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  1. "Scanning" old film shots with the BEOON, the photo below made me think that its worthwhile to shoot transparency film occasionally: had I shot this with the M10, I would have underexposed by ⅔rds of a stop and lifted the shadows enough to show some detail inside the doorway; but in the Ektachrome slide there is no detail in the deep shadow — and there's the rapid fallout of light in the top-right of the frame, under the roof of the verandah we're standing on. This dark area is what accentuates the color of the shot. Color negative film would, in this shot, also not have the same look. So, sh
  2. I titled this 'Was that you?"
  3. The following three images are from a film I shot in 2002 using the Leica M6 and 50mm Summicron (I think!) at a street festival in Emsworth, England. I hope you like at least one of them! Gerry
  4. I attended the 2016 London Leica Meet and took my 1986 M6+ three lenses. Film was 2005 outdated 'Tudor' ( FUJI) 100 which i rated at 64 ASA and had processed by Boots of Brentwood High Street to 6x4" and I scanned prints with my HP Scanjet 4570c + Vuescan Pro + PhotoShop 7 -- my 1965 M2 has shutter problems so did not take any B&W. All here on my 1966 35mm f1.4 Canadian Leitz Summilux
  5. Hi from the Netherlands! I was using Nikon d70s for 10 years along with my dear Pentax K1000 with 50mm f/1.8 lens. I was in Cuba for 3 weeks with d70s and pretty much happy with it. But the mirror sound started to bother me since it ruined quite a few moments. Also carrying it under 35℃ was not the best thing. So I started to look for other DSLRs like Canon 6D and Nikon D750. A friend of mine recommend Fuji X100T. With the addition of Fuji, it become a total mess in my mind. I read and watched almost all the reviews that I can find. This continued for a month. Then suddenly, I realise
  6. When I purchased my Leica M6 classic there were scratches on the side as the strap's plastic thingy hits there all the time. As you can see you can see the zinc layer (silvery shiny). But now I am a bit worried about if it triggers an galvanic reaction on the top plate and it will turn into zinc oxide powder. Is there any suggestions to keep it in a good shape? I was thinking to cover it with a small piece of electrical tape.
  7. Hallo zusammen, mich hat ziemlich das Pech getroffen. Ich habe mir vor etwa zwei Monaten über eBay Kleinanzeigen eine Leica M6 gekauft und während der Probefilm mit dem Innenbelichtungsmesser noch tadellos belichtet wurde (ich habe extra Fuji Velvia genommen, weil der wirklich NICHTS verzeiht), ist mir das gute Stück irgendwann kurz später offensichtlich abgeschmiert und hat mir sechs größtenteils massiv unterbelichtete Filme von meiner Silvesterreise eingebracht. Bevor die Fragen kommen: Ja, ich habe die Batterie ausgetauscht (sicherheitshalber sogar zwei mal) und ja, ich habe das Messun
  8. Liebe „Leicarianer“, mein letzter Post hier ist schon eine ganze Weile her. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn ihr mir trotzdem ein paar Tips geben könntet. Leider komme ich in letzter Zeit immer seltener dazu, meine Leica aus dem Regal zu nehmen und muss feststellen, dass meine Skills im Bereich vollanaloger Fotografie mit Messsucher auch echt zu wünschen übrig lassen - was mich wiederum abschreckt, die Kamera zu nutzen. Zwei Probleme habe ich dabei konkret: 1. Korrekt Belichten (Meter richtig lesen; Toleranzbereiche deuten?) 2. Schnelles Fokussieren (genauer: im Sucher erkenn
  9. Hallo, mich beschäftigen zwei Probleme mit meiner M6, Seriennummer 2296237 und damit Bj. 1997. Ich war mit der Kamera bereits im Leica Shop in Wien, natürlich trat der bekannte Vorführeffekt ein und sie tat, was sie tun sollte. Die Batterie ist neu und wurde schon mehrmals gewechselt um eine mögliche Fehlerquelle auszuschließen, Kontakte wurden gereinigt. Zeitenwahlrad, sowie das "Iso-Rad" wurden mehrmals gedreht. Problem 1: Der Belichtungsmesser spinnt manchmal. Das äußert sich unterschiedlich, ich beschreibe einfach mal ein paar Szenarien. Er funktioniert, doch sobald etwas
  10. Lincoln City, Oregon. M6, 50mm 1.5 Sonnar, Portra 160 Thanks for looking! Frank
  11. I'm pretty excited! Sherry had my M6 for several weeks for a light leak/CLA/viewfinder upgrade and I just got her back and my Summarit 35 f/2.5 arrived today also. I'm running a test roll through it right now but I can say that I'm glad to have it back for sure. It was a bit expensive but I'm thinking that this will hold me for a LONG time...
