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  1. What different User Profiles do you use on you Leica M10? So far I only use two: Norm: For general conditions (see attachment) Mono: For monochrome shooting For Mono I've made the following changes to the 'Norm' settings: File format: DNG + JPG Max ISO: 50,000 (I want that grain sometimes) JPG settings: Contrast, sharpness, Saturation: High Monochrome: On I've attached a PDF of the settings I use. It was created by the legendary John Greengo. I think it's only fair to link to his course 'Leica M10 Fast Start' which I can highly recommend. For the record, I have no connection t
  2. Has anyone checked out the new Peak Design Leash strap with an M10. The camera attachments are now smaller to get through the camera lugs. I like the concept and the company quotes that the loops are very strong however I've just got that niggle in the back of my mind. Regards, Les
  3. Dear M10 Friends and Users: I am wondering if any one has tried to use the Lightpix Flash Q20 with the digital Leica M. If you are not aware, Lightpix Flash Q20 is a cheap and wireless method of using flash with cameras. Here's a video on Youtube. From the FlickR page, I found this photo but not sure if they actually used the flash with the camera! Look forward to your responses. I am not affiliated with this company in any way.
  4. Love M10 Colors but hate behavior. !! I really love how the camera render colors but don’t like how it has behaved. After 30 minutes continuous hooting, the M10 body temperature was very high and shooting on continuous mode start frozen the camera (this remind me the old days with the M240 not solved after 2-3 firmware updates). Only option to get camera back was to remove the battery .. through the Cirque performance event, at least 6 times I had to remove the battery. Setup was Continuous mode, DNG+JPG and LV only on EVF no display pictures. Anyone experiencing same problems ?
  5. Seit Monatsbeginn habe ich eine M10. Ich bin von der Kamera sehr angetan und habe schon schöne Fotos damit gemacht. Was mich etwas irritiert, ist der Hauptschalter. Es ist meines Wissens die einzige Leica, bei der die Schalterstellungen nicht beschriftet sind. Genauer gesagt, in der Stellung 'Aus' ist ein roter Punkt zu sehen. Und das bedeutet für mich 'Achtung!'. Bei meiner R3 hatte ich einen kleinen leuchtroten Aufkleber so angebracht, dass er nur bei eingeschalteter Kamera sichtbar war, damit ich nicht vergesse, auszuschalten. Ich habe dieses System bei verschiedenen anderen Kameras auch v
  6. M10, iso 500, 1/30, F=2
  7. My Noctilux F/.95 will not set to automatic detection on my new M10, received yesterday. That lens does set to automatic detection on my M240, and my WATE lens sets to automatic detection on both cameras. What is the problem with my Noctilux F/.95 on my new M10? What to do? As a temporary solution, I have manually set my new M10 for the Noctilux F/1. Is that recommendable for fine performance? I thankfully welcome all advice on this matter.
  8. ..or maybe not Lucy, but I love the reflection of the sky in her sunglasses M10 / Noctilux 1.0
  9. adli

