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  1. I used my M240/50APO at the other end of the weather spectrum in the Gobi desert near Turpan, Xinjiang, China I took photos of the giant outdoor thermometer which displayed 65C in the sun. It was 45C inside the shade. I was concerned about how such heat might distill out any volatile components of lubricants in either the M or the 50APO, so tried minimise their usage time in direct heat. As a West Australian, we know how to live with 45C heat, but this experience in the Gobi desert was a magnitude higher. Just for my own head (heat) protection I wore my trusty insulated bro
  2. My all time favourite table top tripod is this vintage Hakuba of which I have two-
  3. I use the silver/grey tape that is used to attach air conditioning ducts in domestic/commercial installations. In Australia, this can be bought at our local Bunnings store
  4. For those who may be curious about previous versions of the ultra light weight carbon fibre Gitzo In 2006 I appended the following... I bought the Gitzo G1027 (3 section Carbon Fibre, 0.8Kg) tripod and matching Gitzo G1177M Magnesium ball head (0.3Kg) for my Digilux 2 (and now M240) I am really pleased with how light weight and stable the Gitzo is, despite being their smallest and lightest tripod and ball head combo. Measuring G1027+G1177M+D2 together...Max height as measured with full column extended, ground to eye piece is 134cm. Combined weight is 1.1Kg
  5. Thankyou Dennis for sharing your inspiring images and your modus operandi. You have given me thoughts on a different approach for my travel photography and capturing my grand-children.
  6. I think Leica's marketing strategy is correct by offering variety, it reaches many more consumers. Recently whilst I was in Banff, a young lady with a White "Snow Leica Q" asked me to take a photo of herself & boyfriend. I asked if she enjoyed using her Leica Q and her response was - "I don't know much about cameras but a friend advised her to buy a Leica, when I saw the white one, I fell in love with it" It's these additional consumers that will keep the company alive, and I am thankful for their purchase and support of the Leica company.
  7. Agree,....... I too have a similar delemma as the OP, when I don't want to carry my M240/50APO. The Leica D-Lux7 was still too big for my pocket so I bought a well priced...... Hasselblad Stellar 😎 which also doubles as my ultra-small backup camera when I travel with my M.
  8. Levo, 1) What version of M240 firmware (latest is currently was used to capture those image files ? 2) What is the brand, model and capacity of SD card ?
  9. In 2013, a friend had a Fujifilm X100S or X100T which I tried. It had a wonderful hybrid OVF/EVF and I have often wondered when Leica might implement something similar. Leica and Fujifilm have a long history of coopertition.... recall in 2001 the Leica Digilux 4.3 and Fujifilm Finepix 4700, I was hoping Leica might rekindle that relationship. (I still have my Finepix 6800 in storage)
  10. Sorry to read of the camera/tripod mishap. I know my response is a little off topic from the OP. I use a tripod (Gitzo) which has a hook at the bottom of the centre post, from which I hang something heavy (eg camera bag, or even a shopping bag). This reduces the chance of the camera/tripod toppling in strong winds or slight knocks from clumsy people (me).
  11. Depending on where you are staying...... you may find that your outings may turn into long days, and tiring to carry too much, along with multiple layers of clothing & coat. I usually now only carry either a 35Lux FLE or 50APO, sometimes when I'm tired or it's too cold for me I'll just resort to my backup camera which is always on my belt : Hasselblad Stellar for convenience. The tips on a hat and waterproof shoes/boots is useful. I wear my black Columbia Davenport XTM Omni-Heat boots, which look quite OK for a multi-purpose boot.
  12. Hi after a few hours and iterations of PD, I just nailed the re working of the Toshiba Flashair W-04 (and W-03) SD cards in a M240 after Apple's iOS 13 broke the Flashair App, which Toshiba documented here https://tinyurl.com/up62e9x 1) on the iPhone with iOS 13, remove the Flashair app completely by going into "Settings/General/iPhone Storage" and scroll down to Flashair and select "delete app" 2) power-off and then power-on the iPhone. 3) install the Flashair v4.5.0 app from the Apple Appstore 4) power-on the M240 into image Play on the rear LCD, connect iPh
  13. Hello and welcome to the forum. You bought a great camera The issue you have described, can occur (but not limited to) when I forget to take the lens cap off. Generally firmware upgrades should be implemented soon after the manufacturer releases. Often these updates include undocumented adjustments together with the documented fixes.
  14. Err... you must have spotted me in RDJ last year, and I had to change the celery stick every few days as got a little daggy looking
  15. I am and prefer to be a FF shooter with M240/APO50/FLE35, and an avid interest in Q2 technology. I speculate that we could be in scenario similar to that of the HCB era. Whereby in that time many must have thought his “small” 35mm format M was a passing fad and he’ll see the light and step up to a real camera, ie MF or larger. There is no doubt today that people buy more micro sensor cameras than “APS to FF” sized sensors. Be interesting to see in 10yrs, if the FF is the dinosaur and phone cameras rule the photographic world, and leave us geriatrics searching the “used section”
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