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  1. Taken on the streets of Southampton last week using a Leica M7 with 35mm Summarit f2.5 and Fuji Neopan 400CN. Gerry
  2. It just shows how slowly I have been working because of what has happened, but this was on the latest roll of film back from the lab. Taken using my M7 and Fuji neopan 400CN film. Out of the box maybe for me, but I hope you like it: Gerry
  3. M7, Summicron 50, Cinestill 50 iso
  4. Hallo, folgendes Problem: meine M7 erkennt fälschlicherweise die Beschriftung vom Adox CSM 20 II als ISO-Code 3200 (obwohl der Film nicht kodiert ist). Manuelles Einstellen auf den korrekten ISO-Wert bringt keine Veränderung, der Wert bleibt bei 3200. Der kamerainterne Belichtungsmesser kann daher nicht verwendet werden. Der Vergleich mit einer anderen M7 eines Forum-Kollegen brachte das gleiche Resultat. Was also tun? Die Beschriftung der Filmdose entfernen und abkleben (Adox verwendet mit 100-ISO kodierte Dosen)? Beste Grüsse Jakob
  5. So, as you do, I was still on the quest for a perfect day bag for my 2 cameras: The Q and and M7. I have neoprene protectors, but was only taking one or the other out with me at a time and sometimes I still wanted something to put them into (one or both) when not shooting. I want to take both, but am very fussy about the amount I carry. Confused, yup! I had the Domke F803 but found the lack of padding and the width of the inserts all wrong for the Q and also got sick of adjusting the strap and the bag just generally getting in the way. I couldn't see a review for this one on the forum when I came across it, so here is the bag: http://www.artisan-n-artist.com/product_detail.php?id=271 This bag doesn't seem to have made much of an impact as I couldn't find any reviews or references to it but I think it has really slipped through the cracks of perfect bags for camera weight weenies. I didn't want to pay the new price ($240, I'm also a tightwad)) and found only one on that auction site for sale anywhere and at a very reasonable price. Adjustable shoulder strap (like the AnA one I have on the Q but wider and more robust) and just the perfect size, great padding and quite unobtrusive. Also it's left/right adjustable so you can have the bag on one side out of the way and the camera on the other and still room for another camera, lens, tablet, filters and spare batteries. If you have small lenses and want to travel light for the day and compact I think this is perfect! (nb. I have no affiliation with Artisan and Artist, but defo would if they gave me free stuff to review ) I think I've finally found the perfect day bag. I shall now have a day of rest.
  6. I was able to put a few rolls of CineStill film through my new (to me) M7 last weekend. If you haven't tried CineStill, you should give a shot! It's Hollywood movie stock that has been re-purposed for 35mm stills and normal C-41 processing. It comes in 800T (low light Tunsgten balanced) and 50D (bright Daylight). It's a really nice alternative to "regular" film. Forgiving and super easy to scan without a lot of fiddling around in post. There are some color casts for sure, but that's all part of the look. And the 800T has no anti-halation layer, so highlights get beautifully soft! Love it. All taken with the M7 0.85 + VM 50/1.5. "Scanned" with an A7ii + Tamron SP 90mm and lightbox. 800T - Very "Arty" color, and nice grain. 50D - Reminds me of Portra 160, but less grain, sharper and a little more "pop".
  7. jasperipg


    From the album: Products

  8. jasperipg


    From the album: Products

  9. From the album: Products

  10. jasperipg


    From the album: Products

  11. From the album: Products

  12. From the album: Venice with Leica M7

    © abboretti Massimiliano ©

  13. PierreB


    From the album: www.pierre-Bykol.com

    © Pierre Bykol

  14. From the album: Leica

  15. Road and lake near Reykjavik M7 w/35mm Summicron on Tri-X Cafe Paris, Reykjavik
  16. M7 with 35mm Summicron on Tri-X 400 dev HC 110B Epson V500 scanner
  17. Arista 400 Premium in HC110 dil. B for 5 minutes at 70F M7 with 35mm Summicron Scanned on Epson V 500
  18. M7 w/50mm Summicron on Arista 400 Premium developed in HC 110B for 4.5 minutes at 75F
  19. M7 w/50mm Summicron on Arista 400 Premium developed in HC 110B for 4.5 minutes at 75F
  20. M7 with 50mm Summicron. Arista 400 Premium HC 110B 4.5 minutes at 75F
  21. M7 w/35mm Summicron on Ilford FP4+ souped in HC110 B, Epson V500
  22. M7 with 35mm Summicron on Arista Premium 400 dev. in HC110 B 5.5 min. at 20C
  23. MaDeVa

    The "Pizzardone"

    In Italy, but in particular in Rome, the local police man is called "Pizzardone". This one was actually standing outside the Place of the Major of Turin. M7, Summicron-M 35/2 ASPH, Tri-x 400 cheers, Massimo
  24. Yesterday I was making a photographic walking with some friend in downtown Torino, when from a park suddenly hundreds of birds started to fly. It was to fast to make a perfect focus, but over all I like the result, given the location and the background it seems a photo taken several decades ago. I wasn't sure that this has to be in the street photography. M7, Summicron-M 35/2 ASPH, Tri-X 400, Semi stand development in Rodinal 1+100 cheers Massimo
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