by cheap semi pro photographers for 300$ and some people pay tens of thousands of bucks to be photographed by their favorite photographer, so why should it be different with photographers buying that gear that they desire?!?! But it is not about innovations as much as tweaking things the right way. This M10 is the best M so far for sure, as far as digital M's go. You just can't beat that viewfinder. No EVF is as good as the real thing. But remember the hype about Sony a7 series not so long ago, everybody was like, yeah, the 7s, the 7R, the 7R2, the 7S2 (they keep coming like bad movie sequels), the best ever, evf, new sony revolution and BS... For sure I got it, sold all my canon stuf that I had been using for 10 years, and yes, video is better, but everything else is crap, the screen is pealing of, the shit feels like a toy in a hand, that small iso wheel rotates by a slight breeze, and what... That very Sonys battery is pretty sure to die before this one in Leica, lol, but people are complaining how bad the Leica battery is. Do not worry, if the guy has 6500$ for a camera he will buy some extra batteries, really, he will... So, they (sony) made tons of money, as they should, and couple of years later most people think, man, that camera really isn't made to last, crappy, maybe I should sell it and buy Canon 6D or whatever, good workhorse and no pain in the ass while trying to figure the real colors. My pocket wizards could go to 1/8000 again, and where the fuck did that green cast come from, you f...in sony... What I am trying to say, maybe Leica is a bit behind of them all in one way, but on the other hand I really do not know a single person that went for a Leica and got disappointed, sold it and got back to whatever they were shooting... So manny guys bought every single new Nikon or Canon or Sony and sold it, but Leica was always a keeper. While Sony nervously makes new models, or new half products couple of times in a year, Leica keeps it cool and plays a longer game. Yes, I know, even those half products have so much more options, resolution, dynamic range and what not, but, most of that stuff never gets used... The thing is that most of the camera users are not professionals, the semi pro cameras can produce pretty pro pics, and even the pro photographers don't use all of the stuff that their cameras can do. More than 70% of a photo club that I visit went for Fuji, how about that. The image quality of Fuji can not be better even than the old Canon 5dmk2, and one is full frame and the other is not. So, that says people want smaller cameras, never mind the image quality and even forget that bokeh, they don't need that. So who is to say what people should buy, what people need, what people want in cameras, how important the FF is, how wonderful the dynamic range is and all that jazz (even a lot of leica m240 users complained about the dynamic range until they learned how to do the settings)... The market is constantly changing, there will be a new HYPE tomorrow, but M9 still has a price of 2500-3000 bucks nowadays, leicas that are 60 years old still go for 1000$ (not to mention the black ones lol) but my canon 5dmk2 went for a used bicycle and my Sony a7s will go for a lens or two, lol... That is just how it seems to me from "I don't get it but I do get it" point of view. Cheers, S btw. if I was buying a digital leica it would be Typ 262 M-D
  22. With the advent of the M10, there has been much kerfuffle. This has got me to wondering (which by the way, is usually not a good thing): Let us assume for the purpose of discussion that one fine morning you wake up to find that a mysterious envelope has magically appeared. Inside it is the purchase price of a new M10 with one proviso attached: You must spend this magical money on photography related stuff, photography workshop(s) and/or travel for the purpose of photography. How would you spend your magical $6600 USD? Would you buy an M10? Buy M lenses? Buy film M cameras? A combination of M lenses and cameras? Other non Leica kit? Travel? Photographic workshop(s) or some other form of photographic training? I am quite interested to know how my fellow forum members would spend their magical free photography money. I am not sure how I would spend mine; my first reaction would be to buy an M10, buy I'm not sure I really need an M10 since I have a perfectly functional and up to the task M-P 240. Free magical money drops into your life that must be spent on photography - what do you do??
  23. Wo gibt es allenfalls Infirmationen zur Funktionsweise des Entfernungsmessers der M? Es besteht eine Koppelung mit dem Objektiv. Doch wie funktioniert diese Koppelung?
  24. Those of you that have read the M10 raw file analysis thread will know that M10 DNGs have more baggage in them that is typically the case for a Leica DNG. I've put together a little app to clean them up, called DNG Cleaner (Mac only for the moment). For M10 DNGs this will remove: The full size image preview - that will save about 3MB The various Lightroom/Photoshop adjustments embedded in the XMP portion of the DNG - ISO dependent noise reduction settings, lens profiles, etc DNG cleaner will also optionally remove opcodes, and apply lossless compression. This isn't relevant to the M10, but in many other Leica cameras, e.g., the Q, the SL, etc, opcodes are used for lens correction. DNG Cleaner is what Sean Reid used to remove opcodes for his SL 50 review, which some of you will have seen. As ever, back up your files before using any app that is designed to modify them. Sandy
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