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  1. I have been using my X2 with no problem for many-many years but for some reason it seems like the camera is becoming slower and slower. When I use "C" and shoot a few images in a row it takes probably two o three times more to transfer the data than what it used to be before. Also the operation of the lens is delayed: when I shut off the camera it takes a very long time to retract the lens (not because it's doing some other process)... I don't know what is happening... is it too much use and maybe the camera needs to be clean up and lubricated? It is just too old now? is it just me? Has anyone
  2. There's a learning curve to using the X2... it may take you about a month of serious shooting before you get used to all the stuff you have to do previously to shooting... the images will be crappy at the beginning... in a month they will be your top best! Totally worth it! And you want to get the auto lens cap... because no one has the time nor the patience to be putting that cap on and off and looking after it when you are on the road and movements need to happen fast. Totally recommended.
  3. Ha ha... you guys! I tell you, it's a lot easier if you just tell her... no need for updates!
  4. I think those aspect ratios that you mentioned would be a great addition to the X2!
  5. This is gorgeous! Where did you get it? How does it attach to the body? I got today the regular black leather protector and I'm thinking on returning it, the camera is like floating in it as it doesn't fit tight like the one you've got.
  6. Have you heard back from them? Any resolution to the lens/dust problem?
  7. Even after the release of the X-Vario, I wouldn’t change my X2! I'm very happy with the great results I'm getting plus the convenience of being able to always have it in my pocket... but there's always room for improvement... so here is a wish list I would love to see in a future firmware update. And you? What do you think? Do you have any suggestions to add to this list? Hopefully someone from Leica reads this and takes it into consideration! So this is my wish list: 1. Would love to have the option to take double exposures. This is to be able to shoot more than once over
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