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  1. Re Q2 and all Leica: Ninety percent of my Leica purchases over the past 48 years have been used gear bought from two trusted dealers with only one item that turned out to have a problem. It is something to consider for a Q2 purchase; keeping dealers happy keeps Leica happy, IMHO.
  2. Thanks, so far so good for my 2 installations, CL and SL2. There are currently 3 versions, mentioned in https://leicacamerausa.com/photography/?search_query=
  3. I installed one of these on my SL2 and wondered if anyone else has had experience with one. Thanks, Bill
  4. I have a perfectly good, new, useful CL and some TL lenses, all on L mounts that fit my SL2 too. I don't need the SL2-S at all. Bill
  5. I had one of these in the 1990s but can not find any mention of them, as if they have vanished. I used it for a while in place of a 50mm Summi. Anyone else remember them? I would like to have one but can't find one anywhere. B
  6. Sorry, my 50 years of M use are over due to age and I prefer the auto focus of the SL2 and the successor to the M, the CL. Bill
  7. Even hand held, panoramas are easy to do with 24 to 55s. I created a great pano of the Grand Teton range with a 189 S lens but on a tripod, in M to keep identical exposures as Pete said. Bill
  8. Hi, Thanks for all the comments on this topic. I'd like to close it with this simpler idea for focusing M and R lenses on the SL and TL and whatever the L-Mount brings to us. Sometime in the past, Nikon semi-automated manual-focusing on their AF cameras with two lights in the VF to show which way to turn the lens focusing ring and a third light that lit up when the camera was in focus. That seems to me to be the simplest way to adapt our wonderful manual focus M and R lenses to the AF world. I'm sure there are patents, etc. involved but IMHO Leica users with legacy lenses
  9. Thank you. Note that I did not say that I agreed with him as I have no data one way or another. Thanks for the lead. I'll see what it says. I have used Leica equipment since 1973 and have never found a reason to change. Bill
  10. Thanks, glad it works for you. Sorry, I only have M lenses to use with the SL and the hand & finger ergonomics do not work for me. Maybe I will try M-with-CL or -TL. All things considered, I believe the TL with its there zooms is the "promised" R9 replacement, even though it is not full frame. The MB levels of the current ASP-C exceed what we got in R System days. Think about that: R system with AF. A good friend has abandoned Leica for Sony bodies and uses M lenses with an adapter that works beautifully. As it was said, "You pays your money and takes your choice." Thanks ag
  11. Thanks. I wish us all well. Maybe Novoflex could devise an auto focus R adapter, as the say they have for Nikon G series lenses. I have't seen one yet.
  12. That seems like a very nice solution. For those of us who no longer have R lenses, the Leica TL2 with three zooms which cover 16 to 202mm, 35mm equivalent, with a 24MP sensor, seems to be a revived autofocus R9-DMR, and in essence, maybe it is the up-to-now mythical R replacement.
  13. Thanks, those are very intriguing proposals, the "take away" being that it is obvious, at least to some of us, that an SL camera that emulates the "dear departed" R camera, is doable, i.e., Sony has done something similar. Why not carry the utility of M and R manual focus lenses into the future with emulations in the SL? The mechanical match up with adapters has been done. Surely optical emulations are within reach.
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