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Review: Leica Noctilux 50mm f1.2


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I too am very happy to own a F1, when I had my F1 repaired by Malcom Taylor a few years ago we discussed the F1.2. He had recently repaired one for a customer and said that it produced images with a bit more contrast  compared to  the F1 which surprised him.. He also said that he saw no problem if Leica ever decided to remake them again,( the 28mm  F5.6 had just been announced).   He described the Noctilux as a fun lens which I think is spot on.

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3 minutes ago, fredbonhomme said:

Do we know the weight of the black lens ? I have search on the technical data published by Leica but it is not mentioned...

Probably a bit lighter than the Pounds that will leave your wallet.........

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2 hours ago, Likaleica said:

Thanks for a great synopsis, Jono.  I checked the website and they have not yet published the MTF curves.  That will be interesting to see.

Published, not as impressive as price.




EN_Noctilux_50_1.2 (1).pdf

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