    The swimmer

    Young girl after a cold swim. Leica M10 / Noctilux f/1.0
  10. adli

    The swimmer II

    An other shot from the same series. Leica M10 / Noctilux f/1.0
  11. The sky goes deep blue as the sun disapears behind the mountain. Leica M10 / 35 cron v/4 @Kvitfjell (The White Mountain)
  12. I would like to purchase some filters for the M10 + Summilux 35 FLE, and I am not sure which are the best in terms of ease of use (screw on with hood, stacking, vignetting). I am about to order these: UV: http://www.leicashop.com/brandnew_de/filter/leica-filter/leica-filter-uva-ii-46mm-schwarz-skul13033.html ND: http://www.leicashop.com/brandnew_de/filter/leica-nd-filter/leica-filter-nd-16x-46mm-schwarz-skul13055.html Polarizer: http://www.leicashop.com/brandnew_de/filter/b-w-pol-filter/b-w-circular-polfilter-ksm-e46mm-mrc-f-pro-skubw82658.html
  13. Here is a short but interesting video look into the production process of the M10 camera:
  14. Liebe L F B - Freunde, hiermit laden wir Euch recht herzlich ein zum 13. Berliner Leica Fotografentreffen am Freitag den 05.05.2017 ab 18:30 Uhr. Wir treffen uns wieder im: Restaurant Berliner Hof Hildegardstr. 14 10715 Berlin (Wilmersdorf) http://<span>restaur...>hof</span>.de/ Wir freuen uns, dass unser Ehrengast der „Ilford Master" Herbert Piel mit seiner Gruppe des Leica Master Class-Workshops zugesagt hat und können Euch damit folgende interessante Programmpunkte anbieten: - Herbert Piel: China die Seidenstraße - Bodo Philipp: Time fades awa
  15. I have had a very strange issue with my M10. I am on the latest firmware version The date information is incorrect when imported into Lightroom CC. All of my photos show the exact same date and time. I have changed the date in the menu settings and it will change the date but will not advance it. I have also reset the camera several times with the same result. For example if I set the date to 4/3/2017 10:00am all of the photos taken after that will show the same date and time. It will not advance. I spoke with Leica USA Support and their advice was to only set the time and
  16. In 2009 I bought my first Leica (M8.2 and an Elmarit 28mm lens) - today I placed my second order after 8 years, (M10 + Summilux 35) and I will have to trade in my trusted M8.2 and Elmarit 28 lens. I was very hesitant to keep the Elmarit 28 and maybe add to it a 50 Summilux, or sell and get a 28 Summilux + 90 Summicron, blah, blah, blah. Then I realised, if I was able to publish a book, have multiple exhibitions and take tens of thousands of pictures with my 1 body + 1 lens, actually I don't need anything else, just the continuation of my current trusted minimalistic setup: M10 and Summilux
  17. Wie sind denn Eure Erfahrungen mit der Akkulaufzeit? Auch, wie sich die Verwendung des Visoflex auswirkt. Mich würde interessieren, wie sich die M10 im Vergleich zur doch recht schwachbrüstigen M9 schlägt. Auf Urlaubsreisen reicht bei mir eine Akkuladung gerade mal einen Tag, wenn man die Aufnahmen öfters mal hinsichtl. Clipping/Ausschnitt/Schärfe kontrolliert (insgesamt wohl nicht mehr als 120-200 Aufnahmen). Danke.
  18. sukk20

    M10 Defect

    Dear Leica users, I am a Leica user who lives in Korea and like to learn your experience. I bought M10 three months ago and have used it very well until last Sunday. Suddenly, I found a horizontal line in almost every photos which has more than ISO5000. I went to Leica store service center in Korea and have them inspect. They told me that it looks like the sensor has defects. So my M10 should be sent to Germany for repair for at least two months. They offered me a rent of Leica M240 during the repair period. But I think that they should rent M10 for me because this is a
  19. Averroes


    I'm torn between getting the Leica M10 now or waiting for the MP10 to come out .... I need your opinions... current setup: Leica M9 help me sleep at night
  20. Hello Forum Members, I'm hoping someone can answer a simple question for me. For those of you lucky enough to have received your M10 can you please confirm whether it is shipped with a generic warranty card inside? I know that I used to get them for my Leica products but I recently sold my M10 and the buyer is giving me grief that there is no warranty card. I certainly never removed the card and am wondering if there is such a thing anymore. Just checked my Q box and no card was present. Watched some unboxing videos and saw no evidence of a warranty card. Has this processed now moved to be
  21. I posted these two pictures in the Summaron-M f/5.6 28mm thread and several people liked the first one better. First, this is a restaurant called Da Conch Shack on Providenciales, an island in Turks & Caicos. The man in both pictures is the same waiter. (I used the new Sumaron-28 and the M10). At first, when I examined in Lightroom the pictures shot that day, I instantaneously selected the second picture as the one to process, like selecting a frame from a contact sheet of a roll of 35mm film. After that I went on to process the first picture, which I liked less. However, when deciding
  22. Does anyone know if it's possible to GPS tag images by using a smartphone's GPS? In theory it should be: M10 connected to iphone via Bluetooth iPhone sends GPS info to M10 M10 adds this to the exif of each image I bought the EVF solely for GPS; but now I'm thinking of returning it, because it blocks the shutter dial partially, and just isn't in line with how a rangefinder is supposed to be used (and I would never use the EVF), in my opinion. But connecting through a smartphone makes sense and is far more elegant.
  23. I picked up my M10 today (happy as a child), but got annoyed during the unpacking of the camera. De plastic foil protecting the cover plate as kinda attached to it. And with attached I mean it literally. When I removed it, the plastic came of, but the glue not so much. Nothing a bit of warm water and mild detergent couldn't solve (no pun intended). The attached photo shows the problem. Everything shiny is the glue. Anyone else experienced this? I reported it to the dealer, and they said they would take it up the chain.
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