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  1. I recently was thrown off when shooting a location portrait with the sun behind my subject. The flare in the SL viewfinder made critical focusing or even viewing impossible. Shooting into the sun with its rim light effect on the hair is one of my go-to tricks in bright sunlight. It’s never been an issue with DSLRs. I’m thinking that because light is directly hitting the sensor in a mirrorless camera, this is an insurmountable problem. Has anyone experienced this?
  2. Of all things you'd never expect to be a problem, my hot shoe is suddenly dysfunctional. While on a shoot today, I attempted to mount a flash and I couldn't understand why it wouldn't slot in as usual. Something I could normally do with my eyes shut was suddenly a vexing issue. I struggled like an idiot with it while my model looked on, and I ultimately gave up. It seems the plastic base has lifted and won't allow the precise clearance needed to slot in a flash foot firmly. Unbelievable! I now either have to live without mounting flash, mic, etc., or surrender the camera for a three month Euro
  3. Welcome to my world. Search this topic and you'll find a couple earlier threads on this. Three years after its introduction, tethering to LR, even with a dedicated plugin, is an exercise in futility. More than enough reason for many pros to bolt to the new Nikon and Canon mirrorless systems if they haven't already given up on the SL for studio work. The workaround in Capture One is to designate a hot folder captured through Leica Image Shuttle. C1 won't allow direct tethering due to—allegedly—the rivalry between Phase and Leica. It works OK up to a point before the SL inevitably freezes up, re
  4. In my experience the LAN to iPad is unreliable, often cutting out. Plus, it's intended for shooting jpegs so they can be sent immediately from your device. When tethered, I'm shooting raw and capturing full-res files on two separate drives. I also need the larger screen for previewing lighting, etc.
  5. Sorry for the delay in responding. I use Leica's proprietary USB, either handheld or on a tripod, connected to a year-old MacBook Pro running OS Sierra 10.12.6. The camera would freeze after shooting a single frame and wouldn't shut off until the battery was ejected and reinstalled. Ridiculous (and alarming!). Though I've since tested with Capture One using a watched file (C1 doesn't support Leica tethered) and that seems to work with no problems. So it appears Lightroom was the faulty link, despite the fact that the camera was not directly tethered to LR but rather to Image Shuttle. I haven't
  6. Yes, I use the proprietary cable. Remember, the problem involved more than SL to LR, it's the triangle of the camera, Image Shuttle, and LR working in conjunction. Which it does seamlessly with my S2. In any case, I tried Tom's suggestion of using Cap One, which I've been wanting to try anyway. Not only does that solve the tethering problem, but I'm blown away by the software, which is a quantum leap over Lightroom. Everything I've read about it appears to be true: C1's raw processor is superior to LR, with much better dimension, color, and smoother dynamic range. (I say smoother rather than g
  7. Thanks Tom, good advice, I'll try that. It didn't occur to me that LR might be the problem since it was at the end of the chain. I've been wanting to try C1 anyway, so I'll give that a go.
  8. That's a good point, and I will try that. I used to tether directly to LR with my S2. Image Shuttle 3 promised a better interface, with the ability to control camera functions via computer. Since Leica designed the software specifically to function with the SL it's not too much to expect it to work as advertised. I was curious whether it was limited to my camera or a wider problem. Seeing that Brembeck43 cites the same issue, it may indicate a systemic problem. It's especially unnerving since Leica positions the SL as a pro-level camera, which means it must be reliable under all conditions
  9. I've been unable to shoot tethered with my SL. Has anyone experienced this problem? I connect to Leica Image Shuttle 3, and set Lightroom to watch a folder for captures designated by LIS. All software and plugins are up to date, but the camera freezes after a single shutter activation. It won't even shut off without first ejecting the battery, a condition that never occurs other than when tethered. It's completely inoperable, unlike tethering with my older S camera, which works flawlessly. Researching online, I've not been able to find any mention of this problem from anyone else.
  10. My S2 was diagnosed with this exact problem earlier this summer after a sensor cleaning. Perplexed at the amount of dust I was seeing on captures, I was informed that the sensor was de-laminating at an alarming rate. I've been delaying the inevitable absence it will require to deal with it. Seriously disappointing.
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