  12. I have an M6 but I don't know which Leica film M's have this same loading scheme but I stumbled on this guys loading video and was very impressed at the ease and speed with which he loaded a roll. I just got my M6 back from Sherry and decided to try it exactly the way he shows here and to my surprise, it worked flawlessly!
  13. This is the final upload before I head off for a weeks shooting in Belgium with my daughter and family. Taken with the M6 in the year 2000, and scanned from T-Max 400CN. I hope you like it!
  14. I took this whilst wandering the streets of Paris in the year 2000. I used a Leica M6 and shot on T-Max 400CN. I am just working through my old films to add the images to my Lightroom library and finding some interesting images.
  15. Old type trays stacked looking for purchasers in a Paris street market.
  16. I am scanning some T-Max400CN taken back in the year 2000 using my M6, and I am working through some work I did in Paris that year. I am pretty sure this was taken with the 50mm Summicron f2. I hope you like it. Gerry
  17. "City Sickness - 299" Bigger > https://msvphoto.wordpress.com/2015/08/05/city-sickness-299/
  18. This was just a lucky capture whilst planning to photograph just the building - sometimes luck is on your side. Taken in Paris in 2002 using an M6 with 50mm Summicron f2 and T400CN film.
  19. gwpics

    Love is .......

    Love is never letting go (taken in a cafe in Paris, France using an M6 and T400CN)
  20. I took this in 2002 in Notre Dame cathedral using available light with the M6 and T-Max400CN, but have only just got round to scanning it. I hope you like it! Gerry
  21. Ugh. I'm cameraless. I just sent my "new to me" M6 to Sherry for a light leak fix and the MP viewfinder upgrade. That will be several weeks before it comes back. To make things worse, I purchased a Minolta XD5 and ran a roll through it and it was a light leak demon and also had a sluggish / intermittent shutter and needless to say back it went to the seller. My Zorki is broken also, and so the ONLY working camera we have in the house is my wife's Yashica GSN. I tried to make myself feel better by purchasing a Minolta X-700 from KEH yesterday but that won't be here until the end of the w
  22. Nach der etwas längeren Sommerpause lade ich Euch hiermit herzlich ein, zum 5. Berliner Leicafotografentreffen am 30.09. ab 18:30 Uhr. Ort: Restaurant Berliner Hof Hildegardstr. 14 10715 Berlin (Wilmersdorf) http://www.restaurant-berliner-hof.de/index.php/kontakt.html Bitte meldet Euch durch Quittierung mit dem "Gefällt mir" Button an oder sendet eine Mail an LFB@mail.de. Bitte bringt wieder Eure Notebooks / Tablets mit. Als Programmpunkte: - Amerika Reisebericht mit Fotos: Cord Müller - Diskussion eines LFB - Flickr / Facebo
  23. This was taken in 2002 using an M6 and Kodak 400CN. I have recently scanned it and processed in LR and Dfine. I have no idea what the lens settings were but the lens was probably my Summicron 50mm f2. Gerry
  24. Liebe L F B - Freunde, hiermit lade ich Euch recht herzlich ein zum 6. Leica Fotografentreffen am 03.12.2015 ab 18:30 Uhr. Wir treffen uns auf Grund der guten Resonanz im Ort: Restaurant Berliner Hof Hildegardstr. 14 10715 Berlin (Wilmersdorf) http://www.restaurant-berliner-hof.de/ Auch dieses mal habe ich mich bemüht ein interessantes Programm zusammen zu stellen. - Fotoreportage " Spuren suche" : Berthold - Fotokunst Präsentation : Überraschungsgast - Bildvortrag 10 Jahre Digitalfotografie ein Rückblick: Kladdi - Hardwarevorstellung (es muss nicht die SL sein) : Bodo Bit
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