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Found 10 results

  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For Sale
    • Used

    I am selling my black Leica CL along with lenses, case, grip and adapter. Prices of individual items: Leica CL (case, grip, batteries etc): USD 2000 Super Vario Elmar 11-23: USD 1600 <---- the SVE has been spoken for. Payment pending. Summilux 35/1.4 USD 1800 L-Adapter M: USD 240 Reasonable offers especially on more than one item considered. The camera in excellent condition along with Leica half case (brown) and a the CL grip (cannot be used in conjunction. The camera works flawless - I never had any issue with it whatsoever. The number of exposes is probably slightly above 1000. The camera has been updated to Fotos compatible firmware. External look is almost spotless except one or two very minor marks only visible under close inspection. Two additional batteries are included (one original Leica, one third party). I have purchased the CL new in December 2017, thus the camera has got Leica warranty until December this year. For the lenses and the adapter, I was not able to spot any marks but won’t completely exclude the possible existence of minimal traces under extremely close inspection. I have purchased the lenses new in December/January 2017, thus the lens has got Leica warranty until December this year. This is a private sale so any warranty / guarantee requests have to be dealt with Leica directly (on request I can add a copy of the purchase receipt). Payment can either be done through Paypal or Bank transfer. No additional costs for the buyer. Shipping outside of Switzerland at cost +-. US/Europe would be around CHF 40 per parcel (2kg). Please take note some countries add customs to imported used cameras and lenses. Pickup of items in person possible, but it has to be in Zürich.


  2. seekwul

    Sell it or keep it ?

    Hi Long story, but I somehow wound up with a 35mm 1.4 ASPH Summilux-M (the 11 874 version) and a 35mm 1.4 ASPH Summilux-M (the 11 663 version). The 11874 was my favorite lens, but now I prefer the 11663. I don't need the money right now, and it's not really taking up appreciable space in my apartment, but it seems to be selling for $4000 or so on auction - which is actually more than I paid for it back in the 90's. Is the general consensus that used lens prices will continue to increase ? Or should I sell it now while I can ? Thanks ! (this was mistakenly posted to the M 240 forum; sorry about that)
  3. There are certain Leica Summilux 35 1.4 non ASPH lenses that are incompatible with the M8 or M9. I have one that is made in Canada. I looked everywhere to find clues on how to fix the issue. I found little pieces of information and I wanted to do everyone else a favor by taking a video of how I resolved the issue. First, to test if you have a problem - Set the focus to 3 feet (not to infinity). Mount the lens into your M8 or M9. Move the focus ring toward infinity GENTLY. If you feel resistance before infinity - stop. You have the issue. Now, to unmount, backup your focus ring to 3 feet again and then dismount. If you have the issue, do not try to mount the lens while focus is set to infinity. Bad. The problem - There is a shroud that sticks out (a black piece of aluminum highlighted in my video) at the back of the lens. This shroud increases in height as you move to infinity. The M8 and M9 body is preventing that shroud to further stick out while moving to infinity. I have highlighted in the video exactly which part of the shroud is hitting. I also show how I've done the job myself of shaving 1mm off the shroud to allow the focus to get to infinity without obstruction. There are illustrations that say measure 7mm from the bottom of the ring to measure exactly how much to shave, but my video shows what I've done and it works for me. I'm now a happy camper. Happy enough to share what I did. PS: I did not show it but I did tape the lens glass to protect it while I was grinding the shroud with my dremel tool. Here is the video for future adventurers: https://vimeo.com/275145377 Ronnie
  4. adamski

    Cuba 8

    From the album: Kuba

    © adamski

  5. I recently bought a used "mint" Summilux 35 ASPH FLE and upon receiving it I discovered the inside of the lens to be extremely dusty. Needless to say, I returned it immediately. I do wonder how this could be possible though - the lens was sold to the previous owner in 2016/10 so it's been used for about a year. I just can't believe a one-year-old lens can have this much dust in it. Is there some type of design flaw with the FLE version that makes it prone to dust? I'm thinking about getting a new one so I don't want the lens to be like this after a year...
  6. Hi. I bought a Summicron 35mm F2.0 Lens (written "Leitz CANADA, 2826***) But Image quality of that lens has some question. Upper Left : F2.0 / Upper Right : F2.8 Lower Left : F4.0 / Lower Right : F5.6 F2.0 ~ F2.8 center image is good, but outside(periphery) is glow (or halo?) F4.0 ~ : overall image quality is good. Is this lens good or not? Full-open's glowing is acceptable or not? Plz give your advice. Thanks :-) ps) whole image of F2.0
  7. Hi all, As the title says, has anyone used a 35mm lens on an IIIG without a separate viewfinder? Is it possible? I have read in two places vague comments about it being possible using the edges of the cameras VF without needing a dedicated 35mm VF. Both times, there were no responses to those specific comments so... Has anyone tried it?
  8. Steve McGarrett

    Biogon-C 35/2.8 and Summarits 35

    Hi all, How good is Biogon-C 35 2.8 on M240? Being conceived for film / crop sensors, is there any color cast and/or corner smearing used on full frame digital? And how is compared to Summarit 2.4/35 and 2.5/35? By the way, I've seen MTF figures between 2.4 and 2.5 and they seem slight different, 2.4 seems to be less sharp in center but sharper in the corners than its 2.5 predecessor. Anyone who tried both? How they compares to last (v5/v6) Summicron, that I know quite well? Thanks in advance S.
  9. I've read one long thread and a few mentions of this phenomenon here on this forum. I'm curious of todays status regarding the rattle issue with this lens. I recently bought a mint in box 35 Lux FLE second hand, the lens is perfect in every way except that it sounds like a rhythm instrument. Mine is a 416xxxx meaning its 2012 produced. It has no back/front focus, It's super sharp wide open at f/1.4 and the focus ring is smooth and nice. The aperture ring is perhaps a little loose, but not bothersome, and about the same as my 50 lux. The sound is only apparent when the lens is moved up and down, not side to side (front element facing upwards) and is surprisingly loud, so loud that if I'm indoors in a silent room i hear it on my hip as i'm walking out. As soon as the ambient noise rise it drowns though. Meaning, it doesn't bother me that much. After researching the matter i understand that Leica has stated that this is normal and that it's the aperture cage that rattles and that this is a part of the design assuring that the lens will function optimally. I also read that different copies are affected differently, some pretty much silent, some rattles with different volume, and some vary depending on f-stop (mine quiets down a little at f/16) Now, in 2016, how many current owners of the Summilux 35 FLE is affected by this? I'm also curious if anyone reading this thread have purchased a new-in-box lens that do/don't rattle. I'm also interested in hearing from members that had the lens CLA'ed with this issue. I heard that Leica can use some shims or similar to mute the rattle if requested.
  10. I am considering buying a 35 Summilux preasph but have been considering also the 35 Nokton 1.4 from Voigtlander as it comes at a fraction of the price. My main question is whether the Nokton also has that same magic glow at f1.4 as the Summilux preasph. Anyone?