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  1. The problem seems to be resolved. If it re-arises, I will check back and report here. Many thanks again for the good ideas
  2. Yesterday I inserted and removed one of the SD cards several times. After the repeated insert/removals the problem seems to have gone away. It still seems to be working perfectly now. I dont know if the spring is weakened but it seems like the insert/remove/insert repetitions seems to have worked for now. I’ll continue to watch for the problem and will send it to Leica if the problem returns. Many many thanks for the suggestions.
  3. mujk and pjs I just did several inserts and removals of one of the cards and it has repeatedly NOT shown the error message. My fingers are crossed. I’lll give it more tries again later and hope the problem is resolved. I am hopeful but also skeptical. If the problem continues I’ll send it to Leica NJ for repair. I’d much prefer to have the beautiful M9 with the new sensor to their trade in value towards an alternative. Thank you all mujk, pjs and Ian man for your thoughts. You are a great resource
  4. Ian, Both SD cards have been formatted in the Leica M9 I use them in. Thanks for your thoughts on this. With over 7000 posts and this phenomena new to you, I am thinking I will have pursue this with Leica NJ. I value your input. The SD error message never occurred until sensor was replaced. If anyone else has any ideas please let me know.
  5. Thanks for your reply. Two cards: San Disk 8gb and San Disk Extreme 16GB Both produce the error message
  6. Hello, I have a very nice Leica M9 that had a 2020 sensor replacement. It functions well in all respects except one. I often get a “SD card locked” message after removing and then replacing the SD when the SD card is in fact not locked. The error message always clears after removing the card again and re- placing it in the camera. Occasionally I have to do this (remove and replace the cSD cards) twice to clear the error. It always does clear after one or two attempts. My question is if this can be repaired or of it indicates a problem which Leica can no longer fix due to no replacement pa
  7. My 90mm Elmarit, also a 10, is not perfectly round at f2.8 (barely shows sawtooth effect) but appears round to me as I move the aperture ring more open than f2.8. Hasn’t bothered me but i will look for this effect.
  8. My frame preview lever went missing just before the lockdown. Just received an email today that the repair is complete and the camera is on it's way back to me.
  9. Based on my recent experience with Leica NJ, I recommend you send your camera to Leica NJ directly. My M9 body was ready in less than three weeks but it waited awhile for a lens repair I sent in at the same time for actual shipment (my call). Contact Leica customer service and they will email a repair order that will allow you to track your repair. Since UPS required a signature, my package containing the camera was handed me at my door.
  10. Aperture 2 and Maarten, Thanks for your helpful replies. Your comments tend to support my understanding. It appears the IR filter does no harm and is normally not needed but in some cases improves the color in the cases of some artificial fabrics. I can see no reason not to continue using it. And thanks especially for posting the instructive images
  11. Hello, I am not sure where this should be posted, so please direct me if this inquiry should go elsewhere. I have both M10 and M9 camera bodoes. I recently acquired a Leica UV/IR cut filter with a used lens purchase. From the research I've done it appears these were developed for the Leica M8 camera sensor which had problems with certain colors. My understanding is the UV/IR cut filters aren't necessary for M10 and M9, but may be helpful in some circumstances. My question is, are there any negative impacts if one uses (the UV/IR for front element protection on M9 and M10 cameras?
  12. Thank you for clarifying your initial comment. Very helpdful
  13. Besides changing out the rear flange to communicate the lens data to the camera body, what is actually done to calibrate the lens for digital?
  14. Great article, Thorsten. It is educational and helps me better articulate the values I appreciate the lenses I prefer.
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