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  1. My 90mm Elmarit, also a 10, is not perfectly round at f2.8 (barely shows sawtooth effect) but appears round to me as I move the aperture ring more open than f2.8. Hasn’t bothered me but i will look for this effect.
  2. My frame preview lever went missing just before the lockdown. Just received an email today that the repair is complete and the camera is on it's way back to me.
  3. Based on my recent experience with Leica NJ, I recommend you send your camera to Leica NJ directly. My M9 body was ready in less than three weeks but it waited awhile for a lens repair I sent in at the same time for actual shipment (my call). Contact Leica customer service and they will email a repair order that will allow you to track your repair. Since UPS required a signature, my package containing the camera was handed me at my door.
  4. Aperture 2 and Maarten, Thanks for your helpful replies. Your comments tend to support my understanding. It appears the IR filter does no harm and is normally not needed but in some cases improves the color in the cases of some artificial fabrics. I can see no reason not to continue using it. And thanks especially for posting the instructive images
  5. Hello, I am not sure where this should be posted, so please direct me if this inquiry should go elsewhere. I have both M10 and M9 camera bodoes. I recently acquired a Leica UV/IR cut filter with a used lens purchase. From the research I've done it appears these were developed for the Leica M8 camera sensor which had problems with certain colors. My understanding is the UV/IR cut filters aren't necessary for M10 and M9, but may be helpful in some circumstances. My question is, are there any negative impacts if one uses (the UV/IR for front element protection on M9 and M10 cameras?
  6. Thank you for clarifying your initial comment. Very helpdful
  7. Besides changing out the rear flange to communicate the lens data to the camera body, what is actually done to calibrate the lens for digital?
  8. Great article, Thorsten. It is educational and helps me better articulate the values I appreciate the lenses I prefer.
  9. Most exciting is Noctilux 50/F1 Most reliable is Summicron 35/F2 asph
  10. My experience with Leica Ginza has been excellent. They calibrated both my M9 and M240 in a matter of hours. They provided test pictures made with my Noctilux to verify and illustrate. Since this service, both bodies focus accurately, if I do my part. I expect the service at Leica Store in Kobe is comparable. Enjoy your time in Japan.
  11. FWIW, I purchased a Trooper XS to carry an M9 with Noctilux E58 with a wrist strap. I don't care for carrying that camera and lens combination with just a strap around my neck. It's too heavy for me. I prefer to carry in the Trooper XS, which has a well padded strap. The bag opens easily and quickly to access and remove the camera. Sometimes I throw a wide angle lens into the bag with the M9/Noc combo. This requires a ittle more mindfulness to remove the camera but it's a very functional system for my needs. I am very fond of my Wotancraft Trooper.
  12. My M9, purchased by me, second hand, January 2014, is on it's original sensor. I usually use it with a fast aperture and suppose I am not likely to notice it in my normal picture taking with that camera, as soon as it begins to show.. It has been checked annually at Leica Store Ginza and they do not see any evidence of corrosion but they warn me that the future is not sure. For now no problem. I have hopes of being spared sensor corrosion issues but plan to just have it repaired rather than upgrade as I slightly prefer the M9 to the Type 240
  13. Agreed my comment was silly. If my post conveyed that I think of myself as an expert, that was unintended.
  14. Probably true: "a gem or NOT". Learning to live, avoid or deal with CA and purple fringing... most images with my E58 are surprisingly pleasing. Leica store in Ginza checked the calibration of my lens (and my M9 body) and found them good to go. I note the focus at MFD is about 1/2" toward me (front focus, right?) and that focus is perfect at 2 meters when I test it. I don't perceive any focus difference in practice. The cool thing about this lens is the way it has shifted my personal aesthetic. In an earlier life, my experience was in large format product photography using artificial light
  15. The Noctilux E58 is the only version I have tried. Sometimes I think it is heavy, soft, hard to focus. Every time look at the results it produces, I know I won't part with it.
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