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  1. Hallo, nun habe ich zum ersten Mal einen Negativfilm entwickelt. Tri-X 400@400 entwickelt in Fomadon R09 1:25. Ich habe mich nach dem folgenden Rezept genau gerichtet. DIe Probe kann ich größtenteils als gelungen bezeichnen, obwohl mir wohl wenigstens ein Fehler unterlaufen ist. Mein Negativ ist an sich schwarz von der Farbe (alle meinen bisher in Fotolabs entwickleten Tri-X hatten rosa/lilla-Färbung), eingescannte Bilder dagegen sind rosa/lilla-gefärbt. Ich habe im Internet folgede Erklärung gefunden: Wenn das Negativ farbstichig wird, meist in pink, violett, blau oder rötlich, is
  2. Darn it...how disappointing. I shot a whole roll of Tri-x and when I went to develop it, I couldn't get it on the reel to save my life. I have the plastic self threading reels from Paterson and normally I leave the leader out of the roll so that I can start it outside of the changing bag but I got over confident and didn't do that....well, I couldn't get the film on the reel. It finally got so bad I tried a metal reel and that was a bust also. I got so frustrated that I just opened the changing bag and threw the whole thing in the trash. To make matters worse, I had another roll o
  3. Beer in Dorset, South coast of UK. Beer as in the place, not the beverage. Mind you, they had beer in Beer, but that came later.
  4. A couple of photographs I missed when first browsing through my rolls. All taken on Kodak Tri-X film, some with my Leica M6 & 35 Summicron IV some with the mju-ii. You can see more on my flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/derphilipppp/
  5. Yesterday I was making a photographic walking with some friend in downtown Torino, when from a park suddenly hundreds of birds started to fly. It was to fast to make a perfect focus, but over all I like the result, given the location and the background it seems a photo taken several decades ago. I wasn't sure that this has to be in the street photography. M7, Summicron-M 35/2 ASPH, Tri-X 400, Semi stand development in Rodinal 1+100 cheers Massimo
  6. https://msvphoto.wordpress.com/2015/06/24/city-sickness-289/ M6ttl, 35'cron, Kodak tri-x
  7. Street vendors in Toronto's Chinatown
  8. A warm welcome awaits at Paradise Farm... M7, C-Sonnar 50mm f1.5, Tri-X, Rodinal.
  9. A view down Lime Avenue. M7, C-Sonnar 50mm f1.5, Tri-X, Rodinal.
  10. Hello everybody, in a few days I will travel to L.A. and will expose some rolls of KODAK Tri-X Pan. Does anybody know a lab that developes that film good? Thanks a lot, take care, Peter__
  11. Hello all. Just a quicky (I hope). I've seen on this forum a couple of bits of advice about Tri-X in HC-110, both contributors clearly happy. Both expose at 320asa, and both use Dil B, but one is happy with results at 6m.30s and the other at 3m.30s which is quite a difference. I'm certainly not saying that either is wrong in any way, of course not, but should I aim somewhere in the middle? Jim.
  12. "woman in window" what do you think about life? is it important to you? are you important? does it matter, that you exist, breath, think, procreate? why do you look at me like that? do you search for answers? answers from me? i ain't got no answers. i ain't got no answers. i ain't got nothing.
  13. Here is one of the batch, I had developed after a few weeks around south China and Hong Kong. I love Hong Kong - my favorite place on earth ;-) "Z" … Hong Kong streets @ night | TriX@3200 | M7 | 35 Lux ASPH Negative "scanned" with Nikon D3 + 60mm AF-D Micro Nikkor + light table in JPG.
  14. Not much of a view though! M7, C-Sonnar 50mm, Tri-X @ ISO 200, Rodinal R09 @ 1+50.
  15. A long-neglected doorway a local church. M7, Summarit 75mm, Tri-X, Rodinal R09.
  16. Keith (M)

    I Beseech You!

    Or should that be 'I Beecheech You' ? Just a bit of fun. M7, Summarit 75mm, Tri-X, Rodinal R09.
  17. As featured on Lydiard Parish Church, N. Wilts. M7, Summarit 75mm, Tri-X, Rodinal. C+C welcomed.
  18. Swindon at it's picturesque best... MP, ZM Biogon 35mm f2, Tri-X, developed in Aculux 3 and given a pinhole treatment in SilverEfexPro2. C+C welcomed.
  19. Taken in the picturesque village of Avebury (site of the Avebury Stone Circle) earlier this week. MP, Elmarit 28mm ASPH, medium yellow filter, Tri-X developed in Aculux 3. Scanned with Epson V700 and the Epson software. C+C welcomed. PS - normally would have used Acros 100 for this type of subject, but Tri-X was in the camera, the sun was (for once) shining and I was there, so...
  20. At the Neolithic Stone Circle in Avebury, Wiltshire. MP, 28mm Elmarit ASPH, Tri-X. C+C welcomed.
  21. Had to test my M4 this week as it has just been returned from having the shutter curtains repaired. Summaron 35mm f2.8. Took the opportunity to try a new (to me) film/dev combination, Tri-X and Rodinal R09. The Tri-X was exposed as ISO 320 and developed in the R09 @ 1+50 for 11 mins 45 secs. C+C welcomed.
  22. No takers for an autumnal coffee-stop yesterday morning at the weekly market. M7, C-Sonnar 50mm, Tri-X rated at ISO 200 and developed in Rodinal 1:50 for nine minutes. C+C welcomed.
  23. The 'green and pleasant' fields of the local rugby club plus the club-house are making way for yet another housing development (and all a little more than a stone's throw from my house...) M7, C-Sonnar 50mm, Tri-X.